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Psychotherapy Networkers and everyone seeking clues to self-healing, and doctor I’ve found some great inputs you can consider.\n\n[Updated March 14] Self-understanding and body health are key to many people’s success in enjoying life. Links below to my sites and other resources (I may add more) give you a lot you can explore on your own. You’re welcome to contact me after you’ve found things that I can help with or to purchase your AcuGraph and other software under my discount assistance program.\n\nThese first three images show some of the assessment and treatment methods that may discover and then give input to some of your \”health energy\” circuitry.\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n \n\nThe AcuGraph \”Digital Meridian Imaging\” technology [my intro] allows me to assess the electrical conductivity of skin at acupoints and then calculate the acupuncture meridian factors such as Chi number, patient patient Right-Left differences, and relationships of the meridians to each other.  It’s a kind of biofeedback such as pioneered by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. It is available to health practitioners; sometimes I can recommend it also be a home-checkup device for patients after we do the training.\n\nThe Photon Stimulator for color application to small acupoints or to larger body areas adds a more straightforward and versatile use of photon energy than other acupuncture color approaches you may have read about. It can be used by anyone who has an interest in the benefits of the Sun and the various parts of the spectrum. Using easily available \”gels\” and filters virtually any color can be generated for acupoint or large body-area application. (Site:\n\nEmotional Health and Acumeridian Science: Those of you who have followed my sites know that I have decades of respect for Acumeridian Science and the relationship of the physical body to the emotional energies that are described in Oriental Medicine.\n\nMy clinical site shows some of my background (About Dr. Wilson) that shows why I trust acupuncture as a way to free the person’s own self-healing energies. I’ve had workshops in eye movement approaches, EMDR and several \”Tapping\” methods of acupressure on acupoints. I was a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and appreciate their diligent efforts to create a specialty of that approach. I’ve even explored the NES acumeridian pattern analysis with its new \”Mind Screens\” (my intro). I give needle-free acupoint treatments and home-based treatment instruction.\n\nColor for Health: The original naturopathic/natural medicine practitioners often prescribed Sun Bathing. When I was a naturopathic medical student I was honored to be the driver for color researcher John Ott and his wife when they attended a landmark presentation by Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. about body energies and healing (my intro). Dr. Nordenstrom in that intro page about \”Biologically Closed Electric Circuits\” is shown revealing his insights about health, cancer, and how to encourage self-healing.\n\nColored light, especially with the high energy photon technology of PhotonStimulator, can give the body more of the wavelengths and frequencies that may be just the key to unlocking self-healing. I’m promoting it because it is so easy to use, needle-free, and it can be used by almost anyone, practitioner and general public as well.\n\nResearch: If you’ve followed my sites you’ll know that I have already conducted an informational survey of AcuGraph users relating to what I consider to be a photon-transmission enhancement compound. This is Hyaluronic Acid (present in all tissues, and I talk about references I’ve found that describe \”H.A.\” as the density compound that forms \”functional tubules\” that carry photons which act to promote the flow of \”Chi\” in these H.A. meridians. (My Hyaluronic Acid Meridian Hypothesis.) Here are links to 1. Intro to the research, and then 2. Health Energies Assessment project description.\n\nResearch re Mental Health and Body Energies: I’ll be attending the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2013 and hope to meet some people there who perform the EMDR and EFT \”Tapping\” approaches. My hope is that they (as well as other mental health practitioners around the world) will begin to learn about AcuGraph and its ability to provide a documentation of the body energies prior to and then after their sessions with clients. This would qualify them for the meridian-treatment emotional correlations research that I hope to help conduct. Again, here is my AcuGraph and mental health intro page: AcuGraph.\n\nThe Body, the Mind, Pain and Healing: Science is gradually \”healing\” the split of the body and the mind in the model that scientists use to describe human health. The recent interview by Shrink Rap Radio psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D., titled, \”The Hidden Psychology of Pain\” with James Alexander, Ph.D. was amazing in its scope of the journey from incurable pain to pain-free life for a young man injured in an automobile accident. ()\n\nThe key to deeply appreciating that book and interview is that Dr. Alexander (who was that boy who nearly died and then spent 18 years in pain) discovered that his pain was \”hidden\” deep in his body. He said that his training in cognitive behavioral therapy was unable to stop the pain. Only after he began methods that dealt with the physical body did his pain disappear. He describes some riveting examples of how EMDR, Tapping and other acupuncture point stimulation methods have been the main change agent or that allowed other approaches to then be more effective.\n\nRecommended Psychology Archives at Shrink Rap Radio: In addition to #341, here are some of the key interviews with psychologists, psychotherapists, body/somatic specialists and others: Coherence Therapy and Unlocking the Emotional BrainReverse Engineer Your Brain (my blog intro) | The Master and His Emissary — new Right and Left Brain facts | Somatics and health — I describe it as proof that the body knows more than the mind.\n

Natural Medicine for the Mind: Some of you have already seen my networking endeavor that seeks to encourage naturopathic doctors, naturopathic medical students and others to draw on the mental health benefits of natural medicine approaches. DC Area Naturopathic Neuropsych Support Services (\”DCNN\”) includes resources re life’s traumas and helping to build productive lives. The Trauma Humor page is purposely thought-provoking with its Seinfeld video of Kramer’s head injury and a link to my description of Dr. Daniel Amen’s work with football players and others.



\nSo, Welcome to my blog and the essays that I update as an education archive. These are part of the background that I’d like you to have so that our visits can be effective at answering your questions and giving you resources that you can use.\n\nDuring the next months I’ve planned for reduced availability during my major reformatting of my practice. The office staff can help you with scheduling.\n\nBest wishes for the coming Springtime.\n

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