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Did You Ever Fly a Kite?

Parallels to help understand supersensible perceptions. Science can help philosophy.


See also: Homeopathy Science | Flatland, the concept | Autonomic Science


Note October 2011:

Recent findings in neuroscience describe different parts of the brain can create a situation in which it seems as if there are parts of you that are separate. That gives me hope that medical science and philosophers may soon be talking about how they are describing the same thing.  See: New Brain Science -- on clinical site.


Feeling something at a distance.

Learning about that which you cannot see.

From my understanding of Medical Heilkunst: Model of how Life works

Dynamic Homeopathy/ my description of "Medical Heilkunst":  I say this approach works by restoring Right Relationship to everything around the human, as well as destroying, annihilating, invading “Diseases” that can distort ability to function in a healthy vibrant way.    More info: Homeopathy Science

Its action is on the Generative side of human, in a CURATIVE fashion.

From what NES inventor says

FYI: Re: NES [a QED item, like CoRe]: This approach works with the human being by affecting levels of the human by giving information to guide the Human Body Field (HBF) in conducting its influence on the activities of the physical body. Their claim: this is Information and NOT energy. It is NOT homeopathy [which they do not understand, sadly].  More info: [Warning, the NES approach misses the point of what Dr. Hahnemann discovered--see Homeopathy Science]

Dr. Verspoor: "Its action is on the Generative side of human, in a Healative fashion."