Janov’s “Primal” in Touch with new Neuroscience

I just returned from a Primal therapy conference that focused on Feelings. [www.Primals.org] That’s helping me be more effective in thinking as well as feeling.\n\nSome of my observations: Babies are birthed into a \”sea\” of intersecting flows and cycles of several types. In the realms of social health and mental health, viagra sale human intelligence and recognition have advanced so far now that we can look back upon our birth as much more than pressing a \”start\” button on an organic machine.\n\nA big factor is what I call The Epigenetic Matrix that surrounds each person. The nurture that we receive or do not receive is the major factor in what finally develops with our life. Janov’s insight was that the sub-awareness part of us remembers the losses that led to harm or fear which block ease of moti0n and flow of social interactions in later life.\n\nBig Note: If you want more information about genetic metabolic testing as well as Epigenetics you can read more on the Washington DC site where Charles Gant, M.D., offers his psychiatry-informed wisdom about \”predictive genomics\” and \”functional medicine\” within the greater context of National Integrated Health Associates: http://www.nihadc.com/practitioners/dr-chas-gant-md-ph-d.html . I attended their event the day before I began the Primal weekend.\n\nPsychotherapy and Social Health: Psychotherapy processes that I have been exploring during my career are recently becoming integrated with new scientific discoveries about the structure of the brain. I’ve done a lot of experiencing with First Nations teachers.\n\n \n\nA major example of neuroscience applied to mental health is the Amen Clinics network. \n\nIn current times the medical and mental health field has seen the same time scientific rigor being tapped by explorers who are studying the \”structure of the mental architecture\” which allows humans to examine and learn from their past behaviors, emotions and attitudes. [Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain. He is aware of \”mindfulness\” and meditation but does not use terms that would possibly frighten people who have firm religious structures for their understanding of human existence.]\n\n\n\n\nImmersion: Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., described what has been the basis of Primal Therapy as I understand its beginnings. His book is titled The Body Keeps the Score. This is his observation that the conscious mind can be so flooded by fear and pain, etc., that it can’t process the event and it ends up getting \”stored\” in the body’s \”tissue memory\” that can’t be talked about but needs to be accessed in other ways than talk therapy.\n\nMy intense immersion in the Primal Therapy experience has brought me this morning to sit at my computer keyboard back at home with feelings that can’t be captured with words.\n\nLuckily, I was able to \”bookend\” that weekend with two visits to salt water ocean shore on the east coast. The inner explorers who I walked with those days also got their feet wet. Some seemed to play like dolphins. We tossed a fist-sized fabric bean-bag to each other as we swam and floated in the shimmering late afternoon sun.\n\n\n\nToward the end of the second visit to the ocean I played in the surf and ended up being tumbled off my feet by two large waves. That transformed me into a curled fetal-like ball bouncing beneath the surface along the gritty sand as the waves pushed and pulled at the shore. I closed that mini-ceremony by walking up the wet sand then plunking myself down onto compact smooth sand looking out to sea with my feet barely in reach of the spent waves which lapped at my toes.\n\nMeals at the retreat site were comings-together of colorful individuals each of whom had been exploring their relationship to their own life history. Our guides during workshops included several described on Conference program notes found on the organization’s internet site: http://primals.org/convention.html.\n\nA significant complement to Jan0v’s work was the Bonding Psychotherapy demonstration.\n\n The information and the demonstration were powerful additions to the self-awareness of the Primals approach as I was beginning to understand it. You’ll need to contact them and get information yourself. I won’t upload what copyrighted information we were being shown. (About Bonding Psychotherapy: on the site of International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy.) That site has a list of practitioners and trainers of professionals in the USA (click here).\n\nWhen I woke this morning I felt a freedom or a permission to explore the feelings that may have been hidden otherwise. I used some 0f the techniques that we learned and ended up feeling a kind of insight make its way to the surface after I’d taken my weekly dose of sensation-focused homeopathic \”similimum\” pattern therapy. [Ref: www.RadicalMedicine.com and the book, Radical Medicine by Dr. L. Williams.]\n\nAll of the people there seemed to be skilled in more than one approach of accessing their inner selves. This event was not a teaching situation for becoming a Primal practitioner such as are covered on their website. Their site again is www.Primals.org.\n\nIn closing I do highly recommend including the Primal Therapy approach in your life exploration. And if you can add it I also was impressed with the group touch-reminder of the Bonding Psychotherapy approach that emphasizes that we are not living this life alone in a vacuum.\n\nHere is my ship in a bottle that I created. I think of it now that I remember the graphic above about lifting up the anchor on one’s boat and journeying safely ahead on what they say can be seen eventually as a pleasure cruise. You can do it.\n\n\n\nEnjoy your journey this day and each day.\n\nRalph Wood (\”Woody\”) Wilson\n\nKitemaster and licensed healthcare practitioner\n\nwww.Routefinders.org

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