“Your eyes are beautiful!” Iridology revisited with science.

Liar. Lunatic. Or Truth-speaker. Opinions of \”Iridology\” may be unconsciously based on the personality of the observer or of the Iridologist who has been asked to look beyond the eye’s \”crystal cover\” and discuss the structure of the person’s iris.\n\nThose who’ve followed my career for years will recall that I have been a certified iridologist through NIRA (National Iridology Resarch Association). Later I was the principal investigator in an IRB studying the iris of the eye. It was titled, sale buy \”Ocular Signs of Cardiac Pathology.\” It was an important topic that might have added a major insight to the screening examinations of medical doctors and practitioners worldwide. However, sales due to various political processes the funding disappeared from the institution where I was volunteering my labors, and so once again I’ve seen a potentially life-saving approach be hidden from public awareness.\n\nToday I’m in the process of helping an editor of a scientific journal who asked for my expert opinion on a research report of a study of the eye and correlations with the individual’s personality and with scientific assessment of the state of their Autonomic Nervous System. [Ref. links to — My Iris Analysis Introduction | My Autonomic Science Introduction]\n\nThat new research is in my opinion adding to the much-needed Outcomes Research that has become very important in protecting access to beneficial treatments and models of health that are not currently easily fitted beneath the \”umbrella\” of standard western medicine.\n\nDo you feel unusual when you read that statement above, \”Your eyes are beautiful!\”?? I think that I have seen a movie or read some book in which such words were spoken. Eventually those words were followed by displays of emotion and maybe even somebody taking advantage of someone after they were coaxed into relaxing and trusting the person after hearing flattering words about their physical form.\n\nPositive Psychology and self-defense: I invite you to check out the new field called, Positive Psychology. I trust the no-nonsense interviews conducted by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. (www.ShrinkRapRadio.com).  \”Doctor Dave\” has around 400 hour-long interviews with mental health professionals that are freely accessible. (\”Donations are appreciated, he says, at the end of the hour-plus interview when he continues and reads emails and adds comments about new developments in psychology.\”) His interviews include many about the pros and cons of Positive Psychology. The way I’ve come to describe what the proponents of Positive Psychology want is for the client to become aware of their inner processing of events (which include major traumas and painful events), and then for the client to eventually consider how those may be viewed so that at least some glimmer of insight could result in increased safety in the future.\n\nAnthropedia and Positive Psychology: Here is the link to an organization that formed during the development of Positive Psychology, the work of Kevin M. Cloninger, Ph.D.: Anthropedia Foundation. If iris analysis can be correlated with a person’s character such as with Dr. Cloninger’s TCI (Temperament and Character Inventory) then we’d have a more objective way to help change a person’s inner sense of themselves — both physically and their mental function as well.\n\nIridology \”touches a nerve\”: I think that the reason we all experience unusual feelings when we look into someone’s eyes — or even think about what it might mean to look into someone’s eyes — is that because of \”Mirror Neurons\” our inner awareness is heightened when we are in a \”visual exchange\” with another person. [My introduction to New Brain Science]\n\nLovers, Liars, Con-Men or Compassionate Parents — Each of these can move their agendas and their hopes forward if they appreciate the importance of looking into someone’s eyes. If we understand the Positive Psychology process, we can turn our experience of viewing our iris into one of childlike fascination at this unique  physical form that is our body — current entry point into the discovery process being the iris.\n\nPrize Book: Here is the cover of a \”must-own\” book for your library at home or office: What the Eye Reveals. It is authored by Denny Johnson, creator of the Rayid neuro-emotional model of understanding the structure of the iris. The book is available from Amazon.com. [My link to the section of Iridology Science page where I introduce the Rayid model.]\n\nBackstory: Behind the scenes I’ve glimpsed a very powerful factor in iridology because of this book. I’ve examined the book closely and am drawing upon my board certification in acupuncture when I state clearly that Denny Johnson’s insights are based on the map-like correlations of the iris structure with the organs of the body as described in acupuncture theory.  Here is the link to my page where I describe Chinese research into the eye and health, and a book that I co-authored titled, \”Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture: [link to TCM and Eye Microcircuits].\n\nYou may have seen an \”iridologist\” whose consultation ended up with many pronouncements about physical disease and disability. Sometimes people come to me and have been previously devastated by what an iridologist has told them. During my consultations I give them the best agreed-upon correlations that my science-based teachers gave to me. I’ve got access to some experimental databases that go way beyond what is currently defensible, so usually I don’t mention those.\n\nThe keynote of my consultations is to show the patient the color photo of their eye and tell them that this is the most easily accessed tissue that is an extension of the brain/neural structure. I then say that the iris seems to be related to the rest of the body in the same way that acupuncturists know that there are points in the body that are related to distant points that also affect the same organ system. [My Acupuncture Organs/Emotions correlations page, with downloadable tooth-organ chart.]\n\nAn important research correlation: Acupuncture and psychology are both subjects in my presentations about the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging system. [My introduction to AcuGraph | My AcuGraph Neuropsych internet site advocating research into emotions and acupuncture meridian theory]\n\nPsycho-Armoring and you: Are you able to think about that statement being true?: \”Your eyes are beautiful!!\”  I included the exclamation point because you deserve to hear it stated emphatically that each person’s eyes are the most pure view that they can have of some of the tissues that make up the unique physical form that they were born into. Does that make you feel special and beautiful (or handsome, or lovely, or truly special, etc.)? Can you relax into being fully \”present\” in your body and accept and appreciate the body, your body, no matter what its condition may be? Or, are you aware of a tightening up, or a revulsion, or a dismissal of the thought of your eyes having positive value for your self-knowldge?\n\nTwitter archive of beautiful eyes: Twitter \”tweets\” that I posted in the last couple of years led to the following set of photos and comments about what your eyes can mean to you — click here to visit my Iris Analysis and Neuroscience correlations page.\n\nIf you’re in Chronic Pain, have Cancer, have a child \”On the Spectrum\”, or need help in your physical or mental health: Please consider including Iris Analysis as part of your Health Menu. I’m offering you the deep Truth about yourself: You are lovely in your wholeness. [It’s beyond words to describe what I’ve seen happen with people once they start to study what the iris can mean to them and to appreciate their true value.]\n\nOne supplier of iris cameras for the professional: Recently I’ve heard from an insightful supplier of high-end cameras for iridologists. We’ve talked at length over the phone about how his cameras are helping expand the self-awareness of people around the country. The website is: \”Miles Research: The Source for Professional Iris Cameras.\” If you are a professional in the counseling or health sciences, I invite you to contact Jon Miles. Or, I’d be glad to help you learn more about adding the iridology camera to your \”toolbox\” of options to move a person into positive change in their life.\n\nYou’re welcome to contact me and let me know how I may serve you.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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