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Chronic Miasms and Chthonic Disease: A Crucial Concept

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Chronic Miasms can be Deadly: The concept of deeply embedded distortive energy fields (my term) was called Chronic Miasms by Dr. Hahnemann. These either enter or more likely are passed down to the person from the parents (not genetic but rather a bio-energy type of resonance that accompanies the material of the body). Hahnemann was able to detect the presence of these, along with a subset that is now being called Chthonic Disease. They affect both the body and the mind/emotions. The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst -- among others -- teaches the benefits of pro-actively treating the Chronic Miasms before they become active in the body. Treating them before they can visibly damage us is a very important matter. [Note: Chronic Miasms tend to be seen when people are weakened, and Chthonic Diseases can become evident the more healthy a person becomes.]

Destructive: Chronic miasms and Chthonic Diseases can also be very destructive of human potential. The book Autism: The Journey Back details their dramatic effects and the benefits of treatment. See also the page on Autism.

All people have some degree of Chronic Miasm and Chthonic Disease influence. I recommend that everyone receive the pro-active prescribing that Dr. Hahnemann showed can be accomplished. This way we will not be carrying these as hidden seeds of future active illness. 

Chronic Miasms = "Semi-intelligent Packing Peanuts"/computer viruses:

It helps me to think of Chronic Miasms as acting like a more complex example of static electricity: Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when flakes of plastic foam or shreds of paper can "stick" to you or your clothes. They seem impossible to shake off, acting almost as if they consciously were attempting to cling to you. Miasms remind me of of this. They act as if they have intelligence; Dr. Hahnemann called these "inimical potences". Another model would be to think of them like computer viruses affecting your "biocomputer".


Dr. Hahnemann wrote about miasms and the benefits of treating them when he could discern their active presence. It now appears that we can apply his concept of pro-active prescribing (such as giving Belladonna in a homeopathically diluted and "dynamized" form to people prior to exposure to others who were ill during an epidemic), to remove the Chronic Miasms. This is taught at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

Dr. Hahnemann named three and suspected a fourth that at first was classed as a combination of two of the original three. Today after two hundred+ years of clinical observations there is agreement that there are more of these Miasmatic Diseases.


The PDF and illustration below show that there most likely are eight basic original Chronic Miasms.  [More will be added about this.]


I call this our "Energy Anatomy":

The Physical Body is powered by Living Power ("Dynamis"),

which has two aspects: Sustentive and Generative;

this is attacked by incoming "distortive" energy Diseases (e.g., Chronic Miasms).

[14-page descriptive handout - PDF]

Sustentive aspect of the Living Power: This is responsible for metabolic processes and keeping you in health. Known as the Vis Medicatrix Naturae (healing power of Nature).

Generative aspect of the Living Power: This is responsible for cell division, making babies, creating new ideas, and fighting Diseases on an energy level. 


Earlier writing on Chronic Miasms:

Following are references regarding Miasms and the very important relationships they have with illnesses that plague many people.


Tyler on Miasms: Miasms -- Understanding the Roots of Disease [click here]

Verspoor on Chronic Disease [click here]

Sample Miasm description from Verspoor/Smith (Tuberculosis Miasm) [click here]

Morrison describes Rajan Sankaran's insightful work on Miasms:

Sankaran has brought to the homeopathic community the awareness of the great importance of the psycho/spiritual aspect of human health; his work is cited in the background information for the Medical Heilkunst system.

Roger Morrison: "Miasm is staging a comeback. After nearly sinking into oblivion, Hahnemann’s concept is receiving tremendous attention in many locations..." He also states, "It should be noted that Hahnemann and other great homeopaths saw the miasms as a living, spiritual force. They described especially the Psoric miasm as something malign and almost consciously destructive of mankind..." [emphasis added]

This looks at a variety of authors and clinicians and their ways of describing Chronic Miasms and how to address them. There is no consensus, but some very important guidelines for prescribing have been taking shape. These are now most accurately presented in the Eight-Miasm model presently described on this website at the Energy Anatomy section.

Important Table: taken from Morrison's article: [click here]


Acute/Rabies Miasm | Typhoid Miasm | Malarial Miasm | Ringworm Miasm | Psoric Miasm | Sycotic Miasm | Cancer Miasm | Tubercular Miasm | Leprosy Miasm | Syphilitic Miasm

David Little: "The Classical View on Miasms", and a fascinating case history.



Caution: Chronic Miasms are so important that I have begun to prepare a major position paper regarding the essential need to address these along with the currently discernible topmost "picture" of the patient/client. The title of the statement below reflects the fervor of the position regarding the incompleteness of "classical homeopathy." See also: Divisiveness among practitioners of homeopathy.

Classical Homeopathy": Possibly deadly by default?

"Classical homeopathy" only does PART of the job that Dr. Hahnemann realized was necessary, as evidenced in the way he practiced and what he wrote toward the end of his life.

First of all, using only "presenting picture prescribing" does not address the whole person (changing diet, lifestyle, removing impediments, replacing deficits, etc., are part of what needs to be done).

Second, the "classical homeopath" (following incorrect translations of Hahnemann's German writing, and errant practices developed from incomplete knowledge of how he practiced -- his case notes became publicly available only in the 1960s) will likely miss the benefits of Hahnemann's CRUCIAL practice of "pro-active prescribing". Dr. Hahnemann would sometimes give homeopathic medications prior to the patient developing visible disease. One classic example is his prescribing of Belladonna to people prior to exposure to others who were ill during an epidemic. (Homeopathy has a very good "track record" of success in treating people during epidemics.)

When pro-active prescribing is done in the case of Chronic Miasms this can remove these Diseases that were not yet visibly acting on the surface of the person's "picture". This prevents these Diseases from potentially erupting later on in the modern person's mobile life when they likely will not be near the homeopath to receive treatment at that time. These Chronic Miasms can be deadly as well as cause common problems we see in our clinic (dental bone degeneration, tissue infections, chronic debilitation). "Classical homeopaths" only address the "Chronic Miasms" if these are seen to be active on the surface of the patient's "picture".

Third,  A subset of Miasms (this is my understanding of them) is what is being called "Chthonic Diseases" that like the Chronic Miasms can be transmitted like energy vibrations from parent to child on down a family line, and focus more on intense psychological presentations (either the manic "Hot stream" of Chthonic Disease, or the implosive/isolative "Cold stream" of Chthonic Disease). If these are not treated (pro-actively if at all possible rather than waiting for them to become full-blown illness that can be seen on the surface), then the results could not only be debilitating, and puzzling conditions, but could be fatal due to disruption of normal physiology and psychology.

There are descriptions of the Chronic Miasms and the Chthonic Diseases in the book Autism: The Journey Back. [described on this website click here]

Fourth, Classical Homeopathy has a focus on discovering the "constitutional remedy" of the person, the "archetype" that describes their basic makeup. If this remedy is the one that is given, it stimulates the more mechanical Sustentive aspect of the person's Living Power (as I understand the descriptions of the Medical Heilkunst model). This is more of a physical/technical aspect of the body and it may lead to strong reactions that are not ultimately beneficial to the person's process of Cure and gentle healing that is possible with homeopathy as Dr. Hahnemann firmly asserted. An example I recall is the one of how the body deals with a splinter in the eyeball; the best the body can do to remove it is to cause it to inflame and drain pus, and this might actually result in the loss of the eye. I give this example so you can consider the statement that the "body's natural healing ability" is not capable of removing Disease energies.

I intend to prepare a statement to our clinic management that there needs to be some patient education and informed consent about the use of so-called "classical homeopathy".

It is my desire that our clinic include the Medical Heilkunst approach/model for applying homeopathy within a larger framework of integrative medicine. I think it would be harmful to allow our protocols to include only a simple recommendation to use "Classical Homeopathy" because it does not pro-actively treat and therefore allows Chronic Miasms/Chthonic Disease to continue to impact the body.


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