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"Cancer": Essay about Dr. Hamer's work

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Review of Dr. Hamer's work

Notes from an unofficial web review of this important new discovery.

The review below is written from the perspective of the all-inclusive model of life that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann began to disclose for us all to benefit from. When using this model [Homeopathy Science] it is possible to more efficiently move ahead in helping the body to heal itself.

CAUTION: Remember that the approach featured on the Homeopathy Science page, called Medical Heilkunst, offers hope for a deep and methodical treatment of the mind-body factors that lead to illness. This is not yet understood by Dr. Hamer or his supporters.  So, if you pursue treatment with any of them, please also include the Integrative Homeopathy support as part of your overall program. See also Weblog on Cancer and Chronic Illness.

Notes about Terms used in websites about Dr. Hamer's work:
He created new terms to describe his findings such as DHS, HH, CA, PCL, SBS.

DHS: Dirk Hamer Shock (named for his son and the dramatic mental shock of his murder)
HH: Hamershen Herd (the German words describing the zone seen on brain scan)
CA: Conflict Active phase of the body’s holistic response of stress and healing
PCL: Post-ConflictoLytic. The lysis or breakdown of the compensatory structures that the body had developed early on in the reactive phase
SBS: Significant Biological Special Program

Extensive Review of Dr. Hamer's Work and its Importance to the Heilkunst Method

Series: The New Medicine of Dr. Hamer

[from internet essays by Karen Robinson*]

I’m presenting this series of articles as a simple introduction to the extraordinary medical research of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Dr. Hamer’s important and vast body of work is no less than a new discovery of natural science as it applies to human health and illness, based on five empirically discovered and documented laws.

His work tackles the problem of cancer and other chronic diseases, and gives us a new basis for understanding how and why disease arises, and where the real solutions lie. His book “Summary of the New Medicine” explains in detail the complete process.

The research shows exactly how emotional conflicts end up manifesting as physical disease, how the whole disease process can be understood as an adaptive mechanism, and how we can heal. For bringing that mind/body perspective into the realm of modern medicine, it’s an eminently valuable contribution.

German New Medicine, as it is called, is a new methodology so clear and logical that we would wonder how we could have accepted the old assumptions. Even in this short gist you may find all of your assumptions about disease and healing challenged. So be prepared for an interesting look at the old beliefs in light of this new research.. and in the spirit of the New Medicine, let’s see how those old beliefs might be reevaluated.

German New Medicine shows us that the draconian medical treatments we’re familiar with are most often misguided, unnecessary, and damaging. We do have other options, ones that truly heal, not just suppress and weaken us over time.

With this new understanding, we can begin to squarely address the stressful life issues that cause disease, and work at the real causative level to assist the disease process to its natural healing resolution. The “cures” we’ve been seeking are perhaps not where we thought they’d be, and healing is not so elusive anymore.

Acceptance of German New Medicine may be a slow process, but in 1998 at the University of Trnava, Slovakia, a double blind study was conducted that verifies Dr. Hamer’s work scientifically, and several other similar studies have also verified the New Medicine.

We are seeing the beginning of a radical transformation in medicine, which will demystify disease and allow us to voyage into the realm of real knowledge beyond theory and dogma.

The article is in six parts, divided into three posts. Please see the end of the last one for the links to recommended reading.

Part 1: Overview of Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine
Part 2: How and why disease develops: The conflict phase of disease
Part 3: The healing phase of disease and the role of microbes
Part 4: Treatment
Part 5: Comparison of German New Medicine and the conventional view
Part 6: The International Meta-Medicine Association

Note: This information is for educational purposes only, and doesn’t constitute medical advice. For chronic health issues, I would recommend working with a Heilkunst practitioner. Heilkunst is probably the most powerful treatment modality we have today, and it embraces the understandings that Dr. Hamer has discovered vis-a-vis the emotional underpinnings of disease.

Happy paradigm shifting!

* Karen Robinson's website continues with a 6-part series of articles [click here to go to her site]

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