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Algorithms, Choice Paths of the Kind Western Medicine Might Design

1) By forward-thinking medical doctors, using the current western paradigm to its limits:
























This diagram is adapted from page 125 in the excellent book titled Detoxification & Healing: The Key to Optimal Health, by Sidney MacDonald Baker, M.D. with a forward by Jeffrey :Bland, Ph.D. [info on him: www.healthcomm.com]  Published by Keats Publishing, 1-800-858-7014.  

Laboratory used in the book: Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab [info: www.GSDL.com]  

2)  Sample Flowchart [not comprehensive] of how Western Medicine might attempt to include alternative/holistic medicine techniques in managing disease

This chart is so simple because the challenging problem of making such a chart to guide choices has not yet been solved by medical planners and insurance companies. This is because their model is based on the current paradigm which has not yet been sufficiently expanded.