“What Works” — Key to Healing Self

\n\n\”A Lifestyle of Healing\” was my original 2001 e-book sharing options you could include in building your personal list for dynamic living. [View early version — PDF opens in new window] This is my first week in Hawai’i and 2015 is almost here. We’ve all been creating and using our own choices for what works for us. I’m planning a new book for 2015 that is based on Hawai’i’s natural healing opportunities for everyone (even if you can’t visit here). Further down are invitations to a couple choices that you may make to bring changes in your life — Craniosacral Therapy and FlexAware.*\n\nI’ll be communicating individually but today I’m putting up this statement: I’m \”on board\” with each of you being the one in charge of your choices. You know what’s worked for you. And that’s the key for each health care practitioner, view help counselor, here psychotherapist and good friend — being present for you as you do What Works and also explore what changes may bring different outcomes for you.\n\nYou can heal yourself, starting with creating or finding a safe space. We can find safety and support virtually anywhere in the world. Next, find your allies and helpers. Coming from Washington DC to Hawai’i I can assure you that there are dynamic and resilient people here who can serve you well. We are all part of something greater than ourselves.\n\nWhether you travel or not, you can find ways to Heal your Self. Regardless what steps you may choose at the moment, what makes our life a full one is that we are aware of the greater process that we are part of — sunrise, sunset, eating, cleansing, viewing other people and choosing what we’ll do about the possible choices.\n\nHawai’i for me: I’m now visiting the Hawai’i Naturopathic Retreat on the Big Island called Hawai’i. The Kapoho retreat option grew from the original Aloha Wellness Center. I’m impressed with their dedication to helping people come and make changes in their lives. The caterpillar and coccoon photo is one that I took on my first day there. [Their site. | Their programs.]\n\nHere is the first paragraph from their Programs page:\n\n\”Welcome to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, where the natural island sanctuary provides an ideal environment to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat specializes in medical retreat programs, natural detoxification, supervised medical fasting, natural drug rehabilitation, wellness programs and healthy vacations. We are experts in the holistic treatment of conditions like Anxiety, Food Addiction, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Weight loss and more.\”  [End of that excerpt from their site.]\n\nHere is the main wisdom that I’ve gained by comparing that site as one of the premier natural health sites:\n\nEach person and each animal on the planet does what works. That’s the key to understanding the outcomes in our lives.\n\nEach healthcare professional, each philosopher and virtually everyone would agree I’m sure that the concept of What Works could be called the key to life. In my practice the Coherence Therapy insights help discover what part of a person might be choosing actions or thoughts that cause undesirable outcomes. Neuroscience helps me discover brain function and emotion correlations that give clues to possible treatment choices. Body Psychotherapy is my favorite \”umbrella\” term for many options including coaching people in discovering their own inner awareness and processes that allow for physical and emotional healing . My naturopathic physician colleagues would certainly note the potential value in lab tests and other assessments of the \”functional medicine\” aspects of decision-making. And the common wisdom of \”if you don’t like it, don’t do it,\” could explain why people take their time in choosing something different from what they’ve always done.\n\n\n\n*Preparing for Change — Maps: It’s not easy for you to project ahead and see what you might gain by doing something different from what you’ve always done. I have two recommendations below. What works and remembering what works in life is the subject of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine [link]. Researchers were honored for validating that the brain is able to create \”maps\” of the world around it. My hope is that other people will now focus attention on how humans can also create other kinds of maps such as \”social maps\” of people that help them to navigate more safely in their world.  \”Healthcare Maps\”: My earlier commitment to being a Connector and Introducer fits here also. I know a lot of possible choices you might make to initiate changes and achieve different outcomes in your life. Here are a couple:\n\n1. Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release: Thinking of navigating and maps here is the picture of my boat in a bottle. I carved it, and slid it into the unaltered cider jug and carefully raised the masts and even repaired a broken rope using handmade tools — sort of like a Craniosacral Therapy session in which I slowly craft a new structure for your tissues to connect your bones. [My overview of Craniosacral Therapy.]\n\n\n\n\n\nMy appreciation of Dr. Upledger is huge because I’ve spoken with him and demonstrated Craniosacral therapy in China in 1993 [photo album]. His method is so powerful and so basic that it has \”slipped under the radar\” of psychiatrists and psychologists because it has become considered to be a \”massage technique.\” I consider Craniosacral Therapy to be a body psychotherapy approach that also enhances physical performance.  Sometimes we can include the Somato-Emotional Release that can happen. People feel better when their skull and body can move more freely after the Craniosacral Therapy experience achieves \”releases\” of restricted fascia. For psychotherapists as well as psychiatrists and psychologists it is important to know that this method also allows the skull bones to increase their range of motion, and it changes pressures on the brain which can enhance blood flow. I’m glad to work with medical and mental health practitioners so that when I see their patients I only provide the Craniosacral Therapy and home care exercises while they retain primary case management. [Again: My overview of Craniosacral Therapy.]\n\nFlexAware: Perhaps a simple beginning for you would be to explore what happens when you take the role of a healthy child discovering what works for your body. This is the FlexAware approach that developed from the concept of Awareness Heals which is consistent with current \”mindfulness\” and earlier approaches such as Qi gong, Yoga, Pilates and the Feldenkrais method. [The video below expands on this important key to healing your Self.]\n\nHere is the site for FlexAware that gives you training in restructuring your approach to breathing and moving: Link. People who know neuroscience and have studied yoga and mindfulness instantly see the correlations between their method and the self-exploration that is part of the FlexAware approach to living in the human body. Note: FlexAware is more than an exercise, it’s whole body fitness and an awareness that you can think of at any time during the day. FlexAware is an expanded way of understanding your breathing and how every move you make is affected by your ease of movement and by your practice of moving in harmonious, comfortable and safe ways. It’s great for people who are athletes as well as for those who are in bed, missing limbs, undergoing rehab from surgery, etc. You can do the FlexAware movements whether standing at a bus stop, sitting at a desk at work, walking, doing yoga more effortlessly and virtually anywhere you are.\n\nBelow is the introduction to FlexAware by its creator Steven Shafarman, who certified me as a FlexAware teacher and coach. Either of us can give you more personalized information about what FlexAware can help you rediscover your natural ease and skill in movement and breathing.\n\n\n\nHere is the link to the extensive page where I describe neuroscience correlations that flow from my study of FlexAware: [FlexAware correlations and links] To sign up for Steve Shafarman’s newsletter to keep you informed and encouraged: Click here.\n\nIn closing:  Even though I’m no longer in Washington DC to relate to you in person, the source of love and safety is always close by. Remember the exercises you’ve learned from me. I and practitioners around the world are available for you if you seek and ask. We are here for you. Take a moment, explore and then choose what works for you. Contact Me: [Distance Consultations/Telehealth page| Contact page]\n\nYou can contact Aloha Wellness Center in Hilo and Kapoho, Big Island of Hawai’i. They’ll give you information about Life Changing Wellness Vacations, detoxification from drug use, cancer treatment and much more: [Site]\n\n

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