Sanctuary and The Railway Man [film]

Why are we alive? What do we live for? Why don’t we die? The Railway Man film does not play games with our minds and souls. \”POW\” or \”Prisoner of War\” are terms to disguise horrors of death and separation.\n\nA man who may once have been a Boy Scout in the British Empire was captured by soldiers of the Japanese Empire during what is now called World War II. The lessons from that film — and from the entire World War — can help us today if we can grasp the events and their meaning in ways that don’t devastate us in the process.\n\nWhere are you in the world this minute while you are experiencing this blog and watching the video below? Are you in a solid chair? Are you sitting in a \”wheeled chair\” as a \”Wheeled Citizen\”? On a beach towel using a tablet-like portable computer? In an airplane perhaps? You may be in a situation where there is gunfire or conflict going on around you.\n\nThere are no words to fully describe the differences in life experiences that people are living in now. Or that they have lived in the past which they can still remember.\n\nIf you are reading this, cialis seek you are intelligent. You are rapidly experiencing thoughts that \”cross your mind.\” Any of those thoughts might then lead to other long trains of thought if you stopped and closed your eyes and felt what might be developed.\n\nIf you are reading this, sick you are creative. Your birthright as a human being is to possess the God-like aspect or quality known as creativity or generativity. I’ve heard this called the human being’s \”Dynamis\” — the engine of our understanding and of our ability to build a future out of the raw materials we find around us.\n\nIf you are a civilian you’ve likely never had an opportunity or a need to know what it is like to train to be captured and tortured, or to be trained to kill those who would seek to capture you. No civilian can ever feel and know intimately what it is to put their body, their brain and their God-given Creative Intelligent Aspect at risk for the safety of others…\n\nEric Lomax nearly died in the tropical captivity that became his lot in life. He lived. Later the woman we now know as Patti Lomax encountered the wreckage hidden inside him that disguised his past and that made him seem superficially interesting. We are all richer for the fact that she did not simply walk away after what some might have described by saying that \”she met this eccentric fellow…\”\n\nThe news reports that we can receive in 2014 often remind us (without using these terms) that \”suicide is an option.\” However, Suicide is a very costly option for the rest of us, those of us who remain.\n\nWe’d rather give our attention to you now and Pay It Forward so that nobody has to suffer from your suicide. I often have found myself thinking about what I’d give to be able to go back and…and do something, or not do something, that might make a difference in the suicide of a particular person I knew.\n\nThat film, The Railway Man, gives us viewers a doorway for exploring what is our own personal Center. Eccentric people can trigger in us a curiosity about what it means to be centered and to take glimpses at what is our own center. [You can view the powerful preview \”trailer\” by clicking here to open a new window, after you have read the rest of my introduction of why it is so powerful an experience for self-examination.]\n\nDo you know your center? Does it have a feeling to it? Or a color? Or a sound?\n\nResearchers have amassed a treasure of valuable studies that are now helping to create what might be looked at as a collection of \”tools\” for adjusting a person’s ability to be free to live the life that is possible for humans. [My blog: Reverse Enginer Your Brain — Dr. Panksepp’s [animal] research and more.\”]\n\nThat monkey in the photograph from the famous experiment is exhibiting behavior that may even today not be fully understood. (The recent neuroscience discovery of \”Mirror Neurons\” that came from more modern primate research adds to what we may extract from that infant’s experience.)\n\nMy impression today is that the infant monkey’s sensitive feet are feeling what I call \”the organic fractal uncertainty\” of organic cloth material (my page describing fractals and scientific understanding of patterns in the natural world). Then from that solid base of connection with that reminder of fractal-based organic life it next begins touching and exploring the cold straight rigid wire mesh that was shaped into what might visually have seemed similar to the cloth-covered Mother-Surrogate.\n\nAdditional research that might have been done: Here is another addition to research that might have been done–the researchers might have fitted a terry cloth Mother-Surrogate with nipples that would release warm milk if the infant suckled as if with a real mother. Then the researchers could have given the infant a choice of a warm nipple or a cold nipple… And maybe other variations on the research.\n\nResearch on monkeys is seen as horrific and as imprisonment. Research on infant monkeys now would seem nearly inexcusable. However, the mental experiment that you might have done just now while reading this has potential to bring still more useful information from what happened to that monkey — who is now long dead no matter how well it had been treated after that experiment of separation from a real mother had ended and it was allowed to return to life in the monkey community.\n\nI did that experiment myself in my mind while thinking about the situations of POWs and veterans and came up with the following three exclamations:\n\n1. \”Warmth\” — Warmth is the promise that there is energy from outside us that can nurture us. Warmth is part of the Gift of Life. Throughout history it has been the Sun and Fire and human touch with warmth that gave individuals the ability to create their next options out of the raw materials that they could obtain. We would not be here as a species if we were not curious and exploring and drawing strength from Warmth.\n\nPOWs treasured warmth. If you want to create a Sanctuary space it will be important to handle the Warmth factor — either keeping warm if in a cold area, or cooling down if you are in a hot area. However, all temperature management needs to be done so that we maintain or move toward the important temperature of mother’s milk.\n\n2. \”Light\” and \”Sight\” — Each of these can add additional promise that there is energy outside us that can nurture us. Light and Sight are actually optional. However, they can create fascinating variations on one’s experience of life. Many people do not possess sight:  However, if you are hearing this you already know that — in the words that I wrote above — \”you are intelligent and creative\” and you too know what it means to be nurtured by the Life that surrounds you.\n\n3. It is possible to see Life as consisting only of that which we can grasp and hang on to.\n\n[Addition, May 8th:] I wrote the above while still in the white-hot fires of creation after experiencing The Railway Man. Two additional lessons I got from the film:\n\n4. In modern war there is no Sanctuary. There is no guaranteed place of safety. Those POWs knew that their captors would work them until they died.\n\n5. Control of what is around you, as much as possible: Whatever your \”conflict\” or \”war\” may be — it is absolutely vital that you learn to control two things — A) your Self, to be able to get the maximum out of your physical frame and out of your physiology, and B) the physical world around you with all the details of what it takes to stay alive and productive.\n\nBy the time you read this far you may have already taken a break and watched the online video clip of The Railway Man using the link above.\n\nAlthough the film portrays events in World War II and thirty years afterward, the possible clues to healing for those of us who were affected by later wartimes are very real clues to follow. The film may help families as well as individuals. I’m hoping that civilians, active and veterans of military service, and the various professions and organizations that help people find ways of moving forward after trauma will all view this cinema creation. It feels as if I were there, and I think that the accuracy was very carefully maintained so that you can extend the value of the film and vicariously experience the pains of several different traumatized individuals as well as understand more of what it may be like for family members and others who care about these individuals.\n\nThat film brings home to me yet again the importance of one’s felt sense of Belonging. This can include the close-in belonging to one’s birth family, or (further out from their core) to their school, or to their town, or beyond to other possible \”belongings.\” One’s place of worship may give deep feelings of Belonging. This might be a place of worship that is in a formal building, or even in the \”Cathedral of Nature.\”\n\nThe following translation of the ancient poet’s writing has words that were included in the film:\n

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.\n\nHe maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.\n\nHe restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.\n\nYea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.\n\nThou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.\n\nSurely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

\nClosing experience: Below is a video reminder that your journey in life can continue with meaning and nurture; if only…\n\n\n\nPlease know that I and my network of those who can listen and act on your behalf are here for you.\n\nAnd that film… The Railway Man (and the woman who transformed his life years later, Patti…). It’s a powerful film but if you’ve read this far I think that you can handle it… can you not? You can view the powerful preview \”trailer\” by clicking here to open a new window.\n\n[Added later:…] Here below are their eyes. Look into their eyes and feel the connection that we want you to feel with us. We are here. We are here for you when you choose…\n\n\n\nYou are also welcome to choose to contact me now:\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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