Neurons that fire together wire together.

\n\nA Muslim woman and her child, tadalafil a Catholic rosary bead prayer circle, a Vietnam Veteran playing an ancient flute in his forest retreat… These images from my career remind me of some of the First Basics of life as a human being.\n\nIf you’ve followed my career I may have told you stories of moments that pointed me to the energies behind the physical form of life as being key to understanding both our happiness/ \”equanimity\” and painful diseases that are part of The Human Condition. [Ph.D. thesis-in-progress: Human Energy Anatomy: Scientific groundwork for clinical practice.]\n\nWhat a person repeatedly thinks about, what a person repeatedy speaks, and what a person repeatedly does when they are with other people…all of those are part of the larger story that modern neuroscientists are describing in their multi-media presentations at scientific conferences. They talk about \”Neuroplasticity\” and \”Mirror Neurons\”; research reports detail scientifically the concept, \”Neurons that fire together wire together.\” That same story — but told with different words — is deeply embedded in the lore and tradition of tribes and religions and philosophies throughout human history.\n\n[Image may be replaced in a future update to this entry. No one picture could illustrate the human family/tribe/society in its complexity.] You readers who are optimistic atheists, as well as those dwelling deeply within your religious or spiritual communities all are living proof of the importance of Belonging as a central part of healthy living. [Essays and pictures: Science and Spirituality.]\n\nThe upcoming Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2014, and my proposed Wisdom Day 2015, give me hope as the larger Human Family moves into the transitions ahead.\n\n\n\nSeveral ongoing discussions with readers center on the ways that toxins (heavy metals, chemical pollution, \”toxic relationships\”, etc.) affect health of body and mind. I include several links for learning about Biological Dentistry on my sites. [Example link.]\n\nThis image below from the University of Calgary video — which will play if you click on the picture at the top of today’s presentation — is a hopeful slide that reminds us of the fresh growth and new connections that are possible if we place ourselves in appropriate settings. [If you visit the University of Calgary video library the video there has been removed.]\n\n\n\nSome of you are hopeful, some of you are despairing of ever feeling good again. My wish today is that the words above set off helpful thoughts and connections in your mind.\n\nIn my career I’ve stood beside people while they were moving through sometimes difficult transitions. I’ve placed links below for some additional sharing I offer for you today.*\n\nFor those who are veterans (either Uniformed veterans, Civil Rights veterans or Healthcare Freedom Veterans), here is a brief inspiration for what may be possible in your life too:\n\n\n\nFor the longer version of that video — and connections I make with FlexAware and other hopeful steps that you may choose for your life — here is my page that reminds you that you can grow your body and your mind without the need for a philosophy or religion (some of you are are concerned about the non-Christian aspects of yoga): Arthur and FlexAware.\n\nYou are welcome to hunt and find me [see blog: Dr. Wilson’s \”A-Team\” Approach] to help you with your questions. Check out the website and contact me. Click here or on the image button below. Enjoy the Journey.\n\n\n\n*Intro links that may be helpful for you or a loved one [I may add more later]:\n\nCounseling approaches\n\n\”Kinesthetic Medicine\” and somatic approaches to healthy mind and relationships\n\nNew Brain Science intro including \”Working definition of the Mind\”\n\nDr. Amen’s Brain-Directed Solutions support page\n\nHospice and transitions.

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