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The Short Version:



For over thirty years I have been learning about  acupuncture, homeopathy, and other techniques that improve the flow of energy in the body. In recent years I have been encouraged by discoveries about Autonomic Nervous System function and research overseas into the science of bioenergies, especially acupuncture and how meridian energies change when exposed to homeopathic energy frequencies. Classic acupuncture indeed works wonderfully. Also the use of lasers, magnets, acupressure and ear stimulation with pellets or electricity can help the flow of body energy. Autonomic Response Testing and the anatomic basis of the "Three-Level ANS" give me much hope for the future of integrating acumeridian science into health care of both body and mind. Update:  See below: Hyaluronic Acid Science; also See other page: NES body-field scan (developed by an acupuncture educator).

The Longer Version:

See below: Battlefield Acupuncture training | Scientific References | Dr. Ning Wang and Cytostructural Field Dynamics Research | Applications in my practice | How Traditional Chinese Medicine Lost Its Vitality | Hyaluronic Acid model of acupuncture meridian formation | Charts | Jeffrey Yuen: Cultivating the Healer Within

See also: AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging | Acumeridian Research Citations | Brain Mapping | NES ProVision biophysics scan | Autonomic Science | Auricular Acupuncture | Dr. Porges and Autonomic Health | Dr. Klinghardt and Neurobiology | TCM and Microcircuits | Dr Nordenstrom & Biocircuits | Self-Tapping of Acupoints | Chronoacupuncture | FlexAware | Human Energy Anatomy | Microcircuits and Iridology | Dental Causes of Meridian Disruption | Emotions in TCM | Counseling | SCENAR EAV | Heart Rate Variability | Biofeedback | Homeopathy Science | Fractal Science | Flatland The Movie | The Expanded Paradigm | "I don't want you to lose your faith" | Healing Power of Nature | New Book: The Invention of Air | FlexAware

The AcuGraph®:

Digital Meridian Imaging.

"See The Chi".


Click for video about Acupuncture and the AcuGraph.

The Autonomic Nervous System is essential to human life. Since I took my oath as a naturopathic physician, I have continued to seek deeper truths about the basics of life, health, illness, treatment and reclamation of health. In the last several years I have seen the increase of scientific knowledge about how the body heals itself. When I examine health care techniques used by Holistic / Alternative Medicine practitioners (some techniques have been used for thousands of years), it is clear to me that we now are uncovering the scientific explanation of treatments that seemed mysterious in the past.

Mainstream medicine is now beginning to embrace breathing techniques known to yogis for centuries, for example. The most important area in my opinion [one that is being widely examined by practitioners across the country] is the relationship of acupuncture meridian energy flow lines to several aspects of health, including muscles, digestion, and even emotions.

Working with the “acumeridian” system is a central part of the treatments used by many non-acupuncturist practitioners I've known. For many years I have studied and used different meridian-based ways of helping people; I apply this knowledge in my treatment programs. 

NOTE: Integral to my understanding of body energy flow is the relationship to the field of Biological Dentistry, described by specialists such as Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D.


Explaining Acumeridian Function: Possible basis of acumeridian energy flow

Unique model may provide scientific explanation for acupuncture meridians.

This Hyaluronic Acid model would explain why energy can flow in the body along lines known as acupuncture meridians, but channels have not been found on dissection of the body. In this model, Hyaluronic Acid molecules are pulled into position by the electromagnetic charge around the arteries and veins thus forming protected zones in which ions can more readily flow. [Possibly photons could be the active factor because they could pass through the crystaline H.A. in the fascia, but that is my conjcture.] I base my explanation this on the work of Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. -- author of  the book Biologically Closed Electric Circuits -- that shows different charge in arteries than in veins: Read More. Note: H.A. has been implicated in helping brain development [Wikipedia]

Hyaluronic acid food supplement [possible breakthrough I am investigating].

I am not selling this product, but hope to inspire clinicians to work with this and see if we can observe improvement in "Chi flow", i.e., better function of any physiological system in the body as assessed by acupuncture pulse and tongue diagnosis. The company has information about health benefits. I think it may have acumeridian benefits; this would be a way we could see how western science and acumeridian science combine.

H.A. is a key component in movement such as in tendons; it is mentioned in the DVD, "Strolling Under the Skin" that I describe energy transfer in the body.

 [Note, May 2008: They have been accumulating reports of significant improvement in children with autism diagnoses when the liquid hyaluronic acid has been used. See: Autism | Pediatrics]

Application to improving the health of the eye, re. Iridology.

From an Important Life:

Bjorn Nordenstrom's work on Body Energies as Biologically Closed Electric Circuits

He was honored by Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Acupuncturist

Omura's website  |  His Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

I include Nordenstrom in Theoretical Groundwork section

Two representative articles that draw upon Nordenstrom's work:

1) Psychiatric treatment using acumeridian points

2) Electrophysiology of the Acupuncture Systems

Research into imaging the meridians.

News report: Includes "Battlefield Acupuncture"
proponent, Richard Niemtzow, M.D. and others.


Dr. Hamer and the effects of

mental traumas on the flow of

body energies. His focus: Cancer.

Note the "bullseye" shock wave pattern; Dr. Hamer's theory links brain area affected with the corresponding body location that develops cancer because of disturbance in energy control of that area.

Artwork of Alex Grey*

Illustrates how the vessels are in different locations than the acumeridian points. No traditional acupuncture point goes into an artery, vein or nerve. At death, blood flow stops, fields collapse, and leave no tubules behind. This explains why dissection never reveals meridians. They only exist in living organisms with fluid flow.

*from his Sacred Mirrors


See framed desktop version of this diagram: Lenticular Card & Frame

New: Book I helped to Re-Publish, about Acupuncture, Microcircuits, Iridology and integrative medicine

Preview book online; book can also be purchased >> click to go to site

Also I have information about the author on a page on this website [go to China Welcome page]


Key diagrams From: Mind, Body and Electromagnetism by John Evans.

He has written a sequel to it, titled, The Silent Sound: Thoughts and Theories for a New Century. 

Institute of HeartMath
[their site]

My context for recommending their products:
Heart Rate Variability
Human Energy Anatomy
Fractal Science

How American ingenuity and the freedom of inquiry led to the realization that we are surrounded by air. The author describes the proverbial goldfish in a bowl who do not know that they are surrounded by water. Humans are making amazing progress in understanding life and health; my practice is proof of that.

This encourages me about the new science that is developing around the discovery that we are also surrounded by energies. This includes the interpersonal webs of visual and mental interactions that are described by researchers and clinicians who are developing The New Brain Science. I describe additional aspects of this in the Human Energy Anatomy page. Other background: Autonomic Science [includes podcast and slide show on ANS and American ingenuity].

See also: Revici's Periodic Table | Klinghardt's Insights | I wanted to go into Space | The Healing Power of Nature

Science Friday interview on science, faith and the founding of America: [click here]

NPR "Talk of the Nation" interview backup: [click here]

Buy the book on [click here]

Steven Johnson's website: [click here]

Ralph Alan Dale, D.O.M., Ph.D.: web search. Prolific acupuncture educator. Wrote on microcircuits and included mental health treatment sequences. His interview, The Body As Hologram, is inspiring. Order books:

Homeopathy & Acupuncture combine in Neural Therapy/Segmental Therapy. German Neural Therapy integrates acumeridian knowledge and can use substances prepared by Homeopathic techniques: A blend of two "Energy Medicines."

Some insights combining Acumeridian energies, Homeopathy and other theories.

Acumeridian ("Jing-Mai") System paper [PDF] Feb 2004 including Hyaluronic Acid.

The Jing-Mai System in Vertebrate Development and Evolution

Rainer Machne'; Bled, February 2004

Institute for Theoretical Chemistry and Structural Biology

Institute of Microbiology and Genetics; University of Vienna

Scientific and other References that build the case for acumeridian energy theory.

Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) Discovery of Nogier

American Journal of Acupuncture

Includes articles and researches into body electrical fields, Voll EAV/EDS technology, etc.2

Acupuncture point descriptions: [pronounced "Acu-Eks-Oh"]

Earlier explanation of acumeridians, from Korea 

Stephen Porges' Polyvagal theory of nervous system development

Klinghardt credits him with crucial theory explaining success of his A.R.T. technique

Emanuel Revici, M.D. His understanding of the Periodic Table of the Elements is an important way of looking at electromagnetic dynamics of elements and can guide in choosing the best way to balance body biochemistry. Cancer was his focus (a major book about him is: The Man Who Cures Cancer), but I cite him here because the energy relationships he saw are crucial to the unified approach I believe is possible if all these disciplines are seen as parts of a whole.
Memorial Tribute to Dr. Revici [at above link]: His concept of the dynamic antagonism between electrostatic and quantum forces derived from his roughly contemporaneous adaptation of the major conceptual "revolutions" in theoretical physics during the first decades of the 20th century. This may distinguish him as the first research clinician to synthesize classic Newtonian and modern nuclear physics in applications to biological science and medicine.

How Dental Mercury May Affect Acumeridian Energy Flow

Chart of Tooth/Acumeridian Relations, Including  Organ/Emotions

web screen view 

Biological Dentistry Information

Diagram of the Flow of Qi/Chi in Chinese Medicine Theory

[From: Student Manual on the Fundamentals of Traditional Oriental Medicine; by Tyme, Lic.Ac.]





AcuGraph®*: "See the Chi!"

Modern science applied to ancient medicine.

Electrical testing at acupuncture meridian points

reveals changes that correspond with the

Traditional Chinese Medicine model of

energy flow in the body.


I am authorized to guide people through purchase if they

inquire about special pricing.

*"AcuGraph is a registered trademark of Miridia Technology, Inc."








Fields and healthy cell cytostructural activity: Ning Wang, Ph.D. Wang
I have communicated with this researcher whose work seemed to be hidden by engineering terminology. Dr. Ning Wang works with micro-anatomy. I think that his discovery adds to evidence for the value of fields in health as well as the need for body movement to generate fields in order to activate physiological processes. [See Dr. Ratey, above for BDNF and brain health and learning and memory enhancement. Also see Functional Medicine | Kinesthetic Medicine.]
Original article I found [deleted] | Blogger picks up his work | Fascia cytostructural work of Jean-Claude Giumberteau

Research description: Professor Wang uses advanced research techniques to gain a fundamental understanding of cell mechanics, including cytoskeletal biomechanics and control of cell form and function; bio-imaging of cytoskeletal structures and stress distribution in living cells; mechanotransduction, nuclear deformation and gene expression; and mechanical biotechnologies and their applications to cells, tissues, and organisms.

He has developed a technology called intracellular stress tomography, which he uses to address fundamental questions about stress propogation and distribution in living cells. He has also developed three-dimensional magnetic twisting cytometry technology and used it to quantify mechanical anisotropy in living cells. [more]
The Yellow Emperor's
Classic of Medicine.

An example of functional assessments
that do not require the labeling that
is customary in western medicine.

This presents the reader with the concept
of health as a relationship of the flow of
energies within the body's organ sysems.
It details the effect
of external negative forces that
attempt to invade the body and
alter one's health.

[It has been dated as over 2,000 years old.]

View in's preview reader.
Jeffrey Yuen talk: Cultivating the Healer Within [MP3 -- Right Click and Save As to download]

Fluoride is also a toxin that affects human function

 Fluoride Toxicity Revealed  | A new human "species": Homo toxicanus

Extra: Food Additives as Neurotoxins

Acumeridian Tapping: Different than reflexology, based on energy fields and the assumption that they connect to the body at acupoints. Several ways of working with these have been developed. Resources for more information include:

Dietrich Klinghardt's Allergy Elimination Technique

Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

Devi Nambudripad's NAET

Pain Research Institute: "Leading the World in Drug-Free Pain Treatments that 'Do No Harm' "  This internet site has many documents and links about treatments based on body energies. They developed Bio-Tape; I have sampled it and it works to control body energy dissonance (read their information). They recommend auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture point stimulation) and other methods that can relieve pain. I highly recommend their products, especially if used in conjunction with a naturopathic integrative medicine program such as Integrative Homeopathy.

Link to: Pain Research Institute

Check out the book, "Pain Free for Life" and the biotape on their order page.

EAV/EDS: Electro-Acupuncture Measurement and more...

Pioneered by Rinehold Voll, M.D.

For those who know: This entire page makes sense.

For newcomers: Welcome to a technology that every clinic should offer; a huge number of clinics around the world use this. (Graphics from Doug Leber's Computron/Acupro)

[EAV/EDS introduction]

Orgone Information from the American College of Orgonomy

Fascinating work on energies surrounding us all

Reverse Speech Phenomenon

This is a fascinating new way of seeing what has always been there; a way of seeing how our neurophysiology interacts with our subconscious awareness. Read it and decide for yourself how this will change your understanding of the brain.


Acupuncture charts --

Western Model with Acupuncture Meridians [order on AcuGraph site]

Tooth-Organ-Emotions Chart and others [click here for larger views]

Reminder, this is related to Biological Dentistry

A good site to purchase some acupuncture charts online [click here]

1. Large acupuncture chart [225K JPEG]. 

2. Tooth-Organ charts

3. Kubota 1-needle Zone Acupuncture chart [click here]

As you will see if you explore the self-study sites mentioned below, and my notes on Auricular Acupuncture, there are energy flow lines that were discovered and worked with by doctors in China, Japan and Korea  thousands of years ago. These lines or channels are called "meridians" and charts and manikins such as those above show their locations. There are also internal channel connections between organs and the external body. This is some of the background for the techniques I use and that many practitioners of "holistic medicine" also use. Traditional Chinese Medicine organ system function overview.


Much research has already been done concerning these, and scientists are already producing varieties of devices that function in ways predicted by the "Star Trek" kind of medical scanner. In fact, I was privileged to attend a presentation by a development corporation called "Body Scan" whose technology beamed light in front of the seated patient and then measured the changes in the qualities of the light beam as it passed the human's energy field. One of the original investors in Body Scan was Dr. John Bastyr, whose name lives on in Bastyr University. [The company eventually dissolved, but it brought inspiration to many, and the concept still deserves major investigation.] 


As traditional acupuncture practitioners will be quick to say, we don't need fancy devices to use meridians to help people. I am glad to be at NIHA, where we have the high-tech EAV/Electro-Dermal Screening device as well as muscle biofeedback ART (Autonomic Response Testing), acupressure/reflexology as performed in the Spa, etc.


"What diseases can Acupuncture treat?"

Acumeridian Tapping:  A variety of energy flow treatments now exist, that can be applied by non-needle approaches in very effective fashion. Taught by Dr. Klinghardt, Roger Callahan and others, each with different understandings of how it makes the body undergo positive changes. Now a central part of the Autonomic Response Test protocol.


Some Applications of This in My Experience at Various Clinics


The energy flow paths and organ relationships described in acupuncture theory are part of my thinking process during patient interview and examination. Some examples of techniques that include acumeridian theory are:


Auricular Acupuncture  ||  ETPS  ||  SCENAR  ||  LASER || Autonomic Response Testing  || EFT Emotional Freedom Technique [related to Klinghardt's Applied Psycho-Neurobiology] ||  Allergy Elimination Technique [Klinghardt's] || Iridology:Both the Physical and Emotional-Spiritual.


One "Star Trek" device: SCENAR technology Biomodulator


Links for Self-Study

[See also Educational Resources on Links page] 


Expanded Paradigm: Understanding our work:  Basics for the Expanded Paradigm.


Basic Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Information

Overview book: The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine.

TCM Theory website: Zang-Fu (Yin-Yang) Organs definitions page.

Metadirectory for Acupuncture information, schools,publications

Acupuncture Library and links to other web sites of schools, etc.

Extensive Database for Traditional Chinese Medicine information

Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine info website


Advanced Applications of Acumeridian Phenomenon

International College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics

Dr. Omura's Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

Applied Psycho-Neurobiology: Includes  acumeridian and eye movement aspects.

Toward An Integral Energy Medicine Model

Institute for ElectroAcupuncture & ElectroDiagnostics []

Vascular Autonomic Signal, Electro-Acupuncture Measuring, and more: Some references.

Korean web site applying Fractal theory to acumeridian based health care.

Korean Hand Acupuncture theory and study resource.

Fractal acupuncture: Theory creatively applied by Chinese doctor now in England.

Electrostimulation without needles: ETPS  web site, with articles, research info, and more.


Fractal Dynamics and body energy flow:

The fractal dynamics page has some good information and links. I believe this is the field that proves the ebb and flow and variability inherent in acumeridian theory, and is necessary to understand Heart Rate Variability biofeedback and its implications, as well as the variations seen in iridology, individual responses to therapies, etc.


Fractal Dynamics lectures and I-Ching synchronicity information

There is a wealth of information online about the 64 unit I-Ching structure. The I-Ching has been called a fractal discovery that has implications for both psychology and study of the nature of the flow of life. Psychologist C.G. Jung wrote extensively about the value of the I-Ching in self-discovery, as well as the concept of "Synchronicity." I highly recommend the I-Ching for both scientific and personal benefits. The book The Medical I-Ching, describes one way to apply this.

One resource is a CD that contains a software that allows the process of the original yarrow stalk approach to casting the I-Ching: The Oracle of Changes or "Software for the Soul". It is described as "Software for the Soul" and I think that is a useful label as long as you don't worry about religious doctrines about what the "Soul" is. Myself, I think of the I-Ching as a sort of "pop quiz" you take and see what comes from your subconscious as being important at the moment:

The Oracle of Changes CD-Rom delivers a mathematically and energetically authentic experience (i.e. using the mouse, you actually cast the coins and YOU determine what lines you get, not the computer using some random-number generator program) that delivers a complete I-Ching ritual and reading, including Changing Lines and a Future hexagram.

This I-Ching delivers a poetic modern reading, which is appropriate for our times. While remaining true to the most authoritative translations, compared to other versions of the I-Ching, the Oracle of Changes is non-sexist, non-militarist, non-Germanic and more Taoist than Confucian.

The Oracle of Changes provides a rich and seamless full-screen multimedia experience. It will give you a vivid experience of ritual space every time you use it. You can even have your I-Ching reading narrated to you in a lovely voice if you like!

Edit and Save your readings. The Oracle of Changes CD lets you edit the text of your reading to include notes, observations, etc. This lets you Save your insights into your Changes Journal, which you can also print -- complete with your question, the date and the reading itself."

The Oracle of Changes CD also contains 3 exceptionally interesting video-taped interviews with leading science authors, Terence Mckenna, Ralph Abraham and Katya Walters, regarding their insights into how the I-Ching works in light of the fractal nature of time, Chaos Theory and DNA research which shows an amazing correlation between the code sequences of DNA and the hexagram sequences of the I-Ching."

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Lost Its Vitality

Henry Ford and Mao Tse-tung nearly destroyed Acupuncture

-- Dr. Ralph Wilson [explained in workshops]

This purposely attention-seeking phrase is intended to get people to understand how drastic the changes were in China when "Chairman Mao" took power and began purging the nation of China of "outdated ideas". Especially ruinous was the so-called "Cultural Revolution". The sad fact which I point out in lectures is that the dedication to scientific reproducible, "assemblyline" processes led both Henry Ford and Mao Tse-tung to disregard the more subtle aspects of right-brain logic, individualized processes, and closed their minds to the possibilities of energy-based medicine. 

Our nation has been severely damaged by the "materialistic" view of life that led western society to the "Industrial Revolution", and its subsequent application to "medical science". I am convinced that Mao was so entranced by the so-called "progress" of western culture, that he decided that assemblyline medicine was what his own country needed.

Sadly, that resulted in re-writing the tried-and-true acupuncture knowledge base and gutted it of its wisdom of circadian rhythm, planetary cycles, subtle energies. Much of what was lost was due to persecution and denouncing the value of Taoist acupuncture. The "Barefoot Doctor" system instituted under Chairman Mao was intended to bring health care to the common people. However, it was stripped of its connection to the trustworthy wisdom that included a respect for the energy cycles of nature and individualization of treatments. This resulted in a situation where researchers were unaware of the rich heritage that might have stimulated them to study body energies in a much deeper way. (Hopefully this is slowly changing.)

Myself, I was fortunate to spend time in 1993 with a Taoist acupuncture physician on top of one of the holy Taoist mountains in China. [See Photo Album.] Their temple had been desecrated by the Red Guard, and the mountain-top site had been leveled (the people were ashamed of it and urged me not to go see it; I found a beautiful view but atop the mountain was a ghastly concrete structure that was unfinished and a cruel reminder of the ravages that had torn at that proud nation).

The progress of acupuncture science in China has been slowed by the loss of interest in the energy relationships taught by Taoist acupuncture. Acupuncture was reduced to "cookbook" medicine, without teaching how to deeply study the energy field of the patient and how to understand how the individual is affected by the seasons and by the cycles of Nature. Fortunately, some of the ancient ways were passed down secretly within families and courageous people have slowly been bringing some of the knowledge back for others to access (I do not have connections, so don't ask). One place in the western world to gain some of this information is through the Worsley School of Five-Element Acupuncture. 

What we are left with in the United States is a lot of teachers who have cut themselves off from scientific integration of acumeridian phenomena. Virtually all the schools of acupuncture are shackled to a rote-memory kind of system. The way acupuncture is taught in China and the USA (in my opinion) is totally divorced from integration with western science and the promising new developments (quantum physics, chaos/pattern theory, fractal science, neurotransmitter science). They actually believe that they get better results the more defined they are in the Yin/Yang definitions they use for diagnosis and treatment.

Update: September 2011 -- Recent conversations that I have had with graduates of some acupuncture schools convince me that the Maoist/reductionist influence on acupuncture is being softened and there are now more practitioners who have a broader perspective. Of note is the progression of learning followed by Ralph Alan Dale, D.O.M., Ph.D., Lic.Acup. His essay on The Body as Hologram is inspiring.

I can explain more in my lectures but the bottom line is that the acumeridian techniques taught by instructors in Autonomic/Neural Technologies give me hope that intelligent students, researchers and clinicians will learn how to work with acumeridian energies in an integrated, wide-ranging and effective way. There are many other resources, I am sure, that would want to be included as having a larger perspective and I would like to add to these later as they contact me.


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