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More Details about Cranio-Sacral Therapy Sessions

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When used in an overall program of Integrative Medicine and Biological Dentistry, Cranio-Sacral therapy is a cost-effective treatment that could benefit almost every patient. [see Precautions on description page] When used as a "body psychotherapy" approach this can enhance counseling as well as help the body and the immune system be more effective at self-healing.

Many parents have found benefit for their children from craniosacral therapy. I offer craniosacral therapy within the context of integrative medicine because there are always other background factors that need to be assessed and treated.

Note: This picture was staged as a demonstration; usually no pillow is used, so that the spine is straighter and the autonomic nervous system can be even more relaxed.

You may wish to learn more about Craniosacral therapy. Here is a link to the chart, "The Craniosacral System"; this was produced by Dr. Upledger and is now available from the site,

During the session I teach you about home care exercises that you can use to continue gaining benefit from your sessions.

You can also read books, such as Your Inner Physician and You: Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release [link], by Dr. Upledger.

I occasionally present workshops on Cranial Bio-Dynamics, as a book study and the basic ten steps that were developed by Dr. Upledger.
These are some pictures that show some of the basic therapy steps in a typical first session.
[These are two of my students demonstrating the hand positions.]
Below is an illustration of tension arcs that may be discovered, and a Somato-Emotional Release illustration.


I have enjoyed occasionally teaching my workshop on Cranio Bio-Dynamics to healthcare practitioners and some highly motivated non-professionals. When I work with patients I include some of the information I teach in the classes because I believe that everyone should know as much as they can about how their body functions.