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AcuGraph«: Digital Meridian Imaging [format being updated]

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See below: Dr. Wang documents EMF fields created by cytostructural movement |  Health Energies Assessment Survey Project | Section in video about Mattie Stepanek and hope for the world


Online: Site about Light and Color for needle-free enhancing self-healing: Photon Stimulator.  Below see handouts re -- Photon Stimulation.*


The AcuGraph«:

Digital Meridian Imaging Device.

I use this in my practice to

"See The Chi". [Note: Treatments do not require needles.]


Click for video about Acupuncture and the AcuGraph.

AcuGraph -- A tool for documenting changes.
Health energies assessment: Body and Emotions

New: "Welcome to the AcuGraph Family" -- From Kimberly Thompson, Lic.Acup., educator at [her welcome essay].

 I've consistently been impressed with the way the Miridia Technologies team has continued to develop AcuGraph and their other products. Many acupuncturists have carried on the emotional acupuncture focus that I've seen in Taoist acupuncture and in modern times in Five-Element Acupuncture such as taught at Tai Sophia Institute [Now -- Maryland University of Integrative Health].

I have proposed to Miridia Technologies that research be conducted to correlate AcuGraph findings with the patient's experience of their own sense of wellness and their emotional self-regulation. I see the value of research into "health energies" as a way to help the patients see documentation of the changes that accompany treatments that change the acupuncture meridian energies.

As I've said elsewhere, "I'm feeling younger all the time..." The videos below are from a few years ago, during flu season actually; I may make another recording. My enthusiasm about the value of introducing people to their "energy anatomy" is stronger than ever. (For mental health professionals -- Patients can even purchase a home-use laser for needle-free acumeridian stimulation: AcuGraph laser intro for professionals.)

AcuGraph and Auriculo-3D for purchase: My new program for educating professionals in the mental health field allows me to educate prospective purchasers, who will then receive a discount on purchase of AcuGraph and other products. [More below on this page]

Click here to contact me about AcuGraph purchase.

Welcome -- AcuGraph for Professionals, pre-purchase education, purchase discount.


AcuGraph Introduction video -- "See the Chi"

I have been impressed with the change in emotional and mental health as a result of acumeridian treatments (needles are not needed). The AcuGraph gives us a tool to track changes in Health Energy dynamics, which I correlate with the emotions as they change with your body's health challenges. [See Health Energies Assessment Survey Project, below.]

I am especially impressed by the way that the AcuGraph and Auriculo-3D introduce people to their Health Energies. They can then take more care about how they treat their bodies.


Mentioned by me at Psychotherapy Networker Symposium [their site]

The AcuGraph«:

Digital Meridian Imaging Device.

I now use this in my practice to

"See The Chi". [Note: Treatments do not require needles.]


See Demo video about Acupuncture and the AcuGraph.

Examples of printouts

A) 1-page excerpt:
Click here

B) Multiple-page sample:
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*Below: Photon Stimulator point illumination technique. Needle-free, patient-friendly.
Handout: Photon Stimulation for Acupuncturists [view PDF] | Light on Acupoints, for public [view PDF]
Photon Stimulator site

AcuGraph Testimonial

Special section of new AcuGraph Testimonial.

Dr. Larsen's team mailed me a HD video recorder and I made this statement about the importance of the AcuGraph experience for patients and practitioners.
I end with a note about my hope for the future of healing arts and sciences. I include honoring Mattie Stepanek and what his life is meaning for many people.

[Click on picture to Fast-Forward jump to important section]

Section 4: Hope for the Future: Children learning about the wonders of their body's health energies. Click on the picture to jump to the place where I introduce the life of Mattie Stepanek. His legacy is one that gives me great hope for the future because of children's ability to learn about life.

Mattie Online

Acupuncture Today article: "Innovation in Acupuncture Through Digital Meridian Imaging [click here]

Science, Research and Acugraph: Ryodoraku Acupuncture Research

AcuGraph Europe: AcuGraph is gaining international recognition as a functional assessment technology.

Note: If you are interested in purchasing the AcuGraph technology, see Dr. Wilson's instructions below.

The AcuGraph«:

Digital Meridian Imaging Device. I now use this in my practice to

"See The Chi". [Note: Treatments do not require needles.]


See Demo video about Acupuncture and the AcuGraph.


Sample pages from printed report

A) 1-page excerpt: Click here or on picture above

B) Multiple-page sample: Click here



*"AcuGraph is a registered trademark of Miridia Technology, Inc."

AcuGraph and Pediatric Practice
[Introduced at AcuGraph educational blog]

Why I am so enthusiastic about AcuGraph: [click here -- PDF]

Hyaluronic Acid Theory of Acupuncture Meridians

Besides the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid to boost collagen dynamics,
it may also have a major role in acupuncture meridian dynamics.

[Hyaluronic Acid hypothesis description]
Synthovial 7
Hyaluronic acid supplements/body care products

[same page as above

From an Important Life: Bj÷rn Nordenstr÷m, M.D.

He laid the groundwork to prove that acupuncture has an electromagnetic science basis. I heard him speak and we shook hands in 1987 during his travels to the USA to present his findings.

Bjorn Nordenstrom's work on Body Energies as Biologically Closed Electric Circuits


My page on Acumeridian science


He was honored by Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Acupuncturist

Omura's website  |  His Bi-Digital O-Ring Test

I include Nordenstrom in Theoretical Groundwork section

Two representative articles that draw upon Nordenstrom's work:

1) Psychiatric treatment using acumeridian points

2) Electrophysiology of the Acupuncture Systems


Body Fields, movement and healthy cell cytostructural activity

I have communicated with this researcher whose work seemed to be hidden by engineering terminology. Dr. Ning Wang works with micro-anatomy. I think that his discovery adds to evidence for the value of fields in health as well as the need for body movement to generate fields in order to activate physiological processes.
[See Dr. Ratey, above for BDNF and brain health and learning and memory enhancement.]

Original article I found [deleted] | Blogger picks up his work | Fascia cytostructural work of Jean-Pierre Giumberteau
Research description: Professor Wang uses advanced research techniques to gain a fundamental understanding of cell mechanics, including cytoskeletal biomechanics and control of cell form and function; bio-imaging of cytoskeletal structures and stress distribution in living cells; mechanotransduction, nuclear deformation and gene expression; and mechanical biotechnologies and their applications to cells, tissues, and organisms.

He has developed a technology called intracellular stress tomography, which he uses to address fundamental questions about stress propogation and distribution in living cells. He has also developed three-dimensional magnetic twisting cytometry technology and used it to quantify mechanical anisotropy in living cells. [more]

Interactive acupuncture chart -- Courtesy of |
[larger page view | additional descriptions for points]

Visit the AcuGraph Website: "See the Chi".

Click on picture to go to the AcuGraph site and view another movie, made for health care practitioners.



Dr. Nakatani and the Ryodoraku points

Ref: "A Guide for the Application of Ryodoraku Therapy Electrical Acupuncture, a New Autonomic Nerve Regulating Therapy" by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani. Online: Site about Science, Research and Acugraph: Ryodoraku Acupuncture Research

[below: description by Richard Li, representing a similar, less advanced device, the M.E.A.D.]

The essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the accumulation of thousands of years' clinical practice, whereas Western Medicine is based on the study of bacteriology, immunology and anatomy. Their development history and modes of medical treatment are very different. However, they both share the common aim of maintaining human health.

A friend of mine engaging in Western Medicine has told me that he would not know how to diagnose without his stethoscope. This wording may be overstated, but we can see how various instruments can help the doctors diagnose and how the biochemistry test data can help the doctors pinpoint what and where is wrong in the body. The diagnosis of Western Medicine is based on making the best of various instruments to collect physiological information in order to minimize error. This practical, realistic and scientific spirit accords with the expectation of modern people for medical study.

Traditional Chinese Medicine continually exhibits its amazing therapeutic effect on many so-called "incurable" diseases in Western Medicine in recent years. Many people who were doubtful of Chinese Medicine have changed their views. They have also started to try to prove the scientific basis of Chinese Medicine. The study of Chinese Acupuncture and Meridian theory based on electronics has acquired remarkable achievement.

In 1949, a research group headed by the dean of biology department in Kyoto University found that the abnormality or disease of viscus could be reflected in the change of biological electric current. They have tested the reactive value in the bio-electronic experiment. Furthermore, they verified the data with traditional Chinese Meridian theory and found the theory that disease was related to the Yuan Point of twelve regular Meridian accords with the result. After further study, the famous theory-Ryodoraku Theory was released in 1957.

This marked the first time the so-called Meridian phenomenon was sampled in clinic on a large- scale basis and validated by means of biology, anatomy, electrology, and modern medicine worldwide. All the results from the study were systematically analyzed and verified by modern medicine clinically and compared with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This can discard the familiar abstruse and non-scientific data. During the study, the essence of traditional Chinese medicine was presented by means of datamation and systematization.

With the development of Ryodoraku Theory, more and more people engaging in modern medicine started researching the relationship between electrology and Meridian. They not only released new researches continuously, but have also increased the inosculation of Ryodoraku Theory with modern energy medical study, Acupuncture and Meridian diagnosis.

The application of Ryodoraku Theory has become a trend in the Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in the past 50 years. More and more medical institutions have taken part in the study and application of Ryodoraku Theory. Institutions all over the world share the results with one another.

This theory was introduced by Mr. Lai, Phong-Gia 20 years ago for the first time and applied in Taiwan. He published a series of books to introduce this scientific Meridian diagnosis and treatment. Many patients have benefited from this in the past 20 years. The General Hospital of Army and China Medicine College have carried out a series of studies on Ryodoraku Theory and electric acupuncture.

M.E.A.D. series is a device that provides precise professional medical check-up. The series include the database on Ryodoraku Theory combined with the latest computer technology and clinical experience over a long period of time. You can acquire the physiological data on the body meridian energy and excess or deficiency syndrome by the operation mode with the humanization interface after short learning.

Long-time clinical practice has shown that doctors can make more exact diagnosis than before by comparing the analysis and differentiation data supplied by the device with their clinical experience. You can learn to operate this device shortly and in 3 to 5 minutes you can easily obtain the full data on meridian energy diagnosis and suggested treatment.

Familiarity with M.E.A.D. is key to exact diagnosis. The accuracy of the diagnosis depends on your experience and skilled operation of this device. We suggest that you do consider man-made differentiation and your professional experiences.

In the medical field, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine have their own characteristics respectively. With the study on meridian energy in Western Medicine and the application of medical instruments in Chinese Medicine, these two schools of medicine are now absorbing and assimilating their excellence from each other, a result we are glad to see. We make this device with the latest technology from Japan and Germany. Now, together with our specialists on computer software and hardware as well as Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine experts, we are proud to contribute this device to all the people working hard for human health in the hope that we are of some help to the computerization of meridian energy medicine.  -- Richard Li

Purchase Information

Interested in AcuGraph? You can purchase AcuGraph technology through me at Natural Connections Healthcare:

The AcuGraph technology is so important that I have partnered with the Miridiatech corporation to offer an incentive to purchase AcuGraph to those who invest some time in discussing with me the benefits of AcuGraph.

If you contact me [contact page on my clinical site] and tell me about how you plan to use it, we will discuss the technology and the discount code.

Information about Health Energies Assessment clinical survey project: [Note to Psychotherapy Networker Symposium audience: This is the project I was describing to you.] If you are a current user of AcuGraph, or wish to purchase it for your practice (whether you are a healthcare practitioner or counselor, clergy or other who can use this measuring device as a biofeedback instrument), you may be interested in the Health Energies Assessment clinical survey that I proposed earlier -- Details.

Who can use AcuGraph?: AcuGraph is intended as a tool for practitioners of health sciences who want to assess the acupuncture meridians via the skin resistivity calculations done by software on a computer. This measurement may also give important information to others who do not practice acupuncture with needles (such as Energy Psychology, EFT, Tong Ren, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc.). Anyone whose scope of practice allows for biofeedback may find this a very useful functional assessment. You are responsible for checking with regulatory agencies for your profession.

Special Consideration: When it is appropriate, I can supervise patients under my care as they use AcuGraph at home to track their health. For mental health professionals -- Patients can even purchase a home-use laser for needle-free acumeridian stimulation: AcuGraph laser intro for professionals.

For full details about how this works and what the requirements are, please contact me [contact page on my clinical site].

Note: The images to the right are not active individually. Click on any of them to go to the AcuGraph Software Features page.

See Miridiatech site's 26-minute AcuGraph Acupuncture Software Demonstration [click here].
And, remember the added benefits for your mental health patients when they become interested in the system of "Health Energies" that is represented in the AcuGraph and the Auriculo-3D technologies.

See the Miridia Technology site.

Contact me on my Clinical Site for discussion and purchase discount code.


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