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Vascular Autonomic Signal - Discloses ANS Acumeridian Phenomenon

Body Energy Assessment: EAV and VAS Information

Adapted from Selected Text From Mailing to Researchers into Body Energy Assessment


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See below: ONDAMED


This information shows that Dr. Klinghardt is working with a phenomenon of human function that has always existed; for instance, it describes a lot of what is behind the success of Acupuncture. Dr. Georgiou has a good description of Dr. Klinghardt's A.R.T.: Autonomic Response Testing

The text below was from a mailing I did to researchers who are working with approaches that deal with the Autonomic Nervous System. I thought they needed to see how their work is fitting together to create a climate for rapid integration of knowledge in support of the larger view of health I consider crucial to improving healthcare and healthy living worldwide. 

NOTE 1: Please check my Expanded Paradigm writing. 

NOTE 2: I believe that the assessment technology of Biocom Technologies, with their HRV Live! biofeedback unit, is the breakthrough device we have been looking for; their web site has a lot of good information you can read. [This did not work out; or is being developed "behind the scenes".]

NOTE 3: Medical Heilkunst -- Clinical experience of a variety of practitioners is showing that there is a factor that can interfere with assessments of the body's energy flow (such as VAS, EAV, muscle testing); this is the deep-seated miasmatic disturbances that alter the body's function. These are dealt with in the dynamic medical system described at www.Homeopathy.com. It may be necessary to treat these "Chronic Miasms", and the associated "Chthonic Diseases" before the person can benefit fully from treatment. For more detail check that website, and read the CD-ROM/3-ring binder The Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst, Chapter 41 >> to HCH bookstore 

NOTE 4: 2005 -- Read about Dr. Yoshio Nakatani and his groundbreaking work that led to EAV.

The original pulse testing and the modern adaptation by Dr. Paul Nogier, called the VAS. Adapted to allow for monitoring of points in the ear acupoint map.

The ONDAMED technology is a recent breakthrough in assessment and treatment


Notes from Dr. Ralph Wilson

References to worldwide search for extended measurement capability in Autonomic Nervous System monitoring...


The Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS)

Toward an Integral Energy Medicine Model For Understanding The Vascular Autonomic Signal

1. Graduate thesis on the VAS. This is superb documentation.

2. International Navach Project to research the VAS. In honor of Dr. Joseph Navach. Some text follows [I have attached after that an email that contains some more references]:

“….BACKGROUND Joseph H. Navach, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, devoted his professional life helping people who were seriously compromised surgically as well as medically to return to reasonable functioning, utilizing traditional medical techniques and cutting-edge clinical biophysics.

Navach was guided by the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS), a diagnostic acupuncture pulse technique discovered and developed in the early 1950’s at the medical school in Lyon, France, by neurologist, Paul Nogier.

The VAS is a reflex. It is initiated by any stimulus inside or outside a human or other animal. An outside stimulus can be present in the immediate external environment of the subject without touching the subject. When a stimulus is present, the physiological response in the subject is an instantaneous change in the tone of the wall of all arteries. Clinically, the non-invasive palpation of the change in the tone of the wall of the radial artery in conjunction with a Timed Therapeutic Window has been utilized to evaluate the potential usefulness of acupuncture needles, food, medications, etc. The manual use of Nogier’s magnificent discovery has been carried forward by several thousand physicians worldwide over the past forty years. …”

CONTACT THE INTERNATIONAL JOSEPH H. NAVACH PROJECT: People desiring more information and/or wishing to contribute to the research budget, please contact the Director, John M. Ackerman, M.D. at jkrayk@silcom.com.

3. Acupuncture & Auricular Therapy and Auricular Medicine. This site is dedicated to integrated medicine, including acupuncture and the VAS of Nogier. Some text follows:

“ DISCUSSION: Dr Paul Nogier introduced to the world an exciting new microsystem that he termed "auricular therapy."' With further pursuit of perfection, he introduced yet another more sophisticated system, "auricular medicine." This was made possible by the discovery of the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS).

Under normal, healthy, non-stressful conditions, the electromagnetic field (EMF), or the "aura" of the ear, extends laterally to a maximum distance of I cm measured from the external surface of the ear. An EMF extending more than I cm is indicative of energetic stress. As a microsystem, the ear represents all the organs of the body; consequently, any energetic disturbance of any organ could be projected as a stressed EMF of the ear. However, this does not specify which of the organs is responsible for the stress.

Dr Nogier, through his discovery of the VAS, was able to pinpoint the exact organ responsible for such change of the EMF position. The VAS is a transient change of the radial pulse qualities that could be perceived by palpating the radial artery at a specific point at the distal forearm area. A positive VAS finding means a stronger and fuller pulsation.

Dr Nogier also introduced the use of filters for the diagnosis of energetic imbalances. By applying plastic containers holding different actual diseased organs to the skin of the arm, a definitive change in the ear's EMF will indicate the intolerance of the body to that particular tissue. This reaction happens only if the patient has an energetic imbalance in an organ identical to the one tested. The name given to these plastic containers is filters.

In this case, applying a filter containing diseased cortical tissue to the arm of the patient will "filter" out all information perceived by the skin, except for those of the cortical tissues (hence, the term, filter). If the patient has a problem affecting the cortical tissues, as was the case in this patient, the body will respond by showing stress, reflected on the ear. As a result, the ear's EMF boundary will move away from it.

Dr Nogier found that by applying an organ filter on the arm and then approaching the ear with a filter of 3 different Kodak colors (red 25, green 58, blue 44A), which resonate with the 3 phases of the ear, this in turn resonates with the 3 stages of any disease, namely acute (phase 1), chronic (phase 2), and subacute (phase 3). By palpating the radial artery pulse at the same time, a positive VAS will be felt as the tricolor filter hits the edge of the ear's EMF. This will allow determination of whether the EMF moved out (indicating stress), or was not affected by (indicating no stress) that particular organ filter. …”

Sent:  Sun 4/12/09
To: Dr. Ralph Wilson

Dear Dr. Wilson,

You may also be interested in the following several articles published the last few years as a result of the work with the researchers at the International Institute of Biophysics:

A.) Van Wijk, E.P.A., Ackerman, J., Van Wijk, R., "Effect of Meditation on Ultra-weak Photon Emission from Hands and Forehead", Research in Complementary and Classical Natural Medicine, Vol. 12, No. 2, 2005, journal on-line at: http://content.karger.com/ProdukteDB/produkte.asp?Aktion=JournalCurrentIssue&ProduktNr=224242 .
B.)  Van Wijk, E.P.A., Ackerman, J., Van Wijk, R., "Color Filters and Human Photon Emission: Implications for Auriculomedicine", Explore-The Journal of Science and Healing, Elsevier, Inc., Vol. 1, No. 2, 2005, pp. 102-108.
C.) Van Wijk, Roeland, Ackerman, John M., Van Wijk, Eduard P.A., “Effects of a Color Filter Used in Auriculomedicine on Ultraweak Photon Emission of the Human Body”, J. of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Vol. 12, No. 10, 2006, pp. 955-962.

John M. Ackerman, M.D.