The World and Focus: Becoming Your Intention

Secrets. Openness. Self-understanding. Your place in the world is unique, help medicine and your Creative aspect (\”Generative\”, shop God-like) is preparing you for your next steps.\n\nI’m here to support or to encourage you as you discover your resources for today and for the transitions ahead. That’s one of the focal points of today’s thoughts — being present for you as you think and experience your way forward. I’m committed to that via my in-person services as well as Distance, click Internet and networking activities.\n\nThe other main focus today is upon the world around us and what its impact may be like for you. That’s behind my focus on mental health, self-understanding and Psychology.\n\nEach of us is in command of our own self, but surrounding us is a world of other people, animals and processes that they influence. [See my blog: Animals and Humans Saving Each Other.] The goal of counseling and psychotherapy is to help people \”intersect\” with others and with the world in general. [See my blog about how intentions and thoughts can prepare us for future actions and reactions: \”Salvation(s): Neurons that fire together wire together.\” ] As a naturopathic physician I’m part of a growing community of practitioners who can provide support for the physical part of life (nutrition, bodywork, exercise, etc.) so that the mental and relational part of life (with yourself and with others) has a better chance at bringing welcome outcomes.\n\nOur individual Journey: The landscape of the human journey can be greatly different for each individual. Smiles are juxtaposed with shocks and traumas.\n\nGroup Experiences: I was part of the group of people who chose to serve in uniform while our nation declared it was in a \”Cold War\”. The Berlin sign below is a reminder of incidents many of us were part of and don’t talk about often. The world was in deep distress then.\n

\nAnd the world is in deep distress now, according to the media. I remember films such as \”Fail Safe\” and \”Seven Days in May\” that were produced to help the nation glimpse things that went on behind the scenes. Recently there have been many people who voice frustration at the political situation in our country and whose answer is to have a military take-over of the government. It is usually thought of as doing it only for a limited time \”until the civilians can get their act together.\” That concern has been embedded in emails that have been sent to me and internet sites they’ve pointed to. You know who you are.\n\nThe exclamation, \”Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,\” could be spoken by many who understand what that wisdom illustrates. Helping our nation survive while being home to people with widely divergent views of life is what I feel is the outcome of all styles of counseling, psychotherapy and mental health approaches. The American Psychological Association’s mission statement: Our mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.\n\nWisdom Day 2014: My hopes for the process of planning and then producing the gathering this coming March (just preceding the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2014) is to encourage people to think about their place in the human community. You are invited to learn more [click here to view the Wisdom Day 2014 page on the DCNN website]. Soon I plan to include a sign-up option for monthly updates about registration, becoming a presenter, etc.\n\n\n\nYour intentions are the major factor in accomplishing Coherence between your Brain, your Body, your Autonomic Nervous System and the world around you. To a great degree what you intend is what you become. (However, I know that you know the truth that our intentions do not always unfold into the outcomes we may have expected. But still, our intentions are major parts of the process of moving forward. See also my page on the Fractal Dynamics of life.)\n\nCheck out the website and contact me. Click here or on the image button below. Enjoy the Journey.\n

\nIntro links that may be helpful for you or a loved one [I may add more later]:\n\nCounseling approaches\n\n“Kinesthetic Medicine” and somatic approaches to healthy mind and relationships\n\nNew Brain Science intro including “Working definition of the Mind”\n\nDr. Amen’s Brain-Directed Solutions support page\n\nHospice and transitions.\n\n

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