“Go Wash in the Stream”: Coherence Therapy Initiation?

Have you had your \”buttons\” pushed recently? Been \”deflated\” recently? Memories of experiences may hold treasures for your future, ask but don’t get hurt by \”sifting through the rubble\” too quickly in your psychotherapy.\n\nI’ve had the honor of encounters with some of the world’s great souls. My chosen pathway in life has been to explore and to help others to explore. Sometimes this has meant exploring the routes through actual mountain terrain, or down flowing rivers. Sometimes it has meant being with someone as they look at and make choices about events and relationships with other people that feel \”mountainous\” or \”flowing rapidly.\”\n\nSometimes I’ve been there as a baby was born. Sometimes it meant being there while a person faced the final gate out of this life. Sometimes I’ve quietly used body psychotherapy techniques to let the mind relax while the body gradually released \”armoring\” that had built up from responses to past experiences. And as a licensed naturopathic physician I’ve sometimes focused on thinking through choices of assessments, treat lab tests and nutrition-, herbal- and medication-related expected consequences to help us Discover your resources, remove restrictions and help you heal so that they can plan for the next steps along their journey of life.\n\nI’ve gone through schools, trainings and life experiences that help me to perceive factors that most people haven’t needed to know about while they go through their daily life. Today’s essay is to describe two factors. The first is the Coherence Therapy discovery of the process that people have used without knowing it throughout human history in order to make choices that are consistent with their deepest inner \”core level\” experience. The second factor is Water, H-2-O, and how we can relate to it.\n\nCoherence Therapy: The name is memorable; it actually is so basic that it is not an actual complete \”therapy\” in itself but it describes the basic process by which many therapies have proven successful in helping individuals achieve lasting change in their lives. I’m convinced that this process has actually been the basis of successful society since the beginning of human life. And, when the steps in the process are not followed, Coherence Therapy shows how humans have ended up experiencing disempowered lives. I see \”C.T.\” as explaining the basis for Evil and Insanity as well as \”lives of silent desperation.\”\n

\nI’ll let you explore on your own starting with this earlier blog about Coherence Therapy.  [Their site: Coherence Psychology Institute.]\n\nIt’s your life. You do the exploring. I’m here for consultations online or in person: Welcome.\n\nSecond factor — Water: While Coherence Therapy deals with the primary process by which a person gets in touch with their own inner dynamics and releases their healing energies (mentally, physically and socially) — and is a topic in my blog \”In the Beginning was the Word, next: Relationships\” — Water is the substance without which life is impossible.\n\nAll religions, philosophies and Science have major aspects that deal with water. Again, I’ll invite you to explore on your own what Water means to you. However, the last part of today’s presentation is about some Natural Medicine and awareness/counseling aspects of Water that I’ve recently witnessed as potent \”tools in my toolkit.\”\n\nSolid, liquid and gas are the states usually described for Water. As a physician I have ways to employ Water for therapeutic physical health support as well as in my counseling where I use it as both a physical substance and as metaphor in many ways.\n\nPhysical use of water: In my practice in Seattle at an Ayurvedic clinic (as part of my unofficial internship after graduation as a new naturopathic doctor) one of my main contributions was water irrigation of the colon, \”colonic hydrotherapy.\” Vivek Shanbhag, M.D. [Ayu, India], N.D., [now located in the Bay Area in CA] often prescribed that for his patients because it not only assisted the person by training their inner muscles to be stronger and more coordinated in expelling digested food, but it also \”opened doorways\” to inner thought processes and allowed people to begin to \”let go\” of disturbing memories. I’ve been a consistent proponent of \”colonic hydrotherapy\” when it is done by well trained practitioners who are also alert for mental & emotional flows that may be unlocked and must be dealt with after the experience at their office. Naturopathic physicians also use water as healing baths; \”Balneotherapy\” [medicinal bath and pack therapy] is offered by Richard Kitaeff, M.A., N.D., Dip.Ac., Lic. Acup, of Edmonds, WA, in whose office I also did part of my unofficial internship. You can list on your own I’m sure many ways that our health relies on water including hydration as for sports, preparing food, cleansing skin, etc.\n\nWater as both gas and as metaphor: \”Go wash in the water,\” has been a command, a ritual and a personal exploration since the first humans communicated with each other. Now that you’ve seen the title of this presentation and read this far, you’ve likely thought of many of the meanings of water in your own experience.\n\nEspecially in psychotherapy the therapist is always mindful of the potential result of \”washing away\” what in Coherence Therapy now are understood to be old emotional learnings. Those might have been simply \”smudges on the windshield of life,\” or they may have become huge diversions or even dams that had altered the flow of a person’s life energies potentially for even decades of their life.\n\nThe reason that psychotherapists have usually expected the need for their clients to return for multiple sessions is that it takes time for the brain and the mind to re-construct what life can become after the removal of \”that which was washed away.\” So please be sure to have contact with someone after you begin any type of healing process. \n\nThis is why we make contracts of commitment to each other. So, even if you end up in situations that may feel — neuro-transmitter-verified feel — that you are alone and that nobody else can understand: there are people who know the kinds of processes you may be in the midst of and who can help you figure out the next steps.\n\nWater as Gas, and the Homeopathic Phenomenon: My doctorate in naturopathic medicine gave me entry level information that I later followed with extensive exploration into the science of human energies as well as the mind and physiology. My Ph.D. thesis is still in process: Human Energy Anatomy: Scientific Groundwork for Clinical Practice.\n\nOn that page are links to info and resources for you to learn more about Acupuncture, Human Microcircuits, the Vis medicatrix naturae, fractal images, Dr. John Bastyr and his investing in a body energy measurement technology and much more. I had been initially skeptical about the scientific groundwork for natural medicine when I began studies to become a medical doctor at the University of Michigan Medical School. However, after a lot of study and experience I finally \”got it\” about the truths behind various systems of medicine and also behind religions and philosophies.\n\nWater can hold energy patterns. This is the underlying phenomenon of homeopathy; when water holds substances in it and the vial or jar that holds the solution is firmly percussed, there is a transfer of the energy pattern of the substance into the molecule of water. When drops of that solution (after it is repeatedly diluted then percussed, vibrated strongly) are given to a human or living creature their personal energy field responds.\n\nWhen liquid homeopathic solutions are dropped onto sugar pills the water never completely disappears but instead there are some molecules left trapped within the pill so that the energy pattern can be experienced by the person when they put the pill into their mouth.\n\nI have training in methods that discover changes in the quality of the pulse of the heartbeat or the tone of muscles when homeopathic solutions are brought into the person’s energy field within a couple of feet from the surface of the skin.\n\nAn important learning experience: Now that I have met and learned from Burton Goldberg [\”Mr. Alternative Medicine\”] I understand the unseen science behind the application of the homeopathic phenomenon to measurement of acupuncture energy pathway dynamics. Burton Goldberg has seen advanced technology that can isolate the patterns without requiring water for administration, so you are invited to see his site for more information on that.\n\nWash your hands. Wash your clothes. The phenomenon of energy patterns being carried within water may be one of the reasons that washing can be a powerful part of a healing program. Washing may remove the energy field (or \”energy memory\”) that was carried in the liquid and that might be affecting your overall energy in your body.\n\nIn closing, Maureane O’Keefe, Ph.D., told us at a graduation ceremony at Bastyr University, \”Remember to wash your hands.\” She then said words that I’ve always recalled as reminding us that water can both wash away the traces of energy patterns that were disturbing the last patient we touched, and it can also connect us to the Earth and the larger field of healing and coherence that is there for anyone to tap into if they know it is there.\n\n[If you are a new visitor, religious or atheist, you are invited to see the collection of resources on my Science & Spirituality page which includes my statement — \”I do not want you to lose your faith.\”]\n\nThe Field is always there. I’m here to help you learn more and help you connect with information, treatments and with people who can help you feel the Welcome that is your birthright.\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n


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