Functional Medicine: A New Angle to View Health Puzzles

\n\nLaboratory testing can assess the functional health of organs and systems that allow people to move forward in dealing with the joys, sovaldi sale health shocks and traumas of life.\n\nMore about my use of lab testing is on the Functional Medicine page of my information site. There I give much praise to the Academy of Functional Medicine, ask   Dentistry and Psychology because of its ongoing training of health care practitioners who want to add the broader viewpoint of functional testing to their work with clients who come to them with puzzling conditions of body and mind.\n\nUpdate: The name of the Academy has been updated to — Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics.\n\n\n\nThe Academy’s educational options fit perfectly with the work of the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) who are advocates of The New Brain Science.\n\nRecently I have listened with amazement at the stories of lives changed in children and their families who have received the care of Michael Gruttadauria, D.C. His site: Beat Autism Now! I include his site among notes on my original site about Autism and Neurodevelopmental Differences.\n\nRecently I read a forum posting from Garry Gordon, M.D. (his professional “FACT” group is accepting application for inclusion in the emailing of questions and answers). It dealt with Gardasil deaths and a representative case where a young girl’s life was saved through the work of a medical doctor who included several cutting-edge methods. That was an exact parallel of a young man whose life I saw rescued through the efforts of the team at National Integrated Health Associates who include Biological Dentistry in their comprehensive programs  [NIHA intro]. If you are a healthcare practitioner you can learn more on Dr. Gordon is one of a large and growing number of medical practitioners who realize that in many individual cases a person is not capable of withstanding the usually small stress of preservatives and additives contained in vaccinations. Functional medicine lab testing may be helpful in deciding if a person is strong enough to handle the foreign substances being introduced into their body.\n\nIf you are a member of the general public seeking information to include on your Health Menu of what may be helpful for you and your family, here are just two of the connections that I may recommend regarding functional stresses from vaccinations: National Vaccine Information Center and\n\nEach of us is doing the very best that we can in using our brains to find things that keep us as safe as possible [more on the blog, Your Body as Temple]. However, when you consult with a functional medicine practitioner you can gain additional clues about factors such as toxicities, nutrient deficiencies and genetic physiological hindrances that require nutrient management so as to avoid expression of what could be called disease.\n\nThere are many parts to living a full and rich life. Functional Medicine can be a major help to achieving that. Contact me for more details.

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