Sanctuary and The Railway Man [film]

Why are we alive? What do we live for? Why don’t we die? The Railway Man film does not play games with our minds and souls. \”POW\” or \”Prisoner of War\” are terms to disguise horrors of death and separation.\n\nA man who may once have been a Boy Scout in the British Empire was captured by soldiers of the Japanese Empire during what is now called World War II. The lessons from that film — and from the entire World War — can help us today if we can grasp the events and their meaning in ways that don’t devastate us in the process.\n\nWhere are you in the world this minute while you are experiencing this blog and watching the video below? Are you in a solid chair? Are you sitting in a \”wheeled chair\” as a \”Wheeled Citizen\”? On a beach towel using a tablet-like portable computer? In an airplane perhaps? You may be in a situation where there is gunfire or conflict going on around you.\n\nThere are no words to fully describe the differences in life experiences that people are living in now. Or that they have lived in the past which they can still remember.\n\nIf you are reading this, cialis seek you are intelligent. You are rapidly experiencing thoughts that \”cross your mind.\” Any of those thoughts might then lead to other long trains of thought if you stopped and closed your eyes and felt what might be developed.\n\nIf you are reading this, sick you are creative. Your birthright as a human being is to possess the God-like aspect or quality known as creativity or generativity. I’ve heard this called the human being’s \”Dynamis\” — the engine of our understanding and of our ability to build a future out of the raw materials we find around us.\n\nIf you are a civilian you’ve likely never had an opportunity or a need to know what it is like to train to be captured and tortured, or to be trained to kill those who would seek to capture you. No civilian can ever feel and know intimately what it is to put their body, their brain and their God-given Creative Intelligent Aspect at risk for the safety of others…\n\nEric Lomax nearly died in the tropical captivity that became his lot in life. He lived. Later the woman we now know as Patti Lomax encountered the wreckage hidden inside him that disguised his past and that made him seem superficially interesting. We are all richer for the fact that she did not simply walk away after what some might have described by saying that \”she met this eccentric fellow…\”\n\nThe news reports that we can receive in 2014 often remind us (without using these terms) that \”suicide is an option.\” However, Suicide is a very costly option for the rest of us, those of us who remain.\n\nWe’d rather give our attention to you now and Pay It Forward so that nobody has to suffer from your suicide. I often have found myself thinking about what I’d give to be able to go back and…and do something, or not do something, that might make a difference in the suicide of a particular person I knew.\n\nThat film, The Railway Man, gives us viewers a doorway for exploring what is our own personal Center. Eccentric people can trigger in us a curiosity about what it means to be centered and to take glimpses at what is our own center. [You can view the powerful preview \”trailer\” by clicking here to open a new window, after you have read the rest of my introduction of why it is so powerful an experience for self-examination.]\n\nDo you know your center? Does it have a feeling to it? Or a color? Or a sound?\n\nResearchers have amassed a treasure of valuable studies that are now helping to create what might be looked at as a collection of \”tools\” for adjusting a person’s ability to be free to live the life that is possible for humans. [My blog: Reverse Enginer Your Brain — Dr. Panksepp’s [animal] research and more.\”]\n\nThat monkey in the photograph from the famous experiment is exhibiting behavior that may even today not be fully understood. (The recent neuroscience discovery of \”Mirror Neurons\” that came from more modern primate research adds to what we may extract from that infant’s experience.)\n\nMy impression today is that the infant monkey’s sensitive feet are feeling what I call \”the organic fractal uncertainty\” of organic cloth material (my page describing fractals and scientific understanding of patterns in the natural world). Then from that solid base of connection with that reminder of fractal-based organic life it next begins touching and exploring the cold straight rigid wire mesh that was shaped into what might visually have seemed similar to the cloth-covered Mother-Surrogate.\n\nAdditional research that might have been done: Here is another addition to research that might have been done–the researchers might have fitted a terry cloth Mother-Surrogate with nipples that would release warm milk if the infant suckled as if with a real mother. Then the researchers could have given the infant a choice of a warm nipple or a cold nipple… And maybe other variations on the research.\n\nResearch on monkeys is seen as horrific and as imprisonment. Research on infant monkeys now would seem nearly inexcusable. However, the mental experiment that you might have done just now while reading this has potential to bring still more useful information from what happened to that monkey — who is now long dead no matter how well it had been treated after that experiment of separation from a real mother had ended and it was allowed to return to life in the monkey community.\n\nI did that experiment myself in my mind while thinking about the situations of POWs and veterans and came up with the following three exclamations:\n\n1. \”Warmth\” — Warmth is the promise that there is energy from outside us that can nurture us. Warmth is part of the Gift of Life. Throughout history it has been the Sun and Fire and human touch with warmth that gave individuals the ability to create their next options out of the raw materials that they could obtain. We would not be here as a species if we were not curious and exploring and drawing strength from Warmth.\n\nPOWs treasured warmth. If you want to create a Sanctuary space it will be important to handle the Warmth factor — either keeping warm if in a cold area, or cooling down if you are in a hot area. However, all temperature management needs to be done so that we maintain or move toward the important temperature of mother’s milk.\n\n2. \”Light\” and \”Sight\” — Each of these can add additional promise that there is energy outside us that can nurture us. Light and Sight are actually optional. However, they can create fascinating variations on one’s experience of life. Many people do not possess sight:  However, if you are hearing this you already know that — in the words that I wrote above — \”you are intelligent and creative\” and you too know what it means to be nurtured by the Life that surrounds you.\n\n3. It is possible to see Life as consisting only of that which we can grasp and hang on to.\n\n[Addition, May 8th:] I wrote the above while still in the white-hot fires of creation after experiencing The Railway Man. Two additional lessons I got from the film:\n\n4. In modern war there is no Sanctuary. There is no guaranteed place of safety. Those POWs knew that their captors would work them until they died.\n\n5. Control of what is around you, as much as possible: Whatever your \”conflict\” or \”war\” may be — it is absolutely vital that you learn to control two things — A) your Self, to be able to get the maximum out of your physical frame and out of your physiology, and B) the physical world around you with all the details of what it takes to stay alive and productive.\n\nBy the time you read this far you may have already taken a break and watched the online video clip of The Railway Man using the link above.\n\nAlthough the film portrays events in World War II and thirty years afterward, the possible clues to healing for those of us who were affected by later wartimes are very real clues to follow. The film may help families as well as individuals. I’m hoping that civilians, active and veterans of military service, and the various professions and organizations that help people find ways of moving forward after trauma will all view this cinema creation. It feels as if I were there, and I think that the accuracy was very carefully maintained so that you can extend the value of the film and vicariously experience the pains of several different traumatized individuals as well as understand more of what it may be like for family members and others who care about these individuals.\n\nThat film brings home to me yet again the importance of one’s felt sense of Belonging. This can include the close-in belonging to one’s birth family, or (further out from their core) to their school, or to their town, or beyond to other possible \”belongings.\” One’s place of worship may give deep feelings of Belonging. This might be a place of worship that is in a formal building, or even in the \”Cathedral of Nature.\”\n\nThe following translation of the ancient poet’s writing has words that were included in the film:\n

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.\n\nHe maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.\n\nHe restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.\n\nYea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.\n\nThou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.\n\nSurely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

\nClosing experience: Below is a video reminder that your journey in life can continue with meaning and nurture; if only…\n\n\n\nPlease know that I and my network of those who can listen and act on your behalf are here for you.\n\nAnd that film… The Railway Man (and the woman who transformed his life years later, Patti…). It’s a powerful film but if you’ve read this far I think that you can handle it… can you not? You can view the powerful preview \”trailer\” by clicking here to open a new window.\n\n[Added later:…] Here below are their eyes. Look into their eyes and feel the connection that we want you to feel with us. We are here. We are here for you when you choose…\n\n\n\nYou are also welcome to choose to contact me now:\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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“Your eyes are beautiful!” Iridology revisited with science.

Liar. Lunatic. Or Truth-speaker. Opinions of \”Iridology\” may be unconsciously based on the personality of the observer or of the Iridologist who has been asked to look beyond the eye’s \”crystal cover\” and discuss the structure of the person’s iris.\n\nThose who’ve followed my career for years will recall that I have been a certified iridologist through NIRA (National Iridology Resarch Association). Later I was the principal investigator in an IRB studying the iris of the eye. It was titled, sale buy \”Ocular Signs of Cardiac Pathology.\” It was an important topic that might have added a major insight to the screening examinations of medical doctors and practitioners worldwide. However, sales due to various political processes the funding disappeared from the institution where I was volunteering my labors, and so once again I’ve seen a potentially life-saving approach be hidden from public awareness.\n\nToday I’m in the process of helping an editor of a scientific journal who asked for my expert opinion on a research report of a study of the eye and correlations with the individual’s personality and with scientific assessment of the state of their Autonomic Nervous System. [Ref. links to — My Iris Analysis Introduction | My Autonomic Science Introduction]\n\nThat new research is in my opinion adding to the much-needed Outcomes Research that has become very important in protecting access to beneficial treatments and models of health that are not currently easily fitted beneath the \”umbrella\” of standard western medicine.\n\nDo you feel unusual when you read that statement above, \”Your eyes are beautiful!\”?? I think that I have seen a movie or read some book in which such words were spoken. Eventually those words were followed by displays of emotion and maybe even somebody taking advantage of someone after they were coaxed into relaxing and trusting the person after hearing flattering words about their physical form.\n\nPositive Psychology and self-defense: I invite you to check out the new field called, Positive Psychology. I trust the no-nonsense interviews conducted by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. (  \”Doctor Dave\” has around 400 hour-long interviews with mental health professionals that are freely accessible. (\”Donations are appreciated, he says, at the end of the hour-plus interview when he continues and reads emails and adds comments about new developments in psychology.\”) His interviews include many about the pros and cons of Positive Psychology. The way I’ve come to describe what the proponents of Positive Psychology want is for the client to become aware of their inner processing of events (which include major traumas and painful events), and then for the client to eventually consider how those may be viewed so that at least some glimmer of insight could result in increased safety in the future.\n\nAnthropedia and Positive Psychology: Here is the link to an organization that formed during the development of Positive Psychology, the work of Kevin M. Cloninger, Ph.D.: Anthropedia Foundation. If iris analysis can be correlated with a person’s character such as with Dr. Cloninger’s TCI (Temperament and Character Inventory) then we’d have a more objective way to help change a person’s inner sense of themselves — both physically and their mental function as well.\n\nIridology \”touches a nerve\”: I think that the reason we all experience unusual feelings when we look into someone’s eyes — or even think about what it might mean to look into someone’s eyes — is that because of \”Mirror Neurons\” our inner awareness is heightened when we are in a \”visual exchange\” with another person. [My introduction to New Brain Science]\n\nLovers, Liars, Con-Men or Compassionate Parents — Each of these can move their agendas and their hopes forward if they appreciate the importance of looking into someone’s eyes. If we understand the Positive Psychology process, we can turn our experience of viewing our iris into one of childlike fascination at this unique  physical form that is our body — current entry point into the discovery process being the iris.\n\nPrize Book: Here is the cover of a \”must-own\” book for your library at home or office: What the Eye Reveals. It is authored by Denny Johnson, creator of the Rayid neuro-emotional model of understanding the structure of the iris. The book is available from [My link to the section of Iridology Science page where I introduce the Rayid model.]\n\nBackstory: Behind the scenes I’ve glimpsed a very powerful factor in iridology because of this book. I’ve examined the book closely and am drawing upon my board certification in acupuncture when I state clearly that Denny Johnson’s insights are based on the map-like correlations of the iris structure with the organs of the body as described in acupuncture theory.  Here is the link to my page where I describe Chinese research into the eye and health, and a book that I co-authored titled, \”Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture: [link to TCM and Eye Microcircuits].\n\nYou may have seen an \”iridologist\” whose consultation ended up with many pronouncements about physical disease and disability. Sometimes people come to me and have been previously devastated by what an iridologist has told them. During my consultations I give them the best agreed-upon correlations that my science-based teachers gave to me. I’ve got access to some experimental databases that go way beyond what is currently defensible, so usually I don’t mention those.\n\nThe keynote of my consultations is to show the patient the color photo of their eye and tell them that this is the most easily accessed tissue that is an extension of the brain/neural structure. I then say that the iris seems to be related to the rest of the body in the same way that acupuncturists know that there are points in the body that are related to distant points that also affect the same organ system. [My Acupuncture Organs/Emotions correlations page, with downloadable tooth-organ chart.]\n\nAn important research correlation: Acupuncture and psychology are both subjects in my presentations about the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging system. [My introduction to AcuGraph | My AcuGraph Neuropsych internet site advocating research into emotions and acupuncture meridian theory]\n\nPsycho-Armoring and you: Are you able to think about that statement being true?: \”Your eyes are beautiful!!\”  I included the exclamation point because you deserve to hear it stated emphatically that each person’s eyes are the most pure view that they can have of some of the tissues that make up the unique physical form that they were born into. Does that make you feel special and beautiful (or handsome, or lovely, or truly special, etc.)? Can you relax into being fully \”present\” in your body and accept and appreciate the body, your body, no matter what its condition may be? Or, are you aware of a tightening up, or a revulsion, or a dismissal of the thought of your eyes having positive value for your self-knowldge?\n\nTwitter archive of beautiful eyes: Twitter \”tweets\” that I posted in the last couple of years led to the following set of photos and comments about what your eyes can mean to you — click here to visit my Iris Analysis and Neuroscience correlations page.\n\nIf you’re in Chronic Pain, have Cancer, have a child \”On the Spectrum\”, or need help in your physical or mental health: Please consider including Iris Analysis as part of your Health Menu. I’m offering you the deep Truth about yourself: You are lovely in your wholeness. [It’s beyond words to describe what I’ve seen happen with people once they start to study what the iris can mean to them and to appreciate their true value.]\n\nOne supplier of iris cameras for the professional: Recently I’ve heard from an insightful supplier of high-end cameras for iridologists. We’ve talked at length over the phone about how his cameras are helping expand the self-awareness of people around the country. The website is: \”Miles Research: The Source for Professional Iris Cameras.\” If you are a professional in the counseling or health sciences, I invite you to contact Jon Miles. Or, I’d be glad to help you learn more about adding the iridology camera to your \”toolbox\” of options to move a person into positive change in their life.\n\nYou’re welcome to contact me and let me know how I may serve you.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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Feeling Welcome in your life can change your destiny

\”Earth is our home.\” Does that feel true to you? Your inner sense of Home is a key to understanding your experience and your reactions to life events that surround you. Even your healing process depends on how you handle the \”influx of the Field\” that surrounds you and the rest of us.\n\nThings are happening so quickly in my life and in the lives of people I know that today I want to be sure that I’ve left you with the launching pad for some potentially life-changing explorations. [I plan to add to today’s observations so you are invited to check back later.]\n\nThose who’ve followed my career trajectory know that I wanted to be in the space program. I wanted to look back at planet Earth. When I competed for and won an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy, case here the world seemed like a simpler place than today. I and my schoolmates built things like model rockets and basic computers (well, it was a transistor-based calculator but was what we considered a great tech adventure back then).\n\nWhen I was a senior at USAFA my lab project was a closed system circulating air from a simulated living quarters through an algae tank to reduce carbon dioxide as if it were on a space station. And then…then the Vietnam \”Conflict\” altered life for all of us, civilian and uniformed alike. Ever since then I’ve gravitated closer and closer to making my operational territory be related to the cause of healing and world peace.\n\nOriginally after I entered military service even reading or hearing the word \”peace\” would bring a tight feeling in my throat and stomach. Recently Neuroscience has helped us in the health care field understand that the physical reactions and even illnesses of our patients may be changed by paying attention to what is going on in the combined Mind-Body intersection.\n\nThat’s the background. Now, what’s relevant to you Today?\n\nA) I want you to feel safe and to know your own healing power. The new understanding of the \”Autonomic Nervous System\” [ANS] is making huge shifts on how counseling and health care can be delivered. You may have seen my page on Autonomic Science [link], my blog \”Autonomic Science: Relax, you’re not sitting atop a rocket\”, or my introduction to ANS researcher Stephen Porges, Ph.D. [link]\n\n\”The transitions ahead\” will always include types of trauma. Below is again my favorite short clip about the ANS and healing.\n\n\n\n[Addendum: Here is a free audio podcast, an interview of Dr. Porges by David Van Nuys, Ph.D., host of Shrink Rap Radio and Wise Counsel Podcast.]\n\nB) \”Mental Field Therapy\” [MFT] describes one of several effective choices that unlock your healing powers on a \”level\” that is different from the physical. You may know that I’m a fan of the National Integrated Health Associates center here in Washington DC. [NIHA:] When I came to Washington DC in October 2001, \”to make a difference,\” it was largely because of their expanded view of how health happens. The Five Level Map to Healing caught my attention. This was especially so because its popularizer, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., also described five concentric circles, which removed it from my concern about occultism, pyramid mysteries, etc. [My site page with downloadable version | Dr. Klinghardt’s Five Concentric Spheres/Shells version.]\n\n\n\nMental Field Therapy has become more documentable as a phenomenon in the last decade. Many researchers in fields such as psychology and biofeedback have been adding to the evidence that something is going on when certain acupuncture points are included in mental and physical treatments. [My page on Acumeridian Science  | my site,]\n\nI consider MFT as a primary tool to help people remove the restrictions that may hold back their healing process. I include Mental Field Therapy in my referral document for patients who need the advanced services at NIHA (such as biological dental care, hyperbaric oxygen, specialized intravenous protocols for nutrients) because it is an essential part of what I’d like for them to experience.\n\nMFT can improve a person’s Wellness as well as help with illness. Performance Excellence (for athletes or business or school, etc.) can be enhanced when MFT clears out old restrictive \”field\” patterns and dysregulation. I think that everyone would benefit from at least one session with an MFT practitioner at NIHA. Check out their site and read the various pages and online articles and the blog, then make an appointment:\n\nA bottom-line phenomenon: When you visit the clinic where I work, or the NIHA center in Washington DC, I think you’ll note what seems like an \”upbeat\” or \”positive psychology\” type of atmosphere. Please know that behind that radiant supportive Welcome is the knowledge that life can be painful and that we are each able to be supportive to others. Elsewhere I’ve heard this described as The Human Family, or The Knowing Field. Science has not fully described the ways that people can somehow \”share energy\” or \”send loving kindness\” to others, but the outcomes of the interactions with some people are very positive.\n\nWhen you are in a crisis, or have a major accident, after the standard medical urgent care is over with, please think of us. We can help you move forward. And, in the case of chronic pain or illness or cancer, we can help you alongside other standard western medical treatments.\n\nThis is what I wish for you, to know the Welcome that is everyone’s birthright.\n\nI’d be glad to talk with you about options for you, either with me and my office or at NIHA or one of the growing network of offices and practitioners who can help people go further than they might have otherwise.\n\nSafe travels, and Enjoy the Journey,\n\nDr. Wilson\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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Reverse Engineer Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp’s Research and more

At the year’s-end transition we can think about our origins, sick how we live our lives today and where we are going. Mass shootings show urgent need for people to understand the factors driving emotions. The recent Shrink Rap Radio interview with neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, PhD, in my terms demolishes stereotypes and clears ground for a more honest description of the scientific background of mental health. Dr. Panksepp sounds unassuming and carefully scientific in describing his work with the neurophysiology of animal emotion responses. [ADDENDUM: April 2014–I’ve expanded treatment options on the page linked at the bottom of this presentation, and info about Dr. Porges’ PolyVagal Theory. Our nation needs this kind of added awareness of how the brain works.]\n\nDr. Panksepp is a psychology hero. His family suffered horrors of the Soviet Union, and escaped the turmoil spreading from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Communist mind-control to finally end up in the United States of America. An American citizen since childhood he’s given his professional labors to finding the basics of human emotions.\n\nIn my terms, Dr. Panksepp has faced the mind-control of the \”old guard\” of mental health experts here in the United States and carefully did his work under the guise of \”animal affect.\” The term \”Affect\” is a kind of \”Psych-Speak\” that hides the simple fact that it deals with emotions. His 2012 book, The Archaeology of Mind: The Neuroevolutionary Origins of Human Emotions, is his concise statement of the science that helps us study emotions and make sense of them. Especially in these challenging times we need to understand this brilliant research, because once you understand what he is pointing to, the steps that we can take become much clearer.\n\nDavid Van Nuys, Ph.D., is creator of Shrink Rap Radio which features luminaries in the field of mental health and social health. I’ve listened to his wide-ranging talk with Dr. Panksepp [link is below] several times now because it’s rich with many insights about science, mental health and how we might mesh his study of animal brains and emotions with our current efforts to understand and support good mental health and to deal with bad mental health.\n\nHere are my thoughts from a psychotherapist perspective of understanding how the world works — Dr. Panksepp is aware of the immense power of the pharmacy companies who have (in my terms) corrupted the science that educates students in medical school. You’ll see his wise way of balancing scientific truth with economic pragmatism. I see that his careful and insightful career showed him the way to hold them to their professed belief in \”the scientific method.\” I listened carefully to his uplifting and cheerful words — he’s making the medical world be consistent about its position about evolution. Further down on this page I give more clues about how you can remake your brain. [Also see my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\nIf we have indeed evolved from animals and have parts of our brains that were developed sequentially (when I was in medical school at the University of Michigan, they taught us that \”Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny\”) then there would be a portion of our brain that acts like reptiles, a portion that acts like early mammals, (and I add a portion that acts like aquatic mammals — dolphins and whales), and a final portion that only humans have. This is Evolutionary Biology’s way of looking at humans.\n\nAlthough his voice sounds pleasant and kind, Dr. Panksepp has some serious insights about human happiness and how we can learn from animal brains. I found myself smiling widely when he began to talk about how he and his team have scientifically demonstrated the fact that \”lab rats\” can be tickled. They actually \”laugh\” (listen to the interview for details and his careful use of scientific terminology for tickling).\n\nFor me, this means that it seems certain that animal brains can be functioning in \”modes,\” emotional circuitry, such as Anger and Pleasure, and I’m convinced that this puts out signals using the other concept that is important, \”Mirror Neurons.\” When a person is around animals and those animals are experiencing states of pleasure and curiosity or playfulness, then we can benefit in a reciprocal way. I think that this is one way that pets can be scientifically proven to be beneficial to health. Again, listen to him describing his research; I’m able to conjecture but that may not be his take on things.\n\nClick here or on the picture below to reach Shrink Rap Radio’s  page and see the active links to Dr. Panksepp’s work and his new book, and listen to or download his talk as MP3. There is now a free transcript of this moving discussion (the scenes he painted of the violence of war in Europe were reminders to me of the price of freedom). These podcasts are free, so donations are always appreciated. (Or you might do what I’ve done and purchase some of his online courses, which gives him money and delivers outstanding material on mental health via the Zur Institute and the Jung Platform.)\n\n\n\nThe Polyvagal Theory: Another luminary whose work also is changing the field of mental health is Stephen Porges, Ph.D: My introduction on my site. Both Dr. Porges and Dr. Panksepp are pointing to the benefits of studying the development of the human brain as if it were evolved from more primitive brains and that some parts of our brains behave in a similar way to those primitive creatures. Dr. Porges’ recent book, The Polyvagal Theory, describes the scientific data that backs up an evolutionary model. [See my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\n\n\nThat promotional video is a superbly done media presentation of the deep importance of Dr. Porges’ work to understanding human fear and anger. His work too can help guide our responses to mass shootings. The full length of that video, and many other presentations by other specialists is available from NICABM: My introduction to the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.\n\nDr. Van Nuys interviews Dr. Porges (in a ShrinkRapRadio podcast): link to page.\n\n\n\nClick on this line or the image below to visit the interview with Dr. Drew.\n\n\n\nA video clip with Dr. Van Nuys: I searched for a video and found this brief new upload of  an introduction to his talk with a third observer of the function of the human brain: psychiatrist and psychotherapist Mark Epstein, M.D. He is interviewed on podcast #252 — Shrink Rap Radio [there are now over 300], about his careful study of concepts of Mind in western life and in eastern approaches. Below is a video clip of Dr. Van Nuys’ talk with Dr. Epstein. You are invited to explore the Shrink Rap Radio archive for a wide variety of insights about mental and social health. [See my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\n\n\nAll three of those presenters are carefully laying the ground for building more solid programs for helping people have better brains.\n\nClinically, applicable to everyday life: As I write this [originally 2012] the national media is reporting on the sadness of another mass shooting. The reactions of individuals and commentators, and the presentations by medical and mental health experts show how important it is to understand brain function regarding violence and promoting socially safe relationships.\n\n\n\nRegarding \”reverse engineering\” the brain, one of my clinical heroes is Daniel Amen, M.D.\n\nI’m one of the growing network of professionals who educate people on the brain assessments, education and nutritional support available through the Amen Clinics services. [Introduction to my Amen E-Center.]\n\nTo the right is the image of an encouragement page that I created around an episode of the Seinfeld series. Click on the picture or  here[PDF] to view that. Below is a short clip from Episode #44, where Kramer gets a blow to his head and his brain starts functioning aberrantly (\”hemispatial neglect\”).\n\n\n\nThat episode and the handout serve to highlight the need for people to take care to protect their brains. Dr. Amen and many others are working to figure out steps that can help people have better brains after trauma. Below is a starter video that will continue on with several presentations of Dr. Amen about the science of brains being traumatized. Again, click here to go to my Certified Amen Education Center (they gave me a discount code that you can use and save 15% on purchases — ECENTER42).\n\n\n\nDr. Amen conducts thorough clinical work and has done research on brain function. He talks about how psychiatrists have not made it mandatory that their members actually study the organ that they treat — the brain. I have added below his \”Reverse Engineering\” (my name for it) approach of using the brain : Change Your Brain to Change Your Body. The concepts of using the mind to change the body or the mind to change the brain are based on the proven existence of \”neuroplasticity\” of brain circuits. Shorthand: \”Neurons that fire together wire together.\” Below he applies this to body image and weight management but he has many examples of much wider benefits.\n\n\n\n\”Reverse Enginering Your Brain\”: By now you’ve begun to construct what I call a Health Menu of options. There are many approaches that you can use that may lead to huge improvements in body and brain. You already know the concept. I can’t make those changes for you through this blog posting. The things you do need to be your choice, and whenever possible it would be great to have someone to help you as you go through possible stages of change. Here are a few items that a person might include to engineer their new brain, and body: Bodywork, movement therapies and more (I call it Kinesthetic Medicine) |  FlexAware neurological integration coaching | Amen Solution @ Home | Watsu warm water therapy | \”Mindfulness\” observation done without Hindu or Buddhist philosophy  [See my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\n*My Closing Remarks: From a psychotherapy perspective I’m quite enthusiastic about what can be done for mental health these days — both for improving daily life of society’s members, and for bringing about change in people who need \”better brains\” (Dr. Amen’s term).\n\nCurrent studies in Functional Medicine as taught by psychiatrist Charles Gant, M.D. [my description] give me hope that there will be more options for care of people who have chronic illness including mental and emotional situations.\n\nBack in the 1980s I felt privileged to spend time with Alex Schauss, author of Diet, Crime and Delinquency. [Link to Amazon’s Kindle edition.] That early text gives clues to the large number of observers who know that behavior can be changed if the foods eaten are modified. This logo is from a partnership I started with an online laboratory testing resource, MyMedLab. Their services are introduced on my info site on the Functional Medicine page. The concept of learning about the mental and emotional improvements from various Complementary and Alternative Medicine was behind the domain name that I purchased: Natural Medicine and Mental\n\nThe End of the World: Here is a thought at the end of the year after recent mass shootings and media coverage of concerns about Armageddon, the Mayan Calendar ending and the calculations of scientist Isaac Newton [from the enigmatic writings of the prophetic \”Nostradamus\”] that \”the end\” will happen in the year 2060:\n\nMy female psychotherapist friends might add that the mental health field and the political field are playing out the results of the Male Half of society. They haven’t told me this exactly but I wonder if it might be time now for a greater appreciation of what the Female Half of the human race can do. I’m certainly impressed with what the brain scientists are revealing about the benefits of each of the types of brains.\n\nConnections I’d recommend for you: Whether we do in-office work, or distance coaching I’ll do my best to help you connect with resources that respect your own stance on religion or philosophy of life. This was behind the page on my information site: Science and Spirituality.\n\n\”I don’t Want You to Lose Your Faith\”: That’s my commitment to support you in whatever is your choice regarding religion or no religion. Whether you see yourself as created by God, or by the intricate action of millions of years of evolution, the natural laws are still the same.\n\nThoughts before contacting me: Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple | The Community that is You: Parasites and Epigenetics | Play as Medicine | Somatics and Your Mind: New Science for Old Insights | Bending the River: Aligning Your Future Health.\n\nContact me or the office, you are Welcome:  Welcome and Invitation to share.

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Lightness of Being: Stephen Hawking and Mother Theresa

I’ve been present at births and deaths. The span of life for each human is unique but one trait is innate: Inquiry. Survival and thriving depend on the ability to tell such basics as…\”is this open or closed?, viagra sales thumb \” or, \”is this on or off?\” Shock or satisfaction can depend on the answer.

\nThe more I work with people who’ve been shifted by Trauma (including receiving traumatic medical diagnoses),  the more I appreciate the ability to observe and remember.\n\nWhether an event is observed happening  such as a pet animal dying, or is directly experienced as physical trauma or traumatic neglect by a care-giver, sometimes the human (or animal too) is overwhelmed by the implications of the event. [I wrote earlier: Animals and Humans: Saving Each Other.]\n\nEach human has an innate aspect to themselves that has the capability of creating new outcomes, but often the person’s brain and mind can’t perceive that as possible. I wrote about \”Social Epigenetics\” and the \”Epigenetics of the Soul\” in an earlier post because it’s important to recognize that nobody exists in total isolation.\n\nI’ve spent time with military veterans and with survivors of domestic traumas of several kinds. Each individual develops their own response to the offers from others. Hopefully they can find their way forward in life, either on their own or with help from others. But sometimes people feel overwhelmed.\n\nMaps can help. Recently I reviewed the Escape And Evasion Maps of several nations — cloth or durable materials that held maps that could help them find safety. I even created an illustration for a reminder \”map\” that might be adapted for your own route ahead.\n\n\n\nI’ve begun a new blog titled, Flickerback Veterans, to give respect to the phenomenon known as \”Flashbacks\”. The innate human quality of memory can create suffering if the person has not been given the clues to unlock the trauma from their neurophysiology.\n\nPart of my offerings to people who read this or who come to see me in person is to help them create their next choices. Sometimes I call it \”Natural Medicine Second Opinion\” as I help them choose which options to include from the many offerings on what can be called the Healthcare Landscape. I’m in contact with many individuals and institutions that may be a \”good fit\” for someone who needs assistance with sometimes overwhelming needs.\n\nI began writing today with the memory of the people I’ve known or seen films about, or read about, whose way of being includes a kind of lightness and inquisitiveness even in situations that seem difficult beyond description. I treasure the correspondence I had with Stephen Hawking years ago [his site], because his mind and brain can still communicate even though it now requires an electronic voice that reads the text he wrote. Further down this page I have embedded a video in which I hear his voice as part of the lively presentation of youthful researchers who are seeking out minute details of what could be called a map of the Universe.\n\nI also include the name Mother Theresa of Calcutta because she has been a public figure and much has been written about her unique experience and her service. Her demeanor is one that includes an element of lightness of being, but she lived in some of the most difficult environments in human social existence. Another individual whose demeanor includes a lightness is Tenzin Gyatso known as the Dalai Llama. I’ve met survivors of Tibet massacres; it is beyond words the pain that the Dalai Lama has seen in those for whom he is a spiritual leader.\n\nYou may have seen the following introduction before, but it is so lively that I include it again. It’s brief and I consider it uplifting because it speaks to the hope that is stronger now that the New Brain Science field is gaining what can be called scientific credibility. This is about Stephen Porges, researcher into autism, trauma and more; I’ve spoken with him and felt honored to follow the growing appreciation for his work. [My introduction and rapid-access links about Dr. Porges and the Poly-Vagal Theory of ANS function.]\n\n\n\nYou are welcome to click here to accept my Welcome for a visit or an online session.\n\nIn a more light-hearted tone I present the finding from my online search about the term \”Lightness of Being.\” I was pleased to discover this book and website by a physicist: Lightness of Being. The site describes the author: \”…Author Frank Wilczek has been playing with unified visions of nature since, as a 21 year-old physics grad student, he did work that won him the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics.\”\n\nNow I’ll add the video that I discovered on that site, a picture from which is the first one in this essay. The video is about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and was created by Kate McAlpine. The video includes Stephen Hawking’s electronic voice. It is a lively presentation in the form of images and song/Rap-type lyrics orchestrated by a youthful researcher into the structure of the Universe. It’s upbeat and the words and images do more than simply exclaim their enthusiasm for science as being useful for the common person. Their work may ultimately lead to an improved \”map\” of this life that we all share.\n\n\n\nI wish you lightness as much as is appropriate for your day. Call the office or contact me about your questions or concerns.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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Returning to Sites: Informed and welcomed

This menu tab gives you the following links that you can use to return to my other sites:\n\nNatural Connections Healthcare\n\nDC Natural Neuroscience\n\nAcuGraph Neuropsych\n\nNatural World Healing\n\\n\nTo be developed: Flickerback Veterans\n\nBest wishes to you all. Call me to discuss your Health Menu and your Map to Survival and Thriving.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n\n

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Neurons that fire together wire together.

\n\nA Muslim woman and her child, tadalafil a Catholic rosary bead prayer circle, a Vietnam Veteran playing an ancient flute in his forest retreat… These images from my career remind me of some of the First Basics of life as a human being.\n\nIf you’ve followed my career I may have told you stories of moments that pointed me to the energies behind the physical form of life as being key to understanding both our happiness/ \”equanimity\” and painful diseases that are part of The Human Condition. [Ph.D. thesis-in-progress: Human Energy Anatomy: Scientific groundwork for clinical practice.]\n\nWhat a person repeatedly thinks about, what a person repeatedy speaks, and what a person repeatedly does when they are with other people…all of those are part of the larger story that modern neuroscientists are describing in their multi-media presentations at scientific conferences. They talk about \”Neuroplasticity\” and \”Mirror Neurons\”; research reports detail scientifically the concept, \”Neurons that fire together wire together.\” That same story — but told with different words — is deeply embedded in the lore and tradition of tribes and religions and philosophies throughout human history.\n\n[Image may be replaced in a future update to this entry. No one picture could illustrate the human family/tribe/society in its complexity.] You readers who are optimistic atheists, as well as those dwelling deeply within your religious or spiritual communities all are living proof of the importance of Belonging as a central part of healthy living. [Essays and pictures: Science and Spirituality.]\n\nThe upcoming Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2014, and my proposed Wisdom Day 2015, give me hope as the larger Human Family moves into the transitions ahead.\n\n\n\nSeveral ongoing discussions with readers center on the ways that toxins (heavy metals, chemical pollution, \”toxic relationships\”, etc.) affect health of body and mind. I include several links for learning about Biological Dentistry on my sites. [Example link.]\n\nThis image below from the University of Calgary video — which will play if you click on the picture at the top of today’s presentation — is a hopeful slide that reminds us of the fresh growth and new connections that are possible if we place ourselves in appropriate settings. [If you visit the University of Calgary video library the video there has been removed.]\n\n\n\nSome of you are hopeful, some of you are despairing of ever feeling good again. My wish today is that the words above set off helpful thoughts and connections in your mind.\n\nIn my career I’ve stood beside people while they were moving through sometimes difficult transitions. I’ve placed links below for some additional sharing I offer for you today.*\n\nFor those who are veterans (either Uniformed veterans, Civil Rights veterans or Healthcare Freedom Veterans), here is a brief inspiration for what may be possible in your life too:\n\n\n\nFor the longer version of that video — and connections I make with FlexAware and other hopeful steps that you may choose for your life — here is my page that reminds you that you can grow your body and your mind without the need for a philosophy or religion (some of you are are concerned about the non-Christian aspects of yoga): Arthur and FlexAware.\n\nYou are welcome to hunt and find me [see blog: Dr. Wilson’s \”A-Team\” Approach] to help you with your questions. Check out the website and contact me. Click here or on the image button below. Enjoy the Journey.\n\n\n\n*Intro links that may be helpful for you or a loved one [I may add more later]:\n\nCounseling approaches\n\n\”Kinesthetic Medicine\” and somatic approaches to healthy mind and relationships\n\nNew Brain Science intro including \”Working definition of the Mind\”\n\nDr. Amen’s Brain-Directed Solutions support page\n\nHospice and transitions.

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Epigenetics, American Contributions and The Invention of Air

Sunrises, pills sunsets and lovely places. Wisdom Day 2014 is being created from raw materials such as human ingenuity, Quantum Physics and the ancient science of acupuncture meridian mapping. As we travel forward on the human migration across the planet and into Space, I’m pleased to invite readers to stop and take a look at what each other is doing to improve the state of the Human Family. Life is complex and intricate, but there are ways that the opposite of complexity can be achieved.\n\nI intend today’s presentation to be brief. The presenters at Wisdom Day 2014 [link] are preparing their contributions to include being present for networking and discussions during the day and afterward.\n\nMy career was built on the developing science of the Space Program many years ago. I now find great hope in seeing what women and men are contributing to human understanding of not only \”Space\” outside of the Earth, but also the \”Inner Space\” of relationships between people and the deeper \”Inner Space\” of individual self-knowledge.\n\nI’ve chosen supporters and vendors to represent a range of important factors in human health, both of body and mind. A solid base of nutrition and micro-nutrients is important for resilient health. Knowledge of the \”acu-meridians\” and the interactions among the \”organ systems\” of the body can help people make more effective choices in their lives.\n\nThe Invention of Air: A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and The Birth of America. This book is the subject of an NPR interview with the author who wrote about the science behind the realization that we are surrounded by a substance called Air. [My description with link to NPR audio podcast of Science Friday.]\n\nThe importance of the discovery of air is that it allowed people to invent things such as airplanes and rocket ships, as well as incubators for premature babies and assistance devices for people with breathing problems.\n\nI find a similar \”Ah-ha\” experience when it comes to discovering the importance of the energies of human connectedness such as described in the neuroscience term, \”Mirror Neurons.\” This phenomenon is part of what I am convinced is a major territory for exploration of what it is to be human. Below I mention human DNA and the term \”epigenetics,\” so that later at Wisdom Day 2014 next year I can introduce presenters who are skilled at working with what I see as important as the discovery of air: the field of energies that surround us.\n\n\n

\nEpigenetics: The Human Genome Project had an unexpected result after it had successfully mapped the human DNA components. Above are graphics from Family Tree DNA, which has helped teach people that all humans are mostly the same except for a relatively few differences in some genes in the DNA sequence.\n\nOnce the map of the DNA relationships had been constructed, it was possible to use computer imaging to display the twisting and coiling of the long strands of DNA. It was soon verified that the twisting and coiling could be altered depending upon the surrounding environment. When the shape of the DNA shifted, that made a difference in which genes were active.  The term Epigenetics was coined to refer to the fact that \”above\” the gene sequence is the important influence of the surrounding environment such as nutrition, electrolytes and electromagnetic fields.\n\n\n\nAs I understand it now, Epigenetics can become a major incentive for people to surround each other with the \”energies\” of loving support and healthy social interactions. This means that we now have the opportunity to use scientific language to explain the success events in families that led to pleasant social outcomes in the community outside the home.\n\nThroughout human existence it did not take a university-based education for mothers and fathers to love their children. Whenever there were loving and supporting relationships people thrived and made important social contributions. Whenever people were excluded from loving Welcome in the family, their inner creativity led to distorted behaviors and choices that led to less-than-pleasant outcomes. The diligent study of the actions of the mind and the relationships between people is the subject of such approaches as Coherence Therapy [my blog introduction] and Family Constellations. [my blog introduction].\n\nAmerica and the Scientific Frontier: Many of us like myself, who were launched into their \”flight through life\” in the last century now have the opportunity to see both hope and challenge as we look in the direction of humanity’s future development. I’ve studied basic science, engineering, medicine, natural healing, acupuncture, brain function, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, social dynamics and more. As a male I cannot experience the female connection to the cycles of the moon and its pull on the Earth. However, I’m able to recognize that there is a treasure of knowledge within the women of the Human Family.\n\nWisdom Day 2014 is being developed as a gathering of men and women who have seen and practiced techniques that can be learned. Several techniques and models of understanding health will be introduced so that attendees can choose to later do the in-depth study that leads to mastery and wisdom that they can bring back to their \”home base.\”\n\nThe biofeedback-type of technology that is the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging is related to the skin resistance research of psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich in the last century. Acupuncturist Yoshio Nakatani, M.D., announced in the 1950’s that he’d mapped the skin and directed practitioners to a set of locations that represent measurement points that he correlated with the ancient acupuncture meridians. You can read more on the site of [link, opens in new window].\n\nNow in 2013 there are technologies that build upon that science of study of acupuncture meridians and integrate it with Quantum Physics and with the relatively new field of Neuroscience and human family and social dynamics. Wisdom Day 2014 is an opportunity to share knowledge and insights. Psychiatrist Michael Gurevich, M.D., has a wealth of knowledge about that. [Visit the main page for Wisdom Day 2014.]\n\nIn closing, as a naturopathic physician I am glad to see the growing emphasis on nutritional supplementation and the concept of \”medical foods.\” The companies that provide clinicians with \”phytonutrients\” and \”nutraceuticals\” are giving them important tools to construct their patients’ groundwork for healthy lives.\n\nWelcome and Aloha — The Hawai’ian word Aloha has several meetings, and Breath is behind it all. You are welcome to take a breath and then move forward on your life path. You are also welcome to consider consulting with me about the healthy connections that can enrich your life.   —  Dr. Wilson\n

 Click here or on the image button below. Enjoy the Journey.


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The World and Focus: Becoming Your Intention

Secrets. Openness. Self-understanding. Your place in the world is unique, help medicine and your Creative aspect (\”Generative\”, shop God-like) is preparing you for your next steps.\n\nI’m here to support or to encourage you as you discover your resources for today and for the transitions ahead. That’s one of the focal points of today’s thoughts — being present for you as you think and experience your way forward. I’m committed to that via my in-person services as well as Distance, click Internet and networking activities.\n\nThe other main focus today is upon the world around us and what its impact may be like for you. That’s behind my focus on mental health, self-understanding and Psychology.\n\nEach of us is in command of our own self, but surrounding us is a world of other people, animals and processes that they influence. [See my blog: Animals and Humans Saving Each Other.] The goal of counseling and psychotherapy is to help people \”intersect\” with others and with the world in general. [See my blog about how intentions and thoughts can prepare us for future actions and reactions: \”Salvation(s): Neurons that fire together wire together.\” ] As a naturopathic physician I’m part of a growing community of practitioners who can provide support for the physical part of life (nutrition, bodywork, exercise, etc.) so that the mental and relational part of life (with yourself and with others) has a better chance at bringing welcome outcomes.\n\nOur individual Journey: The landscape of the human journey can be greatly different for each individual. Smiles are juxtaposed with shocks and traumas.\n\nGroup Experiences: I was part of the group of people who chose to serve in uniform while our nation declared it was in a \”Cold War\”. The Berlin sign below is a reminder of incidents many of us were part of and don’t talk about often. The world was in deep distress then.\n

\nAnd the world is in deep distress now, according to the media. I remember films such as \”Fail Safe\” and \”Seven Days in May\” that were produced to help the nation glimpse things that went on behind the scenes. Recently there have been many people who voice frustration at the political situation in our country and whose answer is to have a military take-over of the government. It is usually thought of as doing it only for a limited time \”until the civilians can get their act together.\” That concern has been embedded in emails that have been sent to me and internet sites they’ve pointed to. You know who you are.\n\nThe exclamation, \”Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,\” could be spoken by many who understand what that wisdom illustrates. Helping our nation survive while being home to people with widely divergent views of life is what I feel is the outcome of all styles of counseling, psychotherapy and mental health approaches. The American Psychological Association’s mission statement: Our mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.\n\nWisdom Day 2014: My hopes for the process of planning and then producing the gathering this coming March (just preceding the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2014) is to encourage people to think about their place in the human community. You are invited to learn more [click here to view the Wisdom Day 2014 page on the DCNN website]. Soon I plan to include a sign-up option for monthly updates about registration, becoming a presenter, etc.\n\n\n\nYour intentions are the major factor in accomplishing Coherence between your Brain, your Body, your Autonomic Nervous System and the world around you. To a great degree what you intend is what you become. (However, I know that you know the truth that our intentions do not always unfold into the outcomes we may have expected. But still, our intentions are major parts of the process of moving forward. See also my page on the Fractal Dynamics of life.)\n\nCheck out the website and contact me. Click here or on the image button below. Enjoy the Journey.\n

\nIntro links that may be helpful for you or a loved one [I may add more later]:\n\nCounseling approaches\n\n“Kinesthetic Medicine” and somatic approaches to healthy mind and relationships\n\nNew Brain Science intro including “Working definition of the Mind”\n\nDr. Amen’s Brain-Directed Solutions support page\n\nHospice and transitions.\n\n

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“Go Wash in the Stream”: Coherence Therapy Initiation?

Have you had your \”buttons\” pushed recently? Been \”deflated\” recently? Memories of experiences may hold treasures for your future, ask but don’t get hurt by \”sifting through the rubble\” too quickly in your psychotherapy.\n\nI’ve had the honor of encounters with some of the world’s great souls. My chosen pathway in life has been to explore and to help others to explore. Sometimes this has meant exploring the routes through actual mountain terrain, or down flowing rivers. Sometimes it has meant being with someone as they look at and make choices about events and relationships with other people that feel \”mountainous\” or \”flowing rapidly.\”\n\nSometimes I’ve been there as a baby was born. Sometimes it meant being there while a person faced the final gate out of this life. Sometimes I’ve quietly used body psychotherapy techniques to let the mind relax while the body gradually released \”armoring\” that had built up from responses to past experiences. And as a licensed naturopathic physician I’ve sometimes focused on thinking through choices of assessments, treat lab tests and nutrition-, herbal- and medication-related expected consequences to help us Discover your resources, remove restrictions and help you heal so that they can plan for the next steps along their journey of life.\n\nI’ve gone through schools, trainings and life experiences that help me to perceive factors that most people haven’t needed to know about while they go through their daily life. Today’s essay is to describe two factors. The first is the Coherence Therapy discovery of the process that people have used without knowing it throughout human history in order to make choices that are consistent with their deepest inner \”core level\” experience. The second factor is Water, H-2-O, and how we can relate to it.\n\nCoherence Therapy: The name is memorable; it actually is so basic that it is not an actual complete \”therapy\” in itself but it describes the basic process by which many therapies have proven successful in helping individuals achieve lasting change in their lives. I’m convinced that this process has actually been the basis of successful society since the beginning of human life. And, when the steps in the process are not followed, Coherence Therapy shows how humans have ended up experiencing disempowered lives. I see \”C.T.\” as explaining the basis for Evil and Insanity as well as \”lives of silent desperation.\”\n

\nI’ll let you explore on your own starting with this earlier blog about Coherence Therapy.  [Their site: Coherence Psychology Institute.]\n\nIt’s your life. You do the exploring. I’m here for consultations online or in person: Welcome.\n\nSecond factor — Water: While Coherence Therapy deals with the primary process by which a person gets in touch with their own inner dynamics and releases their healing energies (mentally, physically and socially) — and is a topic in my blog \”In the Beginning was the Word, next: Relationships\” — Water is the substance without which life is impossible.\n\nAll religions, philosophies and Science have major aspects that deal with water. Again, I’ll invite you to explore on your own what Water means to you. However, the last part of today’s presentation is about some Natural Medicine and awareness/counseling aspects of Water that I’ve recently witnessed as potent \”tools in my toolkit.\”\n\nSolid, liquid and gas are the states usually described for Water. As a physician I have ways to employ Water for therapeutic physical health support as well as in my counseling where I use it as both a physical substance and as metaphor in many ways.\n\nPhysical use of water: In my practice in Seattle at an Ayurvedic clinic (as part of my unofficial internship after graduation as a new naturopathic doctor) one of my main contributions was water irrigation of the colon, \”colonic hydrotherapy.\” Vivek Shanbhag, M.D. [Ayu, India], N.D., [now located in the Bay Area in CA] often prescribed that for his patients because it not only assisted the person by training their inner muscles to be stronger and more coordinated in expelling digested food, but it also \”opened doorways\” to inner thought processes and allowed people to begin to \”let go\” of disturbing memories. I’ve been a consistent proponent of \”colonic hydrotherapy\” when it is done by well trained practitioners who are also alert for mental & emotional flows that may be unlocked and must be dealt with after the experience at their office. Naturopathic physicians also use water as healing baths; \”Balneotherapy\” [medicinal bath and pack therapy] is offered by Richard Kitaeff, M.A., N.D., Dip.Ac., Lic. Acup, of Edmonds, WA, in whose office I also did part of my unofficial internship. You can list on your own I’m sure many ways that our health relies on water including hydration as for sports, preparing food, cleansing skin, etc.\n\nWater as both gas and as metaphor: \”Go wash in the water,\” has been a command, a ritual and a personal exploration since the first humans communicated with each other. Now that you’ve seen the title of this presentation and read this far, you’ve likely thought of many of the meanings of water in your own experience.\n\nEspecially in psychotherapy the therapist is always mindful of the potential result of \”washing away\” what in Coherence Therapy now are understood to be old emotional learnings. Those might have been simply \”smudges on the windshield of life,\” or they may have become huge diversions or even dams that had altered the flow of a person’s life energies potentially for even decades of their life.\n\nThe reason that psychotherapists have usually expected the need for their clients to return for multiple sessions is that it takes time for the brain and the mind to re-construct what life can become after the removal of \”that which was washed away.\” So please be sure to have contact with someone after you begin any type of healing process. \n\nThis is why we make contracts of commitment to each other. So, even if you end up in situations that may feel — neuro-transmitter-verified feel — that you are alone and that nobody else can understand: there are people who know the kinds of processes you may be in the midst of and who can help you figure out the next steps.\n\nWater as Gas, and the Homeopathic Phenomenon: My doctorate in naturopathic medicine gave me entry level information that I later followed with extensive exploration into the science of human energies as well as the mind and physiology. My Ph.D. thesis is still in process: Human Energy Anatomy: Scientific Groundwork for Clinical Practice.\n\nOn that page are links to info and resources for you to learn more about Acupuncture, Human Microcircuits, the Vis medicatrix naturae, fractal images, Dr. John Bastyr and his investing in a body energy measurement technology and much more. I had been initially skeptical about the scientific groundwork for natural medicine when I began studies to become a medical doctor at the University of Michigan Medical School. However, after a lot of study and experience I finally \”got it\” about the truths behind various systems of medicine and also behind religions and philosophies.\n\nWater can hold energy patterns. This is the underlying phenomenon of homeopathy; when water holds substances in it and the vial or jar that holds the solution is firmly percussed, there is a transfer of the energy pattern of the substance into the molecule of water. When drops of that solution (after it is repeatedly diluted then percussed, vibrated strongly) are given to a human or living creature their personal energy field responds.\n\nWhen liquid homeopathic solutions are dropped onto sugar pills the water never completely disappears but instead there are some molecules left trapped within the pill so that the energy pattern can be experienced by the person when they put the pill into their mouth.\n\nI have training in methods that discover changes in the quality of the pulse of the heartbeat or the tone of muscles when homeopathic solutions are brought into the person’s energy field within a couple of feet from the surface of the skin.\n\nAn important learning experience: Now that I have met and learned from Burton Goldberg [\”Mr. Alternative Medicine\”] I understand the unseen science behind the application of the homeopathic phenomenon to measurement of acupuncture energy pathway dynamics. Burton Goldberg has seen advanced technology that can isolate the patterns without requiring water for administration, so you are invited to see his site for more information on that.\n\nWash your hands. Wash your clothes. The phenomenon of energy patterns being carried within water may be one of the reasons that washing can be a powerful part of a healing program. Washing may remove the energy field (or \”energy memory\”) that was carried in the liquid and that might be affecting your overall energy in your body.\n\nIn closing, Maureane O’Keefe, Ph.D., told us at a graduation ceremony at Bastyr University, \”Remember to wash your hands.\” She then said words that I’ve always recalled as reminding us that water can both wash away the traces of energy patterns that were disturbing the last patient we touched, and it can also connect us to the Earth and the larger field of healing and coherence that is there for anyone to tap into if they know it is there.\n\n[If you are a new visitor, religious or atheist, you are invited to see the collection of resources on my Science & Spirituality page which includes my statement — \”I do not want you to lose your faith.\”]\n\nThe Field is always there. I’m here to help you learn more and help you connect with information, treatments and with people who can help you feel the Welcome that is your birthright.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n


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Animals and Humans: Saving each other

Nuclear law is today’s reminder.* Recently animals and healing have exploded in a deeply restructuring way for me. Beyond mere concepts, cialis canada relationships between animals and humans now have scientific study shouting out (my term for it) the fact that the way we treat animals reflects the way we treat ourselves.\n\n*Nuclear bombs and Japan were remembered when this post was uploaded originally. The horrors of war, invasion, defense, civilian tragedies and more are part of many people’s memories of August 6 & 9. Humans and animals alike died in the world’s first war-time uses of nuclear weapons. Ever since then the work of understanding what was unleashed has continued. Scientists, philosophers and all manner of religious and spiritual teachers have presented their positions on viewing what has become a permanent \”hole\” in the landscape of society. We would be wise to never forget the learnings that are possible from those days in August 1945.\n\nGrowing up as a male, I was guided by my parents’ experiences in WWII and chose to serve in uniformed service as had my father.\n\nThinking of animals I recall the 2011 movie, War Horse. It was about a horse in England before the start of World War I, and the life of the young boy who saved it. The story is deeply colored by the love and enjoyment given to the horse later by the young girl who sheltered it. The horrors of war — men against men — and the wonder of a  young girl make that movie into a stark reminder of the deep powers within each person to hate and to fear. And, to Love despite any hate and fear that may appear on Life’s landscape.\n\n\n\n[Addendum, March 2014: I’ve redacted below pictures of a self-assigned mission to investigate the background of a stunning business proposal that dealt with animals and iridology. Here is a site where you can learn about animals and iridology: Equine Iridology at American Council of Animal Naturopathy.]\n\n…During that day’s journey it felt good to be on the campus of the university that houses the hospital in which my father was born during his Dad’s work at the Smithsonian Institution.\n\nAddition: Below is a picture of a Service Animal, Lucky Barker. He is the healer-with-paws at East-West Healing Arts, founded by nurse, acupuncturist, licensed massage practitioner, Carole Berberich. [Site link.]\n\n\n\nThis photo is from Springtime 2013 on another of my \”pilgrimages\” to the center of Washington DC. That day I visited both the Smithsonian Castle and the \”Museum of the American Indian.\” I have had several contemplative journeys like that one during my time here when \”I moved to Washington DC in October 2001, so that I could make a difference…\”\n\nNext is a picture where I arranged the ship that I’d built into a bottle — which my parents kept in their home until I inherited it — along with a small world globe and an acupuncture figure that shows circuits of body energies. My studies have taken me around the world and across boundaries to bring knowledge home \”to the local version of the global Village.\”\n\n\n\nSafe harbors and Home: In a way we’re all traveling down the road of life. But wise ones recognize that it can sometimes be helpful to think of the place where we are standing right now, in this moment, is a home. Being Here Now is a concept that has merit.\n\nYou can write your own ending to the thought. I’m glad to offer my presence as you work on your life story.\n\nIf you want to chat about your options, check out my Psychology Today listing in their therapist section [link].

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In the beginning was the Word, next: Relationships

\”In the Beginning was the Word, click \” is a deep truth. After that…what’s next? We humans listen, and we speak. Sometimes we pray. How do we protect our access to knowing who we are as individuals and as members of what could be called a global Village?\n\nFor those of you readers who are careful readers and who might debate about aspects of what human life is all about, at the start of this essay I’ll acknowledge one other KEY fact of life: Touch.\n\nPeople touch each other from the very first moment of the life process. So do animals. Relationship is at the ground level of what it means to be alive. I’ve even coined a term, \”Kinesthetic Medicine,\” to remind people that there are many ways in which touch can lead to your body moving along the pathway of healing.\n\nWatch this brief video that introduces the next step in life beyond Words. Touch is key to the PolyVagal Theory, and it leads us to more deeply appreciate animals as giving us clues to what is most healthy for humans:\n\n\n\nLife can seem traumatic. We know that physical and emotional traumas do indeed happen, as well as the traumatic situation of \”neglect\” by one’s primary caregiver.\n\nThis goes for humans and also for animals.\n\nToday I began crafting my words with the intent to tell you many more things about Dr. Porges, and the developing field of New Brain Science and some of the very positive things that I am doing to make available more options to people for their \”Health Menu.\”\n\nHowever after viewing that video again just now, I’ll save other things for another day and invite you to view it. View it again if you have already seen it once. Its message is powerful and needs to be heard — We are not alone in Life, and we can learn a lot from animals.\n\nDoc

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Calibrate Your Instruments: Science, Heart, Body and Mind

We study the body; is a science of the Heart and Mind possible as well? Philosophers and \”Bench Scientists\” look at the same thing and use different instruments to assess what they’re working with.\n\nI encourage you to explore your world and invite you to look at my Internet sites and blog descriptions for things that may enrich your experience.\n\nThere’s much more than I can capture in essays and Internet pages, sickness tadalafil so right off I welcome you to contact me so you can ask your questions about help for yourself or your loved ones. Below is the link for my basic coaching consultation about how you can create your own health menu. [Or click on this line.]\n\n\n\n

\n\nMany of you have heard me say, click \”Calibrate your instruments.\” This usually means I want you to think about the different recommendations and assessments that people and their Internet sites have been offering to you.\n\nPerhaps the main task of human existence is in a way to carefully calibrate your own self as your \”instrument\” for perceiving the world and the people around you. When it comes to figuring out whom to trust and what models of Life to trust we are in the most important territory of all. This is what I’ve dedicated my life to doing — finding out what works or what may be a distraction and then helping people get access to what may help them in their individual journey in life.\n

A firm commitment I’ve made is to respect each person’s background understanding of life, whether it is their faith, philosophy, optimistic atheism, or \”None of the Above.\” [My essay: I do not want you to lose your faith.\”] When I make that statement it may \”ruffle the feathers\” of western science advocates who don’t include acupuncture body energy factors in their understanding of the science of the body. These people include ones whom I call optimistic atheists (however, even a pessimistic atheist might choose to explore the possibility that there is a reason for optimism regarding the Human Family). 


The more deeply I study \”life energies\” the more deeply I respect the effect of a person’s inner recollection of what Safety means. In Coherence Therapy [my earlier blog] there has been careful research into the \”soft science\” of the brain’s perception of what I call the person’s surrounding social matrix, which C.T. language calls Implicit Emotional Memory. The I.E.M. is a kind of basic core-level \”programming\” that is more deeply embedded and influential than the conscious memory. It is a body and physiology reaction circuit that allows a person to feel either safe and cared for or unsafe and at odds with an untrustworthy world. When a person responds to new situations there is a momentary access to the I.E.M. circuitry to allow it to influence the person’s feeling, \”is this safe?\” or \”is it not safe?\”


I’ve been privileged to spend time and to learn from people deeply committed to their position. This includes Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, B’hai, Atheist, First Nations (\”American Indian\”), Earth-First and more. When I look at these positions from an energy science perspective I can see many similarities and common elements. Within the communities that share a similar position (faith, atheism, \”None of the Above\”) there seems to be a trust and a relaxation that others in the group are more worthy of trust and of being listened to.


One description from people like Bruce Lipton and Bernie Siegel is that there is a common \”field\” of loving connection that affects all people. This is what I understand is the field described in Family Constellation work [my blog].


The New Brain Science [my introduction] is now tracking the reality of connections between people that are based on sight or other perception that the people are sharing something that is safe. Their work is influenced by research into the three-level Autonomic Nervous System model of Stephen Porges [my intro to his PolyVagal Theory]. His work shows that there is a perceptual aspect of our protective heirarchy called the \”Social Engagement System\” that is higher in importance than what have been called the \”Sympathetic Nervous System\” and the \”ParaSympathetic Nervous System.\” This is why the Family, The Tribe, The Unit and The Society have been at the center of human events throughout history.


My own bias toward the importance of relationships leads me to highly value the insights that men and women have developed together, such as the work of Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. and Melanie Hahnemann. They are featured in a book titled, \”A Homeopathic Love Story.\” [My introduction.] This book is about their love for humanity and for the value of the homeopathic phenomenon, and is not simply a tale of two folks in love with each other. That book is a testament to the importance to humanity of the energy science that Samuel and Melanie began to teach to those who would understand. [It was difficult for them to be teaching in the 1800’s because they could not refer to \”the human biocomputer\”, or \”computer viruses\”; their colleagues thought that homeopathy would find the \”magic bullet\” that would kill the bad things and heal the person. Now we are able to see the homeopathic phenomenon as a useful aspect of energy management that allows the person’s own inner healing abilities to be more free to heal the person.]


Another pioneering couple is Wilhelm Reich, M.D. and his wife, with their loving family. Reich was one of the earliest western researchers using biofeedback to assess the correlation between the energies of the body and the emotions. Here is an excerpt that I put online on my site, from the book, \”Jung and Reich, The Body as Shadow\”: Link. For Reich, the energies of love and touch were basic to health. His public announcement of the experiments and the way he described his discoveries now seem way advanced beyond the ability of the public and western science to accept what he’d found. Here are two videos that may be helpful if you are a seeker for things that may be beneficial, and can handle the fact that there are controversies about what may help:


1. Reich’s recording made for posterity regarding his hopes for the future: a YouTube video of slides and his voice behind them.


2. Reich’s legacy as a pioneer — [Click here or on the image below]. He was ahead of his time but we are currently able to find many Internet sites about his discoveries and what may be possible in light of current science of physiology and the mind.



3. The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust. Established by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., on March 8, 1957: \”Love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.\” [Click here or on the image below.]


\n4. Medical doctors have continued what they felt was the core of the psychiatric science behind Reich’s work. See the College of Orgonomy. Important note: My view of their work is that it is helpful but limited by their lack of appreciation of acupuncture energy dynamics. See my introduction to AcuGraph digital meridian imaging, which then has links to acupuncture meridian science information and emotional correlations.\n

Children are the Hope of the World


I encourage you to consider what children mean to the future of humanity. Whether you become a parent yourself, or contribute in your own unique way to the creativity in the greater Human Family, you have an important role that no one other than you can play. [You may enjoy the blog: Play as Medicine.]


My closing Welcome: Even if you are at the final phase of your life, or are helping a loved one in their last chapters of life [my page, Hospice and Healing], you are welcome to contact me about how you can create a more healing situation for your life.



Click here or on the image below and consider making a first step for developing your health menu.


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Distance Services and Housecalls

diagnosis search Hiker, Natural Remedies, AIrplane\” src\=\”\” width\=\”242\” height\=\”212\” />In-person consultations have been a standard for most of health care history. \”Tele-medicine\” including digital sending of x-rays, cardiographs and other telemetry is a new application of science to increase the ways people can share information. Housecalls of a health care practitioner to an out-of-office location are another way to get the seeker and the provider in the same space. [Added: New page on my clinical site: Distance Services.]\n\nThis essay can’t cover all of the options that could be possible to connect you with the various services and information that I offer. However, it will include links to some key factors that can help you build your own Health Menu for your unique situation.\n\nInternational: Especially with the use of international shipping it is now possible for me to guide you in coaching sessions enhanced via DVD — that you can order and watch beforehand (FlexAware) — and by live Skype video experience.\n\nTelephone: In the case of distance telephone conversations I may be able to tell you about local naturopathic physicians you might consult in person. I’d also be able to give my observations about other CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) practitioners. We could discuss ways that you might choose to include one or more of different options into your overall healthcare menu. [See Appointments]\n

Coaching: Certified FlexAware Teacher. I can guide you in person as well as use DVD instruction via telephone/Skype sessions to help you deepen your practice. [My FlexAware presentation]


Distance Housecalls: The graphic below introduces \”Dr. Wilson’s Natural Medicine Distance Housecalls.\” There will be more information on the Appointments page.

\nConsidering benefits from Distance Services: Recent research has shown that there can be improvement in health markers after interaction with a wide variety of health care practitioners who are not using \”standard medical treatment.\” I am referring to the interview of a medical doctor who wrote about the  The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious Healing. Richard Kradin, M.D. [Shrink Rap Radio podcast #351 – Exploring the Placebo Response with Jungian Analyst, Richard Kradin, MD — link to site] I include that here because I’m increasingly impressed with the health improvements being reported by methods that do things such as increase a person’s expectations of health, and other factors without actual western medical diagnosis and treatment. This can often result in the person then experiencing unexpected reduction or disappearance of concerns about their health. In fact, Dr. Kradin noted that one east coast clinic was formerly titled as dealing with Complementary and Alternative Medicine and has now changed its name to be something like, Placebo Research Institute. [I intend to listen to the podcast again and update this paragraph.]\n\nAgain, to see the Distance Services page:  Click here: Distance Services.\n\n[Update:] Those of  you who’ve followed my career will recall some times in which I made long distance housecalls. These were special events specifically designed for unique needs of an individual or family. Currently I am negotiating for a possible additional Distance Housecall, this time with the mission to help provide administrative assistance (and possibly some carpentry, painting, landscaping) to a healthcare office that is in need of some \”resuscitation\” so that it can again provide services to the local people who would be reached by the practice once it is \”back online.\” (Details are private, HIPAA-style respect is important even when dealing with a non-physical client.) When the situation is firmed up I would give a new title to the community/crowd-sourcing donation page that I would share privately with those who might want to contribute:\n

\nIn closing: Whether you choose to schedule for telephone or Skype \”Natural Medicine Connections Coaching\” (helping you access local resources as well as coaching you, without medical diagnosis or treatment), or to arrange for a housecall, I encourage you to continue learning about options that may give you the inputs that help engender your own healing response.

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Whole Psychiatry: Building Your Healthy Self — With Help

Psychiatrist Robert Hedaya creates opportunities to reconsider and reshape your health. Whole Psychiatry [link to his site] was created from his career in mental health with insights from the new field of Functional Medicine.\n\nThe image to the right is my reminder that we each have a lot of control over how our life is shaped and how we respond to various pressures and possibilities. That image links to my blog \”Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple\” [or click here]. Dr. Hedaya’s work includes a more familiar and scientific medical model that describes much of the structure I wrote about then (how each person has three control systems to run their life, tadalafil help and that their life is encircled by something greater than our various parts). His site includes a depth of information about Functional Medicine.\n\nRecently Dr. Hedaya was interviewed by Shrink Rap Radio founder psychologist David Van Nuys, ampoule Ph.D. [Link to the intro page where you can Play or download the MP3.]   \”…Robert J. Hedaya, MD, DFAPA is the founder of the National Center for Whole Psychiatry in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Dr Hedaya believes that better mental and physical health can be achieved with less medication by correcting bodily systems and getting to the roots of ill health. Using traditional and integrative approaches, Dr Hedaya assesses digestion, nutrition, immune function, inflammation, detoxifiction, oxidative stress, hormones and genetics in every person he evaluates. Although he is a certified psychopharmacologist, through this method Dr Hedaya has found that his patients can achieve better physical and mental health, with less medication…\n\n\”He is an active member of the Endocrine Society, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a former Board Member of the Suburban Maryland Psychiatric Society, and board certified by the American Boards of Psychiatry and Neurology, Adolescent Psychiatry, and Clinical Psychopharmacology. Dr. Hedaya has been a consultant to the National Institutes for Mental Health, and is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center\”\n

\nOne of the impressive aspects that Dr. Hedaya discussed in the interview with Dr. Van Nuys is that he tells people right up front that we do not know everything. There is more to life than we are able to know. It’s refreshing to hear how he employs Science as much as possible to give people better options for improving health but that ultimately there is more going on than we can fully know. You’ll have to listen to him and visit his site to hear how he explains this  himself.\n\nHelping you build your healthy future: I’m featuring Dr. Hedaya in this blog entry because I am deeply convinced that there is more to life and to health care than is currently understood using the Scientific method. My clinical site [link to Natural Connections Healthcare] and my earlier information site [Natural World Healing] draw upon my experiences in the health care field for over 40 years.\n\nAn important new advance in mental and emotional health is the Coherence Therapy model which is much more supportive of a person’s birthright of self-respect than the older method called \”Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.\” My recent blog includes an interview with one of the founders, who wrote the book, Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation: blog link.\n\nRecent developments in brain science give me renewed hope that people now can have more control over what it takes to shape their lives in ways that bring more meaning and more satisfaction in life. The image to the left [or this link] leads to the Amen-Affiliated Education Center on my clinical site.\n\nNEW June 2013: People who have begun consulting with me can also receive a 10% discount on testing services as described: \”…This discount only applies to the scan services/full evaluation at the Amen Clinics, and does not include medical checkups or other modalities/therapies we provide, and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.\”\n\nFrom that page I include several links: New Brain Science, Autonomic Nervous System Science (w Dr. Porges’ polyvagal theory as a main focus), FlexAware and more.\n\nOn other pages of my sites I describe the science behind the energies of the heart and the brain and the system that has been called the acupuncture energy \”meridian\” system. This image [and this link] lead to my AcuGraph digital meridian imaging links and hopes for research. Here are links to my earlier Acupuncture Science and Emotions and Acumeridian science pages.\n\nThe AcuGraph technology is a current western science method of learning about changes in the body that happen as a result of acupuncture, reflexology, and other ways to change a person’s \”health energies.\”\n\nThose of you who have followed my explorations and networking in the health care field will see my gradual shift toward more reliance on the new developments in the acumeridian and health energies aspect of health science. There have been brain imaging studies reported that show changes in brain function after a person’s foot has received acupuncture stimulation. There is a growing interest in how people can experience shifts in mental, emotional and physical health as a result of including both physical treatments and energy/acupuncture/reflexology/etc., inputs.\n\nAs I write this essay today, starting with Dr. Hedaya’s Whole Psychiatry, I am still maintaining the new internet site that I began as a response to the school shootings and violence last year. This is for the DC Area Naturopathic Neuropsych Support Services networking endeavor. [Click here for that \”DCNN\” site]\n\nFrom there are links and encouragement to military veterans and their families, and to others who have experienced traumas. I’m especially proud to be a veteran myself because the military now has improved its care for veterans (and active military) and includes acupuncture as an approved way to improve health.\n\nI deeply appreciate body psychotherapy, including FlexAware breath-driven neuro rehab and fitness teaching (I’m a certified FlexAware coach/teacher). These fit nicely with the gentle physical dynamics of the acupuncture treatments that I’d like everyone to receive. I often describe acupuncture as a type of body psychotherapy because it is performed on the body while the mind has to \”take a back seat\” to the process. I’m convinced that your physical body is your key to mental health, and it is your friend (part of \”Living Inside The Box…\” as mentioned above and linked again here — link to blog essay).\n\nI invite you to read my other blog discussions that introduce links about body psychotherapy, Somatics, Epigenetics, Trauma Spectrum, Craniosacral Therapy, FlexAware, Play as Medicine, Family Constellations and more.\n\nThe Future: I’m looking forward to the future when Dr. Amen and others who measure the activity of the brain will have convinced the health insurance companies that there is indeed sufficient evidence that the combination of Functional Medicine [my description page] and acupuncture-related treatments can make deep improvements in people’s mental as well as physical health.\n\nIn closing: The Springtime transition is yet again a reminder of the beauty around us, even in the midst of traumas and challenges. Regardless your opinion about evolution or creation, \”the rocks and stones cry out\” that there is much more to Life than the physical.\n\nWe may not be able to know everything, but \”we are all in this together\” and each person deserves to know the Welcome that is their birthright.\n\nI’m here if you want to talk about your options. [Contact, phone consults, coaching and more.]

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