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Human Energy Anatomy

See below: FlexAware structural and neurological reshaping | Dr. Giumberteau and New Fascia Science | Dr. Bastyr and Energy Anatomy

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I call this our "Energy Anatomy":

The Physical Body is powered by Living Power ("Dynamis"),

which has two aspects: Sustentive and Generative;

this is attacked by incoming "distortive" energy Diseases (e.g., Chronic Miasms).

[View 14-page descriptive handout including Klinghardt correlations - PDF v. 06/17/2008]

My extensive experience with several approaches to understanding life and health highlights the need to care for both the physical part of our lives and also the energies that energize the physical part of us. Western medicine and scientific naturopathy are documenting the great importance of the "internal environment" (the nutrients that we eat, as well as the heavy metals and toxins that cause metabolic stress). Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Klinghardt's Autonomic Response Testing and other approaches are documenting the existence of energies that are not physically visible but that are essential to human life. Note [01/11/2011]: This is another example of the recently discovered concept of "Epigenetics"; a blog essay that I wrote described this in a unique way: The Community that is You: Parasites & Epigenetics.


This page will be expanded as I continue the research for my Ph.D. in Energy Medicine with the thesis topic: "Human Energy Anatomy -- Scientific Groundwork for Clinical Practice."

HeartMath Research Center - Biofeedback

NES Technology: Binary codebook for health.

Hyaluronic Acid Hpothesis:

the Science behind acupuncture.

Brain shock wave pattern may be from mental trauma.

By: Alex Grey

A Recent Discovery (Hyaluronic Acid is in the clear matrix shown):

"Strolling Under the Skin" -- A DVD with a deep view of how Life energies flow within the human body. This is the work of French hand surgeon Jean-Claude Guimberteau, M.D., who discovered that a new way is needed to describe what happens as the body converts energy to movement. The music (e.g., Blue Danube) and words are inspiring. It shows functional relationships of important aspects of the body: the clear light-carrying fascia and the mineral-rich/mobile blood system.

[Viewing this, as a former Licensed Massage Practitioner, was a deeply moving experience. I wish that all health care practitioners could view it. I also think that any human being would understand and appreciate their own body a lot better if they watch this.]

Available from Anatomy Trains [in the USA].

Dr. Guimberteau's web site.

Converting energy to movement

Download descriptive overview


The video to the left is one of several clips from this superb production.


The body is far more dynamic than most people have realized.


Take care of your body and it will serve you well. FlexAware and Craniosacral Therapy are two of the most empowering additions that you could make to your Health Menu.



Tensegrity information: Audio and Video on AnatomyTrains site:

Click here

Stephen M. Levin, M.D., is an orthopedic surgeon who has developed a powerful library of visual and written information about the dynamic nature of living tissue.
[His Biotensegrity site]

[His companion site, Macintosh based, is an extensive network of essays and links]

Note: You are encouraged to purchase his DVD: Biotensegrity and Dynamic Anatomy.

YouTube: Biotensegrity Conversation with Dr. Levin
View on YouTube.

Dr. Levin's work gives scientific underpinning to the exercises and instructions of the new FlexAware Fitness approach to health enhancement.

If you watch the video to the right of this text, you will then be able to view associated interviews with Dr. Levin, and other presentations about the Biotensegrity model for healthy function of the body.
From Dr. Levin's Links page:
Tom Flemons of Intension Designs has created tensegrity models and sculptures for 25 years.
Kenneth Snelson has built free-form tensegrity structures.
Applied Synergetics is the continuum of Buckminster Fuller's book Synergetics and has many good links that are kept up-to-date.
Don Ingber is, by far, the leading researcher in the field of tensegrity cellular mechanics.
Additional Links: [He writes:] "...There are many health care professionals who have integrated biotensegrity in their thinking and clinical practice.  Here is a of list a few with whom I have had direct contact, but there are many more. They cover a variety of professions and use biotensegrity in different ways. Biotensegrity is to be considered a basic science that can be adapted to various uses in various ways.  You might want to get in touch with any of those whose interest might coincide with yours."
Dr. Levin's internet site includes links to the work of several important researchers whose work is crucial to the growing field of tensegrity modeling of human function.
FlexAware Conscious Reshaping bones and Neural Connections [read more on my clinical site]

Dr. Stephen Porges and 3-Level Autonomic Nervous System
The role of intention and mental function in the function of the body is receiving increasing attention.
Dr. Porges' work points out that the "Social Engagement System" is crucial in advancing beyond the outdated model of the ANS being only a battleground between the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Björn Nordenström, M.D. pointing out a major clue to his work. Supported by the

International Association for Biologically Closed Electric Circuits in Medicine and Biology.

Biologically Closed Electric Circuits

His book is now available to read online, or to purchase via print-on-demand
at Google books.

Search for: Biologically Closed Electric Circuits

Click Here 

Dr. Bastyr and Energy Anatomy: I want to encourage young N.D. graduates (and students also) of four-year schools such as Bastyr University to consider the "energy medicine" approaches, acumeridian therapies, and study and research them if possible. This will educate you in the "higher levels" of the 5-level Map (Model) to Health and Healing. Dr. John Bastyr himself was a stock-holder in "BodyScan, Inc." BodyScan was a company that was founded in the 1980's and told investors that it was making a chair in which the patient would sit and have light rays beamed in front of them, with receivers on the other side that would capture the light beam and see how it was changed in character by the vibrations of the person's energy field that surrounds each of us. I joined a group of naturopaths and others for a tour of the facility and listened to the investment presentation. The company eventually went bankrupt. However, for me knowing that Dr. Bastyr had invested in the possibility of scientific validation of the energies he could sense is a powerful motivator. Of note is the fact that Dr. Bastyr also came to Dr. Nordenström’s 1987 presentation about his work with body energies and treatment of cancer with EChT.

Illustration of BodyScan Principle [BodyScan, Inc. -- 1980s]

The company's scientists designed a test room in which a person would sit and have beams of light passed from one side to the other. The sensor on the other side of the body would detect changes in the light as a result of its interaction with the field surrounding the body. This company offered stock to investors. The company later disbanded. A notable investor in this technology was John Bastyr, D.C.,N.D., whose name is honored at Bastyr University.

How Dental Mercury May Affect Acumeridian Energy Flow

Chart of Tooth/Acumeridian Relations, Including  Organ/Emotions

web screen view 

Biological Dentistry Information

Homeopathy Provided the Most Groundbreaking Illustration of the Energies of Life [more]

Sustentive aspect of the Living Power: This is responsible for metabolic processes and keeping you in health. Known as the Vis Medicatrix Naturae (healing power of Nature).

Generative aspect of the Living Power: This is responsible for cell division, making babies, creating new ideas, and fighting Diseases on an energy level. 

Eight Chronic Miasms ("Primal Diseases"); each has a State of Mind

Major Disruptors of human energy function.

These act as if they are human biocomputer "computer viruses"

EAV/EDS: Electro-Acupuncture Measurement and more...

Pioneered by Rinehold Voll, M.D.

For those who know: This entire page makes sense.

For newcomers: Welcome to a technology that every clinic should offer; a huge number of clinics around the world use this. (Graphics from Doug Leber's Computron/Acupro)

[EAV/EDS introduction]
[A book about Doug Leber's introduction of new help.]

Diagnosis Unknown

free e-book [click to download]

 I spent a delightful weekend at the country home of a couple who went through devastating illness over many years.

Their search for answers brought them through standard western medicine and then into the new landscape of alternative and complementary medicine.

The answers -- A major part of their success came from dealing with dental traumas, and with using the
EAV/Computron technology of Doug Leber.

AcuGraph®: Digital Meridian Imaging
Assessing the electrical nature of the body via the acupuncture meridian system.

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