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Brain Heroes: Understanding Brain Function Configuration Differences

Focus -- Temple Grandin: Voice of respect for people and animals

Temple Grandin official site

[v. November 3, 2011] This page was originally created to honor parents and individuals who are waging a determined lifelong battle to improve the brain function of loved ones or of themselves. Introducing --Temple Grandin, Ph.D. I am deeply impressed by her resilience and stamina, and encourage people to learn about her through her books, DVDs and videos online. Below: My intention for this page is to encourage people to actively control their own "epigenetic matrix" that surrounds their cells and surrounds their entire body.

This can include people who experience anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness and more.

If we clean up and optimize that surrounding matrix, we can improve our healthy function.

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Temple Grandin
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Colorado State University.

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Temple Grandin
Additional, on Brain Function Configurations
There are many people now who have been given labels such as Autism, and Asperger's. I say that a label is not the reality but only a name that indicates similar configurations of brain function. There are now many books about Autism and Asperger's and other labels. Below is the cover of John Elder Robison's book that reminds me of myself as a youth. Dr. Grandin's site has links to many of her books and those of others.

The vision that I have been developing as a result of my CAM training and learning about recent neuroscience discoveries has radically changed my approach to advising people who have been given mental illness labels. To understand my perspective, a person needs to first look at the shortcomings of the pervasive disease orientation in current medical and health care customary practice. Dr. Grandin and many others are also questioning the adequacy of the current model used in western medicine.

My basic stance: Change your "epigenetic matrix" and you change the function of your body and brain.
 Functional Medicine 
Blog essays: Parasites, Epigenetics and The Community that is You | Living Inside the Box--Your Body as Temple

The Best and More: The outcome of my studies is that I respect each person for doing the best that they could to adapt to the effects of many shocks, traumas and toxic damage that likely started in their mother's womb. However, the individual is not able to fully detect and deal with the many obstacles that have hidden themselves deep in their being. So, they end up living a life where usually unknown to them their own body and autonomic nervous system have been on "high alert status" for years due to the toxic stresses. This is where assessments such as Functional Medicine testing may find evidence of factors that are holding a person back. 

Then begins the careful work of building a "health menu" and selecting options that can begin to make a difference.
John Elder Robison's book Look Me In The Eye

This is about being misunderstood prior to the new understanding of Asperger's condition

Invitation for Dr. Grandin's Consideration: Starting points for discussion
My hope is that we can announce to the world: "The Autism/Asperger's Journey -- We can change your landscape."
You and others are optimizing your body and brain configuration as it currently is configured. It is possible to remove toxins and change one's "epigenetic landscape" so that they can experience even greater resilience and enjoyment of life.
1. Functional Medicine is a new field that should be of great benefit to every person who wishes to optimize their brain health configuration. They are investigating the implications of the new understanding of the "epigenetic landscape."
I'm a supporter of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics

2. AcuGraph. Because I have my doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a master's degree in acupuncture, I also appreciate the value of assessing and supporting a person's "health energies" such as were written about by doctors who developed acupuncture in ancient times. The AcuGraph is a modern application of science to the study of autonomic regulation via the acupuncture health energy pathways, "meridians".
Research that I have begun coordinating: AcuGraph and mental health.

3. New Brain Science and Positive Psychology is developing important data about the autonomic nervous system and immune system health. Links:
Introducing Dr. Porges | Autonomic Science | NICABM & New Brain Science | The HANDLE approach to neurodevelopmental differences | FlexAware neuro-rehab & fitness
Jerry Tennant, M.D. has developed a program for comprehensive assessments which I think would be of benefit to anyone who wants to optimize their brain function. He knows me personally. He knows about toxicity factors as well as nutrition, acupuncture energy pathways, biological dentistry.
1. The Tennant Institute
2. Video
3. The Biomodulator

Doug Leber
New Upload
Diagnosis Unknown
free e-book [click to download]

 I spent a delightful weekend at the country home of a couple who went through devastating illness over many years despite earnest prayers.

Their search for answers brought them through standard western medicine and then into the new landscape of alternative and complementary medicine.

The answers -- A major part of their success came from dealing with dental traumas, and with using the EAV/Computron technology of Doug Leber.
Several patients and health professionals who have known Doug Leber for decades have put information online about him. His policy is to avoid marketing; word-of-mouth brings the people who need the education and recommendations that he is able to provide. He and his wife have agreed to let me introduce to them select individuals who have learning challenges and brain function differences. They are based in Texas and have a private educational group that people can join.

The Tahoma Clinic, near Seattle, founded by Jonathan Wright, M.D., has established an IRB and has the Computron which Doug Leber developed.

New Book: Which Poison Will Change Your Life?

An MCS Survivor's Eye-Opening View into the Socio-Political Forces Which Make Today's "Invisible Illnesses" Possible and Probable


Glenna J. Chance, a professional musician, environmental consultant and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity advocate/activist. She is the founder of This is an agency that advocates for the MCS-disabled and their families who need assistance in finding housing, benefits, non-toxic products, and medical and legal resources. She is a proponent of life lived in harmony with the universal truths of nature.

The Amen Clinics and
Brain Enhancement

I am an Amen Educational E-Center practitioner
Moonwalking With Einstein

A memory enhancement book.

A fascinating demonstration of human potential when harnessed.

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The value of Play to enhance
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Brain Play and Memory Enhancement
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