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Updated: December 2010 -- Dr. Bastyr and Energy Medicine

NEW: July 2009 -- Klinghardt Fundamentals: DVD set about Dr. Klinghardt's unique techniques

NEW: February 2009 -- "Tolerance Lost": Dr. Moulden's insights on vaccine additives and Autism, etc.

NEW: July 2007 -- Mercury and Autism: Dr. Klinghardt's DVD introduced

Science: Autonomic | Acumeridian | Homeopathy | etc.:

Above Space and Time

Acumeridian/Chinese Medicine overview of organ systems and physical/mental health

Acumeridian: AcuGraph, Digital Meridian Imaging

Acupuncture Science: w/links to Hyaluronic Acid hypothesis, Revici info, much more

Acupuncture: Video "Welcome to Acupuncture" about the AcuGraph and meridian energy flow

Acupuncture: "How Traditional Chinese Medicine Lost its Vitality"

Acumeridian energy examples: Charts/Videos of Tapping, Tong Ren, and more.

Air: The Invention of Air: Insights into the spread of new knowledge

Allergies and Brain Health: The work of Theron Randolph. M.D.

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: Stunning insights into past history of science with hope for a more integrated approach to health and life in the future thanks to new discoveries.

Auricular Acupuncture: No-Needle ear acumeridian treatments

Autism Resources

Autism and Mercury: DVD of Dr. Klinghardt describing major focus of our clinic and of my practice

Autonomic Science

Autonomic Nervous System Talk 08/2007  [PDF] | Slides for the Presentation. [PDF] | Podcast MP3

Autonomic Response Testing: What it is?

Autonomic Support with Hypnotherapy

Autonomic/Neural Technologies: Map and why this is so important

Autonomic clinical research example that I performed

Bastyr and Abrams: Scientific approach to astounding clinical observations

"Best Bang for the Buck": Dental mercury blasts the future of our youth.

Biology of Belief: Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. on the greater context of life

Biofeedback: Effective methods to enhance self-healing

Biofeedback and Autonomic assessment that supports Expanded Paradigm

Biomodulator Technology: A SCENAR-type of technology

Blood Type Diet: Supposed lack of documentation for D'Adamo's proposed approach.

BrainGuardMD: Stunning insights about toxicity, tolerance lost and the survival of the human race

Cancer: The Moss Report and other resources.

Cancer: Dr. Hamer's insights about mental shocks

Chalice and the Vision Quest

Chaos Theory and Fractal Dynamics: Science and Art

Chemical Dangers and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Website of dedicated health advocate

China Studies: Photographs; Report to Bastyr U. Acupuncture Department

Chronic Miasms: A Crucial Concept: Homeopathic treatment with powerful effects

Chronoacupuncture: Moving your energies in rhythm with the sun.

Code of Ethics: The Naturopathic Physician Code of Ethics

CoRe (TM) Technology: A QED device that complements Heilkunst homeopathy practice

Craniosacral Therapy: Definition

Craniosacral Therapy: Extra essays about its impact. Also, section on helping TMJ.

Cuba's successful, massive Homeopathy Immunization program for epidemic Leptospirosis 2008

DaVinci Factor: Science and Truth -- an essay to remind you of seeing behind the surface

Dental: Biological Dentistry

Detoxification: The Concept

Disease defined: Homeopathy energy medicine theory of disturbances of life energy.

Domain Modulation Medicine: My description of individualized health care

Dynamic System Graphics: Too important to link only from Graphics Index

EAV -- Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll: with Doug Leber's Acupro/Computron technology

Einstein and the Mind of God: One of many insightful interviews on faith and science, and more

Electromagnetic Taking steps to protect humanity from electromagnetic radiation

EMF/EMR Protection: Drs. Rau and Klinghardt join in call to alert and petition for safety steps

Energy Anatomy and Chronic Miasms: The other half of life in light of Einstein's equation, E = mc2.

Expanding the Paradigm: Steps to take

Faith: Spirituality Considerations | Science and Spirituality | I do not want you to "lose your faith"

Fascia: Strolling Under the Skin -- Dr. Guimberteau on complexity of the body. [his site]

Five-Level Map to Healing: Graphic with essays linked

Flat Earth Medicine: A term I coined in 1987

Flatland: Visualizing Energies. Re book that energized Einstein and illustrated Hahnemann's vision

Flu: Naturally. Homeopathic clinical science in action

Fractal Information

Fractal Inventor: Tribute to Mandelbrot: Inventor of Fractal Geometry

Gesundheit! Institute: Patch Adams and his compassionate medical care model

Ghost Town: Remember the Happy Days of Nuclear Power? Heroic Ukranian woman motorcycles through the Chernobyl area and documents what Science has left for us

Globalization and the Rise of Religion

"Goldfish Bowl Medicine": My pointing out how western medicine has missed a major factor in life

Government Manipulating Science: Scientists denounce politically motivated meddling

Greening the Desert: Honest science to reclaim salty land in deserts. Amazingly hopeful.

Hamer overview: Essay on Dr. Hamer's work on mental shocks leading to illness

Hamer and the Biological Brain: Similar description to the Autonomic Nervous System

Healing Process: Overview of how the body goes about regaining health

Heart disease can be reversed: Case example at Dr. McDougall's website

Heart Rate Variability testing (HRV): Introducing this integrative medicine assessment

"Heilkunst": The Medical Art as practiced by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.

Homeopathy: An introduction.

Homeopathy Basics for Newcomers

Homeopathy & Heilkunst: The Path to Cure. Description of book by Allyson McQuinn, DMH

Homeopathy: Dynamization: Vibrated Dilutions are "energy medicine" the key to homeopathy

Homeopathy and the Scientific Method: Notes on J. Benveniste, M.D., and more.

Homeopathy: The Deadly Chronic Miasms. The concept and links to essays. E.g., the Psoric miasm, "...something malign and almost consciously destructive of mankind"

Homeopathy: Chronic Miasm example -- Tuberculosis

Homeopathy: The Chthonic Realm -- Deep Personality Diseases

Homeopathy: Classic Homeopathy: Deadly by Default?

Homeopathy: Dear Doctor: Why Your Patient Needs Integrative Homeopathy

Homeopathy: "Did You Ever Fly a Kite?" -- re Perceptions and that which cannot be seen

Homeopathy: Energies are like another dimension -- Flatland

Homeopathy for epidemics and other health crises: Link to homeopathic pharmacy sponsoring Homeopaths Without Borders

Homeopathy: Journey of Healing

Homeopathy: Contributions of Dr. Rajan Sankaran -- re the psycho/spiritual aspect of human life

Homeopathy Quiz: "What if Most of What You Were Taught About Homeopathy Was Wrong?"

Homeopathy: What Can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeo-Tonic and Homeo-Pathic: Clues to the dual dynamic nature of the human being

Homotoxicology: How the human organism fights to protect itself from toxins

Honest Science

Hybrid or "Half-breed"?: Science and Human Family Dynamics: Announcement for OIUCM presentation 2007; notes for presentation [click here]

Hypochondriasis: The Solution

Infoceuticals: NES -- Bio-Information technology that allows the body to heal itself

Individuality and Hope: Comments by Dr. Upledger

Integrated Biological Evaluation: The approach used at our clinic.

Integrative Homeopathy: Applying multiple therapies in a powerful program

Invention of Air: Insights into the spread of new knowledge

Iridology: Iris Analysis as window to both physical and neuro-emotional aspects of the person.

Iridology Educational Services: With new Iridology Report Software

Klinghardt Information: Links to his integrative teachings and 5-Level Map to Healing

Knight or Priest: Two Physician paths [that show the need for the third path that I support]

Laboratory Testing

Last Lecture: "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch

Leber's Acupro/Computron EAV technology

Lipton, Bruce: The Biology of Belief

Looking Over The Field: The role of the Philosopher Physician

Lyme and Associated Diseases: Challenges to Physical and Mental Health

AcuGraph: Digital Meridian Imaging, an acumeridian analysis technology

Mercury and Autism: DVD of Dr. Klinghardt describing major focus of our clinic and of my practice

Mercury Dangers reported to dental association as early as 1883

Mercury May Invalidate Medical Research

Miasms, Chronic: A Crucial Concept: Homeopathic treatment with powerful effects

Motivation for Integrative Medicine: My essay on insights about CAM and human health

Multi-Dimensional Diagnosis: Thinking in terms of multifactorial disease and treatments

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - MCS special link to Danish EPA site (from CSDA)

Nakatani's Measurements of Acumeridian Energies

NES Infoceuticals: Nutri-Energetics Systems and the Physics of Information Transfer

Neural Therapy, Dr. Klinghardt and the Drs. Hueneke

Nordenstrom: The body as electrical circuit.

Open Minds: A New Perspective on Healing: Overview of dynamic homeopathy model.

Patch Adams: The Gesundheit! Institute and Patch Adams' compassionate approach to healing

Pediatrics: Resources for children's treatment with Integrative Homeopathy

Play: Enhancing Intelligence, Nourishing Life

Physics of Information Transfer: The NES technology

Porges, Stephen: Polyvagal Theory of Triune Autonomic Nervous System

Revici: Periodic Table of Elements as clue to new treatments for cancer, etc.

Rau, Thomas: Dr. Rau joins Dr. Klinghardt and others to protect us from electromagnetic radiation

Rayid Introduction: Emotional/Personality Iridology

Reverse Speech phenomenon: Caused by Craniosacral cycles

SCENAR: Tennant Biomodulator -- a SCENAR-class technology

Scientific Method: Field Effects, Jacques Benveniste, honest science ["What they’d been doing, in renormalizing their equations, was a little like subtracting out God..."]

Self-Healing Training: "A Lifestyle of Healing"

"Strolling Under the Skin": Dr. Guimberteau's discovery re converting energy to movement in fascia.

Succussion: Homeopathic Dynamization separates Energy from Substance

Tapping: Acupuncture energy flow can be enhanced in various ways via tapping

Tennant Biomodulator info: A SCENAR class technology

The Fetal Cure:An approach to Autonomic/Parasympathetic enhancement

The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing: Overview of Heilkunst/Homeopathy in one doctor's life.

The Tomato Effect: Closer considerations for truly Scientific Healthcare

Toxic Metals: The reason you still feel sick: Important article from Dr. Mercola.

Toxins and Health Restoration

Trauma, PTSD, Schizophrenia and Mental Health: Selected resources

Unifying Theory: Connecting Cranio-Sacral energy, Energy Medicine, etc.

Unleashing Your Nuclear Energy: Integrative Homeopathy and your empowerment

Vaccination Information

VAS -- Vascular Autonomic Signal: Acupuncturists research body energy response

Vertical Healing System: Klinghardt's description of the 5-Level Map to Healing

Vis medicatrix naturae: The Healing Power of Nature within each person

What Cure Feels Like: Homeopathy changes physical and energy aspects of health

"What Diseases Can Acupuncture [and Acumeridian techniques] Treat?"

What Integrative Medicine Means to Me

Brain Health and Wellbeing:

[See: My Counseling Services | Dr. Amen's work on Brain Health]

Allergies affecting the mind: Tribute to Theron Randolph, M.D.

Alzheimer's:  Changing Alzheimer's One Step at a Time

Alzheimer's Disease and Neurodegenerative Conditions

Autism Resources

Autism: The Journey Back -- Recovering the Self

Autonomic Nervous System function and emotions

Biology of Belief: Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. on the greater context of life

Body-Mind Support: Combination of programs to form A Lifestyle of Healing

Brain "flipped like a computer" by Allergies: Note to Dr. Rapp

Brain Health Resources

BraveHeart Women: An empowering community for women.

Celiac Disease/Gluten Reactions and Brain Effects

Chthonic Disease: Deep mental health disturbances and treatment

Counseling Services

Counseling Support: Dr. David Baldwin's Trauma Pages includes a section with papers by Dr. Stephen Porges, who writes about a triune Autonomic Nervous System. Dr. Porges on this site.

Cranial manipulation affects allergy reactions: Work of Carl Ferreri, D.C. Superb. Similar to Orthomolecular Psychiatry: background reasons for behavior

Developmental Movement Therapy: For children or adults, movement triggers neural reorganization

Environmental Illness / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Family Constellation Work

Fungal Hypersensitivity and Brain Effects

Hypnotherapy: for autonomic nervous system support

Hypochondriasis: The Solution

I-Ching: Software for the Soul

Iris Analysis/Iridology as window on neuro-emotional factors

Individuality and Hope: Comments by Dr. Upledger

Knight or Priest: Two Physician paths [that show the need for the third path that I support]

Mad Hatter Planet: Mercury -- We're all affected

Mental Health as a multifaceted process: With links to essays on important factors

Mercury as Brain Toxin: DVD of Dr. Klinghardt describing major focus of our clinic and of my practice.

New Species of Human: Semi-humorous, but sobering

Peer Support to Enhance Personal Wholeness

Personality Types and Character of Approach to Life 

Play: Enhancing Intelligence, Nourishing Life

Prayer resources: At the bottom of Spirituality Considerations page

Quiet Meditation: Health Benefits and Science of Meditation

Role of Infections in Mental Illness 

Schizophrenia, PTSD and Trauma: Dr. McKenzie's book and selected resources

Spirituality Considerations

Spiritual Directors International: "tending the holy around the world and across traditions"

Transference: "It's What We Do." 

Trauma, PTSD, Schizophrenia and Mental Health: Selected resources

Unique healing path for each person [essays below are from this intro page]

>> 1. Lay-Person's Essay on Prigogine's fascinating discoveries

>> 2. Counselor's view of Prigogine on dissipation and reorganization

Vaccination Information

Natural Lifestyle, Diet, etc.:

Ancestral Diet Gone Toxic: Industrialization is destroying native culture

Arthritis Help: Surprisingly simple addition to overall care programs

Blood Type and Food Allergies Database: link to Dr. Power's important questionnaire

Brain Poison in Common Foods: MSG.

Cancer Options:

>> Beans: Antioxidants, Cancer and Immune Support: From 

>> From Dr. Mercola: "If you want to virtually eliminate your cancer risk today, I urge you to review my comprehensive list of 11 recommendations I posted earlier this year."

Celiac Disease/Gluten Reactions and Brain Effects

Chemical Dangers and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Website of dedicated health advocate

Cosmetic/Food Additive Chemicals Found in Breast Tumors.

Fatal Fritos: Addiction to processed food and salt led to death of mule deer; what about humans?

Grounding the Body to Earth ["Earthing"] Reduces Chronic Inflammation 

Heart disease can be reversed: Case example at Dr. McDougall's website

Hyaluronic Acid: A supplement, and an answer to the mystery of Qi flow in the body.

Intravenous Nutritional Therapy: The powerful and basic Myers' Cocktail

A Lifestyle of Healing: Focus on your resources to continually improve your health

MSG: Government Sponsored Brain Poison: A article on this neurotoxin in our food supply

Nature-Cure: Science and Experiential information on "cures from nature"

Nightshades and Arthritis: Information on Dr. Norman Childers

Nutrition and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Nutrition for Chronic Illness as well as Fitness

Nutritional Therapy: Concerning my approach to nutritional prescribing for patients

Raw Milk: Nutrition and organic grass-fed cow milk resources

Self-Healing Training: "A Lifestyle of Healing"

Touchpoints From Nature: Learning from the Earth

Your Health Questionnaires

Hope for Humanity's Future:

Videos and talks about possibilities for our survival

Affording care for your health: Healthcare on a Budget

BraveHeart Women: An empowering community for women.

BrainGuardMD: Stunning insights about toxicity, tolerance lost and the survival of the human race

Credits to Some Key Teachers and Clinical Researchers

Death by Medicine: American Medical System is leading cause of death and injury in the U.S.

Disentanglement: Flexner, the Titanic, and Our Future Survival: An essay of hope for healthcare

Families and Food: Pictures and link to website about people living life with the resources they have

Faith: Spirituality Considerations | Science and Spirituality | I do not want you to "lose your faith"


Getting Better: Understanding the question "Am I Getting Better?"

Humans First: Warnings/resources to help take back control of our health & our lives

Hybrid or Half-breed?: Science and Human Family Dynamics

Hypochondriasis: The Solution

I shook hands with The Man In The Moon, But I sit in the lap of my Mother the Earth

Klinghardt DVD: Dr. Klinghardt describes Mercury as major focus of our clinic and of my practice

National Museum of the American Indian: A spiritually rich experience in DC

Play: Enhancing Intelligence, Nourishing Life

Sexual Health & Orgonotic Potential: Science of Family and Self-Knowledge (Family Friendly version)

Shackles on Job's Body

Shamanic Death Experience: The Chalice and the Vision Quest.

Spiritual Directors International: "tending the holy around the world and across traditions"

The Invention of Air: Insights into the spread of new knowledge

Thesis: Spirituality, Health and Medicine: "God is not (That) Far Away": From Bastyr University program

This Land Is Sacred: All land is sacred. Essay based on Hawai'i experience

Vaccination Information

Why haven't I heard of this before?"

Why Some Treatments Make You Worse

World Healing: Drawing on wisdom of Indigenous Peoples around the world

Yogic burial and resuscitation: Demonstrates Cranio-Sacral rhythm and sun-moon pull

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