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Dear Doctor: Why Your Patient Needs Integrative Homeopathy

[as handout: August 2006]

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For visiting physicians and the general public: This entire method of care (Integrative Homeopathy, also known as "Medical Heilkunst") is basically a set of Principles rather than new medications. When the "Map out of the Swamp" (Verspoor) is used, techniques that were formerly ineffectual or marginally successful become part of a powerful orchestration that results in deep cure.

Introducing the Dynamic System of health care made possible through insights of Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. New accurate translation of his recently revealed case notes reveals a system that now includes Biological Dentistry, detoxification, physical manipulation, nutrition and more, but that also needs use of homeopathically prepared medicines. Go online for more at www.IntegrativeHomeopathy.com, or www.Homeopathy.com. -- Dr. R. Wilson


E = mc-- Hahnemann was the first to write about the Dual Nature of Humans and the Dual Nature of Disease, and to develop a dynamic model to treat what have until now been puzzling overlapping pictures of Disease action and human reaction and degeneration of the Living Power when overpowered by a too-strong Disease. Humans have both a physical survival (or “Sustentive”) aspect and a deeper creative Disease-fighting (or “Generative”) aspect. Recent access to Hahnemann’s case notes (suppressed until the 1960s) and proper translation from the German has given us a powerful picture of how over 100 years before Einstein he saw humans as simultaneously Substance and Energy. He wrote, “It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers...” Homeopathic percussion/dilution separates energy from the substance and allows us to give homeopathic Medicines that contain the energy essence of the material from which the medicine was made. Both Hahnemann and Einstein helped disclose to us “A New Understanding of the Natural World.”

His clinical experience included “Regimen” (giving nutrition, removing toxins, physical treatments, and more) to help the Sustentive aspect of the human. However, he went on to discover “Diseases” that could only be treated with homeopathically energized substances so as to create a Medicine that helped the Generative aspect drive out Disease.

Over his career, his case notes show, he perceived solid evidence of hidden Diseases of a deep nature. He found two kinds; one, “Chronic Miasms” are found to some degree in all people and spring into action when they become weak. The second is the Core Level Delusion or “Chthonic Diseases” that affect people more when they become healthier and less distracted (these have two “streams”, the Hot Stream -- visible/manic; and the Cold Stream -- deep socially isolating Diseases).

Note: At NIHA, the healthier our patients become, they are at risk for the deeper Diseases. These deep Diseases can create some nasty physical and psychological situations, as Hahnemann himself observed while he the caring physician labored so long to help them: 

“…How often, for instance, in the most painful, protracted diseases do we not meet with a mild, gentle mindedness, so that the Remedial-Artist feels impelled to bestow attention and sympathy upon the patient. If he [the physician/Remedial-Artist] conquers the disease and restores the patient again – as is not seldom possible in the homeopathic mode – the physician is often astonished and startled over the dreadful alteration of the mind, where he often sees ingratitude, hard-heartedness, deliberate malice and the most degrading, most revolting tempers of humanity come forward, which had been precisely the patient’s own in his former days.  -- S. Hahnemann, M.D.

[Bold added – R.W. At NIHA we have witnessed this].

What Hahnemann was beginning to recognize in the situation above is the existence of Disease still deep inside the treated patient, and that later he was able to address as what we now call Chronic Miasms and Chthonic Diseases. 

What if Most of What You Were Taught About Homeopathy Was Wrong?

([“Take the True and False test…” ]-- originally from teachers at www.Homeopathy.com)



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