Lightness of Being: Stephen Hawking and Mother Theresa

I’ve been present at births and deaths. The span of life for each human is unique but one trait is innate: Inquiry. Survival and thriving depend on the ability to tell such basics as…\”is this open or closed?, viagra sales thumb \” or, \”is this on or off?\” Shock or satisfaction can depend on the answer.

\nThe more I work with people who’ve been shifted by Trauma (including receiving traumatic medical diagnoses),  the more I appreciate the ability to observe and remember.\n\nWhether an event is observed happening  such as a pet animal dying, or is directly experienced as physical trauma or traumatic neglect by a care-giver, sometimes the human (or animal too) is overwhelmed by the implications of the event. [I wrote earlier: Animals and Humans: Saving Each Other.]\n\nEach human has an innate aspect to themselves that has the capability of creating new outcomes, but often the person’s brain and mind can’t perceive that as possible. I wrote about \”Social Epigenetics\” and the \”Epigenetics of the Soul\” in an earlier post because it’s important to recognize that nobody exists in total isolation.\n\nI’ve spent time with military veterans and with survivors of domestic traumas of several kinds. Each individual develops their own response to the offers from others. Hopefully they can find their way forward in life, either on their own or with help from others. But sometimes people feel overwhelmed.\n\nMaps can help. Recently I reviewed the Escape And Evasion Maps of several nations — cloth or durable materials that held maps that could help them find safety. I even created an illustration for a reminder \”map\” that might be adapted for your own route ahead.\n\n\n\nI’ve begun a new blog titled, Flickerback Veterans, to give respect to the phenomenon known as \”Flashbacks\”. The innate human quality of memory can create suffering if the person has not been given the clues to unlock the trauma from their neurophysiology.\n\nPart of my offerings to people who read this or who come to see me in person is to help them create their next choices. Sometimes I call it \”Natural Medicine Second Opinion\” as I help them choose which options to include from the many offerings on what can be called the Healthcare Landscape. I’m in contact with many individuals and institutions that may be a \”good fit\” for someone who needs assistance with sometimes overwhelming needs.\n\nI began writing today with the memory of the people I’ve known or seen films about, or read about, whose way of being includes a kind of lightness and inquisitiveness even in situations that seem difficult beyond description. I treasure the correspondence I had with Stephen Hawking years ago [his site], because his mind and brain can still communicate even though it now requires an electronic voice that reads the text he wrote. Further down this page I have embedded a video in which I hear his voice as part of the lively presentation of youthful researchers who are seeking out minute details of what could be called a map of the Universe.\n\nI also include the name Mother Theresa of Calcutta because she has been a public figure and much has been written about her unique experience and her service. Her demeanor is one that includes an element of lightness of being, but she lived in some of the most difficult environments in human social existence. Another individual whose demeanor includes a lightness is Tenzin Gyatso known as the Dalai Llama. I’ve met survivors of Tibet massacres; it is beyond words the pain that the Dalai Lama has seen in those for whom he is a spiritual leader.\n\nYou may have seen the following introduction before, but it is so lively that I include it again. It’s brief and I consider it uplifting because it speaks to the hope that is stronger now that the New Brain Science field is gaining what can be called scientific credibility. This is about Stephen Porges, researcher into autism, trauma and more; I’ve spoken with him and felt honored to follow the growing appreciation for his work. [My introduction and rapid-access links about Dr. Porges and the Poly-Vagal Theory of ANS function.]\n\n\n\nYou are welcome to click here to accept my Welcome for a visit or an online session.\n\nIn a more light-hearted tone I present the finding from my online search about the term \”Lightness of Being.\” I was pleased to discover this book and website by a physicist: Lightness of Being. The site describes the author: \”…Author Frank Wilczek has been playing with unified visions of nature since, as a 21 year-old physics grad student, he did work that won him the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics.\”\n\nNow I’ll add the video that I discovered on that site, a picture from which is the first one in this essay. The video is about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and was created by Kate McAlpine. The video includes Stephen Hawking’s electronic voice. It is a lively presentation in the form of images and song/Rap-type lyrics orchestrated by a youthful researcher into the structure of the Universe. It’s upbeat and the words and images do more than simply exclaim their enthusiasm for science as being useful for the common person. Their work may ultimately lead to an improved \”map\” of this life that we all share.\n\n\n\nI wish you lightness as much as is appropriate for your day. Call the office or contact me about your questions or concerns.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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