Bending the River: Aligning Your Future Health

You’re visiting my site for clues about the Healing Process and for ideas about what you can do with new knowledge about health care.\n\nWhether you are dealing with cancer, buy viagra  your child’s autism diagnosis or any health concern of body or mind, you want things to change.  People often consult natural medicine practitioners because what they have experienced so far in their search for improved health has not brought the results for which they so fervently hoped.\n\nI chose this picture because it brings to mind the natural forces that shape the flow of water through the landscape. [Site that talks about Oxbow riverflow dynamics.]\n\nPeople have for millennia sought to make major changes in the “landscape of health” as well as in the physical landscape around them. I recently discovered a fascinating engineering site that discloses the science of engineering the buildings and the cities in which people live. It includes mention of a huge project that was proposed but never completed: changing the flow of the river Thames in England [link]. [Click on the picture to see larger size.]\n\nBold proposals and undertakings have been a necessary part of the story of human society throughout history. I recall watching television when the first step was taken onto the Moon [photo of an astronaut whose hand I shook]. I recall the expectations within the scientific community as the Human Genome Project was underway and then the sudden awakening that we in the health care field had when it was revealed that the environment surrounding the geneswas the key to understanding and changing how genes are expressed. That new understanding is still in process of having its effects on choices, both politcal and personal, about how to best support a person’s efforts to stay healthy and to heal when that is needed.  [More information on \”Epigenetics\” — A) Parasites and your internal environment; and, B)Functional Medicine and lab testing for clues to your internal environment.]\n\nYou can’t change everything at the same time: Today I encourage you to think about the importance of creating a Health Menu [PDF: Creating Your Own Health Menu] and of respecting the intricate dynamics of the healing process. [Blog essay — to be reposted — No Room for Rocks: Honoring Healing’s Complexity.]\n\nI created my internet sites to help people connect with information and treatments that can change the course of their lives.\n\nPeople often seek help because of a feeling of urgency about their situation. Part of that feeling is generated by their unseen internal protective aspect that is called the Autonomic Nervous System [blog essay on this — Living Inside the Box…].  Autonomic self-regulation is the key to effectively moving forward in the healing process.\n\nAutonomic function is crucial to health. One of the organizations that I highly endorse is the HANDLE Institute. Gentle Enhancement® is an important new term from the HANDLE Institute that focuses on respectfully supporting the A.N.S. The Gentle Enhancement approach reminds us that we can’t push ourselves or our children beyond the individual’s ability to dynamically adapt and learn new things:\n\n…Gentle Enhancement® is an approach based on the concept that weak, disorganized, immature, or damaged neurological systems should be gently strengthened.\n\nStressed systems do not get stronger, they become more disordered or shut down. The flight or fight response of the sympathetic nervous system does an outstanding job of preparing one to deal with a perceived threat to safety. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, the body’s natural resources become dedicated to survival, leaving few, if any, resources left for other processes, such as learning, maintenance, and repair.\n\nWhen weak neurological systems cause a sustained stress response, problems with health and/or learning can arise. Most people are aware of stress-related risks to physical health, which include digestion/absorption problems, immune system problems, sleep disorders often accompany a diagnosis of Autism, ADD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as cardiac conditions. From the HANDLE perspective, these outcomes are not surprising… [from their essay on Gentle Enhancement.]\n\nA unique and effective approach to neurological, physical and mental rehabilitation is the FlexAware® method. I am certified in the FlexAware approach because it is compatible with recent neuroscience discoveries, including the autonomic regulation that I have mentioned many places on my sites. I invite you to also view the video on my blog entry introducing the concept of Play as Medicine.\n\nIn closing I invite you to explore your own landscape: this includes the Three Control Systems model and your Mind that regulates your life. Explore your own perceptions of what your life means to you. Change may seem a long time in coming, but with the right perspective (and some assistance), change is possible no matter how difficult the situation may have seemed. I invite you to contact me for a visit: Welcome and invitation to share.\n\n\n\nFrom Mattie Stepanek: “Always remember to play after every storm.”  []\n\n 

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