Feeling Welcome in your life can change your destiny

\”Earth is our home.\” Does that feel true to you? Your inner sense of Home is a key to understanding your experience and your reactions to life events that surround you. Even your healing process depends on how you handle the \”influx of the Field\” that surrounds you and the rest of us.\n\nThings are happening so quickly in my life and in the lives of people I know that today I want to be sure that I’ve left you with the launching pad for some potentially life-changing explorations. [I plan to add to today’s observations so you are invited to check back later.]\n\nThose who’ve followed my career trajectory know that I wanted to be in the space program. I wanted to look back at planet Earth. When I competed for and won an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy, case here the world seemed like a simpler place than today. I and my schoolmates built things like model rockets and basic computers (well, it was a transistor-based calculator but was what we considered a great tech adventure back then).\n\nWhen I was a senior at USAFA my lab project was a closed system circulating air from a simulated living quarters through an algae tank to reduce carbon dioxide as if it were on a space station. And then…then the Vietnam \”Conflict\” altered life for all of us, civilian and uniformed alike. Ever since then I’ve gravitated closer and closer to making my operational territory be related to the cause of healing and world peace.\n\nOriginally after I entered military service even reading or hearing the word \”peace\” would bring a tight feeling in my throat and stomach. Recently Neuroscience has helped us in the health care field understand that the physical reactions and even illnesses of our patients may be changed by paying attention to what is going on in the combined Mind-Body intersection.\n\nThat’s the background. Now, what’s relevant to you Today?\n\nA) I want you to feel safe and to know your own healing power. The new understanding of the \”Autonomic Nervous System\” [ANS] is making huge shifts on how counseling and health care can be delivered. You may have seen my page on Autonomic Science [link], my blog \”Autonomic Science: Relax, you’re not sitting atop a rocket\”, or my introduction to ANS researcher Stephen Porges, Ph.D. [link]\n\n\”The transitions ahead\” will always include types of trauma. Below is again my favorite short clip about the ANS and healing.\n\n\n\n[Addendum: Here is a free audio podcast, an interview of Dr. Porges by David Van Nuys, Ph.D., host of Shrink Rap Radio and Wise Counsel Podcast.]\n\nB) \”Mental Field Therapy\” [MFT] describes one of several effective choices that unlock your healing powers on a \”level\” that is different from the physical. You may know that I’m a fan of the National Integrated Health Associates center here in Washington DC. [NIHA: www.NIHAdc.com] When I came to Washington DC in October 2001, \”to make a difference,\” it was largely because of their expanded view of how health happens. The Five Level Map to Healing caught my attention. This was especially so because its popularizer, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., also described five concentric circles, which removed it from my concern about occultism, pyramid mysteries, etc. [My site page with downloadable version | Dr. Klinghardt’s Five Concentric Spheres/Shells version.]\n\n\n\nMental Field Therapy has become more documentable as a phenomenon in the last decade. Many researchers in fields such as psychology and biofeedback have been adding to the evidence that something is going on when certain acupuncture points are included in mental and physical treatments. [My page on Acumeridian Science  | my site, AcuGraphNeuropsych.com]\n\nI consider MFT as a primary tool to help people remove the restrictions that may hold back their healing process. I include Mental Field Therapy in my referral document for patients who need the advanced services at NIHA (such as biological dental care, hyperbaric oxygen, specialized intravenous protocols for nutrients) because it is an essential part of what I’d like for them to experience.\n\nMFT can improve a person’s Wellness as well as help with illness. Performance Excellence (for athletes or business or school, etc.) can be enhanced when MFT clears out old restrictive \”field\” patterns and dysregulation. I think that everyone would benefit from at least one session with an MFT practitioner at NIHA. Check out their site and read the various pages and online articles and the blog, then make an appointment: www.NIHAdc.com.\n\nA bottom-line phenomenon: When you visit the clinic where I work, or the NIHA center in Washington DC, I think you’ll note what seems like an \”upbeat\” or \”positive psychology\” type of atmosphere. Please know that behind that radiant supportive Welcome is the knowledge that life can be painful and that we are each able to be supportive to others. Elsewhere I’ve heard this described as The Human Family, or The Knowing Field. Science has not fully described the ways that people can somehow \”share energy\” or \”send loving kindness\” to others, but the outcomes of the interactions with some people are very positive.\n\nWhen you are in a crisis, or have a major accident, after the standard medical urgent care is over with, please think of us. We can help you move forward. And, in the case of chronic pain or illness or cancer, we can help you alongside other standard western medical treatments.\n\nThis is what I wish for you, to know the Welcome that is everyone’s birthright.\n\nI’d be glad to talk with you about options for you, either with me and my office or at NIHA or one of the growing network of offices and practitioners who can help people go further than they might have otherwise.\n\nSafe travels, and Enjoy the Journey,\n\nDr. Wilson\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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