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The Dynamics in Homoeopathy

Study Guide: Much of the material in this document comes from the authors discussions with an older generation which has all but passed away. In the late 1960's and early 1970's I interviewed as many of the old docs I could find in my search for information on arcane subjects. There has always be experimenters within the homoeopathic fold who were on the edges of a new frontiers. In my 20's I was able to met quite a few of these individuals from the older generation and collect stores and information. In the early 1970's Dana Ulman of Homeopathic Educational Services sent me a copy of a 1932 Homoeopathic Record he found in Stanford Medical Library. Dana noticed an article by G.B. Stearns on automonic reflex testing. Dana knew that I read the Chinese pulses because of my training in TCM and Chi kung. Already having trained in Taoist pulses I was surprise by the great changes brought in the pulse by the mere contact of a homoeopathic remedy in a vial. I was used to hearing pulses changes after inserting acupuncture needles but I did not expect that a homoeopathic remedy still in a vial to have this disease altering power. From that time on ART has been an area of serious research. After 25 years of observing the phenomena I have confidence in its usefulness in the clinic.The following is a record of the development of research and development of this technique.

The Dynamics in Homoeopathy

Aphorism 286 of the Organon

  The Organon of Healing Art proposes a much larger system of healing then just homeopathic remedies for oral ingestions, olfaction, and topical application. It teaches the principles of the healing arts with special emphasis on the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Nevertheless, the last five aphorisms The Organon (286-291) are about complementary therapeutic approaches. This includes mineral magnets, electricitily, galvanism, Mesmerism, the manual arts and hydrotherapy. The subject of dynamics is brought up in aphorism 286 The 6th Organon (O'Reilly).

  "The dynamic powers of mineral magnets, electricity, galvanism act as powerfully and as homoeopathically on our life principle as do actual so-called medicines that lift diseases by means of oral ingestion, thought the skin,or by olfaction. They thereby enable the cure of diseases, especially those of sensibility and irritability, of abnormal feeling, and involuntary muscle movements. However, the sure manner of employing electricity and galvanism (as well as the use of the so-called electro-magnetic machine) still lies too much in the dark to make homeopathic use of them. So far, both electricity and galvanism have been used only for palliation, doing great damage to patients. Up until now, the positive pure actions on the healthy human body have been but little proven."

  The Hofrath notes, however, pointed out much more research needs to be done in the area of the dynamics to understand their pure positive actions. The first generation of homoeopaths continued to investigate the healing powers of the dynamics and gain knowledge of the use within the principles of The Organon of the Healing Art. In the introduction to the 10 volumes of Hering's Guiding Symptoms, Constantine Hering makes it extremely clear what the early homeopaths thought about the use of complementary healing techniques.

  "All the so-called dynamics have been omitted. Thus the various applications of heat and cold, the water treatment, the two electricities, light and the use of colors, especially the indispensable blue light, magnetism (the work of many years of our master), the contact of metals (lately taken up again by the old school), the highly valuable Mesmerism, and the movement cure (are not included in The Guiding Symptoms ); not as if one could be a physician without them, but because they ought to be treated of in a separate work."

  Unfortunately, Hering never wrote a special volume on The Dynamics. In this category he lists heat and cold, hydrotherapy, the two electricities, light and color healing, the blue light, magnetism, contact metals, Mesmerism and the movement cure. Notice that our elder says that the homoeopath is not a "physician without them'. How many of today's classical homoeopaths know how to use the dynamics?

The Next Generation

  Around the turn of the 20th century the field of dynamics was investigated by a new generation of healers. A great pioneers in this field was George Star White MD. He was a grand experimenter whose studies included the human aura, biomagnetics, zonal reflex therapy, colour therapy, and other natural healing arts. White demonstrated that the clinical reflexes associated with the instinctive autonomic nervous system reacted to remedial powers dynamically. His work in this area was followed up by Dr. Albert Abrams of Stanford University who closely documented the phenomena. In 1922 the I.H.A. requested The Foundation for Homeopathic Research, under the auspices of Guy Beckley Stearns MD. to investigate the claims of Dr. Abrams that the traditional clinical reflexes responded to homeopathic remedies in a scientific manner and to report back to the association. The results of this study were delivered 10 years later in a lecture before the I.H.A. Bureau of Clinical Medicine on June 9, 11, 1932 and published in 'The Homeopathic Recorder' on Nov. 15, 1932. The report confirmed the abdominal reflexes of G. S. White, A. Abrams, and W. Boyd and much, much more.

  The list of the clinical observations that react to the dynamic contact of the homeopathic remedies included the change of percussion tones of the abdomen and the chest; relaxation of the muscles and connective tissue on palpation; changes in the heart beat, pulse rate and character; changes in the respiratory rate, dilation of the pupils: intensification of the color of the iris; direct observation of the blood flow changes in the capillaries by transillumination of the ears lobes and webs of the fingers; direct observation of the variation in the caliber of the veins on the back of the hand; movements in the fine reticulations of the skin; changes of shade of colored pigments when they are rubbed into the skin; observation of the changes in the amplitude of the heart pulsations by fluoroscope; impediment of a dielectric rod when rubbed on the skin; and changes of sensations associated with touch; and changes in the taste.

  Out of these various tests the easiest methods to use in the clinic are the pupil dilation affect; changes in pulse and respiration, the percussion of the abdomen and chest cavity; and the impeding of a dielectric rod or glass bottle on the skin of the abdomen, on the inside of the arm, and near the spine. One who is skilled in the art of palpation can also detect changes in the tonus of the muscles and tissues of the body. ART is also useful with the classical osteopathic exam* of the craniosacral system, the spine and joints, motion testing, extremity balancing, and body alignment. Testing the homoeopathic remedy has induced Still Point* and caused homeostatic changes the cranial respiratory cycle, the circulation of the CSF, the osteopathic lesions in the cranium and spine, the organ and connective tissue tonus, and circulation of the vital force.

  *Classical Osteopathy is the work of Andrew Taylor Still and William Sutherland. Classical Osteopathy is a system which uses no drugs or chemical medicines. It centers its treatment of on tuning the circulation of the life force and harmonizing its flow through the synergistic systems and fluids of the human organism. Modern osteopathy has merged with the allopathic systems and lost their individual identity through the overuse of drugs and surgery. This unfortunate situations is beginning to change as a whole new generation of osteopaths return to the roots as a natural healing system and seek out the wisdom of the Founders. The are changing the osteopathic colleges of the USA from the inside causing a resurgence of this unique healing art. Some of these osteopaths are also experience classical homoeopaths.

  *Still Point is a state in which the inner pulsations of the cranial respiratory rhythm pauses rejuvenating the vital force and harmonizing its circulation throughout human organism.

Dr. Albert Abrams MD

  One of the most famous and controversial of the new doctors was Dr. A. Abrams of Stanford University Medical School. Abrams ran an extensive study at Stanford where he developed the art of clinical methods to new heights. Abram conceived a system of the clinical abdominal reflexes which he could use for diagnosis and dynamically test the reaction of homoeopathic remedies while they were still in their vials. Abrams collected samples of pathological tissues and microbes in vials which he used as samples for his experimental testing methods. Abrams developed a system of collecting symptoms and using his clinical methods to test the tuning of the life force as well as localize areas of dissonance and test possible pathological scenarios.

  Abrams wondered about the nature of these radiations he was observing on the human organism through clinical reflexes. This force had to be dynamic in nature as he proved it could be detected at a distance by the human nervous system. This led Abrams to develop a hypothesis that the human organism was a very sensitive transmitter and receiver electromagnetic waves. Abrams concluded that the frequencies of these transmission was unique to the human wave length and would vary in states of health and disease. The human organism has its healthy 'tone' as represented by harmonious vital functions and the state of "mistunement" represent by the clinical signs and subjective symptoms. The susceptibility of homoeopathic remedies could then be tested to see if they homeostatically re-tuned the vital operations dynamically as registered by ART.

  After recording the case history Abrams would use his advance clinical examination. He would find the places of resonance and dissonance through palpating and percussing of the abdomen and chest, testing the pupils, and recording the pulse and respiration and other clinical reflexes. The gestalt of these clinical reflexes represents the tuning of the human life force. Abrams made sample vials of infectious miasms and developed a system of miasmic diagnosis through testing the reactions of the nervous system to different sample microorganisms. Abrams would then test the reactions of the most similar homoeopathic remedies on the human instrument with autonomic reflex testing. In this way he could study which remedy overtuned the disease state with its primary action and caused a healing secondary action of the vital force. The areas dull under percussion (mistuned tone) would become resonant (harmonious tone), the pupils would dilate, and the pulse rate change, and the patient would move into deep relaxation. Other reflexes unique to his system would all act at the same time demonstrating the constitutional reactions of the organism. This changed the traditional clinic methods from a static system of diagnosis to a vitalist art of evaluation and testing of the susceptibility of the human organism to homoeopathic remedies.

  While in deep thought Abrams remembered that George Star White had claimed that he could connect a conductive material between two individuals and transmit the effects of reflex testing along a wire. This sent Abrams wondering if he could use a healthy human instrument as a medium for the testing of an ill person by connecting them in a circuit. This experiment was also a success as this dynamic radiations seem to be conducted along a wire from one person to another. Since the human organism is a receiver of magnetic radiations what are its frequencies? Could a tuning instrument be make that help calibrate these frequencies as they are tested on the human nervous system? All these thought passed through his mind. This, of course, led to the creation of the infamous 'black box', the first radionic devise.


  One day Abrams found a resistance decadence box in the basement at Stanford. He made a circuit connecting a healthy person (prover) and a sick subject (patient). He connected one side of his circuit to the healthy which he used as a testing instrument and the the other side to the patient. This allowed one doctor to test the reflexes on the healthy prover while the other changed the resistance factors with the knobs on the black box. Anytime a certain calibration caused a change in in the abdominal percussion tone the numbers were record. Abrams tested 100's of patients with proven diagnosis to test any correlations between certain calibrations and these disease states. After extensive testing Abrams developed a system of numbers which represent different disease states in the human organism. Much like the homoeopathic potency there is no scientific explanation of the dynamic readings that were consistently recorded on the reflexes of the human test subject. Abrams could only offer the analogy of the "new science of radio' as an ample of such forces.

  Abrams was such a master of clinical testing that he took on the challenges of many very skeptical doctors. Once an allopath challenged Abrams in front of a group to diagnosis a rather mysterious set of chronic symptoms for which he had no explanation. Abrams examined him with autonomic reflex testing and his 'black box' for some time and then told the good doctor he had acquired syphilis. This caused a shocked and angry reaction from physician who took it as an insult to him and his wife. Albert went to his radionics devise, plugged in a electrode, and began to scan of the client's body while an assistant tested the healthy subject with percussion. To the great amazement of those present the hollow notes of the percussion changed to a dull thud when Abrams would place his locator by a specific finger. Abrams grabbed the man's hand and stated confidently that this was the sight of the primary infection of syphilis. The poor doctor nearly collapsed with surprise as he remembered he had a very bad needle stick accident while working in the hospital right at that sight. He had never really felt well since. Dr. Abrams and homoeopathy quickly gained another patient.

  While Abrams was alive the AMA and their friends in the government could do nothing about his experiments. He so good at what he did that no one could touch the Stanford doctor. As soon as Albert Abrams died there was a concerted campaign by the orthodox physicians, reductionist scientists, and governmemt officials to destroy Albert Abrams research. Government agencies harassed his followers and put his most famous student, Dr. Ruth Drown, in jail where she died*. The climate in the USA was so bad that the doctors using these methods were driven underground or jailed. Meanwhile in England there was no such suppression of radionics or homoeopathy so the work continued in the hands of experienced homoeopaths abroad while their American counterparts communicated in secrecy.

  *The late, great Dr. Hazel Parcels was a fellow chiropractic student and friend of Ruth Drown. Hazel was an amative sanguine 'human flame' who worked until she was well over 100 years old. Her stories of the crack down and persecution of the naturalist MD"s, OD's and DC's working in the field of dynamics and homoeopathy was heart rendering.

Dr. William Boyd MD

  The next luminary in this field was Dr. Wm. E. Boyd a Homoeopath from Glasgow. He was a man with a background in science and technology as well as medicine. William realized that the work of Albert Abrams had merits because of its deep clinical background but wished to create an much better testing instrument. Rather then using resistance as a calibration system Boyd utilized Hertzian waves instead. Boyd developed a new instrument he called "The Emanometer " which operated in isolated from other influences in a Faraday cage. At the center of his system, however, where the abdominal reflexes of Albert Abrams and G. W. White. Dr, Boyd also used of a human subject as a surrogate testing mechanism for the individual he was examining. Boyd did countless studies and was very scientific in his approach. He made no public claims that he could diagnosis or treat disease with his methods but in private he was experimenting in all these areas.

  Dr. Boyd was investigated by a committee of orthodox physicians and scientists who reported to the Horder Committee which submitted the findings to the British parliament. Boyd arranged a series of double blind test capable of being evaluated on a statistical basis. In this manner the accidental success ratios could be compared with actual successes. These rigorous trials were repeated at intervals over a period of few months. The controls were carefully kept by the investigating committee and the data collected by the government team. This scientific test produced a 33,000,000 to 1 statical ratio in proof of the existence of the phenomena detected by Boyd's Emanometer. The scientists concluded that they did not understand the mechanism involved in the emanometer but noted that the results were consist ant and dramatically self evident. The scientific group then turned their findings over to a parliamentary committee and the research in this area continued. This is one of the reasons radionics has not been suppressed in British Isles like it has in the USA. Even conservative classical homeopaths such as George Vithoulkas have pointed to Boyd's research in their books.

Guy Buckley Stearns MD

  Boyd's work was taken up in the USA by G.B Stearns MD, a well know homeopath, and colleague of Gibson Miller, Allen and Boger. Stearns was given the task of confirming the autonomic reflex testing of remedies directly on the human organism. He demonstrated that the autonomic nervous systems reacts to homeopathic remedies on mere contact or at a great distance if the constitution is susceptible to heir action. This testing works with standard clinical reflexes such as the pulse, heart beat, respiration, pupil dilation, the act of percussing the abdominal and chest cavities, palpation of tissue and muscles, changes in small blood vessels on translumination, as well as a number of changes in sense and touch sensations, etc. They even observed the reactions of the heart directly by fluoroscope and changes in galvanic skin response through rubbing a dielectric rod made of glass, rubber, or backlite, on the abdominal area. In this way the susceptibility of a particular human organism to homoeopathic remedies tested before the administration of the remedy. There are some definite advantages in such knowledge. Stearns demonstrated that the most important effects which Boyd observed with the Emanometer could be carried out directly on the human organism in question. The power behind the 'black box' was the vital force of the individual who was being tested.

  Streans and Grimmer's research with the Emanometer led to a resurgence of experiments in the dynamics in the USA. The political climate was still dangerous but the work was to important to neglect. The early pioneers of radionics were well trained in the healing arts and sciences and well grounded in classical homoeopathy. The use of these methods were in line with the four cardinal principles of homoeopathy, likes cure likes, the single remedy, the minimal dose, and the potentized remedies. Today most doing "radionics" have little background in classical homeopathy nor the sciences. Many are charlatans who use quack boxes while others are experimenting with instruments which detect the same subtle rays as the Emanometer. For the most part the human surrogate and autonomic reflex testing has been removed from the system which now depends mostly on what is called a 'stick plate'.

  In the stick plate system the operator takes the place of the surrogate and connects themselves to the circuit by contact on the stick plate. This contact transmits the subtle radiations to the autonomic nervous system of the operator causing changes in their clinical reflexes which alter the skin resistance of the fingers causing a 'dragging sensation' on the stick plate. The autonomic reflexes are also responsible for the phenomena of 'water dowsing' and 'dudlebugging' which is used to find oil wells or mineral rights. Even the US Army had dowsers who could find tunnels and traps. Nobody really knows how they do it but some human nervous systems are very sensitive to these types of radiations.

  I studied craniopathy with Dr. Art Lute whose father was a 'dudlebugger'. Art's father made a living traveling the southwest of the USA finding oil and minerals during the depression. Art showed me two old radionics boxes that his father used when he was very small. One was a portable box that also had setting for geological studies. It had long rods to point into the ground and a series of number for medical and geological usages. I believe he also did plant experiments. Art said his dad could find almost anything with a divining rod and his strange brown wooden box. The last time I saw Art gave me the old portable box which must be from the 1930's as a present. I still have this antique medical and geological devise although I never really knew how to use it or find oil and gold!

  I was once given a long spring from a piece of farm machinery used by a old farmer as a dowsing rod. He had lost one leg in a farming accident but he would drive around the fields to look for water. He would sit with the spring on what was left of his leg and wait for the 'reaction' in his wand to take place. His coil-like omni directional diving rod would begin to move and circle pointing in certain directions. He would then keep driving around until he could locate the vector he felt the 'radiations' pulling the spring. He would then get out with his drowsy coil to find the one place where it would bend so far it would almost hit the ground. He would then count the number of feet by the number of upward and downard movements by the spring until it stopped vibrating. Then he would tell the other farmers where they needed to drill and exactly how deep the water was under ground. He was so good at finding water that folks from far and wide sought out his services. The old spring was passed on to me by a friend who told me the entire story. I took the old man's spring out into the fields and woods many a times and felt an incredible amount of movement and pulling in different directions. Unfortunately, I never knew what any of these signs really meant and I lost the spring in of my many changes of dwellings. I felt bad about that as I could feel the old man's spirit in that old combine spring but perhaps I was not ready to fill the old mans boots (or should I say 'boot').

The Dynamics in Our Time

  Most of the radionic work done these days is allopathic in nature. Few involved have the background in classical homoeopathy to understand the principles on which it is founded. Many work in the reductionist manner and try to find all the different 'things' wrong with the body and use a different remedy for each disease. Combination diagnosis and combinations remedies is what most so-called radionic practitioners administer. Unlike using constitutional gestalt of sign's elucidated by using clinical methods on the subject, these practitioner depend on a stick plate or pendulums for their readings. Most do not even realize that they are the total source of those readings rahter then the boxes. They do not test the subject directly against his autonomic reflexes, but rather, put themselves in the loop and test their own concepts of what is happening. From the beginning all true clinical data and scientific objectivity is put aside. In the end they have questionable diagnosis concepts and new age polypharmacy instead of symptom pictures, clinical testing, and a single homoeopathic remedy. This modern new age version of radionics mixed with dowsing has caused most classical homoeopaths to become very skeptical about this subjects (an rightfully so). With this in mind our recently departed teacher, Dr. Whitmont MD, spoke to the classical community about his use of the pendulum and other arcane homoeopathic subjects. Also remember that Dr. Grimmer, who was famous for his cures of cancer with homoeopathy, was familiar with ART and the Emanometer. Some classical homoeopaths kept such things hidden in the closet because they do not wish to raise the skepticism in their more conservative colleagues. This is rather understandable.

  The most essential element in classical radionics is the testing of the autonomic reflex of the ill human subject for their sensitivity to homoeopathic simillimum and potencies. This human link is missing in all the modern 'new age' systems. White, Abrams and Boyd used the human subject as the testing instrument. No box is as sensitive to subtle radiations as the living human being. This is where modern radionics has lost its way. They have forgotten their roots much like many modern homoeopaths and osteopaths. Homoeopaths have been on the leading frontier of the healing arts for 180 years. It is important to note that the Organon of the Healing Art includes magnetism, electromagnetic, galvanism, Mesmerism, manual arts, and hydrotherapy within the Organon der Heilkunst (Dynamics 286-291) .

  Abrams and Boyd both demonstrated to the most skeptical types that something unexplainable was most definitely present. What's new in this? We actually know very little about the universe. What kind of scientific hubris is it to reject what exists because we do not understand how it exists? After all, the first time an 'ion engine' was proposed was on Star Treck and now there is a probe going into deep space that is powered by just such a engine. What the radionic pioneers propose is similar to the vibrational medical instruments of the Enterprise. A non invasive method of scanning the human body, testing remedies, and treating the human organism is just what Albert Abrams was attempting to developed. Perhaps, like the ion engine, such a instrument's day will come.

  I would imagine there may still be a few *Emanometers* around somewhere. Does anyone have a schematic? What would happen if the phenomena was reinvestigated today with the technology of the 21st century? My own limited studies shows that most modern biofeedback equipment will register the change in the pulse, blood flow, skin response, muscle tone, brain waves, etc. A friend told me he met an Indian homoeopath in a remote Himalayan area selected remedies by symptoms and then tested susceptibility by rubbing a dielectric rod on the abdomen while having a galvanic skin response meter connected to the client. When the autonomic reflexes react the dielectric rob 'stucks' at the same time the skin resistance changes. All the other clinical reflexes following in suit. Even out the farthest reaches of India you find homoeopaths who are experimenting with biofeedback and autonomic reflex testing with homoeopathic remedies. What a country! Homoeopathy is truly live and well in India.

The Applied Kinesology of George Goodheart DC.

  For many years the use of pendulums, autonomic reflex testing (ART), radionic devices have been use by some homoeopaths. Now Applied Kineslogy (AK) is being use by heal practitioner to use choosing remedies. I have observed these phenomena for over 25 years and drawn some conclusions as to their effectiveness. First of all, we must take a look at the methods themselves and how they work. ART depends totally on the reactions of the automonic nervous system of the subject with the tester as a witness. AK involves both the voluntary and involuntary nervous system of both the testee and tester, Pendulums involve the automonic system of the tester as a surrogate for the client. Out of each of these systems only ART is based on traditional clinical examine and the nature of the patient's reactions without the subjective involvement of the tester in the process. This makes ART a method inherently more scientific and accurate then muscles testing, pendulums and modern radionics.

  AK is on the borderline between objective and subjective (because the operator is in the "loop" when testing muscles and using their voluntary system as well) and pendulums are completely subjective (depend totally on the operator's reaction). How well these methods work depends on the operator as personal skill is involved in all three. I have found, especially in the case of pendulums, AK, and radionics that how much the tester knew about the field they were testing completely effects the results. For example, if one does not know anything about homeopathy they will come up with any number of answers because neither consciously nor subconsciously will they ask the correct question nor understand the answer. Just recently an AK healer that knows little about Homeopathy tried to give an ultra sensitive women 10 pills of Tuberculinum 200c 3 times a day for one month because "her body told him". She took one dose at the office which unhomoeopathic aggravation without causing any amelioration. Being a new student of Homeopathy she did not take anymore doses. As the first dose seemed unsuitable, can you imagine what another 90 doses would have done to her? This AK man tells folks that traditional homeopathy is so old fashioned that it hasn't changed in 200 years is not worth bothering with. He, on the other hand, claims to be on the new cutting edge of homeopathy which is the way of the future. Such hubris knoweth no bonds.

  Such an approach that gives AK a bad reputation with traditional homeopaths of any school of practice. Some individuals using pendulums do the same type of thing. When one uses a pendulum it is like the old shaman drawing a circle in the sand. Anything outside that circle does not exist at the moment. Only the factors one consciously or subconsciously places in the circle will had an effect. If the information placed in that circle is not based on reality neither will the answer. If I think I can give 100 pills of 100 remedies 100 times daily I can come up with that answer. This is why the pendulum operators that have the best knowledge of homeopathy get the best results consistently. This is why Grimmer and others could use a pendulum as a complement to their practice. The same thing may be said of radionics. The best work was done by W.Boyd MD of Scotland and G.B. Stearns MD of the USA because they had the best background in medicine and Homeopathy.

  Much radionics is done by individuals who choose remedies for each reading and then mix them all together.This is a far cry from the work done by the gentlemen mentioned above. As far as devises that make "electronic remedies" little quality research has been done lately. Stearns, Grimmer, and others did experiment with dynamic remedies made on the Emanometer but they were conservative in their claims. Such remedies are an extension of the imponderabilia section of the our Materia Medica but have no provings in the traditional sense of the word. The problems is not with the ideas themselves but the allopathicoid thinking with which they are applied makes them counter productive in the end.

  Writing things down as surrogates for substances or states has been around for a long time. Most pendulum and AK operators have used this in one form or another. That such a witness holds the "thought form" of the object is described is the basis of the concept.This is the foundation of the paper remedies that Dr. Witmont was known to use at times. AK can also be used just by thought alone. That's the problem; wrong thoughts - wrong information. Same with pendulums. It's all in the mind of the operator. Those that realize this do the best work. Those who think they are communicating with the 'absolute truth' in some form are the worst.

  How many times does the AK operator find that his or her new multi marketing product is suddenly needed by everybody only to be replaced by the next miracle product of the month? As to the testing machines that use skin resistance at certain points some things are to be noted. The pressure applied to the points greatly effects the readings. Some people think this entire method is a form of subconscious dowsing. When a dowser uses their rod or pendulum they are reacting to contractions of their own neuro-muscular fibers. Some feel that the electrode is like a mini dowsing rod which the testee presses harder or softer depending on the contraction of their own nerves in their body. The same may true of Helda's testing methods. Can the same effects be elicited if one uses an pad electrode taped on the skin in some fashion and a switch to active the currents? Does this system also depend mostly on the mind of the operator?

  Whatever the methods used for testing they are all extensions of trying to read the reactions of the client's vital force through the medium of the nervous system. Autonomic reflex testing (ART) uses the traditional reflexes of clinical exam because it is the most direct and scientific method. Certain bio-feedback equipment can be used to back up these readings. For example, Stearns noted changes in heartbeats while viewing a fluoroscope (rather dangerous). There are also changes in brain waves, blood circulation, galvanic skin response, muscle tension, etc.. Can these changes be recorded with instrumentation that is scientifically sound? Most likely, yes, but only research can prove this.

  There has always been a strange, rare and peculiar edge to homeopathy that deals with imponderabilia and dynamics. The thin line between the mind-energy and the life force often breaks down under close scrutiny. All of these things have a great effects on the subtle plane of the "essence". The old mesmers (including Hahenmann) used the vital force directly to heal their patients when directed by the will and compassion. Much of radionics is based on the flow of the mesmerizing powers of the human mind and vital force. Such things are within the mind of those seeking the help and the powers of the healing artist.

  Much of the phenomena observed in healing is within our human neurology. The Caduceus, the healer's wand, is a ball topped staff entwined by two coiled snakes and adorned by two wings. In order for birds and angels to fly their two wings must move in harmony with each other. What was true for Asclepius is true for us modern homeopaths. The intuitive, subjective mental approach represents the right hemisphere of the brain while the rational, objective physical approach represents the left hemisphere. The intuitive and rational must be in harmony to be successful. On the one side, a move too far into psychic phenomena without a good grounding will only get us lost in space. On the other side, if the homeopath denies the existence of subtle phenomena they are ignoring a very large part of themselves and the healing arts. It is a question of balance.

I wish you all the best,

Similia Minimus

Sincerely, David Little

Study Guide: Those interested in these areas of research should obtain "The Physical Basis of Homeopathy and a New Synthesis" by Guy Buckley Stearns, MD and Edgar D, Evia. It is published by B. Jain Ltd, New Delhi. For a detailed article on the closely related field of Autonomic Reflect Testing, ART @simillimum.com, click here. 

David Little 1998. All rights reserved. Private parties may make copies and share this information with those interested in Homeopathy. No publication of these materials are allowed without the written permission of the author.