Autonomic Science: Relax, you’re not sitting atop a rocket

\n\nNeuroscientists are saving us from our fears. Fighting their way forward in the battle of life, illness men often disregarded the women and nurture that make it all possible.  Now after millennia of careful observations and conjecture, unhealthy view it is time to understand the human condition in a more complete and more healing way. The Old Guard was only partly right.\n\nI am deeply impressed with what is being called The New Brain Science. You now have the opportunity to know basic factors that can help you be healthier and heal more deeply. Below are pictures and links that reveal how science is discovering why many therapies succeed even when they had been thought of as “all in the mind” or dealing with off-limits ”spiritual matters.”\n\nThe Old Guard was only partly right: At the start, viagra sale take a moment and gaze on this picture of warm-water-based therapy. This is a method of gently releasing muscle and mental tightness. Until recently it was seen as lacking science to prove that it offers more than other types of rehabilitation. [My introduction to Warm Water Therapy.]\n\nThe old model was based on fear and fighting: In this case I mean the Autonomic Nervous System descriptions that are still widely taught as the basis of self-regulation and its role in the healing process. Many professors still talk about the ANS as a battleground between two divisions that they describe as the Sympathetic Nervous System (think of it as Adrenalin and fighting for survival) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (think of it as Rest, Repair, Relaxation). That battle (“Good versus Evil” or “The Struggle for Homeostasis”) fits in well with the presuppositions of many philosophies. I am very concerned that their treatments are less effective because they have not yet recognized the third level of the ANS — the Social Engagement System. \n\nThe neuroscience development that I find very encouraging is  The Polyvagal Theory. This describes three levels of the Autonomic Nervous System. I introduce this in my page on Dr. Porges. I also include it in New Brain Science and FlexAware Neurological and Structural Integration. This scientific classification of subsets of neurological circuity allows us to avoid the need to call things “spiritual” or “higher purpose” in order to explain why our brains don’t easily figure out why it is crucial for humans to be kind to others and to experience safety as much as possible.\n\n\n\n[Addendum: Here is a free audio podcast, an interview of Dr. Porges by David Van Nuys, Ph.D., host of Shrink Rap Radio and Wise Counsel Podcast.]\n\nThe graphic below is used by permission of Colorado Energy School, one of the many sites where other enthusiastic people are presenting their take on what Dr. Porges has written and done for people who have autonomic nervous system-related health situations.\n\n\n\nThis is a graphic that I constructed to show the three levels of the ANS existing in one entity, your inner protector. [Autonomic Science]\n\nSeen this way, the Soldier is always on duty to protect and defend you from threats. Sometimes the ANS can become overly active and cause problems for your body as it fights invaders (such as bacteria, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.)\n\nThis next image illustrates situations in which the body can experience symptoms in a wide array of areas due to intense response by the ANS. Sometimes an ache or pain may be related to an underlying global struggle going on inside the body (such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity — MCS, Fibromyalgia — FMS).\n\nIn my earlier blog (Living Inside the Box: Your body as temple) I include a graphic that describes a way to include the ANS into a more inclusive model that I created. This is my way of encouraging a person to see themselves as their own main source for the healing process.\n\nAs described in that blog, a person has three Control Systems that can each act on its own without interference by the others. I then tell the person that “the real You — higher, or deeper, or more complex” – is above those systems (the purple ring enclosing them).\n\nThese are only models. They are dealing with the most important aspects of life so I’m not expecting perfection. The end result that I want is for people to have more control over their own lives by learning new ways to understand themselves and support their own healing process.\n\nIt is my hope that increasing numbers of researchers and clinicians will be documenting the expanded ways of understanding and supporting people’s healing processes.\n\nConclusion\n\nI encourage you to be gentle and wise with yourself. Your symptoms and anxieties are each the result of a part of you that is doing the best that it can. You are not alone in your search for answers.\n\nAnd, you are not forever sitting atop a controlled explosion, or locked in an eternal struggle. Yes, your ancestors survived because they were alert for threats, and you do need to accept that your innate responses will often be protective ones. However, you now have permission to learn what the larger context of human interactions can mean for you.\n\nMy network of practitioners and services support you in your wholeness. It’s beyond words how important is the difference between a narrow or wide view of life.\n\nThis link is to my Amen Clinics certified Education Center which is undergoing upgrading as Dr. Amen releases new programs and a new DVD.\n\nDr. Amen has authorized a discount on purchases (15% with code: ECENTER42). This includes items on sale, DVDs, books, programs, etc.\n\nNEW June 2013: People who have begun consulting with me can also receive a discount on testing services as described: \”…This discount only applies to the scan services/full evaluation at the Amen Clinics, and does not include medical checkups or other modalities/therapies we provide, and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.\”\n\nI encourage you to take the My Brain Type questionnaire, and learn more about your functional health.\n\nYou can do this. I’d be glad to help you create your next health improvements. Here is the clinical site so you can contact me.

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