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Creating a "A Lifestyle of Healing"

Healing at the Higher Levels

A combination of programs to enhance healing

[Note: This page described a program that is now integrated into the general care I offer that includes Functional Assessments, Integrative Homeopathy, Brain Health resources, and Patient Home Care education and techniques]

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This is a combination of three types of appointments; the earlier flyer included: 

1) Assessments: Heart Rate Variability [more]; Acugraph [more]; Iridology [more]

2) Integrative Homeopathy and prescription of a sequential program of homeopathic medications and Therapeutic Education [more]

3) Self-Healing Training: Assessment, Therapeutic Education and prescription of supportive aspects for A Lifestyle of Healing. >> Lifestyle of Healing handout [PDF]

Healing Levels Model Lifestyle of Healing handout