Routefinders — Ease and Grace of Heart: Fourth of July lessons of Hope

search <a href\=\” width\=\”200\” height\=\”190\” />I’ve touched the core of the nation in my explorations since birth. Born of a veteran, cialis sale trained for the Cold War then for \”Vietnam\” in the 1970s, I have since then been in civilian life. We’re still here. I have been amazed at the resilience of our nation. Our nation is \”learning its way forward.\” Below are some key ideas and links that may be important for you and the people you care about, these flow from what we live for.  [This post may be updated.]\n\nLessons about war, peace and financial contests among nations have been plentiful in recent decades. New developments in brain health and neuroscience are now giving us chances to make better use of those lessons. Armed with these new \”brain science\” facts we can generate new hope for straightening out a lot of painful distortions that have made life more difficult for millions of people throughout human history. In the title of today’s insights I included words, Ease and Grace of Heart. This is because it is now possible through psychotherapy and Memory Reconsolidation to re-shape the memories that have stayed with us and to create feelings of smooth flow of life. We can gradually remove the repeating inner messages that keep us feeling uncontrolled fear, shame, guilt, anger and other strong emotions.\n\n\nThings are different now.\n\nMaking your way forward in life is now easier than before. We’ve had several decades now in which counselors, clergy, mental health professionals, business owners, leaders in civilian, government and military positions can read about discoveries of the function of parts of the brain and how our thinking is related to the activity of different parts of the brain. Psychotherapy processes are now being studied and applied by a growing number of people who want to give others new opportunities to build better lives.\n\nSome resources about these processes: Five brain and mind health resources out of many are among my professional favorites: A) Coherence Psychology Institute, championing Memory Consolidation []; B) On Being, the creation of Krista Tippett []; C) Shrink Rap Radio, interview and educational courses by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. []; D) Zur Institute — \”Innovative Resources & Online Continuing Education (APA accepted); and National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine []. I am gathering more resources and making them available as part of Routefinders for Friends.\n\nRoutefinders incorporation: Those resources are shared as part of the educational not-for-profit foundation that I am currently incorporating: Routefinders for Friends. The new site URL is: Planned future blog essays will give more details about the Business Plan being prepared as part of paperwork to be submitted. These will lay out more of what you in the public can explore with the help of the Routefinders network. Here are some previews:\n\nDisability Wisdom: I’m nearing the graduation date of the Class of 2016 of our DC branch of the national network of Advocacy Partners. [DC Partners] This past year has been packed with action events that taught me about the ways people can respect each other despite possible labels regarding disabilities.\n\nCreating Community in a Digital World: Digital Communications, Video Conferencing, Social Media: We have many ways to share with others. Here is an important interview of specialists in social dynamics. Effects of Increasing Digital Connections on Relationships and Community\n\nI found that program a while back when I turned on the NPR Diane Rehm program and was amazed to hear that hour dedicated to a core level concern of mine. This is the new situation we all face because of the Internet and cellphones, as well as other media, that makes life potentially more complex than our ancestors could experience.\n\nRoutefinders and Collaboration with many specialties of health improvement: I’m a licensed naturopathic physician as well as board certified educator in Acupuncture and what I call \”energy flow theory\” [NCCAOM]. Neuroscience has given us new insights about self-identity that can help my colleagues in the naturopathic profession more coherently guide their patients. [American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and Bastyr University.]  These insights make it easier to give people the building blocks and instructions that could help them live safer, resilient lives.\n\nFourth of July best wishes: When you read this you’re now into another year of our nation’s growth and development. I have hope for the nation and the world. These are difficult days for many people in the world. Let us take strength from the bounty of nature as well as from the goodwill of the majority of people around the world. We can make changes if we learn the lessons.\n\n[I enjoyed the film The Martian. NASA is a great resource. ]\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n \n\n

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