Distance Services and Housecalls

diagnosis search Hiker, Natural Remedies, AIrplane\” src\=\”http://naturalworldhealing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/natural_medicine_distance_housecall-square_only.jpg\” width\=\”242\” height\=\”212\” />In-person consultations have been a standard for most of health care history. \”Tele-medicine\” including digital sending of x-rays, cardiographs and other telemetry is a new application of science to increase the ways people can share information. Housecalls of a health care practitioner to an out-of-office location are another way to get the seeker and the provider in the same space. [Added: New page on my clinical site: Distance Services.]\n\nThis essay can’t cover all of the options that could be possible to connect you with the various services and information that I offer. However, it will include links to some key factors that can help you build your own Health Menu for your unique situation.\n\nInternational: Especially with the use of international shipping it is now possible for me to guide you in coaching sessions enhanced via DVD — that you can order and watch beforehand (FlexAware) — and by live Skype video experience.\n\nTelephone: In the case of distance telephone conversations I may be able to tell you about local naturopathic physicians you might consult in person. I’d also be able to give my observations about other CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) practitioners. We could discuss ways that you might choose to include one or more of different options into your overall healthcare menu. [See Appointments]\n

Coaching: Certified FlexAware Teacher. I can guide you in person as well as use DVD instruction via telephone/Skype sessions to help you deepen your practice. [My FlexAware presentation]


Distance Housecalls: The graphic below introduces \”Dr. Wilson’s Natural Medicine Distance Housecalls.\” There will be more information on the Appointments page.

\nConsidering benefits from Distance Services: Recent research has shown that there can be improvement in health markers after interaction with a wide variety of health care practitioners who are not using \”standard medical treatment.\” I am referring to the interview of a medical doctor who wrote about the  The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious Healing. Richard Kradin, M.D. [Shrink Rap Radio podcast #351 – Exploring the Placebo Response with Jungian Analyst, Richard Kradin, MD — link to site] I include that here because I’m increasingly impressed with the health improvements being reported by methods that do things such as increase a person’s expectations of health, and other factors without actual western medical diagnosis and treatment. This can often result in the person then experiencing unexpected reduction or disappearance of concerns about their health. In fact, Dr. Kradin noted that one east coast clinic was formerly titled as dealing with Complementary and Alternative Medicine and has now changed its name to be something like, Placebo Research Institute. [I intend to listen to the podcast again and update this paragraph.]\n\nAgain, to see the Distance Services page:  Click here: Distance Services.\n\n[Update:] Those of  you who’ve followed my career will recall some times in which I made long distance housecalls. These were special events specifically designed for unique needs of an individual or family. Currently I am negotiating for a possible additional Distance Housecall, this time with the mission to help provide administrative assistance (and possibly some carpentry, painting, landscaping) to a healthcare office that is in need of some \”resuscitation\” so that it can again provide services to the local people who would be reached by the practice once it is \”back online.\” (Details are private, HIPAA-style respect is important even when dealing with a non-physical client.) When the situation is firmed up I would give a new title to the community/crowd-sourcing donation page that I would share privately with those who might want to contribute:\n

\nIn closing: Whether you choose to schedule for telephone or Skype \”Natural Medicine Connections Coaching\” (helping you access local resources as well as coaching you, without medical diagnosis or treatment), or to arrange for a housecall, I encourage you to continue learning about options that may give you the inputs that help engender your own healing response.

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