Janov’s “Primal” in Touch with new Neuroscience

I just returned from a Primal therapy conference that focused on Feelings. [www.Primals.org] That’s helping me be more effective in thinking as well as feeling.\n\nSome of my observations: Babies are birthed into a \”sea\” of intersecting flows and cycles of several types. In the realms of social health and mental health, viagra sale human intelligence and recognition have advanced so far now that we can look back upon our birth as much more than pressing a \”start\” button on an organic machine.\n\nA big factor is what I call The Epigenetic Matrix that surrounds each person. The nurture that we receive or do not receive is the major factor in what finally develops with our life. Janov’s insight was that the sub-awareness part of us remembers the losses that led to harm or fear which block ease of moti0n and flow of social interactions in later life.\n\nBig Note: If you want more information about genetic metabolic testing as well as Epigenetics you can read more on the Washington DC site where Charles Gant, M.D., offers his psychiatry-informed wisdom about \”predictive genomics\” and \”functional medicine\” within the greater context of National Integrated Health Associates: http://www.nihadc.com/practitioners/dr-chas-gant-md-ph-d.html . I attended their event the day before I began the Primal weekend.\n\nPsychotherapy and Social Health: Psychotherapy processes that I have been exploring during my career are recently becoming integrated with new scientific discoveries about the structure of the brain. I’ve done a lot of experiencing with First Nations teachers.\n\n \n\nA major example of neuroscience applied to mental health is the Amen Clinics network. \n\nIn current times the medical and mental health field has seen the same time scientific rigor being tapped by explorers who are studying the \”structure of the mental architecture\” which allows humans to examine and learn from their past behaviors, emotions and attitudes. [Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain. He is aware of \”mindfulness\” and meditation but does not use terms that would possibly frighten people who have firm religious structures for their understanding of human existence.]\n\n\n\n\nImmersion: Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., described what has been the basis of Primal Therapy as I understand its beginnings. His book is titled The Body Keeps the Score. This is his observation that the conscious mind can be so flooded by fear and pain, etc., that it can’t process the event and it ends up getting \”stored\” in the body’s \”tissue memory\” that can’t be talked about but needs to be accessed in other ways than talk therapy.\n\nMy intense immersion in the Primal Therapy experience has brought me this morning to sit at my computer keyboard back at home with feelings that can’t be captured with words.\n\nLuckily, I was able to \”bookend\” that weekend with two visits to salt water ocean shore on the east coast. The inner explorers who I walked with those days also got their feet wet. Some seemed to play like dolphins. We tossed a fist-sized fabric bean-bag to each other as we swam and floated in the shimmering late afternoon sun.\n\n\n\nToward the end of the second visit to the ocean I played in the surf and ended up being tumbled off my feet by two large waves. That transformed me into a curled fetal-like ball bouncing beneath the surface along the gritty sand as the waves pushed and pulled at the shore. I closed that mini-ceremony by walking up the wet sand then plunking myself down onto compact smooth sand looking out to sea with my feet barely in reach of the spent waves which lapped at my toes.\n\nMeals at the retreat site were comings-together of colorful individuals each of whom had been exploring their relationship to their own life history. Our guides during workshops included several described on Conference program notes found on the organization’s internet site: http://primals.org/convention.html.\n\nA significant complement to Jan0v’s work was the Bonding Psychotherapy demonstration.\n\n The information and the demonstration were powerful additions to the self-awareness of the Primals approach as I was beginning to understand it. You’ll need to contact them and get information yourself. I won’t upload what copyrighted information we were being shown. (About Bonding Psychotherapy: on the site of International Society for Bonding Psychotherapy.) That site has a list of practitioners and trainers of professionals in the USA (click here).\n\nWhen I woke this morning I felt a freedom or a permission to explore the feelings that may have been hidden otherwise. I used some 0f the techniques that we learned and ended up feeling a kind of insight make its way to the surface after I’d taken my weekly dose of sensation-focused homeopathic \”similimum\” pattern therapy. [Ref: www.RadicalMedicine.com and the book, Radical Medicine by Dr. L. Williams.]\n\nAll of the people there seemed to be skilled in more than one approach of accessing their inner selves. This event was not a teaching situation for becoming a Primal practitioner such as are covered on their website. Their site again is www.Primals.org.\n\nIn closing I do highly recommend including the Primal Therapy approach in your life exploration. And if you can add it I also was impressed with the group touch-reminder of the Bonding Psychotherapy approach that emphasizes that we are not living this life alone in a vacuum.\n\nHere is my ship in a bottle that I created. I think of it now that I remember the graphic above about lifting up the anchor on one’s boat and journeying safely ahead on what they say can be seen eventually as a pleasure cruise. You can do it.\n\n\n\nEnjoy your journey this day and each day.\n\nRalph Wood (\”Woody\”) Wilson\n\nKitemaster and licensed healthcare practitioner\n\nwww.Routefinders.org

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The Community that is You #2: Parasites & Epigenetics

Microbes can destroy us, sovaldi sale or nurture and strengthen us. [Updated Aug 7, cialis buy 2016; more to come.] My study of what other health care practitioners, therapists, and researchers are doing to help people improve their lives gives me hope for our future.\n\nBelow is a video of an especially enthusiastic presentation that will give you a glimpse into the complex collection of clues that I consider when I am asked to help someone with a puzzling health situation. After I posted that I later added the picture to the left and the link to the article about various types of “Parasites” that can live inside of our bodies. It is in the August 2000 Discover Magazine, titled “Do Parasites Rule the World?”]\n\n\n\nI plan to add about GI health and what is being called the Human Microbiome as new discoveries are made. A science writer I know wrote this update about the effects of a report from Germany about the microbes in the human digestive system. You can also check out this earlier listing of articles on gut bacteria and brain function, from Psychiatrist Charles Parker — Brain, Gut and Behavior: Bacteria Matter.\n\nThose of you who are familiar with what is being called “Functional Medicine” will recognize the term — Epigenetics. The word “Epigenetics” introduces the new field of study that scientists opened up when they discovered the “Gene Sequence” of the DNA that is found in living cells. In fact, scientists found out that we can’t completely control Life by learning the DNA sequence of things. They found out that the most important factor in “gene expression” is the surrounding environment which influences which portion of the DNA is available for “transcription” into various cellular products. This surrounding environment could also be called the “Matrix” of all the influences that affect DNA activity.After you have watched that short video by molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler, you will be ready to understand why I am so enthusiastic about the benefits of Natural Medicine when it comes to the puzzle of how to keep ourselves healthy and free of raging infections from various microbes (this includes bacteria, and parasites and likely viruses as well as far as I understand the concept of the Matrix). You can read more online in citations about her work with “Quorum Sensing” at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute by clicking on this Google search.If you have not yet read about The Living Matrix and viewed the movie titled “The Living Matrix”, I encourage you to click on the words above, The Living Matrix.\n\nNow you will see why what Dr. Bassler describes is so very important to keeping ourselves healthy.\n\nA caution: Because she is researching methods of creating new antibiotics Dr. Bassler’s conclusions will likely be to recommend new (and expensive) medications. Her new drugs may be very helpful. However, as a Natural Medicine practitioner I will also point out that we might achieve similar results if we took action to change the matrix or the environment inside of us such as by using garlic to reduce the activity of the microbes within us.\n\nWe might also choose to improve the speed of our gastrointestinal system. Natural health practitioners often refer to “bowel health”, and some even declare on the Internet that, “death begins in the colon,” which is a dramatic but often sadly true statement.\n\nThe community that is YOU:\nNow that you have seen Dr. Bassler’s video and learned also about The Living Matrix, I want to point out one of the biggest factors of all in keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy — the larger way of understanding “epigenetics”:\n\nThe people around you, and the world around you too (including air, water, chemicals, etc.) all have effects on how you feel and how your cells function.\n\nUsually these effects are not visible and most people never spend time thinking about how they might change their surroundings so that they could improve their health. However, these may make the difference between living a vibrant life or suffering a continuing struggle to cope.\n\nThis factor of “matrix epigenetics” is included in my earlier posting about “Neuroplasticity” [link] and the way that our brain and nerve cells are affected by what is around them. “Cells that fire together wire together,” is a phrase that neuroscientists sometimes use.\n\nOne way to benefit from that idea is that you are affected by the thoughts that you allow to circulate in your brain. I will write about that in the upcoming blog about No Room for Rocks.\n\nThis is where the benefits [and the shortcomings] of “Mindfulness” come to the front.\n\nIn my studies of what other practitioners are doing I have developed a respect for the value of being aware of what our brains are thinking, which is the basic contribution of people who provide “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.” With my patients I encourage an appreciation of the “Mindfulness” approach. However, I also add that they need to understand the factors that affect the mind’s function such as poor nutrition, stressful electro-magnetic radiation, and “toxic relationships” — and the Three Control System model of how your control your life. Especially important in that essay is the link to the works of Dr. Stephen Porges, and Dr. David Eagleman whose presentations describe the added flexibility that comes when we understand that our inner protector, the Autonomic Nervous System, has three levels to it and not only a “Sympathetic Nervous System” aspect and a “Parasympathetic Nervous System” aspect. They join the growing number of researchers and clinicians who recognize the health impact of the person’s “Social Engagagement System” (“Social Nervous System“).\n\nA last addition is this link to the Family Constellation approach to the effects of distortions in the flow of loving regard in an individual’s family and ancestry.\n\nAfter you learn about the expanded options that come from Natural Medicine and Mental Health [link], you can focus your own study about the factors that affect your health. You can take increasing control over the influences on your health, and increase your options for choosing approaches and practitioners to help you achieve and protect vibrant health.\n\nYou can do it.

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Routefinders — Ease and Grace of Heart: Fourth of July lessons of Hope

search <a href\=\” width\=\”200\” height\=\”190\” />I’ve touched the core of the nation in my explorations since birth. Born of a veteran, cialis sale trained for the Cold War then for \”Vietnam\” in the 1970s, I have since then been in civilian life. We’re still here. I have been amazed at the resilience of our nation. Our nation is \”learning its way forward.\” Below are some key ideas and links that may be important for you and the people you care about, these flow from what we live for.  [This post may be updated.]\n\nLessons about war, peace and financial contests among nations have been plentiful in recent decades. New developments in brain health and neuroscience are now giving us chances to make better use of those lessons. Armed with these new \”brain science\” facts we can generate new hope for straightening out a lot of painful distortions that have made life more difficult for millions of people throughout human history. In the title of today’s insights I included words, Ease and Grace of Heart. This is because it is now possible through psychotherapy and Memory Reconsolidation to re-shape the memories that have stayed with us and to create feelings of smooth flow of life. We can gradually remove the repeating inner messages that keep us feeling uncontrolled fear, shame, guilt, anger and other strong emotions.\n\n\nThings are different now.\n\nMaking your way forward in life is now easier than before. We’ve had several decades now in which counselors, clergy, mental health professionals, business owners, leaders in civilian, government and military positions can read about discoveries of the function of parts of the brain and how our thinking is related to the activity of different parts of the brain. Psychotherapy processes are now being studied and applied by a growing number of people who want to give others new opportunities to build better lives.\n\nSome resources about these processes: Five brain and mind health resources out of many are among my professional favorites: A) Coherence Psychology Institute, championing Memory Consolidation [CoherenceTherapy.org]; B) On Being, the creation of Krista Tippett [OnBeing.org]; C) Shrink Rap Radio, interview and educational courses by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. [ShrinkRapRadio.com]; D) Zur Institute — \”Innovative Resources & Online Continuing Education (APA accepted); and National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine [www.NICABM.com]. I am gathering more resources and making them available as part of Routefinders for Friends.\n\nRoutefinders incorporation: Those resources are shared as part of the educational not-for-profit foundation that I am currently incorporating: Routefinders for Friends. The new site URL is: www.Routefinders.org. Planned future blog essays will give more details about the Business Plan being prepared as part of paperwork to be submitted. These will lay out more of what you in the public can explore with the help of the Routefinders network. Here are some previews:\n\nDisability Wisdom: I’m nearing the graduation date of the Class of 2016 of our DC branch of the national network of Advocacy Partners. [DC Partners] This past year has been packed with action events that taught me about the ways people can respect each other despite possible labels regarding disabilities.\n\nCreating Community in a Digital World: Digital Communications, Video Conferencing, Social Media: We have many ways to share with others. Here is an important interview of specialists in social dynamics. Effects of Increasing Digital Connections on Relationships and Community\n\nI found that program a while back when I turned on the NPR Diane Rehm program and was amazed to hear that hour dedicated to a core level concern of mine. This is the new situation we all face because of the Internet and cellphones, as well as other media, that makes life potentially more complex than our ancestors could experience.\n\nRoutefinders and Collaboration with many specialties of health improvement: I’m a licensed naturopathic physician as well as board certified educator in Acupuncture and what I call \”energy flow theory\” [NCCAOM]. Neuroscience has given us new insights about self-identity that can help my colleagues in the naturopathic profession more coherently guide their patients. [American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and Bastyr University.]  These insights make it easier to give people the building blocks and instructions that could help them live safer, resilient lives.\n\nFourth of July best wishes: When you read this you’re now into another year of our nation’s growth and development. I have hope for the nation and the world. These are difficult days for many people in the world. Let us take strength from the bounty of nature as well as from the goodwill of the majority of people around the world. We can make changes if we learn the lessons.\n\n[I enjoyed the film The Martian. NASA is a great resource. ]\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n \n\n

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Functional Medicine: A New Angle to View Health Puzzles

\n\nLaboratory testing can assess the functional health of organs and systems that allow people to move forward in dealing with the joys, sovaldi sale health shocks and traumas of life.\n\nMore about my use of lab testing is on the Functional Medicine page of my information site. There I give much praise to the Academy of Functional Medicine, ask   Dentistry and Psychology because of its ongoing training of health care practitioners who want to add the broader viewpoint of functional testing to their work with clients who come to them with puzzling conditions of body and mind.\n\nUpdate: The name of the Academy has been updated to — Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics.\n\n\n\nThe Academy’s educational options fit perfectly with the work of the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) who are advocates of The New Brain Science.\n\nRecently I have listened with amazement at the stories of lives changed in children and their families who have received the care of Michael Gruttadauria, D.C. His site: Beat Autism Now! I include his site among notes on my original site about Autism and Neurodevelopmental Differences.\n\nRecently I read a forum posting from Garry Gordon, M.D. (his professional “FACT” group is accepting application for inclusion in the emailing of questions and answers). It dealt with Gardasil deaths and a representative case where a young girl’s life was saved through the work of a medical doctor who included several cutting-edge methods. That was an exact parallel of a young man whose life I saw rescued through the efforts of the team at National Integrated Health Associates who include Biological Dentistry in their comprehensive programs  [NIHA intro]. If you are a healthcare practitioner you can learn more on www.GordonResearch.com. Dr. Gordon is one of a large and growing number of medical practitioners who realize that in many individual cases a person is not capable of withstanding the usually small stress of preservatives and additives contained in vaccinations. Functional medicine lab testing may be helpful in deciding if a person is strong enough to handle the foreign substances being introduced into their body.\n\nIf you are a member of the general public seeking information to include on your Health Menu of what may be helpful for you and your family, here are just two of the connections that I may recommend regarding functional stresses from vaccinations: National Vaccine Information Center and Vaccines.Mercola.com.\n\nEach of us is doing the very best that we can in using our brains to find things that keep us as safe as possible [more on the blog, Your Body as Temple]. However, when you consult with a functional medicine practitioner you can gain additional clues about factors such as toxicities, nutrient deficiencies and genetic physiological hindrances that require nutrient management so as to avoid expression of what could be called disease.\n\nThere are many parts to living a full and rich life. Functional Medicine can be a major help to achieving that. Contact me for more details.

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Autonomic Science: Relax, you’re not sitting atop a rocket

\n\nNeuroscientists are saving us from our fears. Fighting their way forward in the battle of life, illness men often disregarded the women and nurture that make it all possible.  Now after millennia of careful observations and conjecture, unhealthy view it is time to understand the human condition in a more complete and more healing way. The Old Guard was only partly right.\n\nI am deeply impressed with what is being called The New Brain Science. You now have the opportunity to know basic factors that can help you be healthier and heal more deeply. Below are pictures and links that reveal how science is discovering why many therapies succeed even when they had been thought of as “all in the mind” or dealing with off-limits ”spiritual matters.”\n\nThe Old Guard was only partly right: At the start, viagra sale take a moment and gaze on this picture of warm-water-based therapy. This is a method of gently releasing muscle and mental tightness. Until recently it was seen as lacking science to prove that it offers more than other types of rehabilitation. [My introduction to Warm Water Therapy.]\n\nThe old model was based on fear and fighting: In this case I mean the Autonomic Nervous System descriptions that are still widely taught as the basis of self-regulation and its role in the healing process. Many professors still talk about the ANS as a battleground between two divisions that they describe as the Sympathetic Nervous System (think of it as Adrenalin and fighting for survival) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (think of it as Rest, Repair, Relaxation). That battle (“Good versus Evil” or “The Struggle for Homeostasis”) fits in well with the presuppositions of many philosophies. I am very concerned that their treatments are less effective because they have not yet recognized the third level of the ANS — the Social Engagement System. \n\nThe neuroscience development that I find very encouraging is  The Polyvagal Theory. This describes three levels of the Autonomic Nervous System. I introduce this in my page on Dr. Porges. I also include it in New Brain Science and FlexAware Neurological and Structural Integration. This scientific classification of subsets of neurological circuity allows us to avoid the need to call things “spiritual” or “higher purpose” in order to explain why our brains don’t easily figure out why it is crucial for humans to be kind to others and to experience safety as much as possible.\n\n\n\n[Addendum: Here is a free audio podcast, an interview of Dr. Porges by David Van Nuys, Ph.D., host of Shrink Rap Radio and Wise Counsel Podcast.]\n\nThe graphic below is used by permission of Colorado Energy School, one of the many sites where other enthusiastic people are presenting their take on what Dr. Porges has written and done for people who have autonomic nervous system-related health situations.\n\n\n\nThis is a graphic that I constructed to show the three levels of the ANS existing in one entity, your inner protector. [Autonomic Science]\n\nSeen this way, the Soldier is always on duty to protect and defend you from threats. Sometimes the ANS can become overly active and cause problems for your body as it fights invaders (such as bacteria, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, etc.)\n\nThis next image illustrates situations in which the body can experience symptoms in a wide array of areas due to intense response by the ANS. Sometimes an ache or pain may be related to an underlying global struggle going on inside the body (such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity — MCS, Fibromyalgia — FMS).\n\nIn my earlier blog (Living Inside the Box: Your body as temple) I include a graphic that describes a way to include the ANS into a more inclusive model that I created. This is my way of encouraging a person to see themselves as their own main source for the healing process.\n\nAs described in that blog, a person has three Control Systems that can each act on its own without interference by the others. I then tell the person that “the real You — higher, or deeper, or more complex” – is above those systems (the purple ring enclosing them).\n\nThese are only models. They are dealing with the most important aspects of life so I’m not expecting perfection. The end result that I want is for people to have more control over their own lives by learning new ways to understand themselves and support their own healing process.\n\nIt is my hope that increasing numbers of researchers and clinicians will be documenting the expanded ways of understanding and supporting people’s healing processes.\n\nConclusion\n\nI encourage you to be gentle and wise with yourself. Your symptoms and anxieties are each the result of a part of you that is doing the best that it can. You are not alone in your search for answers.\n\nAnd, you are not forever sitting atop a controlled explosion, or locked in an eternal struggle. Yes, your ancestors survived because they were alert for threats, and you do need to accept that your innate responses will often be protective ones. However, you now have permission to learn what the larger context of human interactions can mean for you.\n\nMy network of practitioners and services support you in your wholeness. It’s beyond words how important is the difference between a narrow or wide view of life.\n\nThis link is to my Amen Clinics certified Education Center which is undergoing upgrading as Dr. Amen releases new programs and a new DVD.\n\nDr. Amen has authorized a discount on purchases (15% with code: ECENTER42). This includes items on sale, DVDs, books, programs, etc.\n\nNEW June 2013: People who have begun consulting with me can also receive a discount on testing services as described: \”…This discount only applies to the scan services/full evaluation at the Amen Clinics, and does not include medical checkups or other modalities/therapies we provide, and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.\”\n\nI encourage you to take the My Brain Type questionnaire, and learn more about your functional health.\n\nYou can do this. I’d be glad to help you create your next health improvements. Here is the clinical site so you can contact me.

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Simplifying, Renewing Life: Looking up with Kites as Metaphor

I wrote about Storytelling Medicine and how you can Press the Human Reset Button and change your life’s trajectory.\n\nI’m republishing from last year these images to bring up ideas of what might be possible for you and your loved ones. Your personal Story is actually not the same today as it was yesterday. This is perhaps the core of what modern neuroscience and therapy approaches are offering. [See my Human Reset Button insights–blog presentation.]\n\ncheap <a href\=\” />\n\nLife for all of us is a combination of surviving and thriving. We don’t get to have a life that is blind to pain and to suffering in the world. The image here of the King Memorial may bring a flood of memories and also of hopes. He was a Son of America and his life continues to have different meaning with the passage of time and with the revelations of things that had not been known previously.\n\nIt may seem not adult enough to include the image of a Kite of Many Colors soaring in the sky within view of the King Memorial. However, the latest in brain studies and in neuroscience are helping give value to basic child-like wonder and awe at the natural world and at the intracies of human society.\n\nDr. King loved children and wanted them to have the Safe and Grateful life that allows a person to grow in knowledge and in Truth. I write below about recent neuroscience and the Teenage brain. These discoveries help me to be committed to the importance of each nation in the world having several generations of mothers bearing children within safe social surroundings. When parents and grandparents can relax and smile, then the children can be more able to both play and to put their minds into creative learning paths rather than walking with the need to fight and defend.\n\nWhen I flew that kite I was on the DC Mall with thousands of people who had come to Washington DC from many nations and many states within the USA. That morning I’d been at a gathering that included Kites for children as well as adults. Here are some photos of kites including some from my time in Seattle.\n\n \n\n\n\n

\n\n\n\n\n\nCan you imagine?… Can you imagine what a sermon might be like that started with Kites as a Metaphor for Life? We would range our thinking from wind, to change, to anchors, to safety, to exploring the rules of nature. Using one’s intelligence to learn to fly might be part of such a presentation/sermon. Being uplifted and elevated is an experience beyond bounds of religion or spirituality. I’ll let you find your own \”route\” through the possibilities and what they may mean to your life and the lives of those you care about. [My page on the Routefinders for Friends considerations.]\n\nMore notes about Wonder, Growth and Play. This is the video and my introduction of Play and the National Institute of Play: Blog–Play as Medicine. I often refer to the recent definition of the previously un-appreciated Teenage Brain. All of us who live past age 12 have begun the experience of the powerful changes that are the human growth process in the \”teen period\” — the adolescent brain is not fully structurally developed until at least age 24. Here is the cover of a book that I am studying and recommend to you:\n\nYour own Teenage Brain (or what we could call your \”inner teen\”) can be a source of strength and knowledge. Read the science in Dr. Siegel’s book, Brainstorm. More on my site about Routefinders — link to my networking site, DCNN.)\n\nThe stories of our lives: We can change the way we look at the archived incidents in our past. I am convinced of that. Today I looked again at an earlier blog essay I’d created about my visit to the Vietnam Memorial Wall, the Vietnam Nurses sculpture, the Brothers Watching the Wall sculpture, WWII Memorial and then taking a breath and walking over to meet people and fly my kite near the Washington Monument. (That thing is Huge!!! It dwarfed my kite.)  I think that I’ll remove that soon. Those are memories that fit within my own life. You deserve the freedom to tell your own story.\n\nMay you find moments of wonder and gratitude, and more. I am here if you choose. You can start with the no-commitment resources on my sites, or a brief coaching inquiry over the phone.\n

Welcome: Contact for a visit or phone coaching session


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Reverse Engineer Your Brain 2: Animals, Neuroscience and Nature

Summer gatherings in Nature are giving us times to consider how we live our lives today and where we are going. People urgently need to understand the factors driving emotions and begin to control them. Revisiting the Shrink Rap Radio interview with neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, there stuff PhD, demolishes stereotypes and clears ground for an honest description of the scientific background of mental health. Dr. Panksepp sounds unassuming and carefully scientific in describing his work with the neurophysiology of animal emotion responses.\n\n[Summertime addendum to this revised composition:] I found a computer programmer blog that describes a way of enlisting your own capability of organizing factors that appear in your surroundings. Here is the central idea: \”…Tell it to the duck…\n\n\”…Often, when debugging, we bring in a peer to help us figure out the problem. I find that, very often, just through the process of explaining what is happening to a colleague, the problem becomes more clear. This process has been described as Rubber Ducking.*\n\nWe don’t need someone else to help us as much as we need to be forced to articulate aloud what is happening. Just that articulation is often enough to help us step back and see the problem… Often, articulating our architectural decisions and explaining them brought to light unnecessary assumptions that overcomplicated and caused problems for our design… *The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master by Andrew Hunt and DavidThomas, p. 95.\n\nThe term Reverse Engineer your brain is my confident statement that there is abundant outcome evidence that the brain can be changed. That is a major theme in my internet sites and I see evidence in all the world religions, philosophies and in confident atheism that we can contribute to our own changing trajectory in life. [See my Three Control Systems model in the earlier blog: Living Inside the Box: Your body as temple.]\n\nDr. Panksepp is a psychology hero. His family suffered horrors of the Soviet Union, and escaped the turmoil spreading from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Communist mind-control to finally end up in the United States of America. An American citizen since childhood he’s given his professional labors to finding the basics of human emotions by studying emotions in animals.\n\nIn my terms, Dr. Panksepp has faced the mind-control of the \”old guard\” of mental health experts here in the United States and carefully did his work under the guise of \”animal affect.\” The term \”Affect\” is a kind of \”Psych-Speak\” that hides the simple fact that it deals with emotions. His 2012 book, The Archaeology of Mind: The Neuroevolutionary Origins of Human Emotions, is his concise statement of the science that helps us study emotions and make sense of them. Especially in these challenging times we need to understand this brilliant research, because once you understand what he is pointing to, the steps that we can take become much clearer.\n\nDavid Van Nuys, Ph.D., is creator of Shrink Rap Radio which features luminaries in the field of mental health and social health. I’ve listened to his wide-ranging talk with Dr. Panksepp [link is below] several times now because it’s rich with many insights about science, mental health and how we might mesh his study of animal brains and emotions with our current efforts to understand and support good mental health and to deal with bad mental health.\n\nHere are my thoughts from a psychotherapist perspective of understanding how the world works — Dr. Panksepp is aware of the immense power of the pharmacy companies who have (in my terms) corrupted the science that educates students in medical school. You’ll see his wise way of balancing scientific truth with economic pragmatism. I see that his careful and insightful career showed him the way to hold them to their professed belief in \”the scientific method.\” I listened carefully to his uplifting and cheerful words — he’s making the medical world be consistent about its position about evolution. Further down on this page I give more clues about how you can remake your brain. [Also see my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\nIf we have indeed evolved from animals and have parts of our brains that were developed sequentially (when I was in medical school at the University of Michigan, they taught us that \”Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny\”) then there would be a portion of our brain that acts like reptiles, a portion that acts like early mammals, (and I add a portion that acts like aquatic mammals — dolphins and whales), and a final portion that only humans have. This is Evolutionary Biology’s way of looking at humans.\n\nAlthough his voice sounds pleasant and kind, Dr. Panksepp has some serious insights about human happiness and how we can learn from animal brains. I found myself smiling widely when he began to talk about how he and his team have scientifically demonstrated the fact that \”lab rats\” can be tickled. They actually \”laugh.\” Mice chuckle. (Listen to the interview for details and his careful use of scientific terminology for tickling).\n\nFor me, this means that it seems certain that animal brains can be functioning in \”modes,\” emotional circuitry, such as Anger and Pleasure, and I’m convinced that this puts out signals using the other concept that is important, \”Mirror Neurons.\” When a person is around animals and those animals are experiencing states of pleasure and curiosity or playfulness, then we can benefit in a reciprocal way. I think that this is one way that pets can be scientifically proven to be beneficial to health. Again, listen to him describing his research; I’m able to conjecture but that may not be his take on things.\n\nClick here or on the picture below to reach Shrink Rap Radio’s page and see the active links to Dr. Panksepp’s work and his new book, and listen to or download his talk as MP3. There is now a free transcript of this moving discussion (the scenes he painted of the violence of war in Europe were reminders to me of the price of freedom). These podcasts are free, so donations are always appreciated. (Or you might do what I’ve done and purchase some of his online courses, which gives him money and delivers outstanding material on mental health via the Zur Institute and the Jung Platform.)\n\n\n\nThe Polyvagal Theory: Another luminary whose work also is changing the field of mental health is Stephen Porges, Ph.D: My introduction on my site. Both Dr. Porges and Dr. Panksepp are pointing to the benefits of studying the development of the human brain as if it were evolved from more primitive brains and that some parts of our brains behave in a similar way to those primitive creatures. Dr. Porges’ recent book, The Polyvagal Theory, describes the scientific data that backs up an evolutionary model. [See my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\n\n\nThat promotional video is a superbly done media presentation of the deep importance of Dr. Porges’ work to understanding human fear and anger. His work too can help guide our responses to mass shootings. The full length of that video, and many other presentations by other specialists is available from NICABM: My introduction to the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.\n\nDr. Van Nuys interviews Dr. Porges (in a ShrinkRapRadio podcast): link to page.\n\n\n\nClick on this line or the image below to visit the interview with Dr. Drew.\n\n\n\nA video clip with Dr. Van Nuys: I searched for a video and found this brief new upload of an introduction to his talk with a third observer of the function of the human brain: psychiatrist and psychotherapist Mark Epstein, M.D. He is interviewed on podcast #252 — Shrink Rap Radio [there are now over 300], about his careful study of concepts of Mind in western life and in eastern approaches. Below is a video clip of Dr. Van Nuys’ talk with Dr. Epstein. You are invited to explore the Shrink Rap Radio archive for a wide variety of insights about mental and social health. [See my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\n\n\nAll three of those presenters are carefully laying the ground for building more solid programs for helping people have better brains.\n\nClinically, applicable to everyday life: As I write this [originally 2012] the national media is reporting on the sadness of another mass shooting. The reactions of individuals and commentators, and the presentations by medical and mental health experts show how important it is to understand brain function regarding violence and promoting socially safe relationships.\n\n\n\nRegarding \”reverse engineering\” the brain, one of my clinical heroes is Daniel Amen, M.D.\n\nI’m one of the growing network of professionals who educate people on the brain assessments, education and nutritional support available through the Amen Clinics services. [Introduction to my Amen E-Center.]\n\nTo the right is the image of an encouragement page that I created around an episode of the Seinfeld series. Click on the picture or here[PDF] to view that. Below is a short clip from Episode #44, where Kramer gets a blow to his head and his brain starts functioning aberrantly (\”hemispatial neglect\”).\n\n\n\nThat episode and the handout serve to highlight the need for people to take care to protect their brains. Dr. Amen and many others are working to figure out steps that can help people have better brains after trauma. Below is a starter video that will continue on with several presentations of Dr. Amen about the science of brains being traumatized. Again, click here to go to my Certified Amen Education Center (they gave me a discount code that you can use and save 15% on purchases — ECENTER42).\n\n\n\nDr. Amen conducts thorough clinical work and has done research on brain function. He talks about how psychiatrists have not made it mandatory that their members actually study the organ that they treat — the brain. I have added below his \”Reverse Engineering\” (my name for it) approach of using the brain : Change Your Brain to Change Your Body. The concepts of using the mind to change the body or the mind to change the brain are based on the proven existence of \”neuroplasticity\” of brain circuits. Shorthand: \”Neurons that fire together wire together.\” Below he applies this to body image and weight management but he has many examples of much wider benefits.\n\n\n\n\”Reverse Enginering Your Brain\”: By now you’ve begun to construct what I call a Health Menu of options. There are many approaches that you can use that may lead to huge improvements in body and brain. You already know the concept. I can’t make those changes for you through this blog posting. The things you do need to be your choice, and whenever possible it would be great to have someone to help you as you go through possible stages of change. Here are a few items that a person might include to engineer their new brain, and body: Bodywork, movement therapies and more (I call it Kinesthetic Medicine) | FlexAware neurological integration coaching | Amen Solution @ Home | Watsu warm water therapy | \”Mindfulness\” observation done without Hindu or Buddhist philosophy [See my closing remarks for my additions.*]\n\n*My Closing Remarks: From a psychotherapy perspective I’m quite enthusiastic about what can be done for mental health these days — both for improving daily life of society’s members, and for bringing about change in people who need \”better brains\” (Dr. Amen’s term).\n\nCurrent studies in Functional Medicine as taught by psychiatrist Charles Gant, M.D. [my description] give me hope that there will be more options for care of people who have chronic illness including mental and emotional situations.\n\nBack in the 1980s I felt privileged to spend time with Alex Schauss, author of Diet, Crime and Delinquency. [Link to Amazon’s Kindle edition.] That early text gives clues to the large number of observers who know that behavior can be changed if the foods eaten are modified. This logo is from a partnership I started with an online laboratory testing resource, MyMedLab. Their services are introduced on my info site on the Functional Medicine page. The concept of learning about the mental and emotional improvements from various Complementary and Alternative Medicine was behind the domain name that I purchased: Natural Medicine and Mental Health.com.\n\nThe End of the World: Here is a thought at the end of the year after recent mass shootings and media coverage of concerns about Armageddon, the Mayan Calendar ending and the calculations of scientist Isaac Newton [from the enigmatic writings of the prophetic \”Nostradamus\”] that \”the end\” will happen in the year 2060:\n\nMy female psychotherapist friends might add that the mental health field and the political field are playing out the results of the Male Half of society. They haven’t told me this exactly but I wonder if it might be time now for a greater appreciation of what the Female Half of the human race can do. I’m certainly impressed with what the brain scientists are revealing about the benefits of each of the types of brains.\n\nConnections I’d recommend for you: Whether we do in-office work, or distance coaching I’ll do my best to help you connect with resources that respect your own stance on religion or philosophy of life. This was behind the page on my information site: Science and Spirituality.\n\n\”I don’t Want You to Lose Your Faith\”: That’s my commitment to support you in whatever is your choice regarding religion or no religion. Whether you see yourself as created by God, or by the intricate action of millions of years of evolution, the natural laws are still the same.\n\nThoughts before contacting me: Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple | The Community that is You: Parasites and Epigenetics | Play as Medicine | Somatics and Your Mind: New Science for Old Insights | Bending the River: Aligning Your Future Health.\n\nContact me or the office, you are Welcome:\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

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Jurassic War. Jurassic Peace. Who We Are.

\n\nPsychotherapists are loving this film — Jurassic World opens our nation’s eyes once again to a world of possibilities. Advertisements may seem to disclose a summertime box-office romp, best viagra sildenafil but buried inside the film are hidden threads that deal with timeless questions about healthy human existence. Post 9/11 audiences watching this sequel now have the opportunity to simply be with the reality that war and peace and veterans have always been part of the fabric of human societies. See below my major take-away today about War and Peace and what kind of world we are creating for our future.*\n\nThis film as “The doctor’s prescription” is way more than a dose of excitement. The original book was written by a physician, rx Michael Crichton, M.D., with multiple “refills of the prescription” by Steven Spielberg. This film series is a phenomenon that I consider to be powerful “medicine” for our world’s future. Women, and men and children are each developing their own internal “maps” of the Safe Zones in their personal territory and this latest re-draw of the boundaries is more complex than ever.  I hope that this film is recognized as a major contribution to social advancement (read more on this below).\n\n\n\nFYI: The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2014 was about the \”maps\” that mammals — mice in this case — create in their brains to guide them as they travel their physical landscape; I’ve transposed that to also include the mental \”maps\” that guide us as we navigate the social landscape with its Safe and  Not-Safe zones. There is a lot of focus on \”maps\” in Jurassic World.\n\nJurassic World 2015 is an historic event in itself. 1) This sequel gives us a chance to think back to the maps of the world when the first Jurassic Park film was released — before the historic events of September 11, 2001. 2) Our nation in 2015 is still officially in a declared War status with protagonists each fighting to advance or to protect their maps. This means that this film about primal terrain is written against the background or the \”social Matrix\” that is made up of of the risks and sacrifices of many individuals for the benefit of the “homeland” and for world peace — War and Peace.\n\nJurassic World reveals a lot that we couldn’t perceive until recent discoveries in neuroscience and mammalian behavior. [My blog: Animals and Humans Saving Each other and Reverse Engineer Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp’s Animal Affect Research and More.] Social psychologists contributed to the depth of the presentations of each character portrayed by an actor in the film. I’ve never before seen so many characters in a film actually “think about thinking” while they face choices of life, death and love. This film targets several potential audiences and can deliver a multi-course meal for the mind as well as the senses if you choose to join in this national phenomenon.\n\n

Public Domain image of imagined dinosaur battle.

And, yes, there is a lot of eating going on, but the “blood” is on-screen and it’s a safe way to invest your precious income and your time. [Disclosure: I chose to see the “2-D” version, so I’m holding off on the really scary option of 3-D dinosaurs. I will advise that your experience may actually be frightening — but hopefully in a safe way. My bus driver today said their extended family watched it on Saturday and a visiting grandmother from South America actually screamed at several of the surprising moments.]\n\n*Major Insight for Today — War, Peace and Healthy Society: No “spoiler” disclosures follow, but I invite you to catch some themes that fleetingly appear from the depths of the characters. Yes, there are depictions of peaceful moments surveying the natural grandeur of waterfalls and greenery and families bringing children to a theme park. In addtion we glimpse “students of Life” of all ages who come to learn more factors behind questions about who we are as a species. [Link to my clinical site page “Who We Are.”] However, Spielberg doesn’t hold back from some shocks intended to give life to a potentially \”anemic\” and insensitive society:\n\nWho we are:  Looking back on relatively superficial aspects of what happened in that movie theater I find myself recalling lessons from Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley’s “Frankenstein: A Modern Prometheus.”  [Public domain full version at Project Gutenberg online. Opens in new window.] That’s another well-drawn picture of human intelligence impacting the lives of people in the society around the holder of that key insight. In this case the tale was written by a woman who at the time used a fake male name to publish her book. After you see Jurassic World you can develop your own comparisons to the various written and film versions about “Frankenstein’s Monster.”  The image that I pasted above is a composite that I created in response to this week’s newscasts about screen legends such as Melissa Gilbert [Hero in the film Spy — opens in new window] who are women. Say what you must about their \”politics\” but each has struggled to stand in a world where some men don’t know what to do with strong women. I’ve heard some stunning descriptions by women of how some men fabricate, lie and \”stack the deck\” against women in truly devious ways.\n\n

Man and Woman: An Elemental reminder of duality that can save and reclaim a Life. One person at a time… Look into their eyes…

Here is the link to my earlier blog insight introducing the Australian film, The Railway Man [jump to that]. The strength and wisdom of a woman who loved a former Army POW (Prisoner of War) is the message of that film. The story of a woman’s healing presence is retold in the more recent film about another POW, this time Air Force:  Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie [open new window to leave my site and go to Time magazine review of this powerful film.].\n\nHowever, my main target with you in mind today is…Who We Are. [My Who We Are page — where I begin to develop what you and I may talk about when you choose to interact more with my site and with me in phone/Skype or in-person coaching.]\n\nCoaching/Medicine Target: What can we create during appointments? What can we bring into existence that was not possible prior to our joining in the process of Creation? I can advise on physical concerns as well as coach regarding emotional and social problems. I can advocate that we consider referrals when collaboration with other specialists may result in a more robust and resilient outcome.\n\nPsychotherapy: For newcomers to my site and blog, the healthy creation of your next steps is the goal of psychotherapy. It’s been less than 200 years that the world has had access to scientific study of the operation of the mind. Some of the original \”Greats\” include Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, Carl Jung, Sabina Speilrein and Wilhelm Reich. These were pioneers, men and women, and were seen by many as controversial. However, the field of Psychotherapy is now bearing fruit. I consider the field of psychotherapy to be mature enough for me to recommend some kind of therapy as part of your personal \”menu\” of options. Learn more from the hundreds of psychology interviews/lively \”podcasts\” by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. of Shrink Rap Radio. [Link to his recent interview with Alan Abbass, M.D., Ph.D. who is primary care M.D./psychiatrist/psychotherapist — opens in new window.]\n\n\n\nPreparing to close today: I recall that I started life as an Explorer. The territory of mind and body and healthy society is my chosen landscape and for a while I was studying to become a medical doctor at University of Michigan Class of 1974. I’ve met many of the great human beings of our time. In terms of the western medicine field, now that I’m back in Seattle I’m around people who would recall Abram Hoffer, M.D., Brad Weeks, M.D., David Buscher, M.D. and Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. each of whom walked the line between typical medical knowledge and an expanded way of understanding how humans can function in the midst of a toxic world. [See my teaching site page about Human Toxics Management — \”Homotoxicology\” and Homo toxicanus.]\n\nNew Territory: Ecopsychology: I’ve recently discovered a wise elder creatively tending the land where he worked on creating a potential field he named Ecopsychology. He’s Robert Greenway, Ph.D.  There are several versions of Ecopsychology in the minds of people who’ve studied with him over the decades since the 1960s. [His personal story of his life path — on Ecopsychology.org. New window.] He wrote there, \”…’There is no field!’ It is still forming, waiting to be articulated, hardly used anywhere. Perhaps you know of some missing pieces to the ecopsychological puzzle; perhaps you will be the one to click a coherent ecopsychology into place.\” His observations remind me of my comments about the naturopathic effort to claim territory in the healing landscape, called the Vis medicatrix naturae, \”The healing power of Nature.\” [My presentation about my insight that nobody can \”own\” the healing power of Nature.] I am looking forward to seeing what new things will come from discovering the Olympic Peninsula farm that Dr. Greenway calls home.\n\nI’m here when you’re ready:  In person for coaching and online via email and Skype. I’ll help you strategize about your next steps ahead. [Clinical Site with Appointments, Adventure Therapy, Brain Health options and other info.]\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n

\n\n \n\n
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Health Students: Collaboration–Our Future and HOSA professionalism

Psychotherapy to support your success is a key to my services as a licensed naturopathic physician. If you understand what Learning can mean, sildenafil  you can envision being a student for your whole lifetime whether you are a graduate or starting an education program. This includes learning how to manage your health of body and mind as well as social relational health. What do you know about the wide range of health professionals around the world who can help you have a better life?  [See Basic Resources, stuff suitable for graduates too, below.*]\n\nHOSA may become a major change-maker in the field of health care. My insights about the concept of Collaboration show how I hope that it may be expanded beyond its currently familiar definition. [At the bottom of this page* I include several resources for learning about new science that may of use to you.]\n\nWhen I work with students I sometimes challenge their understanding of what it is to be a student. Humans are designed to be lifelong learners. This may be especially important when it comes to the field of human health. When we begin our training we want to be sure that we’ll never make an error, we want to know all that there is to know. Take a moment and tell yourself, \”I’ll never know it all.\” This truth may help you to relax your grip on the imaginary \”shovel\” because there is no finite, achievable \”pile\” of complete knowledge that you can finally gather into your possession. For myself the use of digital libraries has made it possible to say that even if I don’t know an answer, I can usually find it through the people and information resources I have cultivated.\n\nHere is the photograph of a teacher who lives in the United States but who was trained to understand the medical science of the early Chinese dynasties. Jeffrey Yuen is an acupuncturist and educator in classical Chinese medicine. His audio podcast can be listened to by clicking here to visit my site for Acupuncture Science.\n\nHis voice is calm and I could sense his wisdom as he encourages the student to put their attention on cultivating the healer within themselves. The work will never be finished he says. I feel that his message is universal and not limited to any culture or health care system. Those of you who have followed my career know that I am respectful of people regardless their worldview or faith or choice of no faith. My statement: \”I do not want you to lose your faith.\”\n\nThis past December I attended the Fall Commencement day for the graduates of University of Hawai’i here in Hilo. This was an uplifting event where everyone was celebrating both a conclusion and a beginning at the same time. The message of the Student Speaker, Evan Matsuyama and the Commencement Address by Hilo businessman, Barry Taniguchi [report of his talk in the Hawaii Tribune — opens in new window] gave us much to think about. Since that day I’ve often visited and shopped at Mr. Taniguchi’s KTA Superstore in Hilo and am impressed with how he includes local items and focuses on serving the community.\n\nA major theme of the commencement was how important it is for the school to prepare citizens who can face the challenges that are expected ahead. To me, the school is succeeding at preparing people to be able to move society forward. One of the concepts that was talked about at the Commencement and that I’ve been learning about is called Ohana. Ohana means family, either the nuclear family or wider definitions. Applied to students it is important to recognize the value of each individual to the overall community regardless their educational track.\n\nOhana in Hilo: I stopped by the University again, during the first week of classes in the new term. While on campus I visited a student activities area where there were tables with displays of student clubs and organizations. One was staffed by students who are sophomores who are on academic tracks to be in health care careers. \”HOSA\” is an organization that had previously only admitted M.D. pre-medicine students. They were enthusiastic about how the group had expanded to include others who will eventually also have roles in the growing field of health services. Their flyer encouraged readers to go online to a site called Instagram. I searched for their main site and found these links —\nhttp://careers.hosa.org/ and http://uhmsmp.org/resources/ec-leadership/\n\nPreparation for collaboration with others in health professions: One of the results of the HOSA organization having expanded who can join, is that medical students and other students will more easily be able to \”put a human face\” to the other professions that they themselves have not chosen to pursue. I understand for HOSA this includes Physician Assistants, Nurses, and several others. In the next paragraph I introduce the interview of a psychologist who champions Collaboration between family practice medical doctors and psychologists and others who are dedicated to helping people live more healthy lives body physically and socially.\n\nCollaboration and Mental Health. An interview at the online psychology podcast, Shrink Rap Radio: The word \”Collaboration\” got my attention when David Van Nuys, Ph.D. interviewed now-president of the American Psychological Association, Susan H. McDaniel, Ph.D. She presented eloquently the position for Collaboration between different professions. [Link to: her interview on ShrinkRapRadio.com — opens in new window.] She focused on collaboration between psychologists and family practice medical doctors.\n\nHowever, I think that the time is come for medical doctors to know more about the many other approaches that their patients may choose to use while at the same time the patient is taking medications prescribed by the M.D. I’ve just re-listened to the interview and Dr. McDaniel said she has visited several other countries. I’m almost certain that she knows that these systems include approaches such as acupuncture and homeopathy. She said that she had visited Cuba. I’ve been in meetings where practitioners who know the Cuban health system announced that they had used homeopathic preparations such as to successfully treat their Leptospirosis epidemic, citing statistics that were impressive. (I include that Cuba information on my page for Homeopathy Science.)\n\nExpanding the definition of Collaboration in health care: The concept of Collaboration is very important in modern times when a growing number of people choose to actually avoid going to see medical doctors (M.D.) or others trained in the \”western medicine\” approach to health. Medical doctors and others will benefit by learning about the skills and the perspectives on human health that are the basis for other professions besides their own.\n\nCollaboration partners: These potential others include ones such as I myself am deeply immersed in: acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, body psychotherapy, massage and bodywork and homeopathy. In the past decades Integrative Medicine was a term coined to describe efforts to include multiple approaches to health. Now that I’ve heard the new term Collaboration, I hope that the definition can be widened so that all professionals who are ready to help would have opportunity to be part of a patient’s Circle of Care.\n\n*[Updated 1/24/15] Below are some of the basic concepts that I wanted to give to the new graduates from the Commencement ceremony. These could also become important insights for students who are still on their way to graduation.\n\n1. Nutrients and success: Your mind and your abilities to study and perform can be affected by nutrition and other factors that are studied in schools certified to teach naturopathic medicine. Some ND graduates have advocated a specialty board for Naturopathic Psychiatry. The term \”Orthomolecular Psychiatry\” can be traced to Abram Hoffer, M.D. (whose career overlapped that of Linus Pauling who coined the term \”Orthomolecular); Dr. Hoffer included nutritional supplementation as part of patient treatments for mental illness. I’ve met him and assisted in his giving a presentation in Seattle where naturopathic medical students had been invited. After his death, The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine is now edited by naturopathic physician Jonathan Prousky, N.D., MSc. I have placed links to interviews of Dr. Prousky, as well as Stephen Ducat,N.D., Ph.D. by psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D., at the bottom of the home page of the internet site that I started, for DCNN (DC Natural Neuroscience) — click here to go to the DCNN front page. These interviews are with N.D.s who are board certified in naturopathic medicine and who have seen great improvements in mental health using methods that in my opinion can often complement what medical doctors do.\n\n2. Acupuncture points, skin conductivity, emotions and a simple process of \”tapping\” on your body: My board certification in Acupuncture (NCCAOM) qualifies me to teach Continuing Education classes. I’ve put some information online about \”acupuncture meridian dynamics\” — A) Acupuncture Science [my site, same link as above]; B) \”Tapping\” approaches to changing people’s health of body and mind [my introduction]. For a while I was a member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology) prior to it being approved by the APA (American Psychological Association) for providing CE credit events. C) Acupuncture Today magazine recently featured articles about new steps to bring acupuncture fully into the healthcare system. (Article: Acupuncture and its Place in the Integrative Healthcare Practice: The Need to Move from Modality to Profession — Link to magazine article; opens in new window.)\n\nExpanded acupuncture interest: The AcuGraph digital meridian imaging technology has become my main hope for scientifically approaching the issue of documenting the way that small shifts in the flow of ions in the electrical network of the body can result in major changes in physical and emotional health. [My intro including the video \”Welcome to Acupuncture.\”] In 2012 I finished an initial research study [three-clinic observational study] that I’m hoping will lead to an ongoing study into the benefits of acupuncture system treatments (using multiple methods such as laser, electricity or needles) for making changes in emotions and mental health.\n\n3. Your brain:  The Teenage Brain is now eloquently defined.  This book by psychiatrist Daniel Siegel makes a clear presentation of the brain science of \”myelination\” and maturation so that we all can relax and accept that between 12 and 24 years of age we’ll have spent half our life in the state of Teenage Brain capability. This includes risk-taking, approval-seeking, impulsive actions and more. [Book site. Opens in new window.] See my blog where I comment on Brainstorm and how to have a larger perspective so that you can respect your own past if you are older and can look back on that time of your life.\n\n4. Probiotics and mental health. Each of us needs to learn that our body is not a fortress but that there are microbes on our skin and inside of our digestive tract. This means that we need to know that our diet can make a big difference in how \”peaceful\” the inhabitants are inside your \”inner garden.\” [My blog with video of a medical researcher: The Community that is You: Parasites and Epigenetics.] I’ve read that many professionals are saying that the better is the health of our inner \”Microbiome\”, the better is our mental health.\n\n5. Managing stressful pollution. Our bodies can be affected by pollution of food, air and water; \”toxin management\” is the term for the way the human body responds to this \”toxic load.\” This factor might be a huge contributor to mental and physical concerns. My recommendation is that you study the basics and return later when you begin to address this in yourself or your patients. Here is the link to a chart of German health information about human toxic management or, \”Homotoxicology\”: [click here]\n\n6. Autonomic Science and self-regulation. Recently there has been an outgrowth of the \”attachment theory\” studies that states that the main aim of the individual is to attempt to gain or to maintain Safety. One of the mental health researchers whom I’ve spoken with is Stephen Porges, Ph.D., who continues to delve into the \”autonomic nervous system\” and how a person deals with the issue of Safety. [My page on Dr. Porges includes videos and transcripts and other resources.] When you enter the classroom or the office you will be better prepared when you understand how you can conduct yourself so that both you and your patient or your co-worker feels safer.\n\n7.  Coherence therapy: I’m including this because it is a basic method that can help you get along with others in the classroom or the workplace. C.T. is an insight about why some counseling methods succeed and others do not fully achieve the desired outcomes. That is the subject of the interview that Dr. Van Nuys has with Bruce Ecker. You can see that along with the information on naturopathic physicians also on the DCNN front page. (Again: DCNN front page.) The book gives the basics of how the method works: Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation.\n\n8. Play as Medicine. When some students limit themselves to only reading assigned texts, they may be forcing their body to become sluggish. That could have negative results when it comes to time for testing. I heard a great talk from the founder of the National Institure for Play. It is a topic that has been successfully researched and I’ve written an introduction that includes a great video by Stuart Brown, M.D. [See: Play as Medicine.]\n\nYou’ll notice that Dr. Brown includes examples of animals moving about in play. I have coined a term, \”Kinesthetic Medicine\” that I use to include elements of what is called Body Psychotherapy. [My page Kinesthetic Medicine.]\n\n9. New Brain Science: This term can be applied to the work of clinicians and researchers such as: A) Daniel Amen, M.D., psychiatrist who helps people build better brains [Link]; B) National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine [Link]; and the HeartMath technology for home stress reduction using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) home units [Link].\n\n10. Going to Mars and \”Thinking Outside the Box\”: I once wanted to go into Space. I met Astronaut Jim Irwin in the 1970s. Today, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has put energy into teaching children that there is more to life than what we know here on Earth. [My introduction to him in blog, \”Autonomic Science: Relax, You’re not Sitting Atop a Rocket.] The Mars Curiosity rover and video are a strong lesson in what humans can do. [My introduction, Exploring Mars, Earth, Self: Science, Spirituality and Our Future.]\n\n\n\n11. Animals and research: Finally, for those of you who may study animals in your schooling: I’ll include this new information.\n\n\n\nIf you participate in animal laboratory classes please be aware that animals, particularly mammals, share neurochemistry with humans. In fact according to a key researcher their psychological neurophysiology is the same as humans possess. Jaak Panksepp, Ph.D. says this in a podcast that I include in this: Reverse Engineer Your Brain: Dr. Panksepp’s Research and More.\n\nDr. Panksepp says that an old researcher admitted to him before he died that he had lied when he published articles stating that lab animals demonstrate what he called \”sham rage.\” He said that he’d have lost his grant funding if he said that animals and humans share the same chemistry for basic emotions. I later used that as the basis for the posting: Animals and Humans Saving Each Other.\n\nIn closing: Those are some of the background factors that most students might never have considered. Student or not,  you may gain valuable insights by looking at those resources.\n\nWhether you are an educator or a Learner you are Welcome to contact me. There may be some Functional Medicine information that we can discover. Sometimes the telling of the story of memories can create new options. Whether for yourself or a loved one I invite you to click and move forward:\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n\n

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“What Works” — Key to Healing Self

\n\n\”A Lifestyle of Healing\” was my original 2001 e-book sharing options you could include in building your personal list for dynamic living. [View early version — PDF opens in new window] This is my first week in Hawai’i and 2015 is almost here. We’ve all been creating and using our own choices for what works for us. I’m planning a new book for 2015 that is based on Hawai’i’s natural healing opportunities for everyone (even if you can’t visit here). Further down are invitations to a couple choices that you may make to bring changes in your life — Craniosacral Therapy and FlexAware.*\n\nI’ll be communicating individually but today I’m putting up this statement: I’m \”on board\” with each of you being the one in charge of your choices. You know what’s worked for you. And that’s the key for each health care practitioner, view help counselor, here psychotherapist and good friend — being present for you as you do What Works and also explore what changes may bring different outcomes for you.\n\nYou can heal yourself, starting with creating or finding a safe space. We can find safety and support virtually anywhere in the world. Next, find your allies and helpers. Coming from Washington DC to Hawai’i I can assure you that there are dynamic and resilient people here who can serve you well. We are all part of something greater than ourselves.\n\nWhether you travel or not, you can find ways to Heal your Self. Regardless what steps you may choose at the moment, what makes our life a full one is that we are aware of the greater process that we are part of — sunrise, sunset, eating, cleansing, viewing other people and choosing what we’ll do about the possible choices.\n\nHawai’i for me: I’m now visiting the Hawai’i Naturopathic Retreat on the Big Island called Hawai’i. The Kapoho retreat option grew from the original Aloha Wellness Center. I’m impressed with their dedication to helping people come and make changes in their lives. The caterpillar and coccoon photo is one that I took on my first day there. [Their site. | Their programs.]\n\nHere is the first paragraph from their Programs page:\n\n\”Welcome to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, where the natural island sanctuary provides an ideal environment to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat specializes in medical retreat programs, natural detoxification, supervised medical fasting, natural drug rehabilitation, wellness programs and healthy vacations. We are experts in the holistic treatment of conditions like Anxiety, Food Addiction, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Weight loss and more.\”  [End of that excerpt from their site.]\n\nHere is the main wisdom that I’ve gained by comparing that site as one of the premier natural health sites:\n\nEach person and each animal on the planet does what works. That’s the key to understanding the outcomes in our lives.\n\nEach healthcare professional, each philosopher and virtually everyone would agree I’m sure that the concept of What Works could be called the key to life. In my practice the Coherence Therapy insights help discover what part of a person might be choosing actions or thoughts that cause undesirable outcomes. Neuroscience helps me discover brain function and emotion correlations that give clues to possible treatment choices. Body Psychotherapy is my favorite \”umbrella\” term for many options including coaching people in discovering their own inner awareness and processes that allow for physical and emotional healing . My naturopathic physician colleagues would certainly note the potential value in lab tests and other assessments of the \”functional medicine\” aspects of decision-making. And the common wisdom of \”if you don’t like it, don’t do it,\” could explain why people take their time in choosing something different from what they’ve always done.\n\n\n\n*Preparing for Change — Maps: It’s not easy for you to project ahead and see what you might gain by doing something different from what you’ve always done. I have two recommendations below. What works and remembering what works in life is the subject of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine [link]. Researchers were honored for validating that the brain is able to create \”maps\” of the world around it. My hope is that other people will now focus attention on how humans can also create other kinds of maps such as \”social maps\” of people that help them to navigate more safely in their world.  \”Healthcare Maps\”: My earlier commitment to being a Connector and Introducer fits here also. I know a lot of possible choices you might make to initiate changes and achieve different outcomes in your life. Here are a couple:\n\n1. Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release: Thinking of navigating and maps here is the picture of my boat in a bottle. I carved it, and slid it into the unaltered cider jug and carefully raised the masts and even repaired a broken rope using handmade tools — sort of like a Craniosacral Therapy session in which I slowly craft a new structure for your tissues to connect your bones. [My overview of Craniosacral Therapy.]\n\n\n\n\n\nMy appreciation of Dr. Upledger is huge because I’ve spoken with him and demonstrated Craniosacral therapy in China in 1993 [photo album]. His method is so powerful and so basic that it has \”slipped under the radar\” of psychiatrists and psychologists because it has become considered to be a \”massage technique.\” I consider Craniosacral Therapy to be a body psychotherapy approach that also enhances physical performance.  Sometimes we can include the Somato-Emotional Release that can happen. People feel better when their skull and body can move more freely after the Craniosacral Therapy experience achieves \”releases\” of restricted fascia. For psychotherapists as well as psychiatrists and psychologists it is important to know that this method also allows the skull bones to increase their range of motion, and it changes pressures on the brain which can enhance blood flow. I’m glad to work with medical and mental health practitioners so that when I see their patients I only provide the Craniosacral Therapy and home care exercises while they retain primary case management. [Again: My overview of Craniosacral Therapy.]\n\nFlexAware: Perhaps a simple beginning for you would be to explore what happens when you take the role of a healthy child discovering what works for your body. This is the FlexAware approach that developed from the concept of Awareness Heals which is consistent with current \”mindfulness\” and earlier approaches such as Qi gong, Yoga, Pilates and the Feldenkrais method. [The video below expands on this important key to healing your Self.]\n\nHere is the site for FlexAware that gives you training in restructuring your approach to breathing and moving: Link. People who know neuroscience and have studied yoga and mindfulness instantly see the correlations between their method and the self-exploration that is part of the FlexAware approach to living in the human body. Note: FlexAware is more than an exercise, it’s whole body fitness and an awareness that you can think of at any time during the day. FlexAware is an expanded way of understanding your breathing and how every move you make is affected by your ease of movement and by your practice of moving in harmonious, comfortable and safe ways. It’s great for people who are athletes as well as for those who are in bed, missing limbs, undergoing rehab from surgery, etc. You can do the FlexAware movements whether standing at a bus stop, sitting at a desk at work, walking, doing yoga more effortlessly and virtually anywhere you are.\n\nBelow is the introduction to FlexAware by its creator Steven Shafarman, who certified me as a FlexAware teacher and coach. Either of us can give you more personalized information about what FlexAware can help you rediscover your natural ease and skill in movement and breathing.\n\n\n\nHere is the link to the extensive page where I describe neuroscience correlations that flow from my study of FlexAware: [FlexAware correlations and links] To sign up for Steve Shafarman’s newsletter to keep you informed and encouraged: Click here.\n\nIn closing:  Even though I’m no longer in Washington DC to relate to you in person, the source of love and safety is always close by. Remember the exercises you’ve learned from me. I and practitioners around the world are available for you if you seek and ask. We are here for you. Take a moment, explore and then choose what works for you. Contact Me: [Distance Consultations/Telehealth page| Contact page]\n\nYou can contact Aloha Wellness Center in Hilo and Kapoho, Big Island of Hawai’i. They’ll give you information about Life Changing Wellness Vacations, detoxification from drug use, cancer treatment and much more: [Site]\n\n

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Living Inside the Box: Your Body as Temple

Neuroscience and your Three Control Systems to run your life: The more I observe the intricacies of human life the more awed I am at the gift of life. I can speak this more easily than write it but it’s worth the inquiry for you to watch videos and read links to researchers into brain function and social/mental health.\n\n[Updated. Addendum] Here is a link to my blog essay on social intelligence — Autonomic Science: Relax, view you’re not sitting atop a rocket.( http://naturalworldhealing.com/blog/autonomic-science-relax-youre-not-sitting-atop-a-rocket/ )\n\nAs a doctor I enjoy teaching about how to move forward from where you are to an improved state of health. The more you understand the physical body and its importance to your overall existence the easier it is to make choices that support the life you were meant to have. One way that I describe human health is to recognize the Three Control Systems that each person has by which they manage their life. [Note: I generally think of myself as being \”one thing\”/\”one whole\”; however, it can help to identify three fairly separate aspects of how the human being functions. This is especially so with the neuroscience contributions of Porges and Eagleman below. You don’t have to accept my Three Control Systems model in order to benefit from my recommendations, but I now can point to the Internal Family Systems model as essentiall the same.]\n\nYour Three Control Systems: These are: 1) your brain and motor nerves; 2) your physical body with its neurotransmitter receptors located in the gastrointestinal tract so that it can make decisions without your conscious brain; and, 3) your autonomic nervous system which acts separately, “in the background” without conscious control, to maintain for the brain and body a safer, more stable base of operations. I will write more, but first is this disclaimer:\n\nDescribing the complete “diagram” of a human being has been a task that many have sought to do. I consider it impossible for us to ever fully create a “map” of every aspect of a human being. The graphic to the right is courtesy of the Institute of HeartMath Research Center and used with permission as part of my project on what I call Human Energy Anatomy.\n\nAbout your Three Control Systems:\nWhen you work with me your integrative medicine program includes more than one step, more than one way of improving your health. I include the Three Control Systems in constructing individual integrative medicine programs.\n\n1. Your brain and motor nerves: Your brain needs to know what is going on, that you are doing things that will help. This is part of what I call Therapeutic Education and I may assign reading and homework such as temperature graphing and Diet Diary.\n\n2. Your physical body: Your body with the gastrointestinal system that contains neurotransmitter receptors can make decisions without your brain having a role in them. The body must have good food, rest and appropriate movement. We may begin with laboratory testing to check for things that are holding back your ability to physically heal (such as gastrointestinal microbial imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, enzyme production polymorphisms, and more).\n\n3. Your Autonomic Nervous System needs to sense that it is being acknowledged and supported. On my teaching site you can read more about the ANS as your Internal Protector, featuring Dr. Stephen Porges’s writings about the ANS, autonomic dysregulation and ways to treat “dysautonomia.” [click here]\n\nBelow is a favorite introduction video. However, more details are at the link above.\n\nAddendum, March 3, 2012: You can respect your ANS by listening to its calls for your attention such as when you feel cold or hot, thirsty, needing to go to the bathroom and other sometimes subtle signs that it may soon become overwhelmed. The more that your ANS can trust you, the more relaxed and dynamic your health will be, mentally and physically. This is a major reason why I include recommendations for people to learn FlexAware®FlexAware neuro-rehabilitation and fitness introduction.\n\nA lot more could be said about this way of looking at this life that we have. [Addition: My description of your inner Healing Power of Nature: Your Vis medicatrix naturae.]\n\nIn closing here is a note about the “Stage” upon which we live our lives: [Addition: This is the what is called \”The Self\” in the Internal Family Systems approach.]\n\n“Outside the Box”: I am convinced that there is a consciousness that is outside of these Three Control Systems, which is the You that can influence those three. This “real you” has been the subject of conjecture by philosophers and religious scholars. I classify it as being a more elemental observer and subtle influencer of the three control systems. It does not experience fear and anxiety and is always available to help the three discover successful courses of action. I consider each of those three to be perfect in its conducting its activities in accord with what it knows. I do not blame them for not being given the information or the raw materials for healthy living; that is the purpose for my teachings and my resource networking and for the work of all others in society who are dedicated to helping people experience life more fully.\n\nAddendum: Below is a graphic that I compiled that illustrates your Three Control Systems. This shows that the three (brain; body; autonomic nervous system) are held within the greater context of “the real You” — represented by the circular purple container.  This greater context is my representation of what has been called the creative aspect of each human. This might be the same as the Vis medicatrix naturae. This might also be what some homeopathic scholars say was described by Hahnemann as the Dynamis, in particular the creative Generative aspect of that Dynamis that animates the minerals and chemicals of our body into a living being. Some religions have described “the breath of God”, or “the spark of life” that makes a human come to life. Bruce LiptonThe Institute of Noetic Sciences and The Living Matrix Movie all speak of something that animates us that is different than our physical brain and the neurochemical impulses of the nervous system. I respect each person’s religion, philosophy, or stance of no belief. This greater context is what I respectfully propose that you consider as the most important aspect of who you are. This makes it easier for me to design treatment programs because we can consider ways to support each of those three control systems. I plan to write a separate blog entry in the future about designing what I have called Your Health Menu. Here is the illustration: \n\nAddendum March 25, 2012: Yesterday I listened to Daniel Siegel, M.D., psychotherapist, speak about the Mind as being separate from the body. His model of scientific and experiential study of health has definitely got my attention. He has compiled much research and shows how important is the Social Engagement System or Relationships (see my blog on Neuroscience and Relationships) in the development of a healthy brain and social skills. I do recommend his writing: Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology (2012), and  The Developing Mind, Second Edition (2012) — DrDanSiegel.com.\n\n\n\nAddendum: David Eagleman, Ph.D., neuroscientist, has done brilliant work to describe the way that a person may perceive that there are more than one part to themselves. There are two brilliant interviews linked from my information site that show how a person can begin to understand this aspect of human complexity. Of note, I enjoyed his scientific openness when in the NPR interview he stated that he can’t actually rule out the possibility of a Creation event and thus his work is written to be respectful of people of faith.\n\nEach of the Three Control Systems — as well as the consciousness that is You — are all worthy of the Welcome that is a key to being part of the human family (see Family Constellations). You deserve to be here and to live a full, rich life. This is the driving intent behind the services offered online (Tele-Health) and in person (at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine), where I join the others in creating a supportive environment for deep healing.\n\nhttp://www.selfleadership.org/about-internal-family-systems.html\n\nAddendum February 2013: I’ve been enjoying listening to the Teleconference Archives of a group of psychotherapists who have developed a similar model of an internal three and a greater outer Self that encompasses them. This is the Internal Family Systems approach: Link to Home page of their site. You may enjoy listening to podcast presentations by some of the psychotherapists in their growing network: Link to the description of the development of the IFS approach, and to the Teleference Archives.

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Tribal Nation: Saving The World One Garden At A Time

sildenafil <a href\=\” width\=\”350\” height\=\”350\” />This life we are in is no race for a prize, viagra sales and it is not a war. It’s bigger than that. Years ago I wrote, \”The blood and bones of the women and men who have birthed and protected their societies have sanctified the land in all parts of the world.\”[link] We are now in very disturbing times. I see hope for humans and for humanity. That’s why I’m here as a physician and counselor in the District of Columbia.


In our nation President Lincoln himself gave “The Last Full Measure of Devotion” to grow this nation through horrible times. His Gettysburg Address has been one of the memory treasures of many children growing up in this country. Along with other verses — from the sacred texts of the religions that are found in The United States of America — the minds of today’s adults and children find encouragement to face ongoing struggles of many kinds. And in addition to those groupings of people I also respect the sincere Agnostics and Atheists who focus their lives on understanding this intricate existence that each of them was born into. Every human being in this country (and animals too…read my blog, Animals and Humans Saving Each Other about neuroscience discoveries of the power of \”huddling\”) has opportunity for their deep desire within that Mr. Lincoln called, \”yearning to breathe free…\”


I began writing this blog essay several months ago prior to events in places around the world such as Ferguson, Missouri, The Ukraine, Uganda and Iraq.  Below you will find links about Detroit and inner city reclamation of their blighted urban landscape. However, today I want to add that even if all that you can do is to grow a plant in a window of your home you’ll be participating in the flow of energy that I sometimes call \”God’s love for all living things.\”


Can you find solace and some amount of hope in that? Maybe not. The people I’ve spoken with in recent months remind me that sometimes it’s not possible to feel the anticipation of better times when one is alone by themselves. That’s why people gather together in groups or visit \”other circles\” where people share common interests that can be uplifting even to visitors who don’t spend a lot of time with them afterward.


Psychotherapists and counselors help people do their own healing work when their clients take time out from “the front lines” of their often turbulent interactions out in the world. We give people coaching and when possible help them help themselves, creating new things on once-devastated landscapes.


In addition I’m a physician of natural medicine as well as a licensed and board-certiied acupuncturist so that I can help you learn about the factors that can \”fire off\” the chemicals inside your body that alter the way you feel emotions. Click here to go to my new site [DCNN.pro] for networking with resources for physical, mental and social health. On the bottom of the home page I’ve introduced several interviews with natural medicine practitioners conducted by psychologist David Van Nuys, Ph.D. founder of the psychology podcast, Shrink Rap Radio.


I respect religion and I also respect science. Looking fresh at the world as it is today and imagining forward I draw upon science, quantum physics and ancient non-spiritual acupuncture discoveries to serve both the people who come to me for care or coaching as well as those who themselves are serving society.

\nAfter the headlines and sound-bytes are past (like the words above at the start of today’s blog sharing) we can take the opportunity to begin to drop down into deeper levels of what our lives are about. I’m still thinking about my walk into the King Memorial in Washington DC on Veterans Day. Have you taken that walk yet through the King Memorial?  [Click on the video below for the grand finale of the tour of the memorials mall where I follow a wise elder as she begins the journey through the King Memorial, the final few minutes.]\n\n\n\n\n\nThen after that, explore the link below. I saved it months ago after I’d listened to Krista Tippett’s astounding hour of interviews of people in Detroit who are continually cultivating the soil of our nation to both grow food for families and to also grow the dream proclaimed by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Click here to go to that On Being program [opens in new window].\n\n\n\nThat hour gave me a new look at the things that are possible, many of which are already being done. The interview is one of the series of programs from the team headed by Krista Tippett under the name of, On Being. The title is, \”Becoming Detroit: Grace Lee Boggs on Reimagining Work, Food, and Community.\” The introduction says, \”We’re used to hearing about Detroit as a symbol of economic collapse. With the recent news coverage of city’s financial crisis and declaration of bankruptcy, we travel to a city of vigor where joyful, passionate people are reimagining work, food, and the very meaning of humanity. The Chinese-American philosopher and civil rights legend Grace Lee Boggs is the heart and soul of this largely hidden story, which holds lessons for us all.\” [Click here for the site and interview.]\n\nPreparing to close now: I’m inviting you to view the page on my networking site [DCNN.pro — now consolidated with my main site template] where I introduce my series of Wisdom Day events which is in process of developing Wisdom Day 2016, March 16 2016 — the day before the start of Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2016. Click here or use the QR code link that I created:\n\n\n\nThe image below caught my eye. It is a metal sculpture that is mostly empty space. It represents the imaginary way we can think of the planet Earth and how people have spread across the globe. We are the ones who give the solid nature to our individual lives and to our contribution to the lives of other people and animals.\n\n\n\nAs we move forward, I’m here for you to consult with or to give you treatments and education in self-healing. I dedicate my intelligence and my skills to the work of “Discovering your resources, removing obstacles, helping you heal.”\n\nWelcome and connection page.\n\n

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Pressing “The Human Reset Button” via Neuroscience

Neuroscientists seem to have discovered how to reach permanent change in feelings and self-image. They do not call it Rebirth. Still, advice the brain and social interactions can be like someone else’s afterward. You can discover your new self with methods now becoming more easy to locate. I call it The Human Reset Button experience.\n\nAddition, sale August 18, 2014, during the St. Louis tribulation: Media have dropped clues to what happened in the minds of both the two youths and the policeman. It was a chilling reconstruction of a nation (the USA) that is facing what other nations have ignored tthrough more subtle repressions. It hurts to see what is tearing at people. My Routefinders page and some \”tweets\” on Twitter have more [link]. The video below and link to contribute are more timely than when it was placed online:\n

Fly By Light Youth Program [Their site.]\n




\nNeuroscience is showing how powerful is the human capability of choosing a new way, a new understanding, etc. These items of DCNN content include Acu-meridian Science, and Body Psychotherapy-types of approaches. [DCNN’s Wisdom Day 2015 page]\n\nDCNN and Acupuncture Science: I’ve been in contact with elder acupuncture practitioners whose experience has convinced them that the changes they see in patients are much more inclusive than simply the removal of local pain. One of the new options for body-mind acupuncture training is the recently renamed Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH.edu). Two west coast educational institutions are: NCNM’s School of Classical Chinese Medicine [link], and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine [link]. I’ve enjoyed the web-based education options of Medigogy [link] and Pro-D-Seminars [link]. A few of the educators I’ve spoken with include Lonny Jarrett, M.Ac., M.S., NAAOM [Spirit Path Press];  Christian Nix, Lic.Ac. [Barefoot Medicine Training, and Hospital Based Acupuncture Training — link]; Battlefield Acupuncture Seminars, John Howard, L.Ac., Dipl Ac. [link]; Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN [link].\n\nDCNN and Body Psychotherapy-types of approaches: I’m one of the practitioners who’ve explored \”post-Ericksonian\” hypnotherapy for decades now. Two of my favorites are Marc Schoen, Ph.D. [link] and Bill O’Hanlon, Ph.D. [link]. Marc has such a grasp of the physical results of hypnotherapy that he proposed re-naming it to \”Soma-Focus.\” One of my favorite approaches is called Craniosacral Therapy; I’ve called my expanded teaching of this, \”Cranial Bio-Dynamics\” [link to my introduction]. I include this as one of a grouping that I call Kinesthetic Medicine [link]. Special note is reserved here for the Somatic Experiencing training of Peter Levine, Ph.D. [link].\n\nMajor life intersection of Brain and Body: When a person begins to study these important aspects to effective health care, it will be helpful to recognize what recent neuroscience studies are telling us about how we study, how we experience life and the learning process. The images below are found on the counseling-oriented page on my clinical site, titled, Routefinders for Friends [link]. These may help you choose your way forward in studying for your career or for your personal health.\n


\nRecent Encapsulation of \”the secrets\” that are now making therapy more rapid and reliable: Here is the link to the interview conducted by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. (founder of Shrink Rap Radio), of Linda Graham, M.F.T. She is a psychotherapist and describes her scientific and practical application of recent neuroscience research findings: Mindfulness and Resilience with Linda Graham, MFT [the link takes you to Shrink Rap Radio site].\n\nIncentive for Research: I attended Linda’s workshop at Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2012. I have proposed that psychotherapists and counselors consider the AcuGraph digital meridian imaging as a way to track the changes in energy in the acupuncture meridians and correlate those with changes in emotional health. The site that I created for that is, AcuGraphNeuropsych.com. In my opinion the AcuGraph technology is historically linked to the early biofeedback observations of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. In that research-support site I am calling upon mental health professionals to use the AcuGraph to assess what Reich noted regarding skin electroconductivity changes correlated to changes in emotional state.\n\nPractical Results, application of Neuroscience Research: Those of you who are leaders in your practice or healthcare corporation realize that funding for research is more easily defended if the item being researched can lead to improved life experience for people. (And, I include animal-focused research because when animals are better off, humans feel better too. Ref. my blog Animals and Humans: Saving each other.) Conditions that have changed or in some cases no longer could be found after treatments that cross borders between physical and brain/mind: ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Depression, PTSD, some Cancers, Anxiety, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, and more.\n\nAn intriguing approach: Recently I’ve been impressed with the reports of the colloid tissue dynamics therapy available at Asclepeion Center for Body Mind Therapy [link]. From what I’ve been able to learn thus far this is an important advance that may stand in the gap between physical therapeutics and the client’s responses on multiple levels including body, mind and emotions. (FYI: Upcoming teachings and workshops that are planned at Asclepeion are high on my to-do list; these should be posted on their site.)\n\nHere are more details about the Reset Button experience that is uniquely human. Doing a \”reset\” or a \”hard reboot\” or other computer-related term can be easier to understand today than before the invention of the personal computer.\n\nTransitions: One of the therapist’s key requests is for assistance in dealing with unexpected and unwanted required change due to some outside individual or situation. With permission I’ve included the photo below from the landmark hair-dresser studio known as Yankee Clipper. This barber shop is a gathering place as much as it is a place to leave with shorter hair. Due to the building boom in Rockville the property is being transformed and new construction will replace this location. Nobody knows how Jerry will decide what’s next. As I was preparing to write this Reset Button blog I happened to stop in for a trim and some friendly conversation, so another customer took a photo of me standing by the pool table where I’ve spent hours practicing my skill at the pocket billiards table. So we now have this clip from the flow of history in historic Rockville. He’s handling it well with a resilient attitude.\n\n\n\n[Addendum: July 13th]: Below is a collage from my graduation at Bastyr University, from the program founded by director Emma Bezy, MSW — Spirituality, Health & Medicine certificate 2000. I dedicated my teaching site to Emma after her untimely death; I had created the site as part of my graduation final project. Graduation from the SHM program was a major step forward for me due to the personal tragedies going on around me during that time. I was feeling raw emotions during that transition day:\n\n\n\nNow, Go Ahead and Explore: \”Press that reset button…\” Only you can know what feels most safe for  you. \”Press the Button\” is a phrase that is easy to say, but can take some practice to activate. And sometimes people need support after the button has reset their vantage point and their life begins to appear unfamiliar. One of the key requirements for effective Coherence Therapy-consistent therapy is that the client must discover for themself what constitutes their own personal \”reset button\” (my term for PSP, or Pro-Symptom Position). So they will personalize and bring color to their own button before it can be effectively \”pushed\” to begin the new life ahead.\n\nThe Secret of Therapy: What psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have been showing the world for over 100 years now (Freud and Jung deserve the credit for scientifically, step by step investigating the workings of the mind) is \”The Human Reset Button\” that sets off changes that are deep and lasting if they can be understood and safely used.  The good news about that is that there are books and other ways to learn more. And there are increasing numbers of counselors, therapists, clergy and other helpers who can assist you to more effectively get your body and brain to feel Safe so that the new situation will be understood and welcomed with creative responses.\n\nYou can do it. I and my resources can help. Color your own button…\n\n\n

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\n—Dr. Wilson

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Storytelling Medicine — Key to Health

\n\nI’ll be brief so you can begin creating.* In the beginning…when you start using your creative aspect you may feel omnipotent because you’re finding new outcome after new outcome.\n\nIn my travels — both my physical travels to far-away places and my explorations into the depths of world medical systems – I find a key factor in developing positive results is the way in which you choose to arrange the basic elements that you can access in the moment. Then often simultaneous with arranging elements you begin to perceive a new development. It may be small and condensed. Or, best viagra it may be like a new vision that \”springs forth complete\” and takes years to deeply explore.\n\nToday I’m writing about the health related results of various types of \”stories.\” These might be the story told by laboratory tests and \”diagnostic imaging.\” Then there are the \”stories\” that you may tell me while you are mentally looking at or feeling archived memories of past events and experiences. And sometimes I and other specialists in our fields will tell to you what we think is the story that describes your current situation.\n\nIn an upcoming presentation in this Health Resources Blog I plan to expand on the concept of The Human Reset Button. This represents the powerful human capability of choosing a new way, pharmacy a new understanding, etc.\n\nToday I’m writing to you and reminding you of the many times you’ve perceived what you might not have known was your own creative power at work. This individual creative power is meshed/intermingled with the \”forces of Nature\” and called the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. Storytelling Medicine is often used to access \”The Vis\” and I’ve seen this often in the work of the types of healers known as shamans or entertainers. It is accessible to you if you know how to invoke the wisdom of Storytelling Medicine.\n\nI’ve studied with a range of shamans and scientists-turned-storytellers. I include Bernie Siegel for his work with people who had been given labels of types of cancer; Patch Adams for his work with an \”ailing disease-care system\”; and Beaverchief who blessed both people and the spaces in which they conduct their life activities.\n\n\n\nI’m admitting that it’s impossible to fully express in alphabet characters typed in lines on a digital document the flow and mingling of elements that can build a moment or a new era. The following images are from my first-edition of an illustrated book, Gulliver’s Travels:\n\n\n\nI’m offering you my creative blend of science and functional pragmatism so that you can break the bonds that hold down your own ability to Create new things for yourself and your loved ones. My network of resourceful practitioners is waiting for you to open the door. You are the one who chooses your next steps.\n\nContact me for a consultation [*remember the asterisk \”*\” that I put at the end of the first sentence at the top of today’s teaching? Now look below for the second jump to the double-asterisk below.**]  –\n

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\n—Dr. Wilson\n\n**Addendum: What story might you create to explain pictures, such as below? Exercise: Create two or more stories.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[Click here to download PDF of foldable NOAA \”globe\”.]\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*\n\n\n\n\n\n

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Play as Medicine

Lions, look dogs chewing bones, chess players and football practice all give clues to the value of Play for health support. The cerebellum and the prefrontal cortex are more important than doctors used to know: this is both serious and enjoyable science.\n\nYou might enjoy reading about the National Institute for Play [National Institute for Play]. The research by Stuart Brown, M.D., clearly reveals the benefits of a playful attitude and shows that it is much more than a child’s activity.\n\nAs I write this I’m listening to Krysta Tippett interiew Dr. Brown about his work as a psychiatrist and his unexpected discovery of the importance of the process that has been called \”play.\” The talk is titled, \”Stuart Brown —  Play, Spirit and Character.\” You can listen from her site (opens in new window)– click here.\n\n\n\nDr. Brown earlier presented his research in a video that is also available at the link above about his National Institute for Play. He says that play is something that adults need to do, and that it is a very intellectually stimulating activity that allows the person to move beyond the confines of rigid expectations.\n\n\n\nIn my trainings with Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. we were regularly reminded that when patients are experiencing the deep psychological work that he calls Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, we practitioners should be “playfully inquisitive.” That describes a kind of “play” in which the practitioner is flowing with what is important to the client rather than attempting to push events into an expected outcome.\n\nPlay among animals: Cat and Owl. Youthful behavior preparing for adult life:\n\n\n\nThis has important implications for those who are exploring the benefits of Mindfulness as described so well by the founder of the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics, Charles Gant, M.D. When combined with a mindful observation of one’s actions during a time of playfulness, a person can benefit from a “snapshot” of how their inner processes are working.\n\nSometimes the results of such a “Mindfulness snapshot” are reaffirming of our grounded and self-confident approach to life. But sometimes a person may be able to observe how they are not as flexible or creative as they would like to be. The First Aid for this is to be mindful and not allow room for disrespecting one’s self. The “Cure” is to explore more deeply for hidden effects of things such as “toxic memories” and other disturbing factors that limit our autonomic nervous system’s self-correcting mechanisms.\n\nThe AcuGraph digital meridian imaging is another way of checking the functional strength of the “human eneergy circuits” including factors that can affect mental health. The AcuGraph imaging includes assessment of the acupuncture meridian patterns that affect emotions and mental health. This can sometimes provide major clues to the puzzle of “why can’t I play?”\n\nSo, if you don’t happen to feel like being playful after you have read this, check out the information linked above and consider seeing me or one of my network of practitioners. We can help you to remove the blockages to self healing and smooth out distortions in the unconscious information stored inside you.\n\nAnd, speaking as a doctor of natural medicine, remember that this now the Summer season and that gradually the warm energies of the Summertine will be adding their uplifting effect to your life.\n\nEnjoy your Journey. I invite you to consult with me for some help doing that.\n

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\n—Dr. Wilson

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