Jurassic War. Jurassic Peace. Who We Are.

\n\nPsychotherapists are loving this film — Jurassic World opens our nation’s eyes once again to a world of possibilities. Advertisements may seem to disclose a summertime box-office romp, best viagra sildenafil but buried inside the film are hidden threads that deal with timeless questions about healthy human existence. Post 9/11 audiences watching this sequel now have the opportunity to simply be with the reality that war and peace and veterans have always been part of the fabric of human societies. See below my major take-away today about War and Peace and what kind of world we are creating for our future.*\n\nThis film as “The doctor’s prescription” is way more than a dose of excitement. The original book was written by a physician, rx Michael Crichton, M.D., with multiple “refills of the prescription” by Steven Spielberg. This film series is a phenomenon that I consider to be powerful “medicine” for our world’s future. Women, and men and children are each developing their own internal “maps” of the Safe Zones in their personal territory and this latest re-draw of the boundaries is more complex than ever.  I hope that this film is recognized as a major contribution to social advancement (read more on this below).\n\n\n\nFYI: The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2014 was about the \”maps\” that mammals — mice in this case — create in their brains to guide them as they travel their physical landscape; I’ve transposed that to also include the mental \”maps\” that guide us as we navigate the social landscape with its Safe and  Not-Safe zones. There is a lot of focus on \”maps\” in Jurassic World.\n\nJurassic World 2015 is an historic event in itself. 1) This sequel gives us a chance to think back to the maps of the world when the first Jurassic Park film was released — before the historic events of September 11, 2001. 2) Our nation in 2015 is still officially in a declared War status with protagonists each fighting to advance or to protect their maps. This means that this film about primal terrain is written against the background or the \”social Matrix\” that is made up of of the risks and sacrifices of many individuals for the benefit of the “homeland” and for world peace — War and Peace.\n\nJurassic World reveals a lot that we couldn’t perceive until recent discoveries in neuroscience and mammalian behavior. [My blog: Animals and Humans Saving Each other and Reverse Engineer Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp’s Animal Affect Research and More.] Social psychologists contributed to the depth of the presentations of each character portrayed by an actor in the film. I’ve never before seen so many characters in a film actually “think about thinking” while they face choices of life, death and love. This film targets several potential audiences and can deliver a multi-course meal for the mind as well as the senses if you choose to join in this national phenomenon.\n\n

Public Domain image of imagined dinosaur battle.

And, yes, there is a lot of eating going on, but the “blood” is on-screen and it’s a safe way to invest your precious income and your time. [Disclosure: I chose to see the “2-D” version, so I’m holding off on the really scary option of 3-D dinosaurs. I will advise that your experience may actually be frightening — but hopefully in a safe way. My bus driver today said their extended family watched it on Saturday and a visiting grandmother from South America actually screamed at several of the surprising moments.]\n\n*Major Insight for Today — War, Peace and Healthy Society: No “spoiler” disclosures follow, but I invite you to catch some themes that fleetingly appear from the depths of the characters. Yes, there are depictions of peaceful moments surveying the natural grandeur of waterfalls and greenery and families bringing children to a theme park. In addtion we glimpse “students of Life” of all ages who come to learn more factors behind questions about who we are as a species. [Link to my clinical site page “Who We Are.”] However, Spielberg doesn’t hold back from some shocks intended to give life to a potentially \”anemic\” and insensitive society:\n\nWho we are:  Looking back on relatively superficial aspects of what happened in that movie theater I find myself recalling lessons from Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley’s “Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus.”  [Public domain full version at Project Gutenberg online. Opens in new window.] That’s another well-drawn picture of human intelligence impacting the lives of people in the society around the holder of that key insight. In this case the tale was written by a woman who at the time used a fake male name to publish her book. After you see Jurassic World you can develop your own comparisons to the various written and film versions about “Frankenstein’s Monster.”  The image that I pasted above is a composite that I created in response to this week’s newscasts about screen legends such as Melissa Gilbert [Hero in the film Spy — opens in new window] who are women. Say what you must about their \”politics\” but each has struggled to stand in a world where some men don’t know what to do with strong women. I’ve heard some stunning descriptions by women of how some men fabricate, lie and \”stack the deck\” against women in truly devious ways.\n\n

Man and Woman: An Elemental reminder of duality that can save and reclaim a Life. One person at a time… Look into their eyes…

Here is the link to my earlier blog insight introducing the Australian film, The Railway Man [jump to that]. The strength and wisdom of a woman who loved a former Army POW (Prisoner of War) is the message of that film. The story of a woman’s healing presence is retold in the more recent film about another POW, this time Air Force:  Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie [open new window to leave my site and go to Time magazine review of this powerful film.].\n\nHowever, my main target with you in mind today is…Who We Are. [My Who We Are page — where I begin to develop what you and I may talk about when you choose to interact more with my site and with me in phone/Skype or in-person coaching.]\n\nCoaching/Medicine Target: What can we create during appointments? What can we bring into existence that was not possible prior to our joining in the process of Creation? I can advise on physical concerns as well as coach regarding emotional and social problems. I can advocate that we consider referrals when collaboration with other specialists may result in a more robust and resilient outcome.\n\nPsychotherapy: For newcomers to my site and blog, the healthy creation of your next steps is the goal of psychotherapy. It’s been less than 200 years that the world has had access to scientific study of the operation of the mind. Some of the original \”Greats\” include Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, Carl Jung, Sabina Speilrein and Wilhelm Reich. These were pioneers, men and women, and were seen by many as controversial. However, the field of Psychotherapy is now bearing fruit. I consider the field of psychotherapy to be mature enough for me to recommend some kind of therapy as part of your personal \”menu\” of options. Learn more from the hundreds of psychology interviews/lively \”podcasts\” by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of Shrink Rap Radio. [Link to his recent interview with Alan Abbass, M.D., Ph.D. who is primary care M.D./psychiatrist/psychotherapist — opens in new window.]\n\n\n\nPreparing to close today: I recall that I started life as an Explorer. The territory of mind and body and healthy society is my chosen landscape and for a while I was studying to become a medical doctor at University of Michigan Class of 1974. I’ve met many of the great human beings of our time. In terms of the western medicine field, now that I’m back in Seattle I’m around people who would recall Abram Hoffer, M.D., Brad Weeks, M.D., David Buscher, M.D. and Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. each of whom walked the line between typical medical knowledge and an expanded way of understanding how humans can function in the midst of a toxic world. [See my teaching site page about Human Toxics Management — \”Homotoxicology\” and Homo toxicanus.]\n\nNew Territory: Ecopsychology: I’ve recently discovered a wise elder creatively tending the land where he worked on creating a potential field he named Ecopsychology. He’s Robert Greenway, Ph.D.  There are several versions of Ecopsychology in the minds of people who’ve studied with him over the decades since the 1960s. [His personal story of his life path — on Ecopsychology.org. New window.] He wrote there, \”…’There is no field!’ It is still forming, waiting to be articulated, hardly used anywhere. Perhaps you know of some missing pieces to the ecopsychological puzzle; perhaps you will be the one to click a coherent ecopsychology into place.\” His observations remind me of my comments about the naturopathic effort to claim territory in the healing landscape, called the Vis medicatrix naturae, \”The healing power of Nature.\” [My presentation about my insight that nobody can \”own\” the healing power of Nature.] I am looking forward to seeing what new things will come from discovering the Olympic Peninsula farm that Dr. Greenway calls home.\n\nI’m here when you’re ready:  In person for coaching and online via email and Skype. I’ll help you strategize about your next steps ahead. [Clinical Site with Appointments, Adventure Therapy, Brain Health options and other info.]\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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