The Community that is You #2: Parasites & Epigenetics

Microbes can destroy us, sovaldi sale or nurture and strengthen us. [Updated Aug 7, cialis buy 2016; more to come.] My study of what other health care practitioners, therapists, and researchers are doing to help people improve their lives gives me hope for our future.\n\nBelow is a video of an especially enthusiastic presentation that will give you a glimpse into the complex collection of clues that I consider when I am asked to help someone with a puzzling health situation. After I posted that I later added the picture to the left and the link to the article about various types of “Parasites” that can live inside of our bodies. It is in the August 2000 Discover Magazine, titled “Do Parasites Rule the World?”]\n\n\n\nI plan to add about GI health and what is being called the Human Microbiome as new discoveries are made. A science writer I know wrote this update about the effects of a report from Germany about the microbes in the human digestive system. You can also check out this earlier listing of articles on gut bacteria and brain function, from Psychiatrist Charles Parker — Brain, Gut and Behavior: Bacteria Matter.\n\nThose of you who are familiar with what is being called “Functional Medicine” will recognize the term — Epigenetics. The word “Epigenetics” introduces the new field of study that scientists opened up when they discovered the “Gene Sequence” of the DNA that is found in living cells. In fact, scientists found out that we can’t completely control Life by learning the DNA sequence of things. They found out that the most important factor in “gene expression” is the surrounding environment which influences which portion of the DNA is available for “transcription” into various cellular products. This surrounding environment could also be called the “Matrix” of all the influences that affect DNA activity.After you have watched that short video by molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler, you will be ready to understand why I am so enthusiastic about the benefits of Natural Medicine when it comes to the puzzle of how to keep ourselves healthy and free of raging infections from various microbes (this includes bacteria, and parasites and likely viruses as well as far as I understand the concept of the Matrix). You can read more online in citations about her work with “Quorum Sensing” at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute by clicking on this Google search.If you have not yet read about The Living Matrix and viewed the movie titled “The Living Matrix”, I encourage you to click on the words above, The Living Matrix.\n\nNow you will see why what Dr. Bassler describes is so very important to keeping ourselves healthy.\n\nA caution: Because she is researching methods of creating new antibiotics Dr. Bassler’s conclusions will likely be to recommend new (and expensive) medications. Her new drugs may be very helpful. However, as a Natural Medicine practitioner I will also point out that we might achieve similar results if we took action to change the matrix or the environment inside of us such as by using garlic to reduce the activity of the microbes within us.\n\nWe might also choose to improve the speed of our gastrointestinal system. Natural health practitioners often refer to “bowel health”, and some even declare on the Internet that, “death begins in the colon,” which is a dramatic but often sadly true statement.\n\nThe community that is YOU:\nNow that you have seen Dr. Bassler’s video and learned also about The Living Matrix, I want to point out one of the biggest factors of all in keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy — the larger way of understanding “epigenetics”:\n\nThe people around you, and the world around you too (including air, water, chemicals, etc.) all have effects on how you feel and how your cells function.\n\nUsually these effects are not visible and most people never spend time thinking about how they might change their surroundings so that they could improve their health. However, these may make the difference between living a vibrant life or suffering a continuing struggle to cope.\n\nThis factor of “matrix epigenetics” is included in my earlier posting about “Neuroplasticity” [link] and the way that our brain and nerve cells are affected by what is around them. “Cells that fire together wire together,” is a phrase that neuroscientists sometimes use.\n\nOne way to benefit from that idea is that you are affected by the thoughts that you allow to circulate in your brain. I will write about that in the upcoming blog about No Room for Rocks.\n\nThis is where the benefits [and the shortcomings] of “Mindfulness” come to the front.\n\nIn my studies of what other practitioners are doing I have developed a respect for the value of being aware of what our brains are thinking, which is the basic contribution of people who provide “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.” With my patients I encourage an appreciation of the “Mindfulness” approach. However, I also add that they need to understand the factors that affect the mind’s function such as poor nutrition, stressful electro-magnetic radiation, and “toxic relationships” — and the Three Control System model of how your control your life. Especially important in that essay is the link to the works of Dr. Stephen Porges, and Dr. David Eagleman whose presentations describe the added flexibility that comes when we understand that our inner protector, the Autonomic Nervous System, has three levels to it and not only a “Sympathetic Nervous System” aspect and a “Parasympathetic Nervous System” aspect. They join the growing number of researchers and clinicians who recognize the health impact of the person’s “Social Engagagement System” (“Social Nervous System“).\n\nA last addition is this link to the Family Constellation approach to the effects of distortions in the flow of loving regard in an individual’s family and ancestry.\n\nAfter you learn about the expanded options that come from Natural Medicine and Mental Health [link], you can focus your own study about the factors that affect your health. You can take increasing control over the influences on your health, and increase your options for choosing approaches and practitioners to help you achieve and protect vibrant health.\n\nYou can do it.

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