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Disentanglement: Flexner, Titanic, and Our Future Survival

[An essay in progress, originally written thinking of Bastyr University and the natural medicine schools, but it applies to all Integrative Medicine and CAM approaches:]

Integrative Medicine and CAM therapies have been trying to "fit in", to co-exist with an allopathic/invasive health care system that was invented at the same time the creators of the ship "Titanic" were plotting how to control society. Flexner's report [Google citations] which ultimately destroyed the medical schools that taught a broader perspective -- was issued before Titanic sank.

The same men who invested in the Titanic also invested in the medical school system that exists today.

The current system of healthcare is sinking and is dragging to their deaths the unfortunate citizens of our country and of nations worldwide. We need to take action now.

Just as in the case of shipbuilding and engineering where additional scientific study and breakthroughs made sailing much safer (and went on to create mass transportation via airplanes), we in the healthcare field have now had nearly a century of additional scientific study and breakthroughs that can result in the rescue of humanity's future. We cannot afford to "sail on" doing "business as usual" in the current health care system that seeks to dominate all health care provided in the country and worldwide.

I believe that it is no accident that in the timing of events, shortly after Flexner released his "poison-pill" report Albert Einstein published his famous equation. I think of it as a divine juxtaposition that brings to mind the "Nature Cure" axiom regarding plants and healing: "where you find a poison, nearby you will also find the treatment." Simply, it seems to me, we need to apply the truth of Einstein's E = mc2 to healthcare. [I wrote about this in my essay Expanded Paradigm and in the article Unleashing Your Nuclear Energy]

I think that Bastyr University is in the fortuitous position of being able to call upon graduates as well as interested teachers and researchers from a variety of fields who could join to reshape, refocus, and in fact redeem both the image and the reality of what the school is doing.

Bastyr University has the potential to present to the world graduates from its several programs who understand life from a much more inclusive perspective than is common in western medical schools. Maybe that school and others will take the lead in steering our health care "ship" more carefully and bring us much farther than it seems we are currently going to be able to go.

Ralph Wood Wilson, N.D., Washington DC   .


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