Simplifying, Renewing Life: Looking up with Kites as Metaphor

I wrote about Storytelling Medicine and how you can Press the Human Reset Button and change your life’s trajectory.\n\nI’m republishing from last year these images to bring up ideas of what might be possible for you and your loved ones. Your personal Story is actually not the same today as it was yesterday. This is perhaps the core of what modern neuroscience and therapy approaches are offering. [See my Human Reset Button insights–blog presentation.]\n\ncheap <a href\=\” />\n\nLife for all of us is a combination of surviving and thriving. We don’t get to have a life that is blind to pain and to suffering in the world. The image here of the King Memorial may bring a flood of memories and also of hopes. He was a Son of America and his life continues to have different meaning with the passage of time and with the revelations of things that had not been known previously.\n\nIt may seem not adult enough to include the image of a Kite of Many Colors soaring in the sky within view of the King Memorial. However, the latest in brain studies and in neuroscience are helping give value to basic child-like wonder and awe at the natural world and at the intracies of human society.\n\nDr. King loved children and wanted them to have the Safe and Grateful life that allows a person to grow in knowledge and in Truth. I write below about recent neuroscience and the Teenage brain. These discoveries help me to be committed to the importance of each nation in the world having several generations of mothers bearing children within safe social surroundings. When parents and grandparents can relax and smile, then the children can be more able to both play and to put their minds into creative learning paths rather than walking with the need to fight and defend.\n\nWhen I flew that kite I was on the DC Mall with thousands of people who had come to Washington DC from many nations and many states within the USA. That morning I’d been at a gathering that included Kites for children as well as adults. Here are some photos of kites including some from my time in Seattle.\n\n \n\n\n\n

\n\n\n\n\n\nCan you imagine?… Can you imagine what a sermon might be like that started with Kites as a Metaphor for Life? We would range our thinking from wind, to change, to anchors, to safety, to exploring the rules of nature. Using one’s intelligence to learn to fly might be part of such a presentation/sermon. Being uplifted and elevated is an experience beyond bounds of religion or spirituality. I’ll let you find your own \”route\” through the possibilities and what they may mean to your life and the lives of those you care about. [My page on the Routefinders for Friends considerations.]\n\nMore notes about Wonder, Growth and Play. This is the video and my introduction of Play and the National Institute of Play: Blog–Play as Medicine. I often refer to the recent definition of the previously un-appreciated Teenage Brain. All of us who live past age 12 have begun the experience of the powerful changes that are the human growth process in the \”teen period\” — the adolescent brain is not fully structurally developed until at least age 24. Here is the cover of a book that I am studying and recommend to you:\n\nYour own Teenage Brain (or what we could call your \”inner teen\”) can be a source of strength and knowledge. Read the science in Dr. Siegel’s book, Brainstorm. More on my site about Routefinders — link to my networking site, DCNN.)\n\nThe stories of our lives: We can change the way we look at the archived incidents in our past. I am convinced of that. Today I looked again at an earlier blog essay I’d created about my visit to the Vietnam Memorial Wall, the Vietnam Nurses sculpture, the Brothers Watching the Wall sculpture, WWII Memorial and then taking a breath and walking over to meet people and fly my kite near the Washington Monument. (That thing is Huge!!! It dwarfed my kite.)  I think that I’ll remove that soon. Those are memories that fit within my own life. You deserve the freedom to tell your own story.\n\nMay you find moments of wonder and gratitude, and more. I am here if you choose. You can start with the no-commitment resources on my sites, or a brief coaching inquiry over the phone.\n

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