In the beginning was the Word, next: Relationships

\”In the Beginning was the Word, click \” is a deep truth. After that…what’s next? We humans listen, and we speak. Sometimes we pray. How do we protect our access to knowing who we are as individuals and as members of what could be called a global Village?\n\nFor those of you readers who are careful readers and who might debate about aspects of what human life is all about, at the start of this essay I’ll acknowledge one other KEY fact of life: Touch.\n\nPeople touch each other from the very first moment of the life process. So do animals. Relationship is at the ground level of what it means to be alive. I’ve even coined a term, \”Kinesthetic Medicine,\” to remind people that there are many ways in which touch can lead to your body moving along the pathway of healing.\n\nWatch this brief video that introduces the next step in life beyond Words. Touch is key to the PolyVagal Theory, and it leads us to more deeply appreciate animals as giving us clues to what is most healthy for humans:\n\n\n\nLife can seem traumatic. We know that physical and emotional traumas do indeed happen, as well as the traumatic situation of \”neglect\” by one’s primary caregiver.\n\nThis goes for humans and also for animals.\n\nToday I began crafting my words with the intent to tell you many more things about Dr. Porges, and the developing field of New Brain Science and some of the very positive things that I am doing to make available more options to people for their \”Health Menu.\”\n\nHowever after viewing that video again just now, I’ll save other things for another day and invite you to view it. View it again if you have already seen it once. Its message is powerful and needs to be heard — We are not alone in Life, and we can learn a lot from animals.\n\nDoc

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