Deep Nuclear Healing: Yoga and FlexAware

Today, diagnosis find August 6, sildenafil is a day that stands as a memorial to the inbreaking of nuclear power into the public awareness. (On August 6, 1945, the first ever atomic explosion in warfare was unleashed.) [Updated August, 2013 to include key endorsement of FlexAware.]\n\nThe \”Religion of Yoga\” and a lawsuit about it has made this an important article in my series of educational blog postings. The original intent of this note was to encourage visitors to begin learning about and practicing FlexAware. However, I wanted first to show the benefits of repeated movements done with calmness and \”not giving up.\”\n\nWhen I first wrote this entry I’d just viewed a powerful display of human courage and determination, that changed a man’s life. A man named Arthur wants to share his video about the deep cell-level changes he experienced when he harnessed his hope and his mind to control his body and experience healing through Yoga. He was encouraged by Diamond Dallas Page [his site]. [Note: Recent discoveries in Neuroscience regarding \”neuroplasticity\” have shown that this is a process that is separate from and does not require any type of religious faith.]\n\nTo honor the powerful life-altering changes that body-mind work can do I have begun a new page on my clinical site [Yoga and FlexAware]. Below is the most impressive of the videos that I had embedded on that page:\n\n\n\nI may expand this blog post in the future, but I wanted to post the link today so that I can contribute to the healing memories that you may associate with this date. [Update, August 2013: I’ve added my picture at the top of the screen, taken a couple weeks ago. I wanted you to see the video of Arthur, a Veteran with injuries before I told  you this Update information. Arthur’s story and the work of Diamond Dallas Page [link] was inspiring to me. However, if any reader is concerned about \”the religion of Yoga\”, I did the work without yoga philosophy, and in fact without yoga because I did it with FlexAware. It was smooth and I felt tremendously confident. Maybe someday I’ll add a YouTube of me and the wonderful body experience of FlexAware. You can have it too. Read on.]\n\nProfessionally I and the other teachers in the FlexAware network owe a huge debt to our experiences with yoga, because we know close-up how people can enhance their ease of movement and reduce pain when they add the FlexAware consciousness training to their yoga practices. Click on the line below for:\n

My introduction with scientific correlations about FlexAware.

\nBecoming consciously mindful of one’s body, and listening respectfully to the messages from one’s body (a type of biofeedback) can result in deep cell-level changes in their life experience.\n\nFlexAware is a gentle coaching method that gives you the extra edge that you’ve hoped for to improve your life. This includes improving your practice of yoga. I think that even Arthur could benefit by the new insights of FlexAware.\n\nThis clip is of Steven Shafarman the creator of the FlexAware classes that can renew your life. He has some impressive coaching and science-based education classes:\n\n\n\nI’m proud to be a member of the coaching discipline known as FlexAware. This next clip of FlexAware is part of my own practice video that includes FlexAware [click here or on the picture below to go to the demo]:\n

\nThis next link leads to the description of the home-learning DVD that is available from FlexAware:  FlexAware DVD\n\nAddendum: Cautious endorsement of FlexAware by fundamentalist Christian womens network that had been concerned about Yoga.\n\nI invite you to read more about aspects of my broad perspective on how to support your innate healing process:\n\nKinesthetic Medicine | FlexAware | New Brain Science | Trauma

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