Epigenetics, American Contributions and The Invention of Air

Sunrises, pills sunsets and lovely places. Wisdom Day 2014 is being created from raw materials such as human ingenuity, Quantum Physics and the ancient science of acupuncture meridian mapping. As we travel forward on the human migration across the planet and into Space, I’m pleased to invite readers to stop and take a look at what each other is doing to improve the state of the Human Family. Life is complex and intricate, but there are ways that the opposite of complexity can be achieved.\n\nI intend today’s presentation to be brief. The presenters at Wisdom Day 2014 [link] are preparing their contributions to include being present for networking and discussions during the day and afterward.\n\nMy career was built on the developing science of the Space Program many years ago. I now find great hope in seeing what women and men are contributing to human understanding of not only \”Space\” outside of the Earth, but also the \”Inner Space\” of relationships between people and the deeper \”Inner Space\” of individual self-knowledge.\n\nI’ve chosen supporters and vendors to represent a range of important factors in human health, both of body and mind. A solid base of nutrition and micro-nutrients is important for resilient health. Knowledge of the \”acu-meridians\” and the interactions among the \”organ systems\” of the body can help people make more effective choices in their lives.\n\nThe Invention of Air: A Story of Science, Faith, Revolution, and The Birth of America. This book is the subject of an NPR interview with the author who wrote about the science behind the realization that we are surrounded by a substance called Air. [My description with link to NPR audio podcast of Science Friday.]\n\nThe importance of the discovery of air is that it allowed people to invent things such as airplanes and rocket ships, as well as incubators for premature babies and assistance devices for people with breathing problems.\n\nI find a similar \”Ah-ha\” experience when it comes to discovering the importance of the energies of human connectedness such as described in the neuroscience term, \”Mirror Neurons.\” This phenomenon is part of what I am convinced is a major territory for exploration of what it is to be human. Below I mention human DNA and the term \”epigenetics,\” so that later at Wisdom Day 2014 next year I can introduce presenters who are skilled at working with what I see as important as the discovery of air: the field of energies that surround us.\n\n\n

\nEpigenetics: The Human Genome Project had an unexpected result after it had successfully mapped the human DNA components. Above are graphics from Family Tree DNA, which has helped teach people that all humans are mostly the same except for a relatively few differences in some genes in the DNA sequence.\n\nOnce the map of the DNA relationships had been constructed, it was possible to use computer imaging to display the twisting and coiling of the long strands of DNA. It was soon verified that the twisting and coiling could be altered depending upon the surrounding environment. When the shape of the DNA shifted, that made a difference in which genes were active.  The term Epigenetics was coined to refer to the fact that \”above\” the gene sequence is the important influence of the surrounding environment such as nutrition, electrolytes and electromagnetic fields.\n\n\n\nAs I understand it now, Epigenetics can become a major incentive for people to surround each other with the \”energies\” of loving support and healthy social interactions. This means that we now have the opportunity to use scientific language to explain the success events in families that led to pleasant social outcomes in the community outside the home.\n\nThroughout human existence it did not take a university-based education for mothers and fathers to love their children. Whenever there were loving and supporting relationships people thrived and made important social contributions. Whenever people were excluded from loving Welcome in the family, their inner creativity led to distorted behaviors and choices that led to less-than-pleasant outcomes. The diligent study of the actions of the mind and the relationships between people is the subject of such approaches as Coherence Therapy [my blog introduction] and Family Constellations. [my blog introduction].\n\nAmerica and the Scientific Frontier: Many of us like myself, who were launched into their \”flight through life\” in the last century now have the opportunity to see both hope and challenge as we look in the direction of humanity’s future development. I’ve studied basic science, engineering, medicine, natural healing, acupuncture, brain function, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, social dynamics and more. As a male I cannot experience the female connection to the cycles of the moon and its pull on the Earth. However, I’m able to recognize that there is a treasure of knowledge within the women of the Human Family.\n\nWisdom Day 2014 is being developed as a gathering of men and women who have seen and practiced techniques that can be learned. Several techniques and models of understanding health will be introduced so that attendees can choose to later do the in-depth study that leads to mastery and wisdom that they can bring back to their \”home base.\”\n\nThe biofeedback-type of technology that is the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging is related to the skin resistance research of psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich in the last century. Acupuncturist Yoshio Nakatani, M.D., announced in the 1950’s that he’d mapped the skin and directed practitioners to a set of locations that represent measurement points that he correlated with the ancient acupuncture meridians. You can read more on the site of AcuGraph.com [link, opens in new window].\n\nNow in 2013 there are technologies that build upon that science of study of acupuncture meridians and integrate it with Quantum Physics and with the relatively new field of Neuroscience and human family and social dynamics. Wisdom Day 2014 is an opportunity to share knowledge and insights. Psychiatrist Michael Gurevich, M.D., has a wealth of knowledge about that. [Visit the main page for Wisdom Day 2014.]\n\nIn closing, as a naturopathic physician I am glad to see the growing emphasis on nutritional supplementation and the concept of \”medical foods.\” The companies that provide clinicians with \”phytonutrients\” and \”nutraceuticals\” are giving them important tools to construct their patients’ groundwork for healthy lives.\n\nWelcome and Aloha — The Hawai’ian word Aloha has several meetings, and Breath is behind it all. You are welcome to take a breath and then move forward on your life path. You are also welcome to consider consulting with me about the healthy connections that can enrich your life.   —  Dr. Wilson\n

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