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Dr. Wilson is interviewed by Howard Jamison [10 minutes]

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See also: Science of the Energies of Healing


Some Podcasts and Presentations (both MP3 and PDF below)

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The Autonomic Nervous System as part of  the human experience: A fast-paced review for our clinic staff about the complex "Inner Protector" and how it helps and hinders your free expression of dynamic health  [MP3, 22MB] Please note that this talk does not include "Part 2" in which I intend to tell them about homeopathy and the higher levels of influence on the ANS so that the "Inner Protector" is not the negotiator and that there are higher energies to consider.  >> Autonomic Science Section

"The ANS: How Health Happens" [click here: PDF] and Slide Show for talk above [click here PDF].  >> Autonomic Science Section

The Eye as a Window to Integrative Medicine: A presentation made at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's health fair for its employees, September 2007. [ MP3, 42MB]

>> The eye and microcircuits: [book: Window of Health: Ocular Diagnosis and Periocular Acupuncture]

Handout [click here, PDF] and Slide Show [click here, PowerPoint] for above

>> Go to Iridology Science Section of this site

Remember: A small shift in how you see yourself may unlock the door to moving ahead in your Journey of Health.

Information and Talks by other experts:

Dr. Brockman's Dental Mercury Testimony to FDA -- Video, December 2010 [see also Biological Dentistry]


The Big Picture:

The Body Mind Recovery Flow Chart

By my mentor, Charles Gant, M.D.


[view here, PDF]


Autism and Homeopathy/Medical Heilkunst
Healthcare Model--Podcast: The healthcare model I draw upon, Medical Heilkunst, the focus of Integrative Homeopathy, is described by founders of www.Homeopathy.com: Dr. Rudi Verspoor and Dr. Patty Smith-Verspoor. Focus of this mp3 talk: Autism. However, they also give an excellent overview of Medical Heilkunst. Heilkunst encompasses all the therapies we offer at NIHA. Their books: Autism: The Journey Back, and  Open Minds: A New Perspective on Healing. Also see: The Path to Cure: The Whole Art of Healing | Autism     physicsvideo

Click here now to see the Flash video explaining the Physics of Information Transfer
Click here now to see the Flash video of NES Explained 


A) From founders of Hahnemann College for Heilkunst: Hahnemann College for Heilkunst 

Autism and Medical Heilkunst (>> Autism/Homeopathy/Heilkunst MP3) [listed above in highlight box]: An interview on Medical Heilkunst (what I call Integrative Homeopathy) and the "Map out of the Swamp" and its high success rate, found on the website of James Neubrander, M.D., with founders of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (HCH), Dr. Rudi Verspoor and Dr. Patty Smith-Verspoor. The interview was conducted prior to their large Autism Conference.

Presentation on personality types (>> "The Spirited Child" personality archetype MP3): and the clinical observations of Homeopathic practitioners, by Rudi Verspoor, DHP. The topic was earlier presented by him as "The Spirited Child" (those that are "a handful"), but is an entry point to how homeopathic practitioners look at personality in general. >>original site

B) Dental videos:

Videos on YouTube


Parts 1 and 2 are an expose' made in

New Zealand, superb documentary (Interviewer asks, "Do you believe it is as big as the Tobacco issue?"

Reply--"No, no no.  It's much bigger.":

The IAOMT one has much scientific proof.

See also: Biological Dentistry

C) Body electrical flow and background for Microcircuits info:

Björn Nordenström, M.D. [discovered basis of microcircuits]

Author of Biologically Closed Electric Circuits. He describes his work to understand the circuits in the body, especially their relationship to the electrical qualities of cancerous tissues. [see more on this site]


D) Videos/Audio that give me hope for Humanity despite the challenges we face:

See also Brain Health Resources

The Last Lecture:

A moving testament to human creativity and resilience, this story of Achieving Your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch is rich with meaning. He lived by what he believed. You can visit the website that honors his memory: The Last Lecture. Below is the video of his gift of wisdom to his children, his wife, and to all of us who are left to continue exploring and enjoying this gift of life. His passion for life is a model that I hope encourages more students to discover truths that will help explain and remove the threat of cancers [see Cancer Information]. His passion reminds me of my own career exploring healthcare [more]. Whatever your stance -- religious, spiritual, atheist, you will find a lot to contemplate in his book and this video:

The Invention of Air: An inspiring book

How American ingenuity and the freedom of inquiry led to the realization that we are surrounded by air. The author describes the proverbial goldfish in a bowl who do not know that they are surrounded by water. Humans are making amazing progress in understanding life and health; my practice is proof of that.

This encourages me about the new science that is developing around the discovery that we are also surrounded by energies; I describe this in the Human Energy Anatomy page.

See also: Revici's Periodic Table | Klinghardt's Insights

Science Friday interview: [click here]

NPR "Talk of the Nation" interview: [click here]

Buy the book on Amazon.com: [click here]

Play as Valuable for Adults for Healthy Social Development, Brain Health.
VIDEO of Stuart Brown, M.D., National Institute for PLAY

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