Working Together: Your Choices and Your Future

You found your way here, here now take some time to learn about connections that can change your life. You can get more comfortable with your body and your mind and accomplish healing changes that you may never have considered possible. Below is my New Science way of incorporating homeopathy theories into my services.*\n\n[See below: Small things & natural medicine* — about Science and Homeopathy.] Today’s theme is the effect of small things on your life. A pleasant memory from childhood, or a happy “I love you” moment or a job well done at work can boost your mood. In contrast, other small things can slow you down such as receiving an unkind word or glance, “failing” at some project, or the loss of some beloved person or pet. As a natural medicine doctor, I’ve stayed in contact with many specialists in techniques that can help you experience small changes that can then release your own innate self-healing creative power — Vis medicatrix naturae. I’d be glad to work with you.\n\nYou may be interested in Tele-health or distance consultations, or you may be able to come to my office in person. Or, as a first step before directly consulting with me you could begin by joining the online community of the Amen Clinics network. [Medical disclaimer]\n\n\n\nDaniel Amen is a psychiatrist and brain health expert whose counsel I highly value. In the past week his Amen Solution network has added several new features to his internet sites. I’ve been able to view his new DVD and I’ve also got his new book, which is shown below. Here is more information about the Brain-Directed Solutions: my ECenter introduction page.\n\nOne of several important guidelines that Dr. Amen offers is that you learn about your brain and your brain type. There is a questionnaire on the ECenter page that can give you a good approximation of what a SPECT scan might reveal if you were to visit one of the Amen brain imaging centers.\n

Another important guideline is that you work with someone who encourages you. Possibly a friend who could also watch the DVD and read the book. When you get to know Dr. Amen I think that you’ll be impressed with his range of experience with what is called The Human Condition. He’s been around. He is a skilled psychiatrist who knows how to relate to any type of personality or background. One of his older books which I found very well titled is, Healing the Hardware of the Soul. Just looking at the title may be enough for you to consider how important is the function of the brain in affecting a person’s experience in life. I have an image of the book on my ECenter page [again, here].

\nYour choices now will affect your brain and your life in the future. That is one of the most encouraging things he teaches. It is also a major reminder that when we do things that are not brain-supporting we will experience the consequences of that too. The good news is, “It’s never too late to start!”   His CBS interview is below:\n\n\n\n*Small things and natural medicine [a story of homeopathy and science]:\n\nEverything that you do or avoid doing has a place in your overall experience in life. Being aware of the small things can help you to build a treasurehouse of Good Stuff to overwhelm the Bad Stuff that happens. It’s a simple message but can bring much happiness into your life. [See No Room for Rocks: Honoring Healing’s Complexity.]\n\n\n\nI’m proud to own an original edition of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels that I got from my parents. It is a reminder of the human creative spark that creates new things. The new Gulliver Project is an example of a modern creative person taking the idea of exploring the world and moving forward [see Extra Credit Content below].\n



\nThe illustration at the start of the book is a reminder of the way that tiny things can have a large effect when they become numerous. “Discovering your resources, removing restrictions, helping you heal,” is one way that I describe my coaching and treatments.\n\nAs a naturopathic physician I may run some lab tests, including ones that give us a look at enzyme pathway components that may be inefficient or absent such as the Detoxi-Genomics profile [Functional Medicine Labs]. Genetic testing for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can give a big boost to a person’s self-image when they discover ways that their body needs extra support to do the tasks of daily living. And, their body will appreciate it when they begin giving appropriate nutrients or avoiding specific stressors that can be named in the report.\n\nOther naturopathic approaches are certainly on my list of options; each one can address one or more of the tiny “ropes” that can hold you back from an active, dynamic life: Environmental Toxicity Support | Therapeutic Lifestyle Recommendations | Body Movement Therapy: FlexAware | Kinesthetic Medicine in general |  Biofeedback |Counseling | Lyme & infections and mental health and more:\n\n[Addendum — Visit the FlexAwere introduction and download FlexAware documents: FlexAware Self-Assessment Log |\”Create My FlexAware Habit\” Log. It only takes a few moments at a time to activate the neural/muscular/skeletal process.]\n\nA classical “small thing”: Homeopathy\n\nMy most recent way of describing homeopathy is to say that it deals with removal of small stresses. This ends up unleashing the body and mind to create new solutions.\n\nThe homeopathic phenomenon was first discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. over 200 years ago during the world shift that gave birth to the United States. He found how to capture the energy patterns that are contained in physical substances and would introduce the diluted and vibrated solutions to people whose bodies needed help to overcome situations that had overwhelmed their Vis medicatrix naturae. Once the body had received the input of patterns that could cancel out the indwelling stressful patterns, then their innate healing power could create new solutions and often major illnesses were tuned out of the person’s life.\n\nNow with the discovery of quantum physics and development of computers we are able to construct much more accurate models of what happens when people take homeopathic products. I have been in touch with practitioners of natural medicine in many countries and give an introduction that mentions their divergent views: Homeopathy Science.\n\nBottom line for my use of homeopathy: I include these “energy medicines” in a type of counseling approach rather than “attacking disease.” I help the person’s innate healing power become increasingly free of the small “ropes” that bind it. So, homeopathy is only part of the overall program that I help a person to construct.\n\nFamily Constellations–A major “small thing”: Your felt sense of Welcome within your family. This final reminder of important things to consider today is to give yourself the gift of learning about and then experiencing Family Constellations. When people experience the phenomenon of “constellation work” they re-shape the patterns of generations of distressed perceptions in their family. [See my blog: It’s Always Been About You: Family Constellations.]\n\nThe major hero is your own body and your innate creative healing power. [See my blog on Your Three Control Systems — Living Inside the Box: Your body as temple.]\n\nAddendum: Feel the “Joy and Pride” of what your body and autonomic nervous system have done to keep you alive despite many challenges. That thought is from Dr. Stephen Porges, whose video introduction is below. [More on Dr. Porges.]\n\n[Addendum: Here is a free audio podcast, an interview of Dr. Porges by David Van Nuys, Ph.D., host of Shrink Rap Radio and Wise Counsel Podcast.]\n\nA self-compassion factor: Don’t push yourself. There is a limit to how much you can take on at any one time. Read my essay: Bending the River: Aligning Your Future Health. A key concept in that essay is the Gentle Enhancement approach of the HANDLE Institute [their description]. Learn to listen to all parts of yourself.\n\nConclusion: You are welcome to join the Amen Solution community right away, or to get in touch for Tele-Health coaching or in-office work with me.  — Dr. Wilson\n\nBelow: Extra Credit content — The Gulliver Project.\n\nThe Gulliver Project.\n\n\n\nThe Gulliver Project: I first encountered Stephen Banick after I moved to Washington DC. His insightful way of applying the message of Jonathan Swift’s book (images above) is engaging. His latest expansion of the original concept is found at The Gulliver Project. The video below gives you a chance to sample his enthusiasm about people exploring the world and becoming better world citizens.\n\n

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