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Above Space and Time

Human beings are gifted with the ability to think of life as a flow of events and interactions through time. My practice as a naturopathic physician is based on a view of life as being greater than what the physical senses can perceive. This understanding is reflected throughout the writings on this website and is important for you to understand the variety of assessments I use and the recommendations I may make.

The science behind this view of life and the spiritual understandings that also can support such a view are multiple and in the future I may add to this essay a number of references. Such references would include names such as Einstein, Heinsenberg, Asimov, Chopra, Hahnemann, Mitchell, and more; and resources such as www.Powersof10.com.

"Above Space and Time" means that we (practitioners and our patients/clients) are able to consider and change the relationships we have with various factors that affect our lives. In the future I want to add references to other writers whose work deals with this in regards to health care practice (healing of both body and mind).

It is important for me to say that consideration of higher levels of existence is part of the teachings of Klinghardt and colleagues. The Five-level Map to Health and Healing includes levels that are above space and time.

My own practice has included experiences where major changes seem to have resulted from focus and/or prayer and I can describe this privately to you. Your own experience of this concept is what is most important, and I invite you to keep a open mind concerning what this may mean to you.

Services that deal with this: (Look at the Five-Level Map.) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing; Family Constellation Work; some aspects of Homeopathic medicine. The Map includes other information on Level 4 and Level 5.