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The DaVinci Factor:

Seeing Behind the Surface

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This essay points out the importance of an intelligent and creative approach to living in the world of today. The human society that we are part of does not have full and free access to information about many things, including what it takes to be healthy.

I encourage you to continue to look for truth and interconnections behind the surface facade of life. Do this as much as you can manage. Some people are not of the constitution to be able to handle this, but those of you who are will benefit from such a search. Others will benefit from trusting others who can do this.

The recent focus on the work of Leonardo DaVinci brings this important concept to the forefront of discussions about the nature of reality and how things really work. This is why I wrote The Expanded Paradigm.

Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man.

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Leonardo DaVinci was intelligent and creative and managed to pass on information that would have otherwise been censured by the ruling powers of his society.

In our world today we are facing the same situation. [See Why Haven't I Heard of This?]

Recently on television I happened upon a replay of All The President's Men, and thought of how applicable that is to our modern world -- in the health care field as well as in electoral politics. The lessons to be drawn from the "dirty tricks" and behind-the-scenes conspiracies are ones that should open our eyes to the need to study behind the surface in any area of life. Do your own reading, your own direct experiencing.

If you do this, you will find an overwhelming number of choices of things to study, and I expect that this will push you to examine your own presuppositions and help you decide what you want as your guiding principles in life.

NOTE: May 22, 2006 --  I just watched the movie The DaVinci Code. The experience of that, and the responses from others about their opinions, leads me to be very careful in commenting on it. The movie should push people to examine their own presuppositions and how they lead their lives.