Animals and Humans: Saving each other

Nuclear law is today’s reminder.* Recently animals and healing have exploded in a deeply restructuring way for me. Beyond mere concepts, cialis canada relationships between animals and humans now have scientific study shouting out (my term for it) the fact that the way we treat animals reflects the way we treat ourselves.\n\n*Nuclear bombs and Japan were remembered when this post was uploaded originally. The horrors of war, invasion, defense, civilian tragedies and more are part of many people’s memories of August 6 & 9. Humans and animals alike died in the world’s first war-time uses of nuclear weapons. Ever since then the work of understanding what was unleashed has continued. Scientists, philosophers and all manner of religious and spiritual teachers have presented their positions on viewing what has become a permanent \”hole\” in the landscape of society. We would be wise to never forget the learnings that are possible from those days in August 1945.\n\nGrowing up as a male, I was guided by my parents’ experiences in WWII and chose to serve in uniformed service as had my father.\n\nThinking of animals I recall the 2011 movie, War Horse. It was about a horse in England before the start of World War I, and the life of the young boy who saved it. The story is deeply colored by the love and enjoyment given to the horse later by the young girl who sheltered it. The horrors of war — men against men — and the wonder of a  young girl make that movie into a stark reminder of the deep powers within each person to hate and to fear. And, to Love despite any hate and fear that may appear on Life’s landscape.\n\n\n\n[Addendum, March 2014: I’ve redacted below pictures of a self-assigned mission to investigate the background of a stunning business proposal that dealt with animals and iridology. Here is a site where you can learn about animals and iridology: Equine Iridology at American Council of Animal Naturopathy.]\n\n…During that day’s journey it felt good to be on the campus of the university that houses the hospital in which my father was born during his Dad’s work at the Smithsonian Institution.\n\nAddition: Below is a picture of a Service Animal, Lucky Barker. He is the healer-with-paws at East-West Healing Arts, founded by nurse, acupuncturist, licensed massage practitioner, Carole Berberich. [Site link.]\n\n\n\nThis photo is from Springtime 2013 on another of my \”pilgrimages\” to the center of Washington DC. That day I visited both the Smithsonian Castle and the \”Museum of the American Indian.\” I have had several contemplative journeys like that one during my time here when \”I moved to Washington DC in October 2001, so that I could make a difference…\”\n\nNext is a picture where I arranged the ship that I’d built into a bottle — which my parents kept in their home until I inherited it — along with a small world globe and an acupuncture figure that shows circuits of body energies. My studies have taken me around the world and across boundaries to bring knowledge home \”to the local version of the global Village.\”\n\n\n\nSafe harbors and Home: In a way we’re all traveling down the road of life. But wise ones recognize that it can sometimes be helpful to think of the place where we are standing right now, in this moment, is a home. Being Here Now is a concept that has merit.\n\nYou can write your own ending to the thought. I’m glad to offer my presence as you work on your life story.\n\nIf you want to chat about your options, check out my Psychology Today listing in their therapist section [link].

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