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Coherence Therapy®: Model developed from DOBT*

[*Depth-Oriented Brief Therapy]

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Bruce Ecker and Team at the Coherence Psychology Institute have disclosed the model that explains successful treatments as well as failure to achieve lasting removal of emotional learnings. Site:  

My blog introduces Coherence Therapy:  |

Superb interview of Bruce Ecker by Psychologist and educator, David Van Nuys, Ph.D. Click here or on picture.:

Below: FlexAware information regarding the physiology behind the cognitive process of Coherence Therapy.

FlexAware®: Neurological Integration/Bone Remodeling and Fitness

[Below is earlier version; under review after transfer from original site]

Below: Weber-Fechner Law | Giumberteau's Fascia Discovery  | Biotensegrity Model | Hyaluronic Acid Qi Theory | Dr. Ratey and Exercise for Brain Growth | Arthur's story w Diamond Dallas Page

See also [some open in new window]: Coherence Therapy Model | Dr. Amen Brain Health E-Center | New Brain Science & NICABM | Treating Trauma | Dr. Porges Autonomic Science | Temple Grandin and Brain Heroes | HANDLE & Neurodevelopmental Differences | AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging |Craniosacral Therapy | Developmental Movement Therapy | Kinesthetic Medicine | New Hope for Research of FlexAware | TBI trauma considerations

Download PDFs: Science of FlexAware | "Create My FlexAware Habit" | FlexAware Self-Assessment Log

Buy FlexAware DVD: [purchase page on]

I am deeply impressed with the insights behind FlexAware®: Steven Shafarman is the founder of this powerful educational and coaching program. FlexAware® is a technique that can be practiced during other activities, as well as being a major rehabilitation-support activity on its own. FlexAware builds fine coordination and confidence, and helps remold nerve pathways and structural health due to altered muscle use patterns. Please visit the FlexAware website for more in-depth information and to watch descriptive videos: FlexAware. I am recommending it for general fitness, but it also can be very beneficial as a supplement to treatment for TBI trauma cases and neurological reintegration and skeletal rehabilitation programs. Consistent with New Brain Science.

Reassuring words about your comfort level
"...People of any religious or spiritual tradition can enjoy FlexAware with no distractions and no worries. There’s nothing in it that presumes, suggests, requires, or relies on faith.

If you have some faith tradition or practice, you may find special value in FlexAware. Many traditions and practices use breathing as a theme or focus. A synonym for “inhaling” is “inspiring.” The root of “inspiring” is “spirit,” which is Latin for “breath” or “to breathe.” All of the FlexAware movements start with breathing and awareness of how we breathe.

You might even do small subtle FlexAware movements as you pray or meditate or worship. The movements can be nearly indistinguishable from stillness. Even such small subtle movements facilitate blood flow and nerve activity, thereby preventing or relieving stiffness and pain — and perhaps adding power to your prayers and practices."   -- Steven Shafarman []

Addendum: Cautious endorsement of FlexAware by fundamentalist Christian  women's network [they had been concerned about the religious nature of Yoga, and realize that FlexAware is what I call faith-neutral.]

Invitation 2013, March 22 - April 28: Become a FlexAware Teacher info -- on FlexAware site


Move & live the way you were born to --

free of pain, and with ease and joy.

Introduction by Steve Shafarman

Click here or on the picture to the right go to YouTube and start viewing my presentation about my practice fast-forwarded to the important section where I show the clip of Steve Shafarman.



Many educational links are included below [click link to go to area below].
FlexAware Jaw Exercises | Movement Science TED talk | FlexAware Sites | Dr. Levin's Biotensegrity
Dr. Guimberteau's Fascia Discovery | Anatomy Trains Education Materials | Integral Anatomy | Hyaluronic Acid & Acupuncture theory | Dr. Porges ANS/PolyVagal Info Dr. Eagleman's book, Incognito | Developmental Movement Therapy | Brain Effects of Exercise (BDNF) | Research into movement which generates change in biological structures
Note -- May 8, 2011: I attended the FlexAware® teacher certification training Part I and experienced a powerful presentation by orthopedic surgeon Stephen M. Levin, M.D. Further below you will find an introduction to his information and other important research and clinical insights. I have also placed this on a page on my other site that describes the interplay between the physical and the energy aspects of human function: Human Energy Anatomy.


Note -- May 10, 2011: I experienced the presentation of FlexAware® by Steven Shafarman to members of the group known as the Plexus Institute. This is an organization dedicated to applying the new science of Complexity Theory to the task of improving human life. There are public meetings under the creative name, "Plexus DC Fractal" -- more about fractals. The announcement for the FlexAware® presentation is below:

Complexity in Motion: Exploring Complexity by Considering the Way Very Young Children Learn to Walk, Talk, and Make Sense of the World

Very young children learn through an innate self-directed spontaneous playful whole-person process, "Organic Learning." How can we understand this process? What can we discover from it about adults? About personal healing? About organizations? About social transformation? How can we apply it intentionally, in our personal lives and in our work?

This month we will explore Organic Learning through dialogue and experientially, through movement. Steven Shafarman has been developing the idea of Organic Learning for several decades, building on the work of his mentor, the Israeli neuroscientist, engineer, and judo master, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. In science and society, the current dominant paradigm is reductionist, mechanistic, dualistic, and deterministic. A new paradigm is emerging with complexity science, and we will use Organic Learning to formulate its conceptual foundations.

Join our guest, Steven Shafarman, who is the creator of the FlexAware® approach to fitness, exercise, and healing, He is the author of five books and recently completed the first FlexAware Fitness DVD. He lives in Washington DC, teaches individuals and groups, and educates new FlexAware teachers.

Learning to do FlexAware® is fun and gives you more energy. Exercises can be vigorous, or slow. They can also be done while in a wheelchair or in bed. FlexAware® can even be done using the imagination if motion is limited. I am now a Certified FlexAware Teacher.


FlexAware®: A powerful neurological reintegration approach, and fitness enhancement


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FlexAware Jaw exercises
For Dental Support
[Biological Dentistry]

FlexAware®: A breath-driven mind-body exercise. Developed by Steven Shafarman, a Feldenkrais method practitioner; author: Awareness Heals.

FlexAware Jaw™ exercises are an advanced method of applying the FlexAware insights. This is a self-directed method of supporting your body’s innate healing capabilities.

Dr. Wilson is a Certified FlexAware Teacher and a Craniosacral therapy practitioner.



Movement Science: A TED talk by a neuroscientist that is relevant to FlexAware. [A sense of humor helps.]
Steven Shafarman notes that the Weber-Fechner Law indirectly supports the FlexAware principles -- Approximating,
distinguishing, and refining; images of ideal functioning, and the Weber-Fechner Law.
This law shows why it is important for athletes and performers (including singers, debate team, orators, etc.)
 need to include Low-Force Movement Training so that their nervous systems can gain depth in the
control of small movements -- this contributes to balance and confidence.

Dr Dr. Levin

Stephen M. Levin, M.D., is an orthopedic surgeon who has developed a powerful library of visual and written information about the dynamic nature of living tissue.
[His Biotensegrity site]

[His companion site, Macintosh based, is an extensive network of essays and links]

Note: You are encouraged to purchase his DVD: Biotensegrity and Dynamic Anatomy.

YouTube: Biotensegrity Conversation with Dr. Levin
View on YouTube.
Important Clarification
He is careful to point out that his research is not in clinical applications. He specifically avoids endorsing FlexAware.

However, for FlexAware teachers, Dr. Levin's work gives scientific underpinning to the exercises and instructions of the new FlexAware® Fitness approach to health enhancement.

If you watch the video to the right of this text, you will then be able to view associated interviews with Dr. Levin, and other presentations about the Biotensegrity model for healthy function of the body.

                          From Dr. Levin's Links page

Tom Flemons of Intension Designs has created tensegrity models and sculptures for 25 years.

Kenneth Snelson has built free-form tensegrity structures.

Applied Synergetics is the continuum of Buckminster Fuller's book Synergetics and has many good links that are kept up-to-date.

Don Ingber is, by far, the leading researcher in the field of tensegrity cellular mechanics.

Additional Links: [He writes:] "...There are many health care professionals who have integrated biotensegrity in their thinking and clinical practice.  Here is a of list a few with whom I have had direct contact, but there are many more. They cover a variety of professions and use biotensegrity in different ways. Biotensegrity is to be considered a basic science that can be adapted to various uses in various ways.  You might want to get in touch with any of those whose interest might coincide with yours."

Dr. Levin's internet site includes links to the work of several important researchers whose work is crucial to the growing field of tensegrity modeling of human function.

In his presentation, Dr. Levin mentioned the science of chaos theory and Fractal graphics: my page on Fractals

A Recent Discovery: The Fractal Nature of tissues and movement

"Strolling Under the Skin" -- A DVD with a deep view of how Life energies flow within the human body. This is the work of French hand surgeon Jean-Claude Guimberteau, M.D., who discovered that a new way is needed to describe what happens as the body converts energy to movement. The music (e.g., Blue Danube) and words are inspiring. It shows functional relationships of important aspects of the body: the clear light-carrying fascia and the mineral-rich/mobile blood system.

[Viewing this, as a former Licensed Massage Practitioner, was a deeply moving experience. I wish that all health care practitioners could view it. I also think that any human being would understand and appreciate their own body a lot better if they watch this.]




Available from Anatomy Trains [in the USA].

Dr. Guimberteau's web site.

Converting energy to movement


Download descriptive overview

The video to the left is one of several clips from this superb production.

The body is far more dynamic than most people have realized.

Take care of your body and it will serve you well. FlexAware and Craniosacral Therapy are two of the most empowering additions that you could make to your Health Menu.

Tensegrity information: Audio and Video on AnatomyTrains site: Click here
Video discussed by the FlexAware teachers. This is useful when seen in context: The video is a simplification. People are not built out of hinges, and muscles are not ropes. Think of the body as an "elastic suit" -- the Biotensegrity paradigm, with the bones and joints floating within the tension matrix.

That's what Steve Shafarman is helping us to understand more fully.

Study of the Human Form:

The Integral Anatomy series -- a beautiful study of the human body from the perspective of the holiness of life. Gil Hedley (author of "Reconceiving My Body") teaches the appreciation of the gift of life by anatomy dissection classes and DVDs. This is for practitioners, students, and the dedicated layperson who wants to learn more about their own body. 

See more on his Internet site

links -- Hyaluronic link hyaluronic_asea hyaluronic

Hyaluronic Acid to boost collagen dynamics.

It may also have a major role in acupuncture meridian dynamics.
[See context for Hyaluronic Acid hypothesis description
Dr. Stephen Porges and 3-Level Autonomic Nervous System
The role of intention and mental function in the function of the body is receiving increasing attention.
Dr. Porges' important research points out that the "Social Engagement System" is crucial in advancing beyond the outdated model of the ANS being only a battleground between the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The Autonomic Nervous System and the treatment of Trauma:
Video is an introduction to interview with
Dr. Porges by Dr. Ruth Buczynski of National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicnine.

Polyvagal theory: Transcript - pdf

[NICABM site

My overview of NICABM
Interview about PolyVagal Theory on a psychology show, "Shrink Rap Radio"
[Image below used by permission: Colorado School of Energy Studies.]
Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain
By neuroscientist David Eagleman, who gives great credit to Dr. Porges

"Most of what you do, think and believe is generated by parts of your brain to which you have no access.  Here's the expose about the non-conscious brain and all the machinery under the hood that keeps the show going." [From the dust jacket:] "
If the conscious mind—the part you consider you—is just the tip of the iceberg in the brain, what is all the rest doing?  Neuroscientist David Eagleman plumbs the depths of the subconscious brain to illuminate surprising questions: Why can your foot jump halfway to the brake pedal before you become consciously aware of danger ahead?  Why do strippers make more money at certain times of month, even while no one is consciously aware of their fertility level?  Is there a true Mel Gibson? What do Odysseus and the subprime mortgage meltdown have in common?  How is your brain like a conflicted democracy engaged in civil war?... The subsurface exploration includes waystops in brain damage, drugs, infidelity, synesthesia, criminal law, the future of artificial intelligence, and visual illusions—all highlighting how our perception of the world is a hidden and awe-inspiring construction of the brain."

Dr. Eagleman is in the Dept. of Neurobiology and Anatomy, U. of Texas Houston Medical School. He directs the Laboratory of Perception and Action, Baylor College of Medicine.
1. Interview by psychologist, David Van Nuys, of [link]
2. NPR Interview [link]

Developmental Movement Therapy:


I have been impressed with the benefits of movement patterning. There are a number of resources for this nationally. See more on this site: Developmental Movement Therapy.








Spark: The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain


John Ratey, M.D. presents science that documents improvement in brain function that is driven by exercise.


Keynote: BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This is proof of why exercise helps develop the brain.

Fields and healthy cell cytostructural activity: Ning Wang, Ph.D. Wang
I have communicated with this researcher whose work seemed to be hidden by engineering terminology. Dr. Ning Wang works with micro-anatomy. I think that his discovery adds to evidence for the value of fields in health as well as the need for body movement to generate fields in order to activate physiological processes. [See Dr. Ratey, above for BDNF and brain health and learning and memory enhancement. Also see Functional Medicine | Kinesthetic Medicine.]
Original article I found [deleted] | Blogger picks up his work | Fascia cytostructural work of Jean-Claude Giumberteau
Research description: Professor Wang uses advanced research techniques to gain a fundamental understanding of cell mechanics, including cytoskeletal biomechanics and control of cell form and function; bio-imaging of cytoskeletal structures and stress distribution in living cells; mechanotransduction, nuclear deformation and gene expression; and mechanical biotechnologies and their applications to cells, tissues, and organisms.

He has developed a technology called intracellular stress tomography, which he uses to address fundamental questions about stress propogation and distribution in living cells. He has also developed three-dimensional magnetic twisting cytometry technology and used it to quantify mechanical anisotropy in living cells. [more]
Introducing Arthur's inspiring story. A veteran of military service; crippled by events after he joined. He was helped by Diamond Dallas Page.

My hope is that the two of them could begin to help others learn how FlexAware can make it much smoother to increase "range of motion," coordination and balance.

This is because FlexAware lets the Body and the unconscious nervous system take over and let you know what they can do. They'll lead you to performance you never imagined was possible.

I know, I've experienced it myself.
Play: It's good medicine!!

Play among animals:
Cat and Owl
Youthful behavior
preparing for adult life.

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