Exploring Mars, Earth, Self: Science & Spirituality and Our Future

Exploring space was a childhood dream; now I also recommend exploring nature on Earth as well as our own physical, view medical mental and social landscapes.\n\nThe August 2012 success of the Mars landing of the Curiosity explorer team gives me great hope for the future of human development. (See the new video from NOVA, check lower on this page.)\n\nThroughout my writings and on my websites I’ve held strongly to respect of my country as well as to my hopes for the global Human Family as we all seek to make this a better world for ourselves and our loved ones. I’m proud of my service in the U.S. Air Force because I applied myself to the best of my ability as a cadet at the USAF Academy and afterward, even though I didn’t fulfill my dream of going into Space. [I wanted to go into Space.] Since graduation I’ve spent the next decades exploring the \”healthcare landscape\” and learning how people can enjoy their place in the diverse human family. I write more on Brain Health and Social Health, see links below.\n\nAstronaut Buzz Aldrin encourages youth to explore Mars. Generation Mars is his invitation to join the human adventure of learning about space and exploring that fascinating planet.\n\nThis picture is his \”photo-op\” with the Buzz Lightyear toy that flew around the Earth on the Shuttle Discovery. On his website he gives honor to Tom Hanks who had a major role in Toy Story, the movie that introduced Buzz Lightyear. Tom Hanks starred in an earlier movie about the Apollo 13 mission that flew around the Moon after a malfunction led to an explosion that nearly led to the death of the astronauts. I’ve enjoyed the films that Tom Hanks has made during his career because of his basically positive approach to the complex and often painful experiences that are part of human life.\n\nMy New Brain Science page includes connections to several ways to learn about your brain and how to manage your \”flight through life.\” To the right is my picture of Buzz Lightyear and the pretend wired-up helmet that I made for him. It’s intended as a playful way to give kids an image of something enjoyable if they are going to have a brain imaging study sometime. In the background is a photo of me at the office of \”Neuropioneers\” Tom Budzynski, Ph.D., and Helen Kogan Budzynski, Ph.D., as they sampled my neural activity.\n\nToday I invite you to think beyond the excitement and enthusiasm of the Curiosity explorer team as shown in the video below. Few people have ever gone into Space, and nobody has physically stood on Mars, yet. For most people on Earth their lives are focused on other matters. Below this video are thoughts and links about \”Living Inside the Box\” (blog entry), and about building a better brain and enhancing one’s contributions to the family and people around them. [NOVA site direct link]\n\n\n\nScience & Spirituality is an entry point to some of my most deeply held wonderings about the human adventure. The book, The Invention of Air: A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution and the Birth of America is introduced on that page. I include an interview with the author in which he describes the politics of science and religion around the time of our nation’s founding. This has many lessons for us today as we deal with competing views of philosophy and religion — as well as what constitutes true and honest application of scientific principles. [My description of the clues about energies of healing and the intelligence of John Bastyr, DC, ND and Bastyr University.]\n\n \n\nRespect for all people no matter what is their choice of religion or none is an important part of my hopes for the future of humanity. Because I’m a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, I have had inside experience with the concern of \”Spiritual Fitness\” and what it means to be a spiritually fit leader. USAFA graduate Michael \”Mikey\” Weinstein founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to protect the right to hold one’s own faith or no faith as we seek to serve this nation [link]:\n

\nDirecting your thoughts to exploring your own life and the surrounding people and nature, the following can be starting points to learn about more options for your own \”Health Menu\”:\n\nAmen Clinics Brain-Directed Solutions resources: [my introduction and services]\n\nNeurodevelopmental Differences: [Brain Heroes]\n\nTrauma Spectrum: Sports Trauma | Veterans & Trauma Spectrum\n\nFlexAware: neuro-structural rehab and fitness teaching.\n\nMind, Body and Social Healing [my introduction]\n\nWarm Water Therapy for veterans and others who have been traumatized.\n\nI’ve coined a term for the combination of movement therapy, physical therapeutics, and more: Kinesthetic Medicine.\n\nScience and Spirituality.\n\nThese are some of the connections that I can help you make with information and approaches that may help you or your loved one build a better life. I welcome you to contact me to set up a session for coaching, consultation or naturopathic services via the link below. I wish you a meaningful life.\n\nWelcome: Contact for a visit or phone coaching session\n

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