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Developmental Movement Therapy:

For brain health support; a powerful new synthesis of information.

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These are very promising days for the future of people who are dealing with issues of brain health, whether adult or children. There are increasing numbers of supportive therapies that help the body and mind. One of the most encouraging developments I have seen is called Developmental Movement Therapy. (The exact title eventually used may depend on trademark considerations.) I have trained in the basics of this and helped treat children who had brain injuries, using this approach. I wrote about it in my thesis paper for the Spirituality, Health & Medicine program at Bastyr University.

There are at this time few practitioners offering this therapy, but I have been encouraging them for years to share this information and they are finally preparing to offer training. Check back to this web site or the references below in the future.

NOTE 2011: The original center in Seattle where I took basic workshops is now back online and may be able to help. Developmental Movement Consultants, Bette Lamont --  Offering assessments in Los Angeles and Southern California; Michigan's Suburban Detroit Area; Orlando, Florida; Seattle and Western Washington. I have known Betty for over 20 years and she is superb at developing programs for neurodevelopmentally challenged children and adults.

Here is information about the center that I am currently recommending people contact:

Brain Health/Movement Therapy:

Especially for child development [Autism, ADHD, ASD] but also helpful for adults. I have had basic training in this. Training workshops are being organized and I will help promote those.

Active Healing, Inc.

"Medication-Free Treatment"

Founder, Sargent Goodchild, Jr.

Essay that I found online about this approach: Developmental Movement Therapy Essay

FlexAware: A training technique for fitness and neurological retraining. I am deeply impressed with the insights behind the FlexAware approach to neurological reintegration and fitness enhancement. This is a technique that can be practiced during other activities, as well as being a major rehabilitation-support activity on its own. I am recommending it for general fitness, but when used in a focused manner it can be very beneficial for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). More on my clinical site about FlexAware.


Description from my thesis project in 2000:

Premise:  The brain has a built-in self-organizing potential to activate repair of nerve pathways, activated by input from the body.  The Institute has a chart that shows developmental stages of the receptive and expressive aspects of the nervous system.  Intake workups evaluate where there is incomplete development of pathways (or where function has regressed).  Treatment is designed to complete what they call "unfinished work" and rebuild pathways to control functions that are incomplete or absent.  Crawling, creeping and  cross pattern exercises have led to improvement in a variety of problems:  stroke, coma, auto accidents, ADD, hormonal dysregulation post trauma, and more.

Implications:  After trauma to the central nervous system, regain of function can be enhanced by retracing physical movements and body positions that ordinarily are experienced as the infant/child develops.  Even elderly patients have had benefit from doing the patterning, crawling, creeping exercises.  They have some impressive videos of patients who underwent this therapy.

Related Topics:  As I see it, the body movements pull on the fascia, and this in turn causes movement in the craniosacral system.  So patients would probably benefit from craniosacral therapy at the same time.

My Own Experience:  I have taken basic training in this therapy and have seen videos and heard case reviews of patients who have benefitted from this.

 Here are some keynotes about behavior that can benefit from this therapy, from notes I took at earlier training:


Descriptions of the journey of treating one concern, Autism; the book also shows the overall model of Medical Heilkunst that can be applied to any health concern.

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Your Journey of Healing [>> expanded essay of encouragement]

What will it be like for you? What will you tell people in the future happened when you began treatment with the expanded model of health that includes homeopathic preparations? What will your story be?

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