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Tennant BiomodulatorTM Information

[SCENAR industry update]


Background Information from sEnergy Medical Group, Inc.

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I have been trained in both the SCENAR and the Tennant Biomodulator.


I more often use the Tennant Biomodulator. It is an advanced technology that was originally designed by one of the inventors of SCENAR technology-- Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. The technique is a kind of biofeedback and has been called systemic interactive medicine. Although SKANAR has been used in Russia for twenty years, it has only recently arrived in the U.S.A. The Tennant Biomodulator device is indicated for pain management, relaxation training and muscle re-education.

[More Information on the Tennant biomodulator is below]

Video of Dr. Tennant: "Understanding How Your Body Works" -- Part 1
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Video of Dr. Tennant: "Understanding How Your Body Works" -- Part 2
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Interview by Patrick Timpone: One Radio Network.

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The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine

Notes on clinical use of the Biomodulator for Autonomic Nervous System support: >> [click here]


The Tennant Biomodulator is a biofeedback device about the size of a remote control that has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for use in relaxation training and muscle reeducation. I use this device because I can apply its electrical measurement and treatment functions using my knowledge of acupuncture and am convinced that besides relaxation and muscle re-education it stimulates the acumeridian zones. The FDA approval for muscle relaxation is, in my opinion, due to the fact that the Autonomic Nervous System enervation to the muscles is affected by the electrical impulses that are controlled by the computerized Biomodulator biofeedback technology.


"Anything that hurts - it can help," says one enthusiastic practitioner (not Dr. Tennant -- who says that it is FDA approved only for relaxation training and muscle re-education).

Tennant Biomodulator™ - Created by Jerry Tennant MD

FREQUENCY SETS:  the Tennant™ Biomodulator® is capable of advanced frequency sets and biofeedback that are not available in any other “SCENAR” type device.  Each mode is achieved by pressing the mode-selector button.  It does not require that you remember how to press multiple buttons to achieve the mode you want.  As you press the mode-selector button, a light glows beside each of the following modes.  Stop on the one you want to use.

FDA Classification: 882.5890 Neurology transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator for pain relief; and 882.5850 Neurology biofeedback device.

Identification for use:
  Symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain
  Adjunctive treatment in the management of post-traumatic surgical and post-traumatic pain
  Relaxation training and muscle reeducation
Muscle Re-education
  Relaxing muscle spasm
  Preventing or retarding disuse atrophy
  Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  Stimulating muscles in the leg and ankle of partially paralyzed patients to provide flexion of foot and thus improve the patient's gait

Relaxation Training
  General muscle relaxation
  Reduction of "secondary stress" that often accompanies disabling injuries and disorders


Use of the Tennant Biomodulator may affect the operation of cardiac pacemakers, particularly demand type pacemakers.
Do not use the Tennant Biomodulator or other SCENAR technology devices to stimulate directly on the eyes or over the carotid sinus.

Federal law restricts the Tennant Biomodulator to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner.  A prescription is needed for non licensed practitioners to purchase a device for their own use.