Pressing “The Human Reset Button” via Neuroscience

Neuroscientists seem to have discovered how to reach permanent change in feelings and self-image. They do not call it Rebirth. Still, advice the brain and social interactions can be like someone else’s afterward. You can discover your new self with methods now becoming more easy to locate. I call it The Human Reset Button experience.\n\nAddition, sale August 18, 2014, during the St. Louis tribulation: Media have dropped clues to what happened in the minds of both the two youths and the policeman. It was a chilling reconstruction of a nation (the USA) that is facing what other nations have ignored tthrough more subtle repressions. It hurts to see what is tearing at people. My Routefinders page and some \”tweets\” on Twitter have more [link]. The video below and link to contribute are more timely than when it was placed online:\n

Fly By Light Youth Program [Their site.]\n




\nNeuroscience is showing how powerful is the human capability of choosing a new way, a new understanding, etc. These items of DCNN content include Acu-meridian Science, and Body Psychotherapy-types of approaches. [DCNN’s Wisdom Day 2015 page]\n\nDCNN and Acupuncture Science: I’ve been in contact with elder acupuncture practitioners whose experience has convinced them that the changes they see in patients are much more inclusive than simply the removal of local pain. One of the new options for body-mind acupuncture training is the recently renamed Maryland University of Integrative Health ( Two west coast educational institutions are: NCNM’s School of Classical Chinese Medicine [link], and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine [link]. I’ve enjoyed the web-based education options of Medigogy [link] and Pro-D-Seminars [link]. A few of the educators I’ve spoken with include Lonny Jarrett, M.Ac., M.S., NAAOM [Spirit Path Press];  Christian Nix, Lic.Ac. [Barefoot Medicine Training, and Hospital Based Acupuncture Training — link]; Battlefield Acupuncture Seminars, John Howard, L.Ac., Dipl Ac. [link]; Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN [link].\n\nDCNN and Body Psychotherapy-types of approaches: I’m one of the practitioners who’ve explored \”post-Ericksonian\” hypnotherapy for decades now. Two of my favorites are Marc Schoen, Ph.D. [link] and Bill O’Hanlon, Ph.D. [link]. Marc has such a grasp of the physical results of hypnotherapy that he proposed re-naming it to \”Soma-Focus.\” One of my favorite approaches is called Craniosacral Therapy; I’ve called my expanded teaching of this, \”Cranial Bio-Dynamics\” [link to my introduction]. I include this as one of a grouping that I call Kinesthetic Medicine [link]. Special note is reserved here for the Somatic Experiencing training of Peter Levine, Ph.D. [link].\n\nMajor life intersection of Brain and Body: When a person begins to study these important aspects to effective health care, it will be helpful to recognize what recent neuroscience studies are telling us about how we study, how we experience life and the learning process. The images below are found on the counseling-oriented page on my clinical site, titled, Routefinders for Friends [link]. These may help you choose your way forward in studying for your career or for your personal health.\n


\nRecent Encapsulation of \”the secrets\” that are now making therapy more rapid and reliable: Here is the link to the interview conducted by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. (founder of Shrink Rap Radio), of Linda Graham, M.F.T. She is a psychotherapist and describes her scientific and practical application of recent neuroscience research findings: Mindfulness and Resilience with Linda Graham, MFT [the link takes you to Shrink Rap Radio site].\n\nIncentive for Research: I attended Linda’s workshop at Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2012. I have proposed that psychotherapists and counselors consider the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging as a way to track the changes in energy in the acupuncture meridians and correlate those with changes in emotional health. The site that I created for that is, In my opinion the AcuGraph technology is historically linked to the early biofeedback observations of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. In that research-support site I am calling upon mental health professionals to use the AcuGraph to assess what Reich noted regarding skin electroconductivity changes correlated to changes in emotional state.\n\nPractical Results, application of Neuroscience Research: Those of you who are leaders in your practice or healthcare corporation realize that funding for research is more easily defended if the item being researched can lead to improved life experience for people. (And, I include animal-focused research because when animals are better off, humans feel better too. Ref. my blog Animals and Humans: Saving each other.) Conditions that have changed or in some cases no longer could be found after treatments that cross borders between physical and brain/mind: ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Depression, PTSD, some Cancers, Anxiety, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, and more.\n\nAn intriguing approach: Recently I’ve been impressed with the reports of the colloid tissue dynamics therapy available at Asclepeion Center for Body Mind Therapy [link]. From what I’ve been able to learn thus far this is an important advance that may stand in the gap between physical therapeutics and the client’s responses on multiple levels including body, mind and emotions. (FYI: Upcoming teachings and workshops that are planned at Asclepeion are high on my to-do list; these should be posted on their site.)\n\nHere are more details about the Reset Button experience that is uniquely human. Doing a \”reset\” or a \”hard reboot\” or other computer-related term can be easier to understand today than before the invention of the personal computer.\n\nTransitions: One of the therapist’s key requests is for assistance in dealing with unexpected and unwanted required change due to some outside individual or situation. With permission I’ve included the photo below from the landmark hair-dresser studio known as Yankee Clipper. This barber shop is a gathering place as much as it is a place to leave with shorter hair. Due to the building boom in Rockville the property is being transformed and new construction will replace this location. Nobody knows how Jerry will decide what’s next. As I was preparing to write this Reset Button blog I happened to stop in for a trim and some friendly conversation, so another customer took a photo of me standing by the pool table where I’ve spent hours practicing my skill at the pocket billiards table. So we now have this clip from the flow of history in historic Rockville. He’s handling it well with a resilient attitude.\n\n\n\n[Addendum: July 13th]: Below is a collage from my graduation at Bastyr University, from the program founded by director Emma Bezy, MSW — Spirituality, Health & Medicine certificate 2000. I dedicated my teaching site to Emma after her untimely death; I had created the site as part of my graduation final project. Graduation from the SHM program was a major step forward for me due to the personal tragedies going on around me during that time. I was feeling raw emotions during that transition day:\n\n\n\nNow, Go Ahead and Explore: \”Press that reset button…\” Only you can know what feels most safe for  you. \”Press the Button\” is a phrase that is easy to say, but can take some practice to activate. And sometimes people need support after the button has reset their vantage point and their life begins to appear unfamiliar. One of the key requirements for effective Coherence Therapy-consistent therapy is that the client must discover for themself what constitutes their own personal \”reset button\” (my term for PSP, or Pro-Symptom Position). So they will personalize and bring color to their own button before it can be effectively \”pushed\” to begin the new life ahead.\n\nThe Secret of Therapy: What psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have been showing the world for over 100 years now (Freud and Jung deserve the credit for scientifically, step by step investigating the workings of the mind) is \”The Human Reset Button\” that sets off changes that are deep and lasting if they can be understood and safely used.  The good news about that is that there are books and other ways to learn more. And there are increasing numbers of counselors, therapists, clergy and other helpers who can assist you to more effectively get your body and brain to feel Safe so that the new situation will be understood and welcomed with creative responses.\n\nYou can do it. I and my resources can help. Color your own button…\n\n\n

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