Storytelling Medicine — Key to Health

\n\nI’ll be brief so you can begin creating.* In the beginning…when you start using your creative aspect you may feel omnipotent because you’re finding new outcome after new outcome.\n\nIn my travels — both my physical travels to far-away places and my explorations into the depths of world medical systems – I find a key factor in developing positive results is the way in which you choose to arrange the basic elements that you can access in the moment. Then often simultaneous with arranging elements you begin to perceive a new development. It may be small and condensed. Or, best viagra it may be like a new vision that \”springs forth complete\” and takes years to deeply explore.\n\nToday I’m writing about the health related results of various types of \”stories.\” These might be the story told by laboratory tests and \”diagnostic imaging.\” Then there are the \”stories\” that you may tell me while you are mentally looking at or feeling archived memories of past events and experiences. And sometimes I and other specialists in our fields will tell to you what we think is the story that describes your current situation.\n\nIn an upcoming presentation in this Health Resources Blog I plan to expand on the concept of The Human Reset Button. This represents the powerful human capability of choosing a new way, pharmacy a new understanding, etc.\n\nToday I’m writing to you and reminding you of the many times you’ve perceived what you might not have known was your own creative power at work. This individual creative power is meshed/intermingled with the \”forces of Nature\” and called the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. Storytelling Medicine is often used to access \”The Vis\” and I’ve seen this often in the work of the types of healers known as shamans or entertainers. It is accessible to you if you know how to invoke the wisdom of Storytelling Medicine.\n\nI’ve studied with a range of shamans and scientists-turned-storytellers. I include Bernie Siegel for his work with people who had been given labels of types of cancer; Patch Adams for his work with an \”ailing disease-care system\”; and Beaverchief who blessed both people and the spaces in which they conduct their life activities.\n\n\n\nI’m admitting that it’s impossible to fully express in alphabet characters typed in lines on a digital document the flow and mingling of elements that can build a moment or a new era. The following images are from my first-edition of an illustrated book, Gulliver’s Travels:\n\n\n\nI’m offering you my creative blend of science and functional pragmatism so that you can break the bonds that hold down your own ability to Create new things for yourself and your loved ones. My network of resourceful practitioners is waiting for you to open the door. You are the one who chooses your next steps.\n\nContact me for a consultation [*remember the asterisk \”*\” that I put at the end of the first sentence at the top of today’s teaching? Now look below for the second jump to the double-asterisk below.**]  –\n

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\n—Dr. Wilson\n\n**Addendum: What story might you create to explain pictures, such as below? Exercise: Create two or more stories.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[Click here to download PDF of foldable NOAA \”globe\”.]\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*\n\n\n\n\n\n

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