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Enthusiastic Serving [Not indexed, okay to share individually but not post. v.07-02-2015]

This private page was originally shared with CAM-friendly innovators in January 2012 after I began pushing for recognition of those naturopaths who specialize in Behavioral Health so that our nation can have more options for mental health besides psych drugs. Below I introduce several of the resources with which I can connect you with so that you can make the changes that you seek. It's a type of "disclosure" from a psychotherapy point of view because I give you some of my background.

[Addendum posted 01-18-2013: See expanded list for treatment options re mass shootings (jump to below)]

[Dr. McKenzie and schizophrenia (jump to below)]

Three key physicians who taught me about Environmental Medicine and changed my trajectory are: Larry Plumlee, MD, Jonathan V. Wright, MD and Walter Crinnion, ND

January 2015                --                 Ralph Wood (Woody) Wilson                   --            August 2014

Some info about me and my life of explorations -- About Dr. Wilson

Midwest small town white guy gets deep immersion in the larger world. Working over a decade in Washington DC has given me profound respect for the differences of opinion and views of life that motivate people. I've met advocates for racial respect, religious respect, medical freedom of choice and more. You're welcome to contact me about exploring your concerns.

Wisdom Day 2015 -  March 18, 2015 , continued the theme of Wisdom Day 2014 - March 19, 2014. My ongoing considerations of how we can make a difference.

Please consider this my invitation to you to check my Clinical site for preparations for March 16, 2015 --  Wisdom Day 2016.

Information page about Wisdom Day 2016 on Clinical site.

Recently I joined other religious leadership in a multi-faith gathering.
The Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies and the Greater Olney Interfaith Ministerium (GOIM) are co-sponsoring a four-week adult education interfaith initiative in the Spring of 2013. Developed by the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies (ICJS), this program brings together Jews, Christians, and Muslims in response to the religious intolerance and misunderstandings confronting our world. Lectures, small group discussions, and the study of texts sacred to each of the three religious traditions enable participants to discover what their religious communities share, and to explore what is distinctive about them. By reframing the conversation and challenging participants to engage with the wisdom of their religious traditions in light of contemporary life, they come to learn how to celebrate those distinctions as blessings. [Click here on on picture]

My efforts to serve military veterans
During my USAF Academy time, Air Force efforts became focused on supporting the "Vietnam Conflict." I volunteered for and successfully participated in summer training assignments with Army Airborne at Fort Benning, and in jungle warfare school in Panama.

I later took Pararescue Field Medicine training and then volunteered to go on flights into SEA, with the pararescue unit there to help recover downed pilots -- request denied, 1970.

My use of Craniosacral Therapy to enhance brain/body coherence: Craniosacral Information
FlexAware as movement therapy to enhance neural and structural function: FlexAware 

About Dr. Wilson | AcuGraph and my enthusiasm about the energies of life

I'm a certified member of the Amen Clinics Educational E-Center network

My insights about Brain Function Configurations, with TED video presentation by Dr. Temple Grandin: Brain Heroes.

Proposal to Department of Defense and Sibley Memorial Hospital:  To help veterans and other trauma survivors.

Support of people who experienced Trauma -- physical or overwhelming psychological trauma.

During my career and especially with what I've learned from Daniel Amen, M.D. about the effects of psychological trauma, I have come to see the fact that people can experience deep brain stress from events that did not include physical trauma. I am dedicating my career to including helping them because they can benefit from many of the same services that are now helping veterans and their families.]

I felt privileged to attend the Warrior Resilience Conference near the Pentagon in 2011.  As a veteran myself, I'm greatly impressed with the compassion of everyone I met there, both officers and front-line troops and veterans. Since attending that in 2011 I've had some important revelations about my own life and the things that might help me to (as Dr. Amen puts it) develop a better brain.

Now with the new neuroscience of the brain [more] our nation is becoming able to help the world to see new ways to give respect and new strengths to people who have suffered trauma -- including veterans or anyone who has been traumatized either physically or mentally.

It is almost as if people have been "flying blind," compensating and doing the best they could without knowing what was behind the difficulties. I've known some heroic people who have kept up despite great difficulty. Now we understand "the machinery" more accurately and we can help people live their lives more fully and if they experience traumas we have a much wider range of steps that can be taken. I want to help them as well as myself. Many links and videos are on my new blog: Reverse Engineer Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp's Research and more.

Read the links that I have to organizations and approaches that can help, including a new version of my mental health support site: Behavioral Health networking - DCNN | Clinical Site | Information Site. We all can do a lot more to help others.

An Important Addition: Those of you who are spiritually oriented, or are positive-thinking pragmatists will appreciate that I'm committed to respecting all religions or choice to be whole without religion. Especially when it comes to effects of traumas it is important to have compassion for yourself and for the situations that changed you from what your capabilities were in the past -- my blog: Ducks, Swans, Science and Compassion for Yourself.

In this holiday season as we move into the new year, in whatever way you understand this phrase (I'm respectful of all faiths or none) --
God bless us, every one.    

Selected sites where important insights/services/treatment options may be explored [expanded December 17, 2012]
I will soon paste recommendations re Psychotherapy Networker and Emotions Training from Marsha Lucas, Ph.D., author of: Rewire Your Brain for Love.

Her site: Marsha Lucas Ph.D.

Her presentation: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2013

NICABM intro video is below. My introduction to New Brain Science and NICABM
The Story -- American Public Radio [Archived shows available at any time.]

Special episode that includes 2 stories about veterans: [archived program link] There is a download link for MP3 audio or play directly on your data device.

1. The second part of this three-part episode of The Story is an interview with an Afghan War Vet who chooses to go back, only this time as a civilian so that he can sketch the troops while embedded with a unit.

2. The third part of the episode is an essay by Dr. Natalie Mariano, of the Veterans Affairs Primary Care Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

As I listened to those I found myself thinking of the different types of heroism that people are showing in these important times. Veterans and Trauma are bringing attention to the situations for all kinds of traumas, so that our entire society is benefiting from what we are learning about areas such as stress, service to others, risk of self for others and the needs for personal self-understanding and for people to be kind to others.
VIA Institute on Character, and VIA Pros

Resources for Character Strength development, including free VIA Survey:

VIA Character Institute

VIA Pro and Positive Psychology links
Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)  [link]

Associated with psychiatrist Ron Minson, M.D., who used to use QEEG and Neurofeedback. I'm impressed with this multisensory program for improving brain function. I can see its value for autism, ADD, enhancing learning, and possibly even Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Keep your eyes on this organization.

Home rental is now available via the Integrated Listening Systems office.
iLs Adult or Pediatric Options:
The child is nine months old. His smile at the  experience is very uplifting to view. His internal experience of life is being enhanced by the carefully-designed high-quality sound program he is listening to. I am very impressed with this approach. [The family has removed the picture from public access.]

Contact them directly about programs at a distance. I only work with people who have set up programs with me, at this time.

I do have a Coaching session option in which I can discuss options via Skype or phone.
Shrink Rap Radio [link]
A resource in psychology from David Van Nuys, Ph.D.
Free podcast interviews with experts in their niches in the mental health field. CE credit courses through the Zur Institute. Alliance with the Jung Platform.
Shrink Rap Radio Interviews
Two examples of Dr. Van Nuys interviewing experts whose work is continuing to change the way mental health and wellness are understood.

Dr. Eleanor Criswell: Somatics and therapy

Dr. Jaak Panksepp: Animals, basic mechanisms of emotions, applications to autism, psychiatric disorder models and other brain health issues.

My blog: Reverse Engineer Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp's Research and more
Behind the scenes for some veterans
Some Vietnam Era veterans I've known have built into their lives many of the practices of First Nation tribes. These veterans were all clear that they were being part of something greater than themselves and that they were not pretending that they were themselves First Nation tribe members. After being in the armed services it is not actually possible to "turn back the clock" and walk without the experiences one has had while in service. For many, living in the woods was what helped them.
The Warrior Archetype. "War and the Soul." Interview with psychotherapist Edward Tick, Ph.D. He counsels veterans and those who did not serve. He has founded Soldier's [Interview]
Unlocking the Emotional Brain. Possibly the most insightful book in psychology; changes the way we understand the mind and trauma. Bruce Ecker, M.A., co-developed Coherence Therapy:
Coherence Psychology Institute. [Interview]

Selected resources that visitors may find beneficial:

Psychiatrists: Michael Gurevich, M.D. -- |  Robert J. Hedaya, M.D. --

Biological Dentistry and Physical/Mental Health: My Intro | NIHA in DC | IAOMT science | Huggins Applied Healing

FlexAware fitness and neuro-rehab -- Click here or on images
From a psychotherapy perspective, FlexAware is religiously neutral.
Reassuring words about your comfort level, from FlexAware creator Steven Shafarman:
"...People of any religious or spiritual tradition can enjoy FlexAware with no distractions and no worries. There’s nothing in it that presumes, suggests, requires, or relies on faith.

If you have some faith tradition or practice, you may find special value in FlexAware. Many traditions and practices use breathing as a theme or focus. A synonym for “inhaling” is “inspiring.” The root of “inspiring” is “spirit,” which is Latin for “breath” or “to breathe.” All of the FlexAware movements start with breathing and awareness of how we breathe.

You might even do small subtle FlexAware movements as you pray or meditate or worship. The movements can be nearly indistinguishable from stillness. Even such small subtle movements facilitate blood flow and nerve activity, thereby preventing or relieving stiffness and pain — and perhaps adding power to your prayers and practices."   -- Steven Shafarman []

I'm an advocate for the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics
[My introduction]

Clancy McKenzie, M.D.-- Psychiatrist, w/insights into schizophrenia [Book: Babies Need Mothers]
[My collection of Dr. McKenzie's and other potential treatments. Note: I'm especially looking forward to learning how Dr. McKenzie integrates the recent concepts that I think are deeply changing psychology and psychiatry -- 1) Neuroplasticity, 2) Mirror Neurons, and, 3) Implicit Memory. Coherence Psychology and the FlexAware neuro-structural rehab and fitness approaches may make it possible to permanently change the future of schizophrenia and other trauma-based situations.]
Having Schizophrenia is Unnecessary: Origin, Mechanism, Treatment and Prevention.(Part 1)
Having Schizophrenia is Unnecessary: Origin, Mechanism, Treatment and Prevention.(Part 2)

Clip from Seinfeld (episode 44): Kramer has head trauma that changes his brain function [hemispatial neglect].
[My description of sports trauma to head, and the Amen Clinics brain study option: PDF view]

I was an advisor for Synaptic Connections
Begun as a philanthropic endeavor to assist people who have had brain traumas and learning difficulties.
It is now on hiatus and the future plans are unknown to me.
[Synaptic Connections]

Three Control System Model*
with the You that contains them.

Blog essay

Includes Porges' PolyVgal Theory and
Eagleman's book, Incognito

*1. Brain-plus-Motor Nerves
2. Physical Body
3. Autonomic Nervous System (3-part ANS)
Additional: Essay on the healing power of nature, your personal Vis medicatrix naturae
Some pictures selected -- From my enthusiastic life

Attended Wilderness program demo. [their site link]

Trap-making "therapy"

Appreciating the promise of Science

See the video below with tour of the Peace Park

Nature Ceremonies planning: below
[below] I lived on reservation property 2009: 1. A shamanic journey on-the-fly.
2. Friends on an island nearby. [My intro to their free ebook: Their Biological Dentistry success story "Diagnosis Unknown"]
[below] From my 2008 trip to some hot springs in California -- Very healing on many levels!!
Watsu/Water Dance/Aquatic Therapy for body and mind. See proposal to DoD below these.

Proposal to Department of Defense and Sibley Memorial Hospital:  To help veterans and other trauma survivors.

Here are some videos: The first one is about the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging and how it helps us learn about our
Health Energies. At the end I focus on Children as the Hope for the Future, with their curiosity about how life works.
I speak about Mattie Stepanek and his brief but powerful life.
PS: It was flu season so I wasn't looking my best.

Video Excerpt from full video: Hope for the Future
[Click here or on picture to the right if it is visible, in order to Fast-Forward jump to important section]

Section 4: Hope for the Future: Children learning about the wonders of their body's health energies.
Click on the picture to jump to the place where I introduce the life of Mattie Stepanek. His legacy is one that gives me great hope for the future because of children's ability to learn about life.

Below: Some of Mattie's friends and the lovely park in King Farm where I've been privileged to live for two years.

Mattie Online

Older pictures
Before Coherence Therapy breakthrough
Veterans still serving [L.: Civil Rights ... R: Army/Navy/Air Force]

Hiking near the Potomac.

Visit to Gesundheit Institute. I met Patch Adams. 
National Cathedral: "...welcoming to people of all faiths and none."
Picture of Moon Rock in stained glass window of Cathedral.
When I studied in China I gave presentations to doctors about Craniosacral Therapy and dangers of Mercury dental fillings.
Photo Album for these and other China photos]
The very helpful professionals who assisted us students during our studies in China. One had been the host of Gen. Clare Chenault of the Flying Tigers during their defense of China from the Japanese. [Prof. Liu had been sent to the rice paddies during the Cultural Revolution. Both of us cried as we shared about the things we had to hide. Later I tried to reach families of the Flying Tigers. He asked for one more trip outside China before he died.]
Added: 2012 -- We are still in space 
My blog on Exploring Mars, Earth and Self...

 I met and shook the hand of an astronaut.
I wanted to go into Space
My senior class project was to build an Oxygen generation chamber with algae. For long-term habitation off the earth, regeneration of Oxygen would be essential.

Below -- I thought that I would paste some items from my military service. That was a huge turning point in my life and I now understand more deeply what young men and women are going through when they enlist:

1. Service and risk of self for the sake of others. (I had been a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer Scout before joining.)

This is the trailer of the movie: Master and Commander -- The Far Side of the World


Veterans or Active: "You may have been troubled by religious teachings you have received that sowed doubt and disrespect for either your superior officers or those underneath you in rank. Certain religious teachings can diminish your ability to trust the judgment of others who become suspect because of their lack of 'true faith.' Another possible challenge to your ability to fully carry out your duties is when your superiors or others in your unit hint at or outright declare that your faith or choice of no-faith is not up to par for Soldier Fitness. You can learn more about how to respect other's religious freedom, and if your religious freedom is being threatened, you now have an advocate: MRFF."  -- Dr. Wilson [Former US Air Force, MOS medical administration]

Preparations for
Warrior Resilience Conference -- March 2012
[Last year there was a lot of concern about the Soldier Fitness and Spiritual Fitness controversy.]

My theme for my contributions:
-- Please Consider FlexAware --
[my FlexAware overview]

To the right: VistaPrint business card modified for Warrior Resilience support. This emphasizes that FlexAware is supportive of any religion or none. It is not like Yoga.
It is consistent with New Brain Science and honors your healthy core brain and mind.
[New Brain Science]

That's all for now. The ones below are from Washington DC



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